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									                             Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 64 / Wednesday, April 3, 2002 / Proposed Rules                                              15767

       (4) The image guide and protective sheath             comments submitted to the following                     sufficient time before March 29 to
     length must be at least 2 feet for more, and            email address: tsr@ftc.gov, provided the                complete their responses to the
     the distal tip diameter must be 0.450 inch or           content of any papers or comments                       Commission’s Request for Comment on
                                                             submitted by email is organized in                      the proposed amendments. They have
       (5) There must be control handles for four-
     way tip articulation of the last 4 to 5 inches          sequentially numbered paragraphs. All                   asked that the comment period be
     for a minimum of 100 degrees for each                   submissions should be identified as                     extended to enable them to complete
     direction.                                              ‘‘Telemarketing Sales Rule Review—                      their data collection. The Commission is
       Issued in Kansas City, Missouri, on March             Comment. FTC File No. R411001.’’                        mindful of the need to deal with this
     27, 2002.                                                  Papers and written comments will be                  matter expeditiously. However, the
     James E. Jackson,
                                                             available for public inspection in                      Commission also is aware that the
                                                             accordance with the Freedom of                          issues raised are complex and believes
     Acting Manager, Small Airplane Directorate,
     Aircraft Certification Service.                         Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552, and                      that the enhancement of the record that
                                                             Commission Regulations, 16 CFR 4.9, on                  will be achieved by extending the
     [FR Doc. 02–7996 Filed 4–2–02; 8:45 am]
                                                             normal business days between the hours                  comment period far outweighs any harm
     BILLING CODE 4910–13–P
                                                             of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. in Room 130,                    that might be caused by the delay.
                                                             Federal Trade Commission, 600                              Therefore, the Commission has
                                                             Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.,                               decided to extend the comment period
     FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION                                Washington, DC 20580. The                               to April 15, 2002. This extension will
     16 CFR Part 310                                         Commission will make this notice and,                   provide sufficient time for commenters
                                                             to the extent possible, all papers or                   to prepare useful comments. This
     Telemarketing Sales Rule; Notice of                     comments received in response to this                   extension will not affect the date of the
     15-Day Extension in Comment Period                      notice available to the public through                  public forum to discuss the proposed
                                                             the Internet at the following address:                  changes to the TSR’s provisions, but the
     AGENCY: Federal Trade Commission.                       www.ftc.gov.                                            Commission has determined to also
     ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking;                                                                          extend the date by which applications
                                                             FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
     extension of comment period.                                                                                    to participate in the forum must be
                                                             Catherine Harrington-McBride (202)
     SUMMARY: The Federal Trade                              326–2452, email cmcbride@ftc.gov;                       received. Accordingly, the public forum
     Commission (‘‘the Commission’’ or                       Karen Leonard (202) 326–3597, email                     will be held, as originally scheduled, on
     ‘‘FTC’’) has extended the comment                       kleonard@ftc.gov; or Carole Danielson                   June 5–7, 2002, and notification of
     period by which comments must be                        (202) 326–3115, email                                   interest in participating in the forum
     submitted concerning the proposed                       cdanielson@ftc.gov, Division of                         must be submitted in writing, but
     changes to its Telemarketing Sales Rule                 Marketing Practices, Bureau of                          separate from public comments, on or
     (‘‘the Rule’’ or ‘‘TSR’’). This document                Consumer Protection, Federal Trade                      before April 15, 2002, to Carole I.
     informs prospective commenters of the                   Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue,                    Danielson, Division of Marketing
     change and sets a new date of April 15,                 NW., Washington, DC 20580.                              Practices, Federal Trade Commission,
     2002, for the end of the comment                        SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On
                                                                                                                     600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.,
     period.1                                                January 30, 2002, the Commission                        Washington, DC 20580.
     DATES: Written comments will be                         published a request for comment on                      List of Subjects in 16 CFR Part 310
     received until the close of business on                 proposed changes to its Telemarketing                     Telemarketing, Trade practices.
     April 15, 2002.                                         Sales Rule.2 The Telemarketing and
     ADDRESSES: Six paper copies of each                     Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention                       Authority: 15 U.S.C. 1601–1608.
     paper and/or written comment should                     Act (‘‘the Telemarketing Act’’ or ‘‘the                   By direction of the Commission.
     be submitted to the Office of the                       Act’’) directed the Commission to                       Donald S. Clark,
     Secretary, Federal Trade Commission,                    promulgate rules to protect consumers                   Secretary.
     Room 159, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue,                      from deceptive telemarketing practices                  [FR Doc. 02–8016 Filed 4–2–02; 8:45 am]
     NW., Washington, DC 20580. If possible,                 and other abusive telemarketing                         BILLING CODE 6750–01–M
     comments should also be submitted in                    activities. In response to this directive,
     electronic form. To encourage prompt                    the Commission adopted the TSR,
     and efficient review and dissemination                  which requires telemarketers to make
                                                                                                                     ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
     of the comments to the public, all                      specific disclosures of material
     comments should also be submitted, if                   information; prohibits
     possible, in electronic form, on either a               misrepresentations; sets limits on the                  40 CFR Part 70
     51⁄4 or a 31⁄2 inch computer disk, with                 times telemarketers may call consumers;
     a label on the disk stating the name of                 prohibits calls to a consumer who has                   [Petition IV–2000–1; FRL–7167–5]
     the commenter and the name and                          asked not to be called again; and sets
                                                             payment restrictions for the sale of                    Clean Air Act Operating Permit
     version of the word processing program                                                                          Program; Petition for Objection to
     used to create the document. (Programs                  certain goods and services. The
                                                             comment period for proposed changes                     State Operating Permit for Kerr-McGee
     based on DOS are preferred. Files from                                                                          Chemicals, LLC; Mobile County, AL
     other operating systems should be                       to the TSR is currently scheduled to
     submitted in ASCII text format to be                    close on March 29, 2002.                                AGENCY: Environmental Protection
     accepted.) Individual members of the                       Several stakeholders that participated               Agency (EPA).
     public filing comments need not submit                  in the original rulemaking proceeding,                  ACTION: Notice of final order on petition
     multiple copies or comments in                          in the rule review public workshop, and                 to object to a state operating permit.
     electronic form. Alternatively, the                     in the public forum focusing on the
     Commission will accept papers and                       Rule’s do-not-call provision have                       SUMMARY: This document announces
                                                             expressed concern that there will not be                that the EPA Administrator has denied
       1 This document was received at the Office of the                                                             a petition to object to a state operating
     Federal Register on March 29, 2002.                       2 67   FR 4492 (January 30, 2002).                    permit issued by the Alabama

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