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      Denver-based corporate training expert earns highest earned
          designation from the National Speakers Association

Denver, CO—August 2000— Laura Stack, MBA, of Highlands Ranch, CO, will receive the coveted Certified
Speaking Professional (CSP) designation at the National Speakers Association (NSA) convention in Washington
D.C. on August 6, 2000.

Only 39 other professional speakers from around the world will be honored with the CSP award, the highest earned
designation conferred by NSA and the International Federation of Professional Speakers. Other noted members of
NSA include entertainer Art Linkletter and best-selling authors Kenneth Blanchard, Harvey MacKay, and Harry

The CSP designation serves as an international measure of professional platform skill and proven speaking
excellence. To qualify, candidates must serve a minimum of 100 different clients; present at least 250 programs and
speeches; and earn in excess of $250,000 in speaking fees, all within a five-year period.

“The CSP designation takes years to achieve,” said Stack. “It demonstrates to my clients that I’m keeping up with
the latest research and staying on top of my field.” Currently, fewer than eight percent of all speakers worldwide
have earned this prestigious designation.

“Earning the CSP takes hard work and dedication,” said Dave Gorden, CSP and 1999-2000 NSA President. “To a
meeting planner, this designation is an insurance policy that guarantees a speaker has withstood the test of time and
has developed a superior expertise.”

A corporate trainer and productivity expert, Stack is no stranger to outstanding achievements. Her father was a
colonel in the United States Air Force and taught at the Air Force Academy. “I grew up with an appreciation for
hard work and study,” said Stack, who graduated from Air Academy High School at age 16 and earned her
undergraduate degree in business from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs at age 19. Stack also
received the master’s degree in business administration, also from UCCS, at age 21.

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                  The Productivity Pro, 9948 S. Cottoncreek Drive, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130
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Today, Stack is president of The Productivity Pro®, a Denver-based training and development organization that
caters to high-stress industries. Her programs focus on productivity, time management and stress issues in the
workplace and at home.

Noted corporate clients include Qwest Communications, Mobil Chemical Company, Oppenheimer Funds, the U.S.
Air Force Academy, Lucent Technologies, McDonald’s, Ball Aerospace, the Small Business Administration, Coca-
Cola, the City and County of Denver, Ralston Purina, Denver Water and Lockheed Martin.

“Laura is simply the best at teaching and motivating others to get things done and get them done well,” said Lori
Rademacher, manager of training and development at Denver Water. “She combines solid research and practical
solutions in an energizing and motivating way.”

Stack’s overriding message in many of her training seminars and keynote speeches is the importance of achieving
balance between the work environment and home life.

“My passion is helping other live balanced and fulfilling lives. It seems to be the one area that people from all walks
of life are struggling with most,” said Stack. “Many people think there is no way out and end up being frustrated,
angry and dead tired. I show them how to leave the office earlier, with greater energy, and more to show for it”

From personal experience, Stack knows there is a better way. As a wife and mother of two young children,
including a 5-month-old son, Stack enjoys an exciting, productive and fulfilling life.

For a review copy of Leave the Office Earlier, or to arrange an interview with the author, please contact Laura Stack
at or 303-471-7401.


Workshops       Keynotes     Books      Audios     Videos      Teleseminars    Productivity Resources     Consulting

                  The Productivity Pro, 9948 S. Cottoncreek Drive, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130
                (303) 471-7401, Fax: (303) 471-7402, website:

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