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      T.I.P.S. for Achieving and Maintaining Compliance
                                    with Youth Employment Laws*

               Train                                  Identify                     Promote                          Share
           Employees                                Violations                   Compliance                    Accountability

  -Obtain compliance                       - Designate a youth             - Create a “buffer zone” to      - Encourage youth to say
  assistance materials                     employment compliance           prevent employees from           “no” to a manager who is
  (posters, fact sheets,                   director whose                  being scheduled up to the        asking them to work too
  employer’s guides, and                   responsibility is to monitor    latest time or longest shift     late or to operate
  forklift stickers) from                  compliance                      that could be worked.            hazardous equipment.
  www.youthrules.dol.gov or
  request training from your               - Conduct unannounced           - Prepare two separate           - Add monitoring to
  local Wage and Hour office.              inspections of your             schedules: one for               maintain compliance to
                                           establishment or branch         employees under age 16           job descriptions of
 - Incorporate youth                       locations.                      and one for employees age        managers.
 employment laws and                                                       16 or over. Only permit
 company policies regarding                - Make checking for             shift swapping among             - Include compliance with
 the employment of youth into              compliance a regular part of    employees on the same            youth employment laws
 training and orientation                  any routine quality or store    schedule.                        as a performance factor
 seminars for managers and                 inspection.                                                      in managers’ reviews and
 teens.                                                                    - Require a manager’s            recognize those who
                                           - Monitor the hours and         signature on the schedule        successfully maintained
 - Provide a worksheet for                 times worked by youth           for all shift swaps.             compliance on their
 youth to sign as part of initial          under age 16 at the time                                         shifts, in their
 training to test and verify their         payroll data is collected and   - Verify the ages of all youth   departments, or at their
 awareness of what equipment               track and transcribe any        by requiring legally             branch locations.
 is off limits to them and what            violations.                     acceptable proof of age at
 hours they can work.                                                      the time of hiring.              - Test youth about their
                                           - Establish a hotline for                                        understanding of policies
 - Attach to a paycheck or time            employees/parents/the           - Post the hours youth can       and safety procedures
 card a monthly youth safety               public to report potential      work next to the time clock.     before they start work.
 reminder.                                 problems or concerns.
                                                                           - Color-code time cards,         - Send a letter to the
 - Conduct refresher training              - Take time to interview        badges, and/or uniforms so       parents of newly hired
 for all levels of management              youth at some regular           that youth can be easily         teens informing them of
 at regular staff meetings or              interval to question them on    identified.                      the youth employment
 special training sessions.                the types of equipment they                                      laws and who to contact
                                           are operating.                  - Post a Warning Sticker or      to report any concerns.
                                                                           a Stop Sign on hazardous

Information about YouthRules! can be found at www.youthrules.dol.gov. For information about the
laws administered by the Wage and Hour Division, log on to the Internet at www.wagehour.dol.gov, or
call the Department of Labor’s toll-free help line at 1-866-4USWAGE.
*Different rules apply to farms, and State laws may have stricter rules.

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