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					Use this cost calculator worksheet to compare your own pasture expenses.
Enter your own values in the catagories provided.

                    Pasture Cost Comparison Calculator
              Annual costs of providing and maintaining grazing land on a per acre basis

Input                                                 Coastal Bermuda             Native Prairie
(Enter your costs per acre per year)
Rent or mortgage payment*                                        $15.00                     $10.00
Interest                                                          $0.00                      $0.00
Fertilizer cost                                                  $87.50                      $0.00
Herbicide cost                                                    $7.00                      $0.00
Mechanical operations (Ex. Shredding)                             $0.00                      $0.00
Property taxes                                                    $1.00                      $0.75
Other land related expense                                        $0.00                      $0.00

Number of acres per animal unit                                         5                      20

Number of months grazed per year                                        6                          9

    If land is paid for, enter market value of rent

Grazing cost per animal unit                                  $1,105.00                    $286.67
(Adjusted to annual basis)

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