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									     Call for Entries
     Closing Date: 16th September 2005

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               The ECMOD Awards, now in their eighth year, are firmly
               established as the catalogue & home shopping sector’s
               most sought after accolade. With categories that reflect
                the diversity and dynamics of the market - and judging
               criteria that encompasses whole business performance
               rather than just the creative, winning an ECMOD award
                             honours the entire team behind its success.
                         2 Letter from the Organiser
                       3 ECMOD2004 Award Winners
                      4 The Award Categories
                      5-6 The Awards Entry Form
                       7 Award Entry Details
                         8 ECMOD2005 Sponsors

       Dear Executive,
         These days there are numerous awards contests but            branding and positioning, production and creative
         there is only one that has been developed specifically       values, marketing, promotional methods, customer
         for catalogue & home shopping businesses in                  service, and more… Because the criteria were developed
         conjunction with catalogue & home shopping                   hand in hand with senior executives from successful sector
         businesses - and that is ECMOD. I’d like to tell you about   businesses, they allow each member of our expert
         the ECMOD Awards and encourage you to consider               independent judging panel to thoroughly evaluate and
         making an entry this year.                                   score each entry in an entirely just manner.

         We launched the ECMOD Awards in 1998 with the                Companies that have won ECMOD Awards over the past
         support of Royal Mail who, like us, wanted to recognize      five years represent the entire spectrum. Start-ups,
         and honour the outstanding achievements of businesses        small niche businesses, charities, e-tailers, larger multi-
         in the catalogue & home shopping sector. Your combined       channel marketing organisations and all can rightly
         efforts have transformed the way in which businesses         take great pride in their achievements.
         and consumers shop. You have succeeded in winning
         over an entirely new audience of appreciative direct         Perhaps 2005 is the year in which you will be centre stage
         customers. You have launched, nurtured and developed         receiving your trophy… There is, of course, only one
         outstanding businesses - a huge achievement in this          way to be in with a chance of winning and that is to enter.
         demanding, complex and increasingly competitive              I hope that you will and look forward to receiving
         marketplace. That is definitely good reason to celebrate     your entry.
         and why more than 800 executives will gather to support
         and toast the winners of the ECMOD2005 Awards in             Yours sincerely,
         London this November.

         We appreciate that it takes huge commitment, skill
         and talent to succeed in this business and for this
         reason the ECMOD Awards are most definitely not a
         “beauty contest” in which only the creative comes            Jane Revell-Higgins
         under scrutiny. The range of categories and the judging      Organiser
         criteria for ECMOD take all aspects of the business          For a copy of the ECMOD2004 Award Winners Guide
         into account - from range planning and proposition,                         call us on 01271 866112
    ECMOD2005 AWARDS • Tel: 01271 866112 • Fax: 01271 866040
                                                                                                 ECMOD2004 Awards Winners
The ECMOD2004 Award Winners were:
 • Sales up to £1.5 million              business to   business     Geneiva Chocolates
                                         consumer                   Bright Minds
 • Sales from £1.5 million to £5 million business to   business     Stock Signs
                                         consumer                   Dolls House Emporium
 • Sales from £5 million to £10 million  business to   business     Lyco Direct
                                         consumer                   Artigiano
 • Sales from £10 million to £25 million business to   business     Seton
                                         consumer                   Hotel Chocolat
 • Sales from £25 million to £50 million business to   business     Black Box
                                         consumer                   Laura Ashley
 • Sales over £50 million                business to   business     Kingfield Heath
                                         consumer                   Direct Wines

 • Sales up to £1.5 million               business to business      Seton
                                          consumer                  Russ Andrews
 • Sales over £1.5 million                business to business      no award
                                          consumer                  Boys Stuff

                                          business to business      Seton
                                          consumer                  Stow Grange


BEST START-UP CATALOGUE                                           The Francis Frith Collection

 • Sales up to £10 million                business to business      no award
                                          consumer                  Original Gift Company
 • Sales over £10 million                 business to business      Rapid Racking
                                          consumer                  John Lewis

BEST RETAIL DEVELOPMENT                                             Boden

BEST INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE                                      Boden

                                          business to business      Lyco Direct
                                          consumer                  Dolls House Emporium

                                          business to business      Lyco Direct
                                          consumer                  Rowlands

BEST OF 2004 OVERALL AWARD                                          Seton
                                                                    Your turn in 2005....... • • ECMOD2005 AWARDS                                                       3
                    The Awards Categories
       Best all round catalogue business                                    11 Best Start Up
       Six categories based on annual catalogue sales with a separate       Entries are expressly restricted to catalogue, internet or multi-
       award in each for business to business and business to consumer.     channel businesses which commenced trading on or after
                                                                            September 2004. (New brands launched by established direct
       Judging Criteria                                                     business should refer to Category 9). Our judges will be looking
       Categories 1-6 will be judged on merchandise range, market           for strong niche identification and positioning, raison d’etre,
       positioning & proposition, creative execution, production            marketing and promotional activities to date and progress made
       quality, catalogue effectiveness, targeting, clarity of offers,      during the first year of operation.
       guarantees and customer ordering information, collateral
       materials; ie: customer recruitment advertising, customer
       retention materials, mailing packs, customer research materials.     Best multi-channel business
       These elements are considered key to all categories.                 Our judges are seeking businesses that afford their customers the
                                                                            convenience of a truly integrated multi-channel offering.
       1 Annual Sales up to £1.5 million                                    Entrants should be operating in three or more channels ie: direct
                                                                            print catalogue, retail, online, interactive TV, off-the-page etc.
             Business to Business              Consumer
                                                                            12 Annual Sales up to £10 million
       2 Annual Sales from £1.5 to £5 million                                     Business to Business              Consumer
             Business to Business              Consumer
                                                                            13 Annual Sales over £10 million
       3 Annual Sales from £5 to £10 million                                      Business to Business              Consumer
             Business to Business              Consumer
                                                                            14 Best Retail Development
       4 Annual Sales from £10 to £25 million                               Our judges will be looking for the best direct catalogue venture
             Business to Business              Consumer                     into bricks and mortar retailing. Entries will be judged on
                                                                            strategy, evidence of successful retail performance and the
       5 Annual Sales from £25 to £50 million                               contribution it makes to the business as a whole.
             Business to Business              Consumer
                                                                            15 Best Home Shopping Development
       6 Annual Sales of £50 million plus                                      from the Retail Sector
             Business to Business              Consumer

       Note: Annual sales must reflect the total sales derived from the     16 Best International Performance
       catalogue brand entered and not include retail, wholesale or other   This category is expressly for UK based catalogue businesses
       non-catalogue sales.                                                 which have developed sales in other countries. Entries will be
                                                                            judged on marketing and planning, adaptation and translation of
       Best transactional websites                                          materials for overseas target markets, management of logistics
                                                                            and customer service delivery.
       These categories are open to all businesses that trade on the
       Internet. Our judges seek thoughtfully designed sites that
       combine ease of use with quality presentation, clarity, swift
       navigation, strong offers, brand positioning, professional
                                                                            17 Outstanding Customer Service
       fulfilment, and which make a measurable contribution to new          Growth in this market has been driven by heightened levels of
       customer recruitment and profits.                                    service to the end customer. These very special awards will
                                                                            honour those businesses that are leading the way by continuously
       7 Annual Web Sales up to £1.5 million                                refining and improving service levels. Our judges will be looking
                                                                            for quality and extent of customer guarantees, evidence of service
             Business to Business              Consumer                     standard improvement, new policies and initiatives.
                                                                                   Business to Business             Consumer
       8 Annual Web Sales £1.5 million plus
             Business to Business              Consumer
                                                                            18 Best Catalogue Makeover
                                                                            In this creative award our judges are seeking companies which
       9 Best Spin Off Catalogue 2005                                       have radically re-designed and improved their catalogues. Copies
       Our judges are looking for a new title or brand extension            of the previous catalogue edition and new re-worked version
       EITHER from an existing catalogue business OR an established         must be submitted, together with the rationale behind the new
       retail, distribution or manufacturing business. Entrants should      creative treatment. Creative suppliers may enter work they have
       detail the strategy behind the launch, the cross selling             carried out on behalf of their clients (having obtained prior
       opportunities created, and new market areas developed as a result    consent).
       of launching the new title.
                                                                            Entries in this category must be accompanied by previous and
             Business to Business              Consumer                     current catalogue editions for before/after comparison.
                                                                                  Business to Business              Consumer
       10 Best Charity/
          Good Cause Catalogue 2005
       Our judges seek the charity that has developed an offering fully     19 Best of 2005 Overall Award
       in tune with its mission and makes both a commercial and loyalty     All entries are automatically considered for this award which

4      building contribution to the cause.                                  requires no additional entry form or fee.

    ECMOD2005 AWARDS • Tel: 01271 866112 • Fax: 01271 866040
                     Closing Date 16th September 2005

                                                                                                                                                       ECMOD2005 Awards Entry Form
Please complete a copy of this form for each category you                   category. Please also note that payment of £85 + VAT (£99.88)
wish to enter, appending any separate sheets as necessary, and              is due for each category entered and should accompany your
create TEN complete sets (including entry form) of all                      entry. All entries must reach the organisers on or before
supporting catalogues, collateral information, etc., for each               September 16th 2005.

Note: If making multiple entries, photocopying this form after completing     ALL ENTRANTS
      the information required up to the blue line will save you time.
                                                                              Please answer the following questions
Contact details
                                                                              Year business founded:___________No of employees:__________
Your Name:
                                                                              Registered Co No: ________________________________________
                                                                              Name of Managing Director/Proprietor: ______________________
Company Name:
                                                                              Parent or holding company: ________________________________
                                                                              Brands operated:      ________________________________________
                                                                              Other business activity: ie retail/manufacturing (please detail):
Tel:                                                                            ________________________________________________________
Fax:                                                                            ________________________________________________________

website url:
                                                                              Please accept this entry into the ECMOD2005 Awards
                                                                              in the category ticked below:
Names and email addresses for others who
                                                                              Note: A separate form is required for each entry
wish to receive the shortlist:
Name:                                                                         Best All Round Catalogue Business 2005
email:                                                                                                                             B-to-B   Consumer

                                                                              1: Up to £1.5 million
                                                                              2: £1.5 - £5 million
                                                                              3: £5 - £10 million
Name:                                                                         4: £10 - £25 million
email:                                                                        5: £25 - £50 million
                                                                              6: £50 million plus
Your inhouse or external PR contact:

Name:                                                                         Specialist Categories
                                                                                                                                 B-to-B Consumer
                                                                              7: Best Website up to £1.5 million Sales
                                                                              8: Best Website £1.5 million + Sales
Payment Details
• Cheque        Visa/Visa Electron/Mastercard/Maestro/Solo                    9: Best Spin Off Catalogue

I enclose a cheque for: £ _____________________________                       10: Best Charity/Good Cause Catalogue
Please make cheques payable to: Synergy Partnership Ltd.                      11: Best Start-Up (one award)
                                                                              12: Best Multi-Channel Business up to £10 million
• Credit Card
Please charge my credit card: £ _______________________
                                                                              13: Best Multi-Channel Business over £10 million+

Card no.                                                                      14: Best Retail Development
                                                                              15: Best Home Shopping Development From the Retail Sector
                                                                              16: Best International Performance (one award)
                                                                              17: Outstanding Customer Service
       Expiry date              Start date                 Issue no.
                                                                              18: Best Catalogue Make-Over

                                                                              Please note: Ten separate sets of all items must accompany
Signature: ______________________________ Date: ____________                        each entry for onward forwarding to the judges • • ECMOD2005 AWARDS                                                                                                              5
                    All categories are judged on niche identification & exploitation,           materials, mailing packs, email marketing communications, customer
                    merchandise range, market positioning & proposition, creative execution,    research materials. Please therefore include TEN copies of all pertinent
                    production quality, catalogue and/or website effectiveness, targeting,      materials together with a covering document (3000 words maximum)
                    clarity of offers, guarantees & customer ordering information, collateral   detailing the actions taken and the achievements of the business
                    materials ie: customer recruitment advertising, customer retention          during the 12 months from September 2004 - August 2005.

       All Entries To Complete This Section                                               CATEGORY 13              please complete the following:

       What functions are handled inhouse?                                                How do the channels you use work together:
          Catalogue Design            Catalogue Copywriting                                ________________________________________________________
          Website Development         Website Maintenance
          Customer Service            Marketing
          Fulfilment                  e-marketing                                          ________________________________________________________
                                                                                          How are marketing and promotional offers used to support the
       Number of catalogue editions produced
                                                                                          multi-channel offering: ____________________________________
       between Sept 2004 & Aug 2005: __________________________
       Average pagination: ______________________________________
                                                                                          What percentage of sales is derived from each of these channels:
       No. of active/past 12 month customers: ____________________
       No. of customers recruited between Sept 2004 - Aug 2005:
                                                                                          What percentage of new customers is recruited from each channel:
       Average order value: £ ____________________________________
                                                                                          What best summarises your company’s future plans and expectations:
       Primary target customer profile:       __________________________
       Other significant profile groups: ____________________________
                                                                                          CATEGORY 14              please complete the following:
       Main method of customer recruitment:            ____________________
                                                                                          How many retail outlets do you currently operate: ____________
                                                                                          How many more are planned: ______________________________
                                                                                          What advantages has your business derived from developing
       Other forms of promotion used: ____________________________                        a retail presence: ________________________________________
       ________________________________________________________                            ________________________________________________________
       ________________________________________________________                            ________________________________________________________
       Most significant achievement(s) Sept 2004 - Aug 2005:
       ________________________________________________________                           CATEGORY 15              please complete the following:
       ________________________________________________________                           In which countries do you have customers: __________________
       CATEGORIES 8, 9+13               please also complete the following:
       Date website launched: __________________________________
       Date of subsequent upgrades/redevelopments: ______________
                                                                                          How many customers in each of the countries above: ________
       What percentage of your customers brought
       online between Sept 2004 - Aug 2005: ______________________                         ________________________________________________________

       How has this changed from Sept 2003 - Aug 2004:                                    Are operations managed from the UK or locally: ______________

       ________________________________________________________                           What services are provided by third parties: ________________

       ________________________________________________________                            ________________________________________________________
       How do you drive web traffic and sales?
                                                                                          What have been the main challenges in adapting and
                                                                                          tailoring your offers for overseas customers: ________________
       CATEGORY 12           please also complete the following:
       What were the founders’ previous occupations/business ventures:
                                                                                          How have these challenges been overcome: ________________
       The rationale for launching this business:
       Primary achievements since launch                                                  Note: Detailed answers can be appended to the entry form -
                                                                                                please head each sheet with your company name, category
                                                                                                entered, and use subtitles to indicate which questions you
       ________________________________________________________                                 are answering.
       Goals for the coming 12 months:                                                           All entries must be accompanied by cheque or Visa/
       ________________________________________________________                                  Mastercard/Switch card details.

6      ________________________________________________________
                                                                                          All entries will be acknowledged with a VAT invoice plus a ten
                                                                                          per cent discount voucher for ECMOD2005 conference places.

    ECMOD2005 AWARDS • Tel: 01271 866112 • Fax: 01271 866040
                                                                                                                                          ECMOD2005 Award Details
 Awards entry information
 Judges & Confidentiality                                             Entry Fees
 The identity of our panel of Judges remains confidential             The ECMOD Awards are non-profit making and an entry fee is
 until the shortlist is released. Each Judge is an acknowledged       charged to cover administrative costs. Each entry, for each
 independent expert and will mark entries in those Awards             category, must be accompanied by payment of £85 + vat
 categories appropriate to his/her specific area of expertise.        (£99.88) for which a receipted invoice will be issued. The fee is
 The organisers and sponsors have no influence or input over          non-refundable.
 the decisions reached by the Judges. Both the shortlist and              Payment may be made by cheque payable to Synergy
 eventual winners’ list, when issued, are considered to be            Partnership Ltd. or by Visa, Mastercard or Solo.
     To guarantee impartiality, Judges may not mark any entries       Awards Ceremony Tickets
 from companies with which they have any form of commercial           Each shortlisted company will be entitled to one
 relationship.                                                        complimentary ticket for the ECMOD2005 Awards Dinner &
     Our Judges are legally bound to treat all information,           Presentation. Additional tickets are available for £125 + vat per
 forming any part of any entry received via the adjudication          person and include the cocktail reception, dinner with wine and
 process, in complete confidence. Entrants may opt to have any        entertainment. Early booking is advised to avoid disap-
 commercially sensitive information, provided in support of           pointment. Tickets can be ordered online at
 their entries, withheld from publication or comment in any           or by calling 01271 866112.
 subsequent ECMOD Awards Winners publicity. Such
 information should be clearly marked CONFIDENTIAL on                 Awards Presentation
 entry forms and in any supporting information.
                                                                      The trophies will be presented at the ECMOD2005 Awards
                                                                      Ceremony on November 24th at The IBIS (formerly the
 Entry Terms & Conditions                                             Paragon) Hotel Ballroom, Lillie Rd, Earls Court, London, in the
 Entrants must fully complete a separate entry form for each          company of more than 800 sector executives. Each winner will
 category they wish to enter - additional copies can be               receive a commemorative trophy and copies of official
 downloaded from or obtained by calling the             photographs taken during the ceremony for use in any
 Organisers on 01271-866112.                                          subsequent internal or external publicity, including catalogues
      TEN complete copies/sets of ALL items comprising each           and websites, together with the rights to reproduce the
 entry must be collated and shipped to the Organisers. This           ECMOD2005 Award Winners logo in any print or electronic
 includes TEN copies of the entry form, accompanying notes,           media.
 relevant catalogue editions, mailing packs, screen grabs and any
 other supporting material. Photocopied entry forms and notes         ECMOD2005 Awards Publication
 are acceptable but all catalogues, mailing packs and marketing       Detailed descriptions and supporting photography will be
 collateral materials must be originals.                              published for each winning entry in a specially commissioned
      Please do not include any product samples, gifts or other       ECMOD2005 Award Winners publication which will be
 items as these cannot be forwarded to the Judges.                    distributed with the December issue of Catalogue & e-business
      The complete packs are forwarded by the organisers to the       journal. Each winning company will receive a batch of copies
 offices of each of the nine appointed Judges for each category by    and may request additional copies as required.
 secure carrier.                                                          The results will also appear at where
      One complete copy is retained by the Organisers. As the         previous years’ winners can be reviewed and this entry form is
 judging panels differ between categories every entry must            available for download.
 comprises TEN complete sets. There can be no exceptions to
                                                                      Enquiries & Entries
 Closing Date                                                         All enquiries and requests for additional entry forms, ticket
 All entries must be received at the Organiser’s Offices on or        bookings, conference brochures and shortlists are welcome at
 before 16th September 2005 for processing.                           01271-866112 or email:

 Shortlist Announcement                                               Postal address:
 Adjudications are expected to be complete by the 28th October        ECMOD2005 Awards
 2005 and all entrants will be emailed with the full shortlist. In    155 High Street, Ilfracombe, Devon EX34 9EZ UK
 any categories where the level or quality of entries is not
 considered to be of a high enough standard, the Judges may                Tel: 01271 866112
 decline to make an Award. In any event, the final results will not
 be revealed prior to the Awards Ceremony, and the Judges’            Organiser:
 decision is final.                                                   Synergy Partnership Ltd. • • ECMOD2005 AWARDS                                                                                                7
                               Main Sponsor
                               Royal Mail is lead sponsor for the ECMOD2005
                               Conference & Awards for the seventh consecutive year.
                               Through its continuing involvement with ECMOD, Royal
                               Mail is keen to encourage excellence in all aspects of
                               catalogue & home shopping business operation and
                               commends the high standards of achievements attained
    by all ECMOD2005 Award entrants.

          ECMOD2005 Awards • 155 High Street, Ilfracombe, Devon EX34 9EZ UK
T: 01271 866112 • F: 01271 866040 • email: • Web:


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