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					FOR RELEASE: October 30th, 2007
Contact: Susan McManus, President, 239.643.4755/cell: 239.572.0604

          Collier Teachers Receive Surprise Grant Deliveries Today
(October 30th, 2007 – Naples, FL) Many teachers will be receiving a surprise visit
today from representatives of The Education Foundation with grant awards – 110
grants, in 37 schools, totaling over $53,000. Two types of grants are being
awarded: Connect with a Classroom Grants and Professional Development
      The Connect with a Classroom on-line grant program was established to
enable teachers to request funding for creative, innovative projects that cannot
be funded through the regular school budgets. After the application deadline a
dedicated group of community members and educators review and score the
grants and allocate funding, which has been provided by: The License for
Learning License Plate Fund, The English Speaking Union, Suncoast Schools
Federal Credit Union, and individual donors. The grants that do not get funded
remain on the website with an opportunity for an individual or organization to
fund. Visit to view both funded projects and
those that are in need of funding.
      ―I think it’s an honor to help teachers throughout the county further our
children’s education by bringing innovation and creativity into classroom projects.
Funding Connect with a Classroom Grants shows a real commitment to
education on the part of the community,‖ says Greg Pasanen, Regional Vice
President of Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union, which has been supporting
education alongside The Education Foundation for many years with it’s dedicated
employees and financial support. Pasanen, Grant Chair for The Education
Foundation Board, is also the 2007-08 Champion for learning in support of
       License for Learning is another opportunity for the community to show
their support for education. When you purchase a Florida Educational specialty
license plate, twenty dollars of the plate’s cost goes directly towards benefiting
students, schools and teachers within the county of purchase.
       The Education Foundation’s Professional Development Grants, funded by
the Community Foundation of Collier County, provide educators with
opportunities to enhance their area of expertise and share insights with other
educators with results that positively impact student performance.
       To view or fund a Connect with a Classroom Grant, please go to and give educators more opportunities to
enhance learning for Collier County students.

The Education Foundation of Collier County, founded in 1990, is an independent
not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to enhance learning for Collier
County children and their teachers by engaging community support. Having
begun with just a single program, The Education Foundation’s initiatives have
evolved to support recruitment, retention, and recognition of excellent teachers
and principals, and programs designed for individual student success—all within
a larger community-wide framework to support education.

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