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									                   BIT Life Sciences'2nd International Congress of Cardiology (ICC-2010)

                            Time: December 7-9, 2010                   Venue: Shanghai, China

                                             Invitation Letter

Dear Colleagues,

In the wake of ICC-2009, on behalf of the organizing committee of ICC2010, I am honored to announce
that BIT's 2nd International Congress of Cardiology (ICC) will be held during December 7-9, 2010,
Shanghai, China. The Organizing Committee of ICC 2010 cordially expects you could attend or deliver
an oral speech.

The mission of ICC-2010 is to initiate a sustainable platform for exchanging up-to the minute upstream
and downstream achievements, industrial needs and research opportunities of heart diseases fields, it
provides a great opportunity to share in what has happened, be part of what is happening and influence
the future direction in one of the fastest growing industry sectors. The 2nd International Congress of
Cardiology, with a theme of Translational Medicine to healthcare, is actually the extension of the previous
international congress of cardiology. There are 10 chapters with about 150 sessions, which provide
you opportunity to research this world hard work at different aspects. Thanks to the proposals and
suggestions of our former distinguished participants, ICC 2010 will organize sessions basing on the
close connection with session chairs and Scientific Advisory Board. Wish you to be one of them.

Your work and contribution in the field of heart diseases has set a clear example to achieve a more
sustainable economy. The organizing committee of ICC-2010 shares the same interest with you; hence,
we hope that you will join us in Shanghai! For more conference details, please refer to: With your participation, we are convinced ICC 2010 will
provide an ideal forum for the promotion of relevant companies, products and services among key
decision makers all over the world. We sincerely hope you could participate and contribute your
invaluable experience and knowledge at this magnificent conference for the development of the
immense program!

We are strongly expecting your participation!

Sincerely Yours,

Xiaodan Mei
Executive Chair of WCVI-2010
President, BIT Life Sciences, Inc.

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