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									                             2009 - 2010 Incumbent Worker Training Program
                               MIWorks! Calhoun, Branch & Barry Counties Service Area
                                Funded through the Workforce Investment Act (W.I.A.)
                             Michigan Works! Programs are equal opportunity employers/programs.
                       Auxiliary aids and services are available to individuals with disabilities upon request.
                   Michigan Relay Center (800) 649-3777 (Voice and TTY). Supported by the State of Michigan.
Incumbent worker programs shall be targeted to specific employers or industries that are experiencing a decline and have the
potential to undergo layoffs, or are experiencing a serious skills gap that impacts the ability to compete and retain workers. These
employers have determined that their workers require training in order to:
 ● Keep the employer competitive and the workers employed
 ● Avert layoffs
 ● Upgrade workers' skills
 ● Increase wages earned by employees
 ● Keep workers' skills competitive
Such training would support career advancement and would encompass skills that are transferable as a means of promoting high-skill,
high-wage positions and economic development within a region.
Labor Market Information (LMI) and any available skills gap analysis must be utilized to determine the recipients of incumbent
worker training funding. Incumbent worker training must provide participants with a significant upgrade in skills such as:
 ● Job specific retraining or skills upgrading related to new work processes or business restructuring
 ● Introduction of new industry technology
 ● New organization strategies designed to prevent dislocation of Michigan businesses and/or workers
The Barry/Branch/Calhoun Workforce Developmental Board established the following goals for the Workforce Investment Act
(W.I.A.) Incumbent Worker Training Program:
 ● Avert layoffs within area companies
 ● Create access to job openings as a result of the Incumbent Worker Training Program for participants in
   other Michigan Works! Programs
  ● Address the Workforce Development Board's goal of strengthening the skills of current workers
Training can be used to teach skills for new product or service offerings, cross training employees, process improvement, or any
training activities designed to prevent layoffs or create vacancies.
Funds may not be used for the following purposes:
 ● For training that an employer is in a position to provide and would have provided in the absence of this funding
 ● To pay salaries of program participants
 ● For the acquisition of production equipment
 ● Out-of-state travel
 ● Equipment or furniture costs
Program Key Points
 ● No match for "off the shelf" training
 ● 50% match for training developed for delivery specific to a company
 ● Must contact local MIWorks! Agency to fill vacant positions resulting from training funded through the program
 ● Training must be completed by June 30, 2010

Evaluation Process
 ● All applications will be reviewed by a committee including one KCC representative and one representative from your community
 ● A rubric is used to critique and score each application and to determine eligible participants
 ● Applications containing training completion dates prior to February 1, 2010 will be given preference.
            For more information, contact: KCC's Workforce Solutions Department 269-965-4137 x 2847
                         2009 - 2010 Incumbent Worker Training Program
                           MIWorks! Calhoun, Branch & Barry Counties Service Area
                            Funded through the Workforce Investment Act (W.I.A.)

Company Information
Employer Name:
Employer Contact:
Job Title:
Company Address:
City:                                                                   State: MI     Zip Code:
Contact Telephone Number:
Contact Fax Number:
Contact Email Address:
Address where trainees will work after completion of training (if different from above):
City:                                                                   State:        Zip Code:
What is the employer's primary activity? (i.e. Manufacturing, Construction, Research & Development)

Briefly describe your company's product(s) or service(s):

Do you currently hire through MIWorks!?
Total employees at the above work site:

Has your organization received Incumbent Worker Training Funds in the past?
                                      Yes                No             Not Sure      (Please Circle One)
For more information, contact:              Kellogg Community College, Workforce Solutions Department
                                                           269-965-4137, ext. 2847
      Training Plan page                              OF                      Make as many copies as required - 1 per training topic

                                                        Kellogg Community College
                                                            Workforce Solutions
                                   Request to schedule training either through KCC or other Approved Vendor.
              Please fill out as completely as possible for each subject requested and return by fax to : (269) 962-7370 or email to
Your Company Name:
Training Provider:
(Please include vendor contact information if known (name, number, e-mail)):
Title of Class:
(Please attach course objectives and course outline if available)
Date(s) of Class:                                                                               Time:
Number of Employees:
(Please attach list of names)
Total number of contact hours:
 Instructional Cost:                                                                          Will the employee be Certified as a Result of this
 Material Cost:                                                                               Training?         Yes / No         (Please Circle one)
 In-State Travel Cost:
 Total Cost:                                                                                   Per Person / Per Group (Please Circle one)
                                                Please state in 1-2 sentences how this training relates to the Incumbent Program Goals
Reason for Training Request:                    (ex. New Technology, New Product, Company Expansion, cross training, skills upgrade, etc.)

Trainee Names: (attach additional lists if necessary)                                         Job Title:                                       Hourly Rate:
Will your organization proceed with this training regardless of whether
                                                                                                          Yes / No               (Please Circle one)
the Incumbent Program funds it?

  IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING. In order for training to be funded under the grant program, the vendor must be willing to furnish course outline, course
 objectives, instructor credentials, or class topic experience, as well as sign in sheets, assessments, and course evaluations as requested by Kellogg Community College. KCC
 will contact the vendor to request the above listed information if it is not furnished by the company with this request. KCC must contract (provide payment or PO) directly
        to the vendor and is not able to reimburse companies for training expenses. Any training costs disallowed by the grant program must be paid by the company.

      Submitted By:                                                                                 Submitted Date:

f88621d5-4947-49ac-a198-e0f6d39642fe.xls ,Request to Schedule Training
Employer Certification

■ The information provided on this form and in attachments is accurate and complete to the best of knowledge.

■ For the purpose of payment reimbursement, I understand that I am responsible for supplying Kellogg Community College with
  the employee's names and addresses, as well as making the identification numbers available, if needed, for each employee
  funded under the program prior to the start of training.

■ I understand that if an Incumbent Worker Training grant is awarded based on this information, and this information is not
  accurate or has not been timely corrected, Kellogg Community College may automatically rescind its award and recover any and
  all funds already disbursed through legal means, including but not limited to debit of other funds, accounts, or refunds payable
  by the State of Michigan through the Calhoun Intermediate School District.

■ Without grant funding, our company would not be able to conduct the training requested.

■ Training schedules must be finalized by February 1, 2010. Failure to submit may result in the loss of funding.

■ My company will be billed for costs incurred as a result of implementing jointly agree upon training within the scope of this
  grant application and for which reimbursement is not made by Michigan Works! and/or the State of Michigan. Companies will
  be billed for participants who receive materials and do not complete training.

■ I agree to provide information requested by KCC for outcomes reporting such as: number of vacancies created, wage gain
  information, retention information, and program satisfaction levels.

■ I authorize use of our company name in reports and publicity materials pertaining to this training grant.

    I understand that I will have to contribute 50% or more matching funds to pay for any training that must be customized prior to
    its delivery to my company. This does not apply to standard "off-the-shelf" training provided by customized training instructors.

■ To the best of my knowledge, this Incumbent Worker Training Program will assist our company to avert layoffs by upgrading the
  skills of our employees OR provide opportunity for promotion and thereby create a vacancy. By upgrading skills, we strengthen
  our company's ability to compete with companies in Michigan and throughout the world.

■ Employees to be trained under the program are full-time employees (30 or more hours/wk.) of the company (no temporary

■ I understand that if vacancies are created within our company as a result of the training funded under the Incumbent Worker
  Program, that we are required to post vacancies on the MIWorks! Talent Bank and contacting our local MIWorks! service
              Calhoun County:       Suzan Moore - (269) 660-1438
              Barry County:         Valerie Eavey - (269) 945-9545, Ext. 140
              Branch County:        Laura Miller    - (269) 517-278-0214

■ All training funding through the IWTP will be completed by June 30, 2010.

    Signature of Employer's Authorized Representative                                            Date

    Printed Name                                                                                 Title

    Return Completed Application to:
    Roberta D. Gagnon                              Email:
    Kellogg Community College                      Phone: (269) 965-4137, Ext. 2847
    405 Hill Brady Road                            Fax:   (269) 962-7370
    Battle Creek, MI 49037

    Revision Date: 11/4/08

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