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									                     Hillside School PTA -- Committee Descriptions -- 2009-2010

  COMMITTEE              Good for                                                                                   TIME
                          Parent                                                                                     OF
Apparel                             Help generate school spirit with the sale of Hillside apparel. Plan      Fall and/or Spring
                            *       and coordinate sale and distribution.
Auditing                            Audit the PTA books at the end of the school year. Submit report to End of School
                            *       NJPTA. CPA or accounting background is a major plus.                Year, about a
                                                                                                        week of work
Board of Education                  Attend Board of Ed meetings to keep PTA updated on news that        Meetings are
Observer                    *       impacts our school. With enough volunteers in rotation, may only
                                    have to attend a few.
                                                                                                        2x/month, usually
                                                                                                        on Monday

Book Fair                           Plan and coordinate a bookfair at Barnes and Noble.                      Spring
Box Tops for Education              Create and organize fun ways to collect box tops throughout the year     Fall and Spring
                            *       which raises money for our school. Arrange contest for students
Budget Task Force                   Attend monthly meetings held at the Board of Ed, act as liaison          November - April,
                                    between BOE and the school community to share info regarding the         Meetings are
                                    school budget and April school election. Coordinate efforts with PTA     1x/month, usually
                                    co-presidents.                                                           during the day.

Buzz Book                           Create phone directory and oversee printing of book.                     June - October
Bylaws                              Review and revise Hillside Bylaws.                                       September -
                            *                                                                                December 2010
Class Parent                        Assist classroom teachers with activities in the classroom and field All year
                                    trips. One class parent from each grade must attend monthly PTA
                                    meetings and serve on the Nominating Committee. (rotation among
                                    class parents is acceptable) Participate in PTA committees and
                                    assist Media Chairperson in finding parent volunteers. Prior
                                    committee involvement is a plus.
Concierge                           Arrange for refreshments at PTA meetings and other school            All year as
                            *       functions as needed. Responsible for purchasing refreshments, set- needed.
                                    up and clean-up for each event. Take care of Birthday Bulletin
                                    Board and create and distribute birthday lunch coupons. Send gifts,
                                    flowers or cards to members of our school family as needed; i.e.:
                                    weddings, births, deaths, illness, etc. Arrange for volunteers to
                                    discretely help families in need within our school community (i.e.:
                                    meals, carpools, clothing, etc.) Manage Lost and Found.

Cultural Arts                       Attend cultural showcases and work with the principal to select          All year
                                    assemblies that complement school curriculum. Schedule and
                                    coordinate performances both prior to and day of the assembly.
Discount Card                       Collaborate with volunteers from all of the Livingston elementary        Fall
Fundraiser                  *       schools for this fundraising event.Coordinate a sale of discount cards
                                    that can be used at local businesses.
Environmental                       Involve school community in environmental projects which will        Plan special
                            *       complement the school curriculum.                                    activities for Earth
Fact Pack                           Assemble packets of school and PTA information that is mailed to all August
                            *       students prior to the start of the school year.
                    Hillside School PTA -- Committee Descriptions -- 2009-2010

  COMMITTEE               Good for                                                                                  TIME
                           Parent                                                                                    OF
Faculty Events                       Organize and host a luncheon in December for the Hillside staff         December and
                                     (teachers, aides, office, etc). For Teacher Appreciation Week           April/May
                                     (spring), organize and host luncheon, plan a student activity to
                                     acknowledge teachers.
Family Nights                        Develop and coordinate activities for families of Hillside school, such 5-6x/year
                             *       as bingo nights, monster mash dance, picnics, etc.
Family Photo Day                     Plan and facilitate a day for Hillside families to have family          Fall or Spring
                             *       photographs taken professionally. Arrange schedule and coordinate
                                     with photographer.
Fifth Grade Committee                Requires a large and active membership of 5th grade parents to
                             *       coordinate all the various extra-curricular activities of the 5th grade
                                     class including: end of year boat trip and party, awards ceremony
                                     reception, yearbook, lunch program, volleyball game with teachers,
Fun Time                             Plan and coordinate an after-school event for students during           2x/year, during
                                     parent/teacher conferences.                                             parent/teacher
                                                                                                             conference weeks

Gifted & Talented                    Attend evening PAGE (Parent Advocacy Group for Excellence)              4 meetings per
Children                     *       meetings during the year and reports back to the PTA. PAGE is
                                     dedicated to enhancing the education of our students through the

                                     G/T Academic and school wide enrichment programs K-8.
Gifts & Grants                       Act as a liaison between faculty and PTA to compile a gift and grant    Starts in late
                             *       list from teachers. Review and submit recommendations to the
                                     executive board of the PTA. List is presented to and voted on by the
                                                                                                             winter/early spring
                                                                                                             for the upcoming
                                     membership at the June PTA meeting.                                     school year.

Halloween Hoopla at                  Organize a craft or game for Hillside's booth at the town-wide Hoopla October
High School                  *       held at LHS on the Sunday before Halloween.
Hillside Carnival                    Plan, coordinate and facilitate our fun-filled school carnival. Many    June
                                     volunteers are needed to set up, distribute wrist bands, work at
                                     booths, serve food, clean up, etc.
After School Enrichment              Arrange for various 1 hour, after school classes designed to expose     Fall, Winter &
(Hobby Hour)                         children to various hobbies and interests. Supervise the safe arrival   Spring
                                     and dismissal of students.
Human Relations                      Coordinate several events or drives during the year to emphasize        All year, busiest in
                             *       service to the community. This includes a drive for MLK Day.            December and
                                                                                                             MLK Day.
Kindergarten Prep                    Organize monthly sessions for next year's incoming Kindergarteners December through
                                     to familiarize them with Hillside. Assist children in monthly, one hour June
                                     pre-K programs such as story, art project and meeting with specialty
                                     teachers and administration.
Legislation                          Review and report on any state and/or federal legislation pertinent to As legislation
                             *       the education of our children. Coordinate action under the guidance arises which
                                     of PT Council.                                                          impacts school.
Lunch Program                        Work collaboratively to: *Coordinate schedule of volunteers to serve All year.
Chairperson(s)                       lunch throughout the year. *Act as liaison with vendor, works with
                                     5th grade committee and PTA executive board to troubleshoot any
                                     problems, make adjustments to menu, etc. *Coordinate volunteers to
                                     purchase supplies for the pantry.
                       Hillside School PTA -- Committee Descriptions -- 2009-2010

  COMMITTEE                Good for                                                                                     TIME
                            Parent                                                                                       OF
Lunch Program Daily                   Work with Lunch chairperson to assist with volunteers on Mondays.           All year.
Coordinator- Monday                   Available to fill in when necessary.
Lunch Program                         Work with Lunch chairperson to assist with volunteers on Tuesdays. All year.
Coordinator- Tuesday                  Available to fill in when necessary.
Lunch Program Daily                   Work with Lunch chairperson to assist with volunteers on                    All year.
Coordinator-                          Wednesdays. Available to fill in when necessary.
Lunch Program Daily                   Work with Lunch chairperson to assist with volunteers on Thursdays. All year.
Coordinator- Thursday                 Available to fill in when necessary.
Lunch Program Daily                   Work with Lunch chairperson to assist with volunteers on Fridays.           All year.
Coordinator- Friday                   Available to fill in when necessary.
Lunch Program                         Assists in serving lunch. Please state days and how often you are           Throughout the
Volunteers                            available. If unable to make a lunch it is up to you to find a              year as your
                                      replacement.                                                                schedule permits
Media Center                          Works with Media Specialist to assist in the smooth running of the          All year.
Chairperson                           Media Center. Organizes volunteer schedule for each class.
Media Center                          Assists in the Media Center by checking books in and out, re-               Throughout the
Volunteers                            shelving books upon return. Volunteers will be trained by Media             year as your
                                      Specialist.                                                                 schedule permits
Mother's Day Plant Sale               Order plants and secure volunteers to run this "flower shop: for the        May, usually
                                      children in May. Volunteers help children make selections for Mom,          Friday before
                                      Grandma, etc. during school hours.                                          Mother's Day
Multi-Cultural Night                  Encourage the recognition and appreciation of the diverse cultural          Event occurs
                              *       traditions represented in our school. Plan and organize our annual
                                      Multi-Cultural night including activities/crafts at the events, "country"
                                                                                                                  usually in April or
                                      booths, talent show, etc.
Multi-Cultural Night/Art              Assist in the development of a classroom art project to coincide with
Appreciation                  *       our annual multi-cultural night activities.
Nominating Committee                  Gather nominations for open positions on the executive board to be          February - April
                                      presented to membership for a vote.
Nutrition                             Organizes awareness activity that promotes nutritional values at            March (National
                                      school through educational and fun-filled themed days, articles and         Nutrition Month)
Parade                                Organize Hillside students to march in the Livingston Memorial Day          May
                              *       Parade.
Parent Education                      By working with district-wide committees, create educational             To be determined
Program                               programs to support parents' understanding of the curriculum and
                                      instructional goals and /or parenting skills related to social/emotional
                                      awareness and learning.
PPEC                                  Attend meetings held by PPEC (Parents & Professionals for
                                      Exceptional Children).
Publicity/Historical                  Publicize Hillside School events by taking photos and submitting       All year
                              *       blurbs to the Board of Ed's publicity director who will submit them to
                                      the West Essex Tribune. Maintain a scrapbook of all mentions or
                                      photos of Hillside students or staff appearing in the local newspaper.

Red Ribbon Week                       Coordinate with town-wide effort to distribute Red Ribbon Week              October
                                      material to the students at Hillside.
                     Hillside School PTA -- Committee Descriptions -- 2009-2010

  COMMITTEE                 Good for                                                                                 TIME
                             Parent                                                                                   OF
Safety                                 Participate in safety walks with the Principal at the beginning and end Safety walk at
                                       of the year. Assist in detecting, reporting and resolving safety        beginning and end
                                       issues.                                                                 of school year,
                                                                                                               address other
                                                                                                               issues as needed

School Supply Sale                     Plan sale of school supplies for the beginning of the school year.       Summer
                                       Distribute supplies to the classrooms for the first day of school
Sixth Grade Nominating                 One class parent from 5th grade: Sit on nominating committee for         Spring, 2-3
Committee                              MPMS to identify 11 people who will make up MPMS executive               meetings
                                       board. Responsible for advertising positions and soliciting interested
                                       people from your school.
Spring Fundraiser: All                 This committee requires a large amount of volunteers needed              All year, event is in
Around                         *       throughout the year. There are jobs for working and non-working

Spring Fundraiser:                     Track incoming donations and baskets. Works closely with the             January, February
Baskets                                solicitation committee. Arrange donations to create completed            and March
                                       baskets. Develops and maintains basket log including determining
                                       value and naming. Organize wrapping sessions and shopping as
                                       needed. Oversee the creation of event program and basket labels.

Spring Fundraiser:                     Coordinate appropriate table decorations and table prizes. Order all     January, February
Decorations, Tickets &                 raffle tickets. Organize and oversee both pre-event and at-event         and March
Ticket Sales                           ticket sales as needed.
Spring Fundraiser:                     Develop, order and distribute invitations to school and community.       January, February
Invitations, Reservations              Collect reservations. Arrange seating, place cards and coordination      and March
& Seating                              with event location.

Spring Fundraiser:                     Mails form letter to national and local businesses requesting            Fall and January,
Solicitation                           donations. Develops master local solicitation list and organizes         February and
                                       volunteers to canvas local businesses for donations. Also solicit and    March
                                       sell program ads from local businesses.
Website                                Under the direction of the co-presidents, maintain the PTA website.      All year
                               *       Update content with important PTA-related information and events
                                       as requested.
Wednesday Weekly                       Publish weekly PTA newsletter for distribution via eblast. Must have     All year
Bulletin (WWB)                 *       computer skills.
Yearbook                               Start in Fall to prepare the yearbook for the entire school. Arrange  Fall & Spring
                               *       for the creation, sale and distribution of the yearbook. Take photos,
                                       design, type and layout pages for publication including pictures at
                                       special events and in classrooms (arrange dates/times with teachers
                                       in advance). Proofread yearbook. Gather and arrange all 5th grade

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