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									I.     Title:            LABORATORY MANAGER
       Division:         NU     Department: College of Nursing and Health Professions
       Location:         104 Masterton Hall, Portland Campus
       Schedule:         Regular Business Hours with some flexibility for lab needs
           Reports to:          Learning Resource and Simulation Center (LRSC) Director
           Evaluated by:        Learning Resource and Simulation Center Director
           Supervises:          Student workers, lab instructors, staff working on special
                                projects and community partners
           Coordinates with: LRSC Director, graduate and undergraduate coordinators, full
                                and parttime faculty involved with laboratories courses, nursing
                                administrative staff, Occupational Health & Safety, Instructional
                                Technolgy and Media Services, University Computing
                                Technolgoies (UCT), Facilities Management, Property
                                Management, equipment and supply vendors. Student Payroll

II.    Statement of the Job:
       The laboratory manager serves as the primary resource for the coordination and
       management of the School of Nursing’s Learning Resource and Simulation Center (LRSC).
       The laboratory manager coordinates a complex, state of the art, learning, teaching and
       research environment. This involves: the training and supervision of student workers (10-
       12 per semester); coordinating resources for laboratories taught across the curriculum;
       consulting with faculty regarding the use, maintenance and purchase of new technology and
       learning resources; and maintaining a safe environment through the effective design of
       protocols and policies.

III.   Essential Functions
       1. Collaborate with faculty in the development and implementation of laboratory learning
           experiences. Assist LRSC Director with lab initiatives, research and curricular
           simulation projects.
       2. Organize all resources for discrete laboratory learning experiences in basic skills,
           undergraduate and graduate health assessment and advanced skills and simulation (adult
           and pediatric).
       3. Track, order and manage an inventory of supplies and equipment to support learning
           activities in laboratory courses.
       4. Maintain lab equipment and coordinate necessary repairs, replacement or upgrades with
           appropriate service personnel.
       5. Maintain High Fidelity Simulators (SimMan/SimBaby) operation, upgrade,
           maintenance, programming, instructor training and problem solving.
       6. Research and consult on the purchase of new teaching resources.
       7. Establishing connections with vendors on the purchase and maintenance of new
       8. Consult with LRSC on purchasing and integrating new state-of-art technology and
       9. Coordinate with IT Services for hardware and software upgrades and networking issues.
       10. Manage the media resources for the LRSC; DVD/CD-ROM, videos, and other media;
           maintaining an up-to-date inventory data base for faculty and student reference;
           purchase new/replacement media.
       11. Develop, maintain and integrate policies, procedures and forms into all activities
           involving the LRSC.
       12. Ensure all laboratory operations are in accordance with OSHA standards. Update
           Laboratory Safety Manual as required by Occupational Health & Safety requirements.
           13. Report all exposures to Occupational Health & Safety, Police & Safety, LRSC Director
               and the Dean of the College of Nursing & Health Professions if deemed necessary.
           14. Manage LRSC budget expenditures, track accounts receivables and payables, reconcile
               purchasing card statement.
           15. Oversight of the evaluation process in the use of the LRSC and its resources by faculty
               and students.
           16. Ability and desire to manually assemble or repair equipment using standard tools (screw
               driver, hammer, drill, wrenches) and follow specific instructions for proper operation.
           17. Supervise, hire, train and schedule 10 – 12 student workers.
           18. Update and manage CONHP web sites.
           19. Serve as liaison for Lewiston-Auburn College’s nursing lab faculty and administrative
           20. Work with faculty and students of Nursing Partnerships securing supplies and
               equipment for off campus programs and events.
           21. Schedule and coordinate room assignments for Masterton Hall Nursing classes and labs.
           22. Manage the mailbox assignments for nursing students. Maintain database and post
               current mailbox list each semester.
           23. Communicate with faculty, USM offices, and outside contacts.
           24. Staff support to Dean’s office for grant related activities as assigned. Communicate with
               and coordinate with College of Nursing and Health Professions staff regarding grant
               related work. Participate in the production of reports, documents and grants for internal
               and external use. Assist with maintenance of grant funds as needed.

IV.     Marginal Functions:
        1. Administrate and monitor Pay-for-Print for LRSC computer lab.
        2. Coordinate with Property Management for disposal of regulated materials.
        3. Assist Dean, faculty and staff with software applications and projects.
        4. Maintain nursing bulletin boards.

V.      Supervisory Responsibilities:
        1. Supervise student workers
        2. Supervise lab instructors
        3. Supervise staff working on special projects

VI.     Budget Responsibilities:
        1. Manage all laboratory expenditures; supplies, equipment, computers, multi-media and
        2. Maintain data base tracking cost, vendor information, purchase date etc.
        3. Reconcile monthly purchasing card statement.

VII.    Public/Professional Activities:
        Attend any seminars, classes, workshops and conferences that are relevant for personal and
        professional growth for supporting the LRSC.

VIII.    Internal/External Contacts:
        1. Internal: All College of Nursing and Health Professions faculty, staff, students, the Dean,
             graduate and undergraduate Chairs, including Lewiston Auburn. IT Services, Instructional
             Technology and Media Services, Occupational Health and Safety, Student Payroll
             Services, Business Services, Aramark, USM Bookstores, Property Management, Facilities
             Management, USM Library, Mail Room, Printing Services, USM Police and Safety, Space
             and Scheduling, Publications and Marketing.
          External: Medical equipment suppliers; Laerdal, Moore Medical, Pocket Nurse, Welch
          Allyn etc. Academic resource vendors; books, software and multi-media. Retail stores;
          home depot, amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, laundry services.
          Alumni and community members.

   IX.    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
          1. Excellent organizational and administrative management skills with the ability to work
              with frequent interruptions and manage many projects simultaneously.
          2. Expertise in a wide range of computer software applications including:
              medical/simulation programs, Microsoft Office, Endnote, PERRLA, Delmar Nursing
              Skills, Taylor skills.
          3. Web page design, development and maintenance utilizing Front page, Macromedia
              Dreamweaver or Contribute software programs.
          4. Demonstrated ability to assume responsibility and to exercise independent judgment.
          5. Team player with strong interpersonal skills.
          6. Proficient knowledge and understanding of nursing lab procedures.
          7. Ability to operate and maintain lab equipment.
          8. Knowledge of local and national resources for purchasing of appropriate lab supplies,
              equipment, resources and software.
          9. Knowledge of lab safety procedures and regulations.
          10. Ability to supervise, hire, train and schedule student workers.
          11. Possess and attitude that fosters a respectful, non-threatening work environment

   X.     Qualifications:
          Required: Associates Degree and two years of management and supervisory experience.
                      Excellent computer and technical equipment abilities. Strong written and oral
                      communication skills. Demonstrated ability to coordinate, organize, plan and
                      problem solve multiple tasks simultaneously.
          Preferred: Prior experience working with health professionals and learning resources.
                      Experience in higher education environment.

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Approved Date:              07/09
Job Family:                 18
Salary band:                102
Unit:                       UMPSA
Job#:                       8592
Employee:                   Shannon Gouzie
Position #:                 00014723

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