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May 01, 2009

Executive Summary

A major industry report from Gartner (“Market Share: Contact Centers,
Worldwide, 2008”) shows that Cisco's Unified Contact Center business grew
by more than 35% from 2007 to 2008 based on shipments, while most of our
competitors suffered a decline over the same period. This has resulted in
Cisco gaining 3.4% additional market share, as measured by agent shipments.

Below is a summary of key worldwide Gartner data on Cisco and our top four

Manufacturer    Agent      Agent       Change        Market         Market
                Seats      Seats      2007-2008      Share          Share
               Shipped    Shipped                     2007           2008
                 2007       2008
Avaya          866,237    799,950         -7.7%          39.7%          36.8%
Cisco          205,478    278,396        +35.5%           9.4%          12.8%
Nortel         287,045    274,847         -4.2%          13.2%          12.6%
Genesys        230,952    236,213         +2.3%          10.6%          10.9%
Aspect         117,321    93,655         -20.2%           5.4%           4.3%
                        Key Takeaways

                         • The Gartner report includes both an agent shipment view
                            and a revenue view (shipment view only represented in
                            the table above).
                         • Cisco is now the #2 global contact center vendor by
                            agent seats shipped, regardless of the underlying
                            technology (IP or TDM).
                         • Given that Cisco only sells IP-based contact centers, our
                            strong growth in 2008 also indicates the standardization
                            of IP as the communication protocol for contact centers.
  • On a revenue basis, the worldwide contact center market contracted by nearly
     4% from 2007 to 2008, while Gartner estimates that Cisco's contact center
     revenue grew by more than 30%.
  • By 2008 revenue, the top three global contact center vendors are: 1) Avaya
     (35.4% revenue market share in 2008), 2) Genesys (14.7% market share in
     2008), and 3) Cisco (14.3% market share in 2008, up from 10.5% market share
     in 2007).
  • Of special note is Cisco's striking 50% growth in agent seats shipped in
     North America from 2007-2008, bringing Cisco up to nearly 18% market share
     in North America to solidly claim the #2 spot.
  • With the lone exception of Cisco, the other top eight contact center vendors
     had a reported drop in revenue from 2007 to 2008, with four of those eight
     vendors--including Avaya--showing double-digit declines.
  • Cisco's strong contact center growth while our competitors are flat or declining
     shows that the momentum is clearly with Cisco.


Cisco continues to improve its position in the Contact Center marketplace. With
an unwavering commitment to the success and satisfaction of our customers, the
delivery of innovative customer care solutions such as Cisco Unified Expert
Advisor, an ongoing focus on high-quality software, and direct interaction and
guidance from our customers through online communities
(, we
expect to continue our march toward a number one position in the customer care

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