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					                                                          EBS-N100:                         EBS-N400:                             End Users Procedures:
                                                      Intro to Enterprise             Use and Run Standard                           COMPASS
                                                        Business Sys.                         Reports                                ESS
                                                           1hr | WBT                   2 hr | WBT/Seminar                            MSS
                                                                                                                                     Unit Admin
                                                                                                                                     Payroll Labor
Human Resources and                                                                          EBS-N300:                               Distribution
                                                                                      Intro to the HR/Payroll
Payroll (SAP) Training                                                                         System
End User                                                                                     1hr | WBT

                              EBS-N310:                  EBS-N315:                     EBS-N330:                     EBS-N320:                   EBS-N325:
                          Academic/Faculty HR          Support Staff HR             Temporary/On-Call           Student Employee HR         Graduate Assistant HR
                              Processes                  Processes                    HR Processes                   Processes                   Processes
                               4hr | ILT                  4hr | ILT                     2hr | SIP                     2hr | SIP                   2hr | SIP

                               EBS-N335:                 EBS-N337:                       EBS-N360:
                           Maintaining Faculty/      Maintaining Support                Pay and Cost                       Prior to attending the EBS-N360 course,
                            Academic Staff                  Staff                       Redistribution                     you must complete one of the following
                                1hr | SIP                 1hr | SIP                       6hr | ILT                         courses first: EBS-N310, EBS-N315,
                                                                                                                            EBS-N320, EBS-N325, or EBS-N330.

                          Summer Appoinments
                              2hr | ILT
                                                                                                                      Legend: Delivery type
                                                                     For those who do both                                    Number of hours | Seatcount

                                                                                                                           Web based training (WBT)
                EBS-N340:                  EBS-N345:                 EBS-N350:
                                                                                                                           5hr |
            Intro to Cross App.         Using Cross App.        Cross App. Time Sheet
                Time Sheet                Time Sheet                  Approval
                                                                                                                           Instructor led training (ILT)
                  2hr | SIP                 4hr | ILT                  2hr | SIP
                                                                                                                           15hr |

                                                                                                                           Self instructional PowerPoint (SIP)
                                                                                                                           12hr |

                                                                                                                           Web based training OR Seminar
                                                                                                                           2hr |
Business Intelligence (Cognos) Training     Intro to Enterprise
End User                                      Business Sys.
                                                 1hr | WBT

                                          Use and Run Standard
                                           2 hr | WBT/Seminar

Legend: Delivery type
        Number of hours | Seatcount

     Web based training (WBT)
     1hr |

     Web based training OR Seminar
     2hr |
                                                        Intro to Enterprise
Budget and Planning (Cognos) Training                     Business Sys.
End User                                                     1hr | WBT

                                           EBS-N550:                       EBS-N505:
                                        Cognos Planning               Organization of Interest
                                        Analyst: Modelling                    (OOI)
                                         As needed | ILT                     2hr | ILT

                                                        Intro to Enterprise
                                                          Business Sys.
                                                             1hr | WBT

Legend: Delivery type
        Number of hours | Seatcount                       EBS-N500:
                                                       Cognos Contributor:
     Web based training (WBT)
                                                         1hr | Webinar
     1hr |

     Instructor led training (ILT)
     5hr |
     Webinar                            Cognos Contributor:
                                                                              Raise Process
     1hr |                                  Budgeting
                                                                              2hr | Seminar
                                             3hr | ILT
     2hr |
                                                                  Intro to Enterprise
 Finance (KFS) Training                                             Business Sys.
                                                                       1hr | WBT                                                          EBS-N221:
 End User                                                                                                                                Shop at MSU
 7/20/2010                                                                                                                                1hr | WBT

      EBS-N400:              EBS-N200:                 EBS-N206:                                              EBS-N212:
                                                                                    EBS-N209:                                              EB-N203:
Use and Run Standard    Intro to the Finance      Financial Transactions                                      Processing
                                                                                E-Doc Components                                        Accounting Line
        Reports                System                   (E-Docs)                                          Transaction E-Docs
                                                                                   2hr | Webinar                                         2hr | Webinar
 2 hr | WBT/Seminar          2hr | WBT                  2hr | SIP                                              4hr | ILT

                                                                 EBS-N263:                  EBS-N218:                             EBS-N245:
      EBS-N227:             EBS-N236:
                                                                Capital Asset             Advance Deposit                      Processing E-Docs
        Vendor           Requisitioning - Intro
                                                            Transactions - Part 1            Preparer                              Advanced
       2hr | SIP              2hr | SIP
                                                               1.5hr | Webinar               1hr | SIP                             4hr | SIP

      EBS-N230:              EBS-N251:                           EBS-N264:                  EBS-N215:
 Disbursement Voucher      Requisitioning -                     Capital Asset              Cash Receipts
                                                                                                                               Pcard Transactions
         - Intro              Advanced                      Transactions – Part 2            Preparer
                                                                                                                                 2hr | Webinar
        2hr | SIP          1.5hr | Webinar                     1.5hr | Webinar               1hr | SIP

      EBS-N254:                                                                              EBS-N242:
                             EBS-N224:                                                                                            EBS-N248:
 Disbursement Voucher                                                                       Service Billing
                           Purchase Orders                                                                                     Creating Workflow
      - Advanced                                                                              Preparer
                               2hr | SIP                                                                                           4hr | ILT
    1.5hr | Webinar                                                                           1hr | SIP

                            EBS-N233:                            Legend: Delivery type                                             EBS-N260:
                         Vendor Payments &                               Number of hours | Seatcount                           Creating Accounting
                           Credits - Intro                                                                                          Line Data
                             2hr | SIP                                 Web based training (WBT)                                      4hr | ILT
                                                                       4hr |
                                                                       Instructor led training (ILT)          Webinar
                             EBS-N239:                                 12hr |                                 13.5hr |
                         Vendor Payments &
                                                                       Web based training OR Seminar          Self instructional PowerPoint (SIP)
                           Credits – Adv.
                                                                       2hr |                                  19hr |
                           1.5hr | Webinar

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