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									                                        Deli Sandwich Order Form
                                                            Please fax order form to 415-388-8824
                                                        Name: ____________________________
                                                        Phone: ____________________________
                                    Pick-Up Date: _____________ Pick-Up Time: ____________
                                  Orders should be faxed at least 45 minutes prior to pick-up time.
                            Call 388-3222 to confirm your order was received, ask for the Deli.

                             Please Make Your Selections Below

Meat Sandwiches                                       Salad & Vegetarian Sandwiches
       House Roast Turkey       $7.49                            Avocado                         $6.49
       Turkey                    6.49                            Tuna Salad                       6.49
       Smoked Turkey             6.49                            Chicken Salad                    6.49
       Roast Beef                6.99                            Egg Salad                        6.49
       Ham                       6.49                            Tofu Burger                      5.99
       Pastrami                  6.49                            Veggie Roller                    7.49
       Turkey Pastrami           6.49                            (avocado, carrots, cucumber, lettuce,
       Salami                    6.49                            onion, sprouts, hummus, tomato,
       Corned Beef               6.49                            pickles)
       BBQ Chicken               6.49

Condiments                   Sliced Breads                            Rolls
       Mayo                             Wheat                                    Sourdough
       Mustard                          Healthnut                                Seeded Sourdough
       Lettuce                          Oatnut                                   Sweet (soft)
       Tomato                           White                                    Dutch Crunch
       Onion                            Light Rye                                Whole Grain
       Pickle                           Dark Rye                                 Ciabatta
       Sprouts                          Rosemary Focaccia                        Wheat
       Salt                             Sourdough

Cheese ($.90 extra)           Other Extras                            Salads
       Swiss                            Carrots ($.50)                    ½ Pint Pint Quart
       Jarlsberg                        Cucumbers ($.50)                       Potato Salad
       Monterey Jack                    Cranberry ($.50)                       Fruit Salad
       Cheddar                          Pepperoncini ($50)                     Cole Slaw
       American                         Jalapeno Pepper ($.50)                 Other___________
       Provolone                        Avocado ($1.00)
       Havarti                          Bacon ($1.10)                   Salads are an additional cost
       Pepper Jack                                                      and are priced per lb.
       Smoked Gruyere

     Mill Valley Market • 12 Corte Madera Ave. • Mill Valley, CA 944941 • 415-388-3222

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