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									                                        Visual Basic 5
                                        David Maasz
                                          Fall 2009

    603 Visual Basic – 1 (1A period, MN 204, 8:20 AM – 9:50 AM)

    David Maasz
    School Phone: Ext. #325,

     Textbook: Diane Zak, Microsoft Visual Basic 2005: Reloaded, Second Edition, Course
     Technology Incorporated, 2007, ISBN: 1-4188-3623-0

    Textbook shown above
    Pocket folder to hold handouts and graded Labs, Quizzes, and Tests
    (Recommended that the student obtain a copy of the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET)

    Quarterly grades will be calculated based on grades obtained from class work [written
    exercises and practice/Tutorial activities] (25%), programming application/Example
    projects (25%), evaluation activities (Computer Exercises & Projects) and tests (25%),
    quizzes (15%), class/group participation with regular on-time attendance (10%) .

                                 Class work            25%
                                 Programming Case      25%
                                 Tests                 25%
                                 Quizzes               15%
                                 Class Participation   10%.

    Quizzes and tests will be written (multiple choice, true/false, etc.) and/or in lab projects.
    The final exam will be both a lab and written and comprehensive, covering both quarters.
    Class/group participation: includes attendance (on-time), Visual Basic Tutorials, and a
    good team spirit. All these will be part of the teacher’s evaluation.

       Visual Studio .NET, Internet Explorer, and MicroType Pro. Helps to have a “home” copy
of Visual Basic, obtain this from Microsoft for “small” fee.

HOMEWORK: Students may be assigned text to read before the next class.

                                       Visual Basic 5
                                       David Maasz
                                         Fall 2009

  The primary objective of the course is to help students learn to program in Visual
  Basic,    using      Microsoft’s     Visual      Studio     .NET      2005   software.
  After completing the textbook, students should be able to:
   Work comfortably with Computers, the Internet and Microsoft’s Visual Basic .NET
   Use the Microsoft’s Visual Studio. NET 2005 IDE.
   Master the fundamentals of Visual Programming.
   Make use of TextBoxes and Buttons.
   Create games and other programs using Visual Basic .NET 2005.
   Include the use and manipulation of Variables, Memory Concepts, and Memory within
     Visual Basic programs.
   Make use of Algorithms, Pseudocode and Program Control.
   Create programs which include CheckBoxes and Message Dialogs.
   Write code which uses the Do While…Loop and Do Until…Loop Repetition Statement.
   Write code which uses the Do…Loop While and Do Until…Loop Repetition Statement.
   Write code which uses the For…Next Repetition Statement.
   Write code which uses the Select Case Multiple-Selection Statement.
   Work with Function Procedures and Sub Procedures within the Visual Basic .NET 2005
   Include program code which makes use of Dates and Timers.
   Demonstrate the use of Scope, Pass-by-Reference, and Option Strict code.
   Create programs which incorporate the use of Random-Number Generation.
   Use One-Dimensional Arrays and ComboBoxes.
   Use Two-Dimensional Arrays, RadioButtons, and MSChart Control.
   Build Classes and Objects.
   Work with Collections, the For Each…Next Statement, and Access Keys.
   Manipulate the Graphics Object and Mouse Events.
   Manipulate Keyboard Events, Menus, and Dialogs.

  1. Every student must label each of his/her textbook and disks (USB) clearly with his/her
  2. Every student must bring their syllabus and textbook to each class meeting.
  3. Documentation for the programs must be submitted, this includes a header with the
      student’s name right aligned, the document title (of each exercise and project requiring
      printer output) centered, the date right aligned
  4. All exercise printouts must be clearly labeled (see #3 above), stapled in order and
  submitted as a set for each student.
  5. All Visual Basic Tutorials and Programming Examples are expected to be completed in
  the Lab (room) under teacher supervision. No outside floppy disks or CD’s will be allowed to
  be brought into the room, without consulting with the teacher. Obviously, we are concerned
  about the introduction of computer viruses.

                                                       Visual Basic 5
                                                       David Maasz
                                                         Fall 2009
          6. Work will not be accepted after the due date; this will result in a zero for any assignments
          not completed and handed in by the due date. Due dates are clearly outlined on the course
          syllabus and/or guide sheets. Students who are absent due to an excused illness or emergency
          must make arrangements with the teacher for additional time in the lab. See the BEFORE
          SCHOOL section below.
          7. To take make-up quizzes/tests due to excused absences you must make arrangements
          with the teacher in advance to take the quizzes/tests.

         Unless previously arranged, students are expected to take a test if one is scheduled on the
         day they return from an absence.

        Monday                   7:30 – 8:00 AM,          Room 122
        Wednesday                7:30 – 9:20 AM,          Room 122

    (Subject to change)

Week                           Topics                        Chapter        Chapter Projects          &

8/17 –                                                       Chapter 1     Case #1 State Cap,
 8/27          An Introduction to Visual Basic 2005                        Page 67

8/31 –                                                       Chapter 2
                                                                           Case #1 Crispies      September 4
                     Creating a User Interface                             Bagels, Page 124        Test #1:
                                                                                                Chapters 1 & 2
 9/9 -          Variables, Constants, Methods, and           Chapter 3     Case #4 Quick
 9/15                      Calculations                                    Loans, Page 193

                                                             Chapter 4
                                                                           Case #1 Allenton     September 3
 9/17-                                                                     Water Dept, Page
                  Making Decisions in a Program                                                    Test #2:
 9/24                                                                      268
                                                                                                Chapters 3 & 4
                                                             Chapter 5     Case #1 Sonheim
9/30 –                                                                                          Chapter 5 test
                  Repeating Program Instructions                           Manuf. Co., Page
 10/6                                                                      347                  part of Midterm

                      Review and Exam
           NOTE: Chapter 5 is scheduled to be on the                     Mid-term Exam: Oct 15
           Midterm Exam
10/19 –                                                                    Case #1               October 28
                                                             Chapter 6     Georgetown
             String Manipulation and More Controls                                                Test #3:
                                                                           Credit, Page 429
10/26                                                                                            Chapter 6

                                                   Visual Basic 5
                                                   David Maasz
                                                     Fall 2009

10/30 -                                                  Chapter 7   TBA
              Sub and Function Procedures
                                                                     TBA   November 16
11/3 –                                                   Chapter 8            Test #4:
11/13                                                                      Chapters 7 & 8

11/16 –                                                  Chapter 9   TBA
          Structures and Sequential Access Files
12/3 –                                                  Chapter 10   TBA
              Creating Classes and Objects
12/11                                                                       Final Exam
                   Review and Exam                                            Dec 18

                                      Visual Basic 5
                                      David Maasz
                                        Fall 2009

                            Statement of Understanding

Parents and Students: Please read the following and sign in the spaces provided.
The student must return this page to me no later than 8/28 (A Day) or 8/29 (B Day).

         I have read and understand the Guidelines and Expectations for Mr. Maasz’s

         I understand that class time missed due to excused absences needs to be made
          up immediately in order to ensure timely completion of all assignments.

         I understand that scheduling a test makeup day is the student’s responsibility
          and failure to makeup a test results in a grade of zero for that test.

         I understand that the student is to bring all necessary books and materials to
          class each class period. It is critical to bring the Visual Basic textbook because
          of the various examples and tutorials to be entered during the VB lab.

         I understand that cellphones are not to be seen or heard.

         I understand that playing games on the school’s computers is not allowed.
          Also not allowed is visiting Facebook or “other social networking” sites,
          reading e-mail or using the computers in a manner not required for the lab.
          (per the Student’s Handbook – Acceptable Usage).

         I have examined the class syllabus.

         I understand that gum and food fines are tripled in the computer labs.

         I understand that Mr. Maasz has an uncanny ability to determine whether or
          not I have adhered to the honor code, and I understand that Mr. Maasz values

Parents and students: Please sign below indicating that you have read and understand
the Guidelines and Expectations as well as the syllabus. Please detach this page and
return it to Mr. Maasz by the dates referenced above. The student should retain the
Guidelines and Expectations for reference purposes.
Thank you for your support and cooperation. I look forward to a productive and fun
David Maasz

                                       Visual Basic 5
                                       David Maasz
                                         Fall 2009
We the undersigned, agree to abide by the standards and procedures as outlined in this course
expectation. We understand that in order to be successful in mastering the objectives of this
course, all requirements must be met as indicated.

PARENT/GUARDIAN’S SIGNATURE:___________________________
Date ___________________

STUDENT:___________________________ Date ___________________

                                                                   August 2009
       MONDAY                      TUESDAY                   WEDNESDAY                       THURSDAY                  FRIDAY                   SAT/SUNDAY
Reading assignments                                                                                                                        1
Computer Tutorials or Examples (underlined)
Self-Check, Case Projects (bold italics)

3                            4                          5                             6                        7                           8

10                           11                         12                            13                       14                          15

17 A Half-day schedule:      18 B Half-day schedule:    19 A, Activity Schedule       20 B                     21 A Visual Basic, 1A       22
Visual Basic, 1A                                        Visual Basic, 1A                                       Complete Tutorial, p. 33    23
Syllabus, Expectations,                                 Ch 01: Intro to VB,                                    Example: State Capitals &
First e-mail assignment,                                The IDE, Pages 32-70                                   Review Page 56 & 64
Chapter 1 Reading; 5-32                                 Tutorial: PictureBoxes                                 Varsity Scrimmage

24 B                         25 A Visual Basic, 1A      26 B; Activity Schedule       27 A, Mid Morning Mass   28 B, Pep Rally             29 Varsity Football
                             Complete Ch 01,                                          Visual Basic, 1A                                     Vs. Jesuit
                             Self-Check Case Project,                                 Ch 02: User Interface,                               30
                             page 63 - 70                                             pages 71 – 93
                             Fr/So Back to School                                     Tutorial: 95-107

31 A Visual Basic, 1A
Ch 02: Creating User
Interface, pages 95 & 111;
Tutorial: Color Game
Moonbucks Coffee, p 111

                                                                 September 2009
       MONDAY                        TUESDAY                   WEDNESDAY                         THURSDAY                     FRIDAY                 SATURDAY
Reading assign                1B                          2 A Activity Schedule           3B                          4 A Visual Basic, 1A      5
                                                          Visual Basic, 1A                                                                      6
Computer Tutorials                                        Completer Ch 02: User                                          FIRST TEST,
or Examples                                               Interface, Pages 115-125                                       Chapters 1 & 2
Self-Check, Case                                          Self-Check, Comp
Projects                                                  Exercises & Case
                                                                                                                      Varsity Football (Home)
7                             8B                          9 A Activity Schedule           10 B                        11 A Visual Basic, 1A     12
     Labor Day,                                           Visual Basic, 1A
                                                          Chapter 3: Variables,
                                                                                                                      Chapter 3: Variables,
                                                                                                                      Constants, Methods, and

     No School                                            Constants, Methods, and                                     Calculations Change
                                                          Calculations read 127-176                                   Game, Pg 170-176
                                                                                                                      Example: Currency Calc

                                                                                                                      Varsity Football (Home)
14 B                          15 A Visual Basic, 1A       16 B Activity Schedule          17 A Visual Basic, 1A       18 B                      19
                              Complete Ch 3: Variables,                                   Chapter 4: Making                                     20
                              Prog Example: Currency,                                     Decisions; p. 195-237                                 Senior Retreat
                              pg 177 – 180                                                Selection w/ if then else                             Freshman Retreat
                              Self-Check, Comp Ex,                                        and case; Random
                              Case Projects                                               Numbers; Paper, Rock,       Varsity Football, away
21                            22 A Visual Basic, 1A       23 B Activity Schedule          24 A Visual Basic, 1A       25 B                      26
Senior Retreat                Chapter 4: Making                                           Ch 4: Making Decisions;     Half-day schedule,        27
Freshman Retreat              Decisions; p. 195-                                          p. 195- Self-Check, page
                              Programming Example:                                        255                         Fair day
                              Fat Calculator, p 248                                       Chapters 3 & 4
                              Self-Check, page 255
28 A Visual Basic, 1A         29 B                        30 A Activity Schedule
    SECOND TEST,                                          Visual Basic, 1A
     Chapters 3 & 4                                       Ch 5: Repeating Instr, p
Chapter 5: Repeating Instr,                               269-302; Tutorial - 307
READ pages 269-302                                        Loops, Financial.Pmt,
Loops, Financial.Pmt, List                                Tutorial: Car Race
boxes, Counters                                           Game

                                                          Homecoming Lunches
                                                                  October 2009
       MONDAY                       TUESDAY                   WEDNESDAY                      THURSDAY                     FRIDAY                  SATURDAY
Reading assignments                                                                   1B                          2 A Visual Basic, 1A       3
                                                                                      Mid-Moring All school       Ch 5: Repeating Instr, p   Homecoming
Computer Tutorials or Examples                                                        MASS                        269-302; Example - 326
Self-Check, Case Projects                                                                                                                    Dance
                                                                                                                  Pep Rally Schedule         4
                                                                                                                  Spaghetti Dinner

5B                           6 A Visual Basic, 1A       7 B Activity Schedule         8 A Visual Basic, 1A        9B                         10
                             Ch 5: Repeating Instr, p                                 LAB PROJECT day,                                       11 Columbus   Day
                             269-302;                                                 catch-up and complete
                             Example: Grade Calc –                                    Computer Exercises;
                             326                                                      Chapters 4 & 5, pages
                             Self-Check; 333, Ex 340                                  268 & page 348

12 A Visual Basic, 1A        13 B                       14                            15 A Visual Basic, 1A       16 B                       17
Review Chapters 1-5,                                                                                                                         18
Main concepts: random                                   ½ Day Schedule:                      MIDTERM
numbers, loops, counters,                               National Test Day                      Exam;
if statements, for loops &                                                            Chapters 1-5; pages 5-348

19 A Visual Basic, 1A        20 B                       21 A Activity Schedule        22 B                        23 Staff Development       24
Second Quarter                                          Visual Basic, 1A                                                                     25
Chapter 6: String                                       Chapter 6: String                                              NO CLASSES
manipulation, pages 349-                                manipulation, p 349-99
99                                                      Tutorial: Hangman game
Tutorial: Hangman game                                  P. 399 – Example p. 410                                   Varsity Football Away

26 A Visual Basic, 1A        27 B                       28 A Activity Schedule        29 B                        30 A Visual Basic, 1A      31
Cha 6: String, p 349-99                                 Visual Basic, 1A                                          Chapter 7: Sub and
Example: Glaslow Health                                      THIRD TEST,                                          Function Procedure
Club Dues calculator p.                                       Chapters 6                                          Tutorial: Concentration
410; Self-Check 419,                                    Chapter 7: Sub and Function                               game, page 455
Computer Exercises                                      Procedures; read pages 431-                               Pep Rally, Home, Senior
429                                                     467

                                                           November 2009
       MONDAY                     TUESDAY                WEDNESDAY                       THURSDAY                        FRIDAY                     SAT/SUNDAY
Reading assignments                                                                                                                            1
Computer Tutorials or Examples
Self-Check, Case Projects

2B                         3 A Visual Basic, 1A     4 B Activity Schedule         5 A Visual Basic, 1A           6B                            7
                           Chapter 7: Sub and                                     Chapter 8: Arrays, read                                      8
                           Function Procedure                                     495-518, 1-Dim arrays,
                           Example: Rainfall App,                                 declaring, looping, parallel
                           page 476 Complete 7      Math Contest                  Tutorl: Lottery Game,525       Football Away

9 A Visual Basic, 1A       10 B                     11 A Activity Schedule        12 B                           13                            14
Chapter 8: Arrays, read                             Visual Basic, 1A              Half Day                                                     15
495-518, 2-Dim arrays,                              Complete Chapter 8, Do        Parent/Teacher                 NO SCHOOL
Tutorl: Lottery Game,525                            Case Projects, page 549       Conferences
Progress Reports due                                Math Contest

16 A Visual Basic, 1A      17 B                     18 A Activity Schedule        19 B                           20 A Visual Basic, 1A         21
Chapter 9: Structs &                                Visual Basic, 1A                                             Chapter 9: Sequential Files   22
Sequential Access Files,                            Chapter 9: Sequential Files                                  Example: Glovers,581
read pages 551 – 571                                Example: GloversApp,581                                      Self-Check, 587
Tutorial: Mod Car Race                              Math Contest                                                 Case Prjcts: page 595

23                         24                       25                            26                             27                            28
NO SCHOOL                  NO SCHOOL                NO SCHOOL                      Thanksgiving Day              NO SCHOOL                     29

30 B

                                                              December 2009
       MONDAY                     TUESDAY                   WEDNESDAY                      THURSDAY                    FRIDAY                  SATURDAY
Reading                     1 A Visual Basic, 1A       2 B Activity Schedule        3 A Visual Basic, 1A       4B                         5
                            Chapter 10: Classes and                                 Chapter 10: Classes and                               6
assignments                 Objects, read 597-622                                   Objects, read 597-622
Computer Tutorials          Tutorial: Card Game, 626                                Tutorial: Card Game, 626
or Examples                 Math Contest               Math Contest
                                                                                    Example: Kessler
Self-Check, Case                                                                    Landscaping App, p. 638
7 A Visual Basic, 1A        8 B Mid Morning Mass       9 A Activity Schedule        10 B                       11 A Review Day            12
Ch 10: Classes and Object                              Visual Basic, 1A Ch 10:                                 Visual Basic, 1A           13
Tutorial: Card Game, 626                               Classes and Object                                      Ch 9: Structures & Files
Example: Kessler                                       Example: Kessler App, p.                                rev, Chapter 10: Classes
Landscaping App, p. 638                                638, Self-Check 644                                     ALL CASE PROJECTS
                                                       Math Contest                 Math Contest

14 B                        15                         16                           17                         18                         19
Review Day                        Exams                      Exams                         Exams                      Exams               20

                                  4A / 4B                    3A / 3B                       2A / 2B                    1A / 1B

21                          22                         23                           24                         25                         26

28                          29                         30                           31


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