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									Persuasive Online Copywriting for Retailers TeleSeminar
               Feb. 17, 12:30-1:30 p.m. ET

              Presenter: Holly Buchanan
         VP – Client Services, FutureNow, Inc.
                  (800) 895-3606 domestic
                (785) 424-1065 international
                  Conference ID is

     State of Retailing Online 2006
    • The industry standard of
      multichannel performance
      metrics benchmarks
    • Surveys are due March 17
    • New and improved online
    • Participants receive free copies
      of the Executive Summary and
      detailed Performance
      Benchmark report ($3,000
    • Produced in partnership with
      Forrester Research
    • Go to to

• April 26-28, Orlando, Florida
• Approximately 225 attendees. Retailer-only plus sponsors
  – 5:1 ratio of retailers to non-retailers
• Fresh online marketing data from the 2006 State of
  Retailing Online
• Search engine execs enter the “no spin zone”
• Online marketing beyond search – finding new customers
  on mobile devices; blogs, wikis, RSS feeds; using customer
  reviews to boost organic listings
• Agenda details, registration and more at

            Survey Results
– Long copy vs. Short copy – which is more effective
  and how can you write persuasive concise copy
– Knowing what to write and battling copy fatigue –
  how do you keep copy fresh and interesting – how do
  you write compelling product descriptions when you
  have thousands of products to write copy for
– Personas – how can you write for different personas
– SEO/keywords – writing for search and visitor intent
– How is online copy different from offline mediums
  – how do you create persuasive momentum

              Copy Length
“Copy is like a woman’s skirt - it needs to
 be long enough to cover the essentials,
 but short enough to keep it interesting.”

People will read below the fold if they find
 the content relevant and interesting.

        Complexity of the Sale
• Knowledge – don’t need to know much vs. need to know
  a lot before you can buy (buying a novel vs. health care
• Need – might be nice to have vs. life or death (buying a
  new shirt vs. choosing a cancer treatment)
• Risk - not much at stake vs. lots at stake (buy an
  unattractive lipstick and risk comments from friends vs.
  buy the wrong enterprise software for your company and
  risk losing your job)
• Consensus – one person making decision vs. needing
  input from several people (buying a shirt vs. planning a
  family vacation)

The Persuasive Power of

• Conversion rate .86%
• Goal – increase conversion actions –
  increase the number of people locating the
  nearest Leo Schachter authorized jeweler.
• Created personas
• Wrote new copy
• Some design change


  invisible to                    No direct
  Search Engines                  access to
                                  gallery and
                                  product pages

Lack of copy and
opportunities for

Three column
grid design.

                                    Promotional and
                                    building content.

Clean, clear
                            for added

In a packed stadium, the sun beats down of the outfield, the next batter up
to the plate decides the game--and the pennant--winner, and you know
this moment is do or die. You adjust your baseball hat to combat the glare,
and the crowd cheers at the pitcher's wind up....Well okay, it's just a
dream, but at least you can wear the same official Major League Baseball
hat that your team's star players wear. Handmade in the U.S.A, this one
hundred percent wool baseball hat has an original fitted structure and a
fitted closure. There is a raised team logo on the crown and the official
MLB logo is sewn onto the back. Now, batter up!
Critical Success Metric

 37% increase in
  conversion rate
generated from the
Traditional Offer

The Email Offer

Knowing What to Write

 How to battle copy fatigue

  Understand Your Customers
• Who they are
• What they want to accomplish (buying
• What you can provide to help them
  achieve their goals (selling process)

What Questions Are They Asking?
• When a visitor lands on your website, what
  questions are they asking?

      Lands End Bath Towels
• Persona – woman with a large family who
  launders her towels often. She wants the
  towels to be durable, but to be soft as well.
• Question – How can I find a towel that is
  durable but stays soft even after it’s
  laundered hundreds of times? Does such
  a towel exist?

 Lands End Supima Elite Copy
• How to choose a towel that stays soft through
  lots of laundering.

• Unlike “Treated Towels” Ours Start Out Soft and
  Become Softer with Every Wash.
  Lots of towels are coated with chemicals to make
  them feel soft on the store shelf. But wash them
  a couple times and their softness goes down the
  drain. Not ours! Because we use better cotton
  and superior construction, our towels get
  plumper and softer with every wash,
     Core Product Description
• We use only the top 3% of cotton grown in
  the United States. Farmed for its extra-
  long, strong fibers, Supima cotton feels
  softer, lasts longer and pills far less. Start
  with better cotton and you end up with a
  better towel.

Four Possible Types of Traffic

•   Know exactly what they want to buy
•   Know approximately what they want to buy
•   Aren’t sure they want to buy anything, but
    could be persuaded
•   Are in the wrong place
•   The earlier they are in the buying process, the
    more questions and the more copy you need

Only Three Types Buy

 “Sony DVP-NS500V”

 “Compare Sony DVD

  “DVD Players”


• Create archetypical personas based on
  the buying and selling processes of
  customer segments. That is how you avoid
  speaking to the mythical average
  customer (you know the one with 2.3 kids)
  and instead focus on being relevant and
  persuasive to each persona.

     The Purpose of Personas
Creating personas allows us to see into how
they make buying decisions. We can
understand what their needs, motivations and
goals are. Once we know that, we can match it
up against the selling process, where we provide
them with the information we want them to have
in order to persuade them to take the actions we
want them to take.

                             Leo Diamond - David
Mr. David Commonsense, accountant, age 24, income $35k per
Methodical (ST/SJ)
David is smart, logical and down to earth
He is ambitious, has a college education, and is working toward his
His goal is become a partner in the accounting firm where he
       currently works
He feels he has found the right woman and the timing is right to get
       married. His parents have been married for 30 years and he
       wants to have the same kind of long-lasting relationship with
       his bride-to-be.
He plans to make an old fashioned proposal, asking for her father for
       her hand and proposing on one knee.
Choosing the right diamond is the next logical step and will involve
       some research, as he wants to be sure he is making an
       intelligent purchase
David wants to be proud of his choice. He wants to feel like he’s
       done a good job of educating himself and getting a fair price.
However, he is concerned about his bride-to-be’s expectations and
       doesn’t want to disappoint her with his choice – he is well
       aware that what for him is an investment, for her is an
       emotionally-charged symbol
David is a conscientious saver, concerned about the down payment
       on a future house, reluctant to spend frivolously
In his leisure time, David enjoys the great outdoors – camping,
       hiking, skiing
David’s bride-to-be is sensible and career-oriented as well

“Emily and I see eye to eye on most financial matters, but I know
      damn well that when it comes to an engagement ring she will
      probably hope I throw caution to the wind.”

     Leo Diamond – Natalie Golddiger
Ms. Natalie Goldigger, age 29, buyer for high-end department
      store, income $42k per year
Competitive (NT)
Natalie has her eye out for Mr. Right and believes she’s found him
      on vacation in the Bahamas
She grew up in a family with money and was denied nothing in the
      way of clothes, car and spending money
Her definition of Mr. Right is a guy who can afford the kind of lifestyle
      she wants and was made accustomed to by her parents
Status – both monetary and social – count for a lot to Natalie; she
      wouldn’t be caught dead in the wrong car or at the wrong party
Natalie is expecting a drop dead diamond…like the one her mother
      wears, and she’s made that perfectly clear
Anything under two carats requires a magnifying glass according to
Designer names matter to her. It’s her business, and she knows the
      difference between quality and a cheap imitation
Natalie enjoys nights on the town – casual is not her style – and
      dishing with her friends about the men they date, the places
      they takes them, and the cars they drive
Her father spoiled her with gifts, but not attention. Natalie wants
      someone who’s going to take care of her. She wants proof of
      his love, and that proof is directly proportional to the price tag
      of the ring.

“Charlie drives a BMW, which is really cool, so why shouldn’t I have
       a fabulous bauble to show off?”
“I’ve always repeated my mother’s mantra: It’s just as easy to fall in
       love with guy who has money than one who doesn’t, so why
       choose one who doesn’t?”

Four Dominant Personalities
 Methodical              Competitive

 Spontaneous            Humanistic

           Green: Methodical
Characters: Al Gore, Mr. Spock (Star
Trek), Ralph Nader, Gene Siskel

Methodicals need to be organized to act. For them,
task completion is its own reward. These individuals
appreciate facts, hard data and information presented
in a logical manner as documentation of truth. They
enjoy organization and completion of detailed tasks.
They do not appreciate the "personal touch" or

  Methodical: Sample Copy

Our remote PC access software lets you be
 more productive, increasing efficiency and
 saving time.

Questions the Methodical Asks
  •   What are the details?
  •   What’s the fine print?
  •   How does this work?
  •   What’s the process you use?
  •   Can you take me through this step by
  •   How can I plan ahead?
  •   What are the product specs?
  •   What proof do you have?
  •   Can you guarantee that?
            Red : Competitive
Characters: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald
Trump, “Jerry McGuire”, Jack Welsh,
Barbara Walters, Michael Corleone
(Godfather), Bill Gates, James Bond

Competitives seek competence in themselves and
others. They want to understand and control life. They
are Assertive. Driven by curiosity, Competitives are
often preoccupied with learning twenty-four hours a day.
These individuals have a deep appreciation for
challenges. They enjoy being in control, are goal
oriented and are looking for methods for completing
tasks. Once their vision is clear, they are usually quick
to reach a decision.

Competitive: Sample Copy

Our remote PC access software lets
you get a competitive edge. Instantly
access key data in meetings,
impressing your clients. You’ll never
be caught unprepared.

Questions the Competitive Asks
   •   What are your competitive advantages?
   •   Why are you a superior choice?
   •   Are you a credible company?
   •   How can you help me be more productive?
   •   How can you help make me look good?
   •   What are your credentials?
   •   How can you help me achieve my goals?

          Blue: Spontaneous
Characters: Robin Williams, Mel
Brooks, Carol Burnett, Joan
Collins, John Belushi, Bugs Bunny

Spontaneous must be authentic. They are always
engaged in a personal quest for their unique identity and
live their lives as an expression of it. For them, integrity
means the unity of inner self with outer expression.
These individuals appreciate the personal touch. They
are fun loving and love experiencing life. They like things
that are non-threatening and friendly. They dislike
dealing with impersonal details and cold hard facts and
are usually quick to reach a decision.

Spontaneous: Sample Copy

Our remote PC access software lets
you make the world your office. Work
whenever and wherever you like.
Break the ball and chain to your

Questions the Spontaneous Asks
   • How can you get me to what I need
   • Do you offer superior service?
   • Can I customize your product or
   • Can you help me narrow down my
   • How quickly can I take action and
     achieve my goals?
   • How will this let me enjoy life more?
           Yellow: Humanistic
Characters: Alan Alda, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Mother Teresa, Oprah
Winfrey, Edith Bunker (All in the
Family), Woody (Cheers)

Humanistics need to belong. They often feel that they
must earn a place by belonging, by being useful, fulfilling
responsibilities, being of service, and giving to and
caring for others instead of receiving from them. These
individuals are very creative and entertaining. They
enjoy helping others and are particularly fond of
socializing. They are usually slow to reach a decision.

Humanistic: Sample Copy

Our remote PC access software lets you
finish work at home instead of staying late
at the office so you can spend more time
with your family.

Questions the Humanistic Asks
 • How will your product or service make me feel?
 • Who uses your products/service?
 • Who are you? Tell me who your company is and
   let me see bios.
 • What will it feel like to work with you?
 • What experience have others had with you?
 • Can I trust you?
 • How will it help me strengthen relationships?

     Writing for SEO

Keywords – understanding visitor

How Search Engines Work

Search engines do two things primarily;
they index text and follow links. The more
indexable text available, the better job
search engines can do in understanding
the page’s content.
                         - Frederick Marckini, CEO of

 Google Explains Relevance
"We provide strong SCENT so users don't lose
time," he said. "We take the text from the page
that is relevant to the query, and include it in
the summary… Advertisers are coming to the
realization that ads must have a scent that the
user will likely find useful."
- Krishna Bharat, senior research scientist at Google

Good Scent

 No Scent? Persuasive Momentum
             is Lost
Studying drop-off data indicates that would be customers
visiting your site lose the relevant “scent” of what put them
on the trail to your site; without that scent they are
unmotivated to go on.
                                 Further evidence was provided on
                                 March 8, 2004 - a
                                 reported that:

                                 1     page view             9.52%
                                 1 - 2 page views           54.60%
                                 2 - 3 page views           16.56%

                                 Based on a sample of 2 million visitors

• Keywords – how do your visitors describe
  their problem and/or the solution they are
• Links – hyperlinks that include keywords
  that lead visitors to relevant content that
  answers their questions.

The Value of Your Keywords

       Traffic Potential
      Prospect’s Intent
     Stage of the Buying

       New Business Owner
• She’s been working out of her house, but
  her business has grown and now she’s
  opening up a small office with 8 people.
• She needs a phone system but is looking
  to educate herself on what her options are
  and how much it will cost

• Which phone system is right for my business?
• What features do I need?
• Which brand of phone system is most reliable?
• Can your company sell and install the system?
• Do you offer any training on how to use the
• How many phone lines do I need?
• Can I package my phone service with Internet
            Search Engine
Early in buying process “phone systems”

Later in buying process “Alitgen IP phone

Include your keywords in
  embedded text links

    Where to Use Keywords
•   Include keywords in headers and
•   Include keywords in hyperlinks
•   Include keywords in copy. Each page
    should have one main keyword, and up to
    3 related keywords. You want to include
    the main keyword 5-6 times in a page with
    200-300 words, 7-8 times in a page with
    400-450 words. In pages longer than 450
    words, add an addition keyword for every
    50 words.
•   First and last paragraph should have
        Mortgage Jobs and Employment
(Keyword: mortgage employment)

Mortgage Employment that is Flexible, Desirable, and Lucrative <Header 1>

    The mortgage banking industry is expanding rapidly. There are lots of exciting opportunities for
    talented professionals. At Mentor 4, Inc. Mortgage Banking Recruiting, we have extensive
    connections and a thorough understanding of the Mortgage employment industry. We know
    where the best jobs are, and where the best people are, and match the two together. This is why
    we have such a successful record of finding the right person for the job the first time.

    We recruit the entire mortgage employment “life-cycle” from loan originators and underwriters, to
    processing/closing to customer support and collections. Entry level to management level, front
    office to back…..we pair your skills, education, experience and temperament with carefully
    selected mortgage jobs.

Mortgage employment for all skill levels <header 2>

    By working only with professionals who have the character, skills, and ambition to do the job, we
    have built a reputation of supplying the best and brightest employees to our clients. This
    reputation has earned us access to a wide range of opportunities with reputable clients. From fast
    growing smaller companies, to venerable Fortune 1000 companies, we have leads on some of the
    most desirable positions available. We specialize in placing professionals in positions across the
    mortgage employment spectrum.

    Find out how our mortgage employment services can help you meet your goals.

How online copy is different
       from offline

• Online is a participatory medium – your visitor is
  there voluntarily and she is in control of what
  information she sees and when she sees it.
• Hyperlinks – links allow visitors to follow different
  pathways depending on what they are looking
  for. Different visitors can have different
  experiences on your website.
• Format – it’s difficult to read on the web – you
  need to break your information into easily
  digestible chunks

Persuasive Momentum


Creating Participatory Momentum

   Links not only get your visitors to the
   content they are looking for, links provide
   persuasive momentum through your site.
   Every click is an implicit question your
   visitor is asking and for which you must
   provide a satisfactory answer.
       Two Types of Hyperlinks
• Calls to Action – way point
  – sales process (verbs)
  – These links should propel your
    visitor forward towards the
• Points of Resolution - buying
  process (nouns).
  – These links are non-
    hierarchical, non-linear and
    allow the visitor to go through
    their own resolving door.
                Explicit Links

      Calls to Action: Sales Process Links (verbs)
These links should propel your visitor forward to the close.

                     Calls to Action
• Learn everything you need to know about diamonds in order to
  make certain you buy the most beautiful diamond at the best price.
  You'll be a diamond expert before you walk into the store!
• Find out what's new, fashionable and fabulous in diamonds and
  diamond jewelry. We'll tell which big rocks the Hollywood glitterati are
  wearing , and show you some of the most sensational new designs.
• Introduce yourself to the dazzling Leo Diamond®, the first diamond
  ever to be measured and certified for superior brilliance. For beauty
  and brilliance, The Leo Diamond outshines every other diamond of
  comparable quality.
• Locate the nearest authorized Leo Schachter jeweler. Trust,
  confidence, great service, and a dazzling selection are the benefits
  you're assured of from every authorized Leo Schachter jeweler.

Which Is More Powerful?

• Steve found an investment secret
  that changed his life. Read More.

• Steve found an investment secret
  that changed his life. See how
  Steve doubled his income in one

How to Construct Calls to Action

Pair an imperative verb with an implied benefit

• See what other stocks are poised for a big run-
  up. <link to Hot Stocks>
• Learn what you need to know to make a smart
  diamond choice. <link to Learning About
• Beat the pros at their own game with our free E-
  Letter. <link to E-Letter Sign Up>
           Points of Resolution

• Cut is another story altogether. Cut is one of the 4Cs –
  or characteristics of a diamond -- that determines the
  value of a diamond. A well cut diamond is one that
  maximizes the beauty and brilliance of the stone.
• A heavier, more elaborate setting, for instance, would
  not appear graceful on a smaller hand. Certain diamond
  settings also enhance the beauty of a particular shape of
  diamond better than others.
• An additional certification exclusively measures Return
  of Light . Learn more about Return of Light and how it
  affects the beauty and diamond brilliance

      How to Construct Points of

Use keywords or key phrases

• When considering diamond shapes, think about
  whether her finger is long or short.
• Hundreds of students have taken our online
  veterinary courses and graduated on to exciting

• Keep your visitor in the active window.
• Lay out the copy so it is easy to read
• Lay out the copy so it is skimmable an
• Make the copy as long as it needs to be to
  get your point across, but edit out every
  unnecessary word.

Action in the Active Window

Writing for Scanning & Skimming

Writing for Scanning & Skimming

              Bolding Example
Mortgage Employment that is Flexible, Desirable, and
  Lucrative <Header 1>

  The mortgage banking industry is expanding rapidly.
  There are lots of exciting opportunities for talented
  professionals. At Mentor 4, Inc. Mortgage Banking
  Recruiting, we have extensive connections and a
  thorough understanding of the Mortgage
  employment industry. We know where the best jobs
  are, and where the best people are, and match the two
  together. This is why we have such a successful
  record of finding the right person for the job the first
                  Bullet Point Example
    What is GoToMyPC PC remote access?

    It lets you securely access your PC, including all its files and programs, from any computer that
      has an internet connection. With GoToMyPC PC remote access you can use any other internet
      connected computer to log on and begin to work on your computer as if you were sitting right in
      front of it

    Use GoToMyPC to:

•    Work on your office PC from home
•    Access files you may have forgot to put on a disk or flash drive
•    Check in at the airport or at the hotel
•    Access your network, emails and attachments, and software programs
•    Print documents remotely
•    Avoid lugging around a heavy laptop
•    Work from any computer and avoid a bad commute or storm
•    Simplify tech support - diagnose and fix a remote PC instantly

Try it now for FREE. <Free Trial Reg 1>

  Thank You!

     Holly Buchanan
    VP, Client Services
       Future Now
     (804) 301-5602


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