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									                                 Business Math
                                Business Administration 112
                        Winter 2006         Daily        5 Credits

Instructor:   Krista Mahan, Office #24   Office Hour: 1:30 or by appointment
              Office Phone: 527-4233
              E-mail: Krista.Mahan@WWCC.EDU

Texts:         Practical Business Math Procedures, 8th Edition by Slater
               Business Math Handbook and Study Guide by Slater

              After a basic math review (relevant sections of Chapters 1-3), we will
              be covering Chapters 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 13. For each chapter we
              will solve problems using calculators and then build spreadsheet
              formulas using Excel.

Description: This course develops competency in common business calculations with
an emphasis on solving word problems related to financial decision-making and the
management of cash flow. Students learn to calculate percentages, trade and cash
discounts, markups and markdowns, simple and compound interest, bank discounts,
present and future value of annuities and sinking funds. Students perform calculations
with the aid of a calculator and create spreadsheet formulas to solve problems using
Excel. Strong basic math skills or Math 49 is recommended.

Instruction Method: Lecture, demonstration, small group work and practice, practice,

Course Topics/Learning Outcomes: You will be able to:
       Solve word problems related to common business and personal situations.
       Calculate the rate of percent increases and decreases.
       Convert percentages, decimals and fractions for use in applications.
       Solve problems related to trade and cash discounts and understand how they
         affect business decisions.
       Calculate the cost and selling price of merchandise through markups.
       Determine changes in original selling price through markups and markdowns.
       Calculate simple interest.
       Perform calculations dealing with the borrowing or lending of monies.
       Perform calculations required for establishment of annuities & sinking funds.
       Apply math skills learned to develop spreadsheet formulas that will
         automatically calculate answers to problems students did manually in class.
15% Homework Assignments. Homework assignments will be given daily
throughout each chapter and you will be given a chance to correct and learn from your
mistakes. All homework for the chapter will be checked during the chapter’s testing
period and will not be accepted past this day. Note: You have total control over
earning 100% of these points.

For Chapters 6-13 Homework consists of the following and is listed on your calendar:
 B-pages: most of which will be completed in class (purple edge in back of text)
 End of the chapter problems (Check figures for odd questions are on “B” pages)
 Summary Practice Test (Check figures are on “B” pages at back of text.)
 Additional Practice Problems as provided and assigned.
 Extra Practice if desired: Use your DVD provided with the text.

I will check homework to see if you completed the following assignments: (1) B-pgs.;
(2) End of Chapter; (3) Summary Practice ; and (4) Additional Packets if given. If you
have completed all four you will get 100%. Each assignment left undone lowers your
homework grade for that chapter25%. Homework is meant to raise your grade, not
lower it. If your final homework grade is lower than your test average, your grade will be
based on test average alone.

85% Chapter Tests . A Chapter/Unit test will be given approximately every 7 days and
your scores will be averaged to determine this portion of your grade. Safety Net: At
the end of the quarter I will drop out your lowest test score (10%) before your average is
calculated. The final exam is comprehensive, however it is open book, open note.
Missed Test Policy: It is your responsibility to notify me and schedule a time to make-
up a missed test. Fifteen percent is deducted on any test involving an unexcused
absence the day of the test.

93% and above ...... A            Chapter Test Values:
90 – 92% ................ A-         Review:                   5%
87-89 ...................... B+      Chapter 6                10%
83-86 ...................... B       Chapter 7                10%
80-82 ...................... B-      Chapter 8                10%
77-79 ...................... C+      Chapter 10               10%
73-76 ...................... C       Chapter 11               10%
70-72 ...................... C-      Chapter 12 and 13        20%
67-69 ...................... D+      Final                   10%
60-66 ...................... D    Test =                      85%
59 and below F                    Homework =                + 15%
                                    Final Grade              100% - see chart to left
Suggestions for Success:
1. Attend class and participate.
2. Be prepared for class by completing your assignments on time.
3. Seek out help when needed.
4. Focus on understanding the concept – don’t try to memorize the steps!
5. Practice, practice, practice!! Since math is a skill, practice is necessary to become

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