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					                                       Tier 1 - Letters from Lanterman Community
   Bill #      Author    CA/Fed      Bill Topic/Title                   Summary                      Position                    Action
                                                                                                    LRC ARCA

                                       Tier 2 - Letters from Lanterman Board
   Bill #      Author    CA/Fed      Bill Topic/Title                   Summary                         Position                 Action
                                                                                                       LRC ARCA
AB 1031     Levine      CA        Developmental svs      Lanterman Accessible & Affordable          ARCA - S             2year bill
                                                         Housing Program - funds can be used to LRC - Support
                                                         purchase homes
AB 1402     Evans       CA        Developmental svs      Gives parents the right to tape record     ARCA - W+        Amendment has been made to
                                                         IPP meetings. Requires RC's and            LRC - W+         allow RC's to record mtgs if
                                                         providers w/ web sites to post appeal                       the family is.
                                                         rights and link to DDS website
AB 1427     Krekorian   CA        Developmental svs      Pilot - traiing for Direct Service staff - ARCA - W+        In Senate Appropriations Com
                                                         agency receives 1% rate inc upon           LRC - Oppose     Proposed amendments - All
                                                         signing up, 5% rate inc when 30% of        unless amended   providers need this & should
                                                         workforce is trained, 5% rate inc when                      be eligible to participate; needs
                                                         50% workforce is trained - money taken                      fair/equitable payment
                                                         back if agency doesn't cont w/ prg                          methodolgy; remove LRC as
                                                                                                                     pilot unless these amendments
                                                                                                                     are made Hearing Schedule

HR1279      Capps       Fed       Direct Support Staff   Amends XIX (medicaid) of Soc Sec Act    LRC - Support       Has been reintroduced
                                  Wages                  to provide funds to States to enable
                                                         them to inc wages to targeted DSPs

                                     Tier 3 - Watch-May move if language changes
   Bill #      Author    CA/Fed      Bill Topic/Title                   Summary                      Position                    Action
                                                                                                    LRC ARCA

11/22/201011:55 AM
AB 411     Emmerson     CA    Res Care Facilities   permits a city or county to submit to          ARCA - oppose 2 year bill
                              overconcentration     Director of DSS add'l documentation and        unless amended
                                                    evidence re: proposed siting of RCF for        to exclude RCs
                                                    homes 6/less and suggest applicant find        LRC - Oppose
                                                    another site                                   unless amended

AB 637     Pescia       CA    Affordable Housing    spot bill - will have to relate to affd        ARCA - watch+   2 year bill
                                                    housing                                        LRC - watch
AB 1205    Salas        CA    Affordable Housing    cities/counties have responsibility to use     ARCA - W        2 year bill
                                                    powers to facilitate affordable housing        LRC - Watch
                                                    that creates safe, decent, affordable
                                                    housing - even in high cost areas

AB1493     Salana       CA    Affordable Housing    put $20 mil from housing bond into             ARCA - W+       2 year bill
                                                    Affordable Housing Innovation Fund -           LRC - Watch
                                                    use as matching funds for local housing
                                                    trusts (city, count, non-profit) established
                                                    before 1/1/03
AB 1704    La Malfa     CA    Developmental svs     adds rates for 'community transition           ARCA - W+       2 year bill
                                                    specialist services' to supported              LRC - Watch
                                                    employment programs
SB 545     Cox          CA    Affordable Housing    review/adopt policies to alleviate             ARCA - W        2 year bill
                                                    obstacles for construction of workforce        LRC - Watch
HR 2839    Frank (MA)   Fed   Class Action Suits    Amend Dev. Dis. Assitance & Bill of            ARCA -          Propose Oppose
                                                    Rights Act of 2000 to require Protection       LRC -
                                                    & Advocacy agencies to give notice to
                                                    and obtain authorization from, an
                                                    individual or their rep before pursueing
                                                    remedies on behalf of the individual

11/22/201011:55 AM
11/22/201011:55 AM

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