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     Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 23 September 2008 at 7.30pm
                  in the Pavilion, Queensway, Potterhanworth

1.   Public Open Forum

     PCSO Flannagan reported that during the period 23 June to 23 September
     there had been two reported crimes of interest to the community, namely
     theft of heating oil from St Andrew’s Church and an attempted burglary at
     JCS Garage on Station Road.

     Mrs Pam Mountain said she had noticed birthday posters on telegraph poles
     around the village that needed removing. The clerk will put a note in the
     next issue of the Grapevine to remind parishioners to remove such posters.

     Malcolm Hawes queried the arrangements for supporting the village
     Christmas tree. Mr Hawes said that reinforced concrete lintels in the ground
     formed into a cross shape may be a solution to hold the tree, with a drainpipe
     in the centre. A trench for the power cable to run to the socket will be
     necessary. The Chairman said he is awaiting tree light prices. The purchase
     of the Christmas tree will be by the Fund Raising Group.

     Councillor Holmes said that one of the speed reduction signs along Moor
     Lane had been knocked over. The clerk will inform Highways.

     Councillor Andrews said that no funding is available from Lincolnshire
     County Council to fund the Methodist Church alterations.

2.   Attendance and Apologies

     Mr P Stephenson (Chairman)
     Mr M Andrews (Vice Chairman)
     Mr K Goodwin
     Mr G Holmes
     Mr G Mountain
     Mr M Suthern
     Mr R Spence (Clerk)

     Apologies for absence – Mrs K O’Leary

     Also in attendance five members of the public.

3.   To Receive Declarations of Interest

     Personal interests declared by the Chairman and Councillor Goodwin re both
     of the Station Road planning matters Agenda item 7.

4.   Minutes of the Meeting held on 22 July 2008

     The members received the Minutes of the meeting held on 22 July 2008.

     It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 22 July 2008
     be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

5.   Matters Arising from the previous minutes

     The clerk has written to Highways regarding the condition of the road
     outside the Church.

     The clerk will chase Draper Memorials regarding a quote for the cleaning of
     the War Memorial.

     The Chairman updated the meeting regarding the overgrown hedges backing
     onto the Queensway Playing field. Two of the properties have NKDC
     tenants and the matter is ongoing with the council. The third property is
     privately owned and the Chairman will speak to the resident.

     The Chairman said the FG Battle and Son have now agreed to the Dog waste
     bin being located adjacent to their land along Station Road. Malcolm Hawes
     will arrange for the bin to be moved from Church Lane.

6.   Correspondence

           RoSPA Play Area Safety inspection report has just been received.
            The clerk passed the report to Councillor Mountain for his review.
            The matter will be placed on next month’s agenda for discussion.
           Confirmation that the village was not placed in the top two in the
            recent Best Kept Village. The village received 147 points out of 150
            and was praised for its lack of litter and general tidiness.

7.   Planning Applications

           1st Floor extension, Baytree House, Station Road.

            No comments or objections made by the Parish Council.

           Planning Appeal re change of use of land from paddock to domestic
            garden, Highfields, Station Road.

            Notification from NKDC that an appeal is to be held into the refusal by
            NKDC to grant planning permission. The appeal will consider all earlier
            planning comments/objections and The Parish Council has no further
            comments to make.

8.    Play Park funding update

      Councillor Mountain updated the meeting on the grant application process.

      Grant applications have been submitted. £6,500 has been successfully
      requested from Awards For All (Lottery funds) and the monies have now
      been received. £6,755 has been requested from Capital Grant Aid (Lincs
      Community Grants Scheme) and official confirmation of the result is
      expected shortly. £5,000 is to be funded from the Parish Council and around
      £1,500 from the Fund Raising group. The Beer Festival committee have
      also promised funding of around £100. An application has not been
      submitted to WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental).

      Newby Leisure have submitted a quote to NKDC for the moving of the
      existing play park equipment. This will be discussed by NKDC at their next

      Subject to all the grants being successfully received, Newby Leisure have
      been booked in for 10th to 21st November for the play park work to be
      carried out.

9.    To review arrangements for maintenance of War Memorial plants

      The Chairman suggested that the Parish Council take over the maintenance
      of the planting over the winter months and then put it out to tender in the
      Spring. The proposal to end the current arrangements was unanimously
      agreed by the Parish Council. It was agreed that the Chairman and Vice-
      Chairman speak to Mr Winfield to thank him for his time spent looking after
      the planting.

10.   To discuss quote received for Tarmac path near War Memorial

      A quote has been received from PJF Landscapes for £350 excl VAT for
      laying hardcore, path edgings and applying tarmac. The clerk will source
      another quote. It was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by
      Councillor Goodwin to allow the clerk to accept the cheapest of the two
      quotes and for the work to commence without further Parish Council voting.

11.   Metheringham Cluster meeting update and vote to agree decision
      making process on behalf of the Parish Council

      The next Cluster meeting is scheduled for 7 October.

      Following on from the last Parish Council meeting where it was generally
      agreed by the councillors to allow the Chairman and Councillor Mountain to
      vote at cluster meetings on behalf of the Parish Council, a formal motion
      was proposed by Councillor Goodwin and seconded by Councillor Holmes.
      Unanimously accepted.

12.   To discuss Pavilion Management Committee Constitution

      The Parish Council reviewed the draft constitution drafted by Malcolm
      Hawes, Vice Chairperson of the Pavilion Management Committee.

      A couple of amendments to the constitution were made by the Parish
      Council, namely paragraph 6.2.2 whereby copies of accounts should be
      prepared for each Pavilion Management Committee meeting and copied to
      the Parish Council and paragraph 7.2, whereby the Parish Council need to
      approve any amendments to the constitution.

      These changes were proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Councillor
      Goodwin. Unanimously accepted.

13.   Pavilion Committee/Fund Raising Report

      Malcolm Hawes updated the meeting on Pavilion matters.

      A pump for the sewerage tank is needed – cost expected to be around
      £1,000. Also the committee are looking into buying two further CCTV
      cameras and a monitor, cost of around £300.

      Costings are also being obtained for lighting a 5 a side floodlit football pitch.
      Initial costs are approximately £500.

      Councillor Andrews updated the meeting on fundraising issues.
      The Christmas Market is scheduled for 22 November. The venue has moved
      away from the Barns to the Memorial Hall/School/Upper Barff road area.
      Highways have been contacted regarding closure of the road outside the
      school on the day of the market.

14.   Accounts for Payment

      Per the attached sheet prepared by the Clerk. Proposed by Councillor
      Goodwin and seconded by Councillor Andrews. Unanimously agreed.

15.   Date of next meeting

      The next Parish Council meeting is to be held on Tuesday 21 October 2008
      in the Pavilion at 7.30pm.

      There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.

      RJ Spence
      4 October 2008


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