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									Veriphy for Critical
    Test Result
Vocada - Critical Test Results Management

   •Vocada provides the industry leading Critical Test
    Result Management (CTRM) system that enhances
    patient safety and improves clinical effectiveness
    through a verifiable and traceable communications
   •VeriphyTM, Vocada’s flagship system, was designed
    for hospitals to provide their enterprise with an
    easy to use, productive, consistent communications
    platform for all diagnostic departments to
    effectively communicate critical test results to
    ordering clinicians.
Critical Test Results Communications …

•Communication of CTRs is a manual phone based
•CTRs represent a very small percentage (~2.5%)
 of diagnostic procedures but the highest risk to
 patient safety
•Hospital data systems are not communication
 enablers because they are PC dependant
CTRs are an important patient safety issue…

• Communication errors is one of the top three forms of
  accidental deaths in hospitals (leapfrog Group 2001).
• Key JCAHO National Patient Safety Goal (Goal #2)
   –2005 “For telephonic reporting…Implement and evaluate
    a process to improve the timeliness of reporting critical
    test results.”
       •American College of Radiology and CLIA guidelines/ statutes
       •Failure to communicate effectively impacts patient safety, JCAHO
        compliance and hospital risk management
Veriphy: a Critical Test Results Management Solution

• Veriphy enables communications of CTRs to be delivered real-
• Enterprise wide, centralized communications – all ordering
  clinicians can be notified by all diagnostic departments of CTRs
• Profile driven – ordering clinicians define the communication
  rules for their own profile
• Policy driven – hospitals can leverage 3 priority levels of CTRs.
  The different priorities impact which devices are notified, and
  have fast profiles escalate
    – Define what test results require timely and reliable communication
    – Categorize these results.
    – Establish time frames when results should be communicated.
 Once a Critical Test Result is identified…

The reporting clinician       The Ordering clinician’s       Veriphy alerts the author
creates in Veriphy (via any   pager and devices receives a   that their message was
phone or PC) the verbal       real-time alert to call into   Retrieved.
message they want to          Veriphy. The OC retrieves      Veriphy builds a 10 year
communicate and Veriphy       the message, Veriphy sends     Archive of the transaction.
does the rest.                a confirm receipt to the       All records are available
                              author                         for management reports
Pager Notifications

• Alphanumeric Pager
   – “Red CTR. Call Veriphy 800-
     123-4567 enter 123456 to
     retrieve message from Dr.
     Phil Reeves at ABC

• Numeric Pager
   – “800-123-4567 *123456”
The Veriphy Application (US Patent # 6,778,644)

•Phone and data application
   – Voice-based message entry
   – Web site contains all data

•Sold as a Service (SAAS)
   – No local hardware or software required

•No new technology or training required for the
 ordering clinician
   – Ordering clinicians return the page via phone, or can access the
     message via the web

•Phone log is a legal document
   – All activity is saved chronologically with the audio voice message for
     10 years
Examples of Veriphy Role based Profiles

Ordering      Primary        Backup       Fail-Safe Final
Physician     Contact        Contact
              Devices        Devices
Physician 1   Pager, Email   Answering    In-hospital role,
                             Service      author of message &
                                          radiology department
Physician 2   Centralized    Back-up      In-hospital role,
              Contact        staff        author of message &
                             member       radiology department
Referring     Pager, Email
Group                        Fax, email
Physician 3   Staff member   Charge nurse Dept manager pager,
                                          author of message &
Department    Fax, email     Rotating
                                          radiology department
The ConnectNowTM Implementation Process

• Vocada meets with the hospital stakeholders to begin the Veriphy
  Launch Process
    – Who are the ordering entities to build profiles for?
         • ordering clinicians, nursing stations, departments and clinics
    – The CTR policies are codified/written in a communications campaign
         • What findings will be driven through the system
         • What are the desired turn-around times (TAT)

• The Veriphy Directory is developed
    – Hospital sponsored letter of introduction of VL, CTR policy and the known profiled
      information is sent to the ordering entity
    – Vocada back-offices this letter and the responses
    – Vocada works with department chiefs, groups and clinics to profile their
      communication workflow/protocols
• Vocada/Sponsors meet with the hospital stakeholders prior to launch
• Veriphy launch
• Quarterly reviews of success metrics
Some Veriphy Customers

• Baylor University Medical Center
• Hospital of University of Pennsylvania
• Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University
• New York Health and Hospital Corp.
• University of Rochester Medical Center
• Albert Einstein Medical Center/Thomas Jefferson University
• USC LA County
• Memorial Hermann Health System/UT Houston
• Partners Healthcare/Harvard
• Grady Memorial/County Hospital Atlanta
• Baptist Health South Florida
• Carolinas Healthcare
Conclusion: Veriphy and CTRM Best Practices

1. Establish and Communicate Uniform Policy and
   Procedures to All Stakeholders
2. Include All Ordering Physicians
   1. Both in-patient and out-patient
3. Emphasis on communicating results directly to ordering
   1. With escalation support to intermediaries (nursing stations, etc)
4. Support Direct Physician AND Role-based Escalations
   1. Support for backup communication contacts
   2. Support role-based escalations – “Escalate to Sr. IM Resident”
5. Track/Remedy Communication Anomalies
6. Confirm Receipt of All Messages

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