Federal Bureau of Investigations of Building by ftp85006


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									REES lEadS thE way with
SuStainablE dESign / build

Today, nearly 31% of LEED certified buildings are government-
owned or occupied buildings. REES is poised to provide the
leadership and design expertise to achieve LEED certification for
government buildings, such as the recently completed Federal
Bureau of Investigations building located in Louisville, Kentucky.
In the last four months, the REES Government specialty has
competed for eight design/build government facilities involving
LEED Silver requirements. Our REES staff is comprised of over
50 LEED Accredited Professionals (70% of our technical staff). Our
LEED accredited team of designers, combined with our Director
of Sustainability, has assembled a team of REES professionals,
engineers and contractors to target the LEED credits and points
to be achieved in design/build facilities. Our team is efficient in
producing high quality design that integrates sustainable design
strategies contributing to LEED, delivering these solutions on a
short time frame and within the client’s budget. To learn more
about our design/build efforts, please contact Ron Luman or
Simon Harris.

                             Ron Luman - rjl@rees.com
                             Simon Harris - sh4@rees.com

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