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					                                                JUMBO CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT
                                                      PURCHASE FORM

                Name (First, Middle, Last)                      Account Number

                Home Phone Number                               Work Phone Number
                Mailing Address                          City                             State   Zip

                Share Account (Savings)                         Share Draft (Checking)

    Payment                                                     Dollar Amount
                Check Enclosed
  Information                                                   (Minimum $100,000.00)

                Certificate Term in Months                               6 Month CD

                Dividends will be paid at maturity only and will not be compounded;

                Dividends will be calculated on the daily balance for each in the period;

                Additional deposits are not permitted;

                Form must be received by 1:00pm EST to receive quoted daily rate

                Rates change daily. Subject to availability. (Maximum $500,000 available for purchase per
   Signature    day)
                A credit union penalty will be assessed for early withdrawal. The penalty is:

                TERM:                  PENALTY:
                   6 months                  3 months dividend whether earned or not
                   12 month                  6 months dividend whether earned or not
                   24 month                  12 months dividend whether earned or not

                Member Signature                                                        Date

Mail to:   Alcoa Pittsburgh FCU, ABSC Building, Suite 100
           30 Isabella Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Fax to:    (412) 553-2464

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