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									               Chapter 19 Section 3 Questions

1. Where and how did Drake discover oil in 1859?
2. What was one way a company could raise capital?
3. Where could people buy and sell stocks in companies?
4. What company did John D Rockefeller organize in 1870?
5. How did he use horizontal integration to build his empire?
6. What is a monopoly?
7. How did Andrew Carnegie use vertical integration to dominate the
   steel industry?
8. What was the world’s first billion dollar corporation?
9. Why did some people believe a lack of competition would hurt
10.What did the Sherman Antitrust Act seek to do?

                      Section 4 Questions

1. By 1900 how many women worked in industry?
2. How did women’s salaries differ from men’s salaries?
3. How did child-labor laws try to improve working conditions for child
   factory workers?
4. What was the AFL, and whom did they represent?
5. What is collective bargaining?
6. What caused the Haymarket Riot of 1886?
7. How did steel plant managers respond to the Homestead Strike of
8. How did George Pullman and railroad owners stop the union from
   “obstructing the railways and holding up the mails”?

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