Tool Equipment Committee Report by Dwaynewright


									                  Tool & Equipment
                  Committee Report

                 Charlie Gorman

April 15, 2008      NASTF General Meeting   1
Scan Tool Matrix
 Most OEMs are up to date and current.

 We continue to wait for more information from
      Kia and Hyundai

 Nissan has really come through with some
      nice information. Special thanks to Jim Von
      Her and Ed Hibma

April 15, 2007       NASTF General Meeting Meeting   2
Reprogramming Matrix
 We received several updates since the last
      general meeting:

            Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota

 A special thanks to Honda and VW/Audi for
      making their non-emissions body
      reprogramming protocols available using the
      SAE J2534-2 process. These protocols are
      now available to purchase from SAE.
April 15, 2007            NASTF General Meeting Meeting   3
Reprogramming Information
Access Chart:

        This information has moved to the Service
                     Information Matrix

April 15, 2007        NASTF General Meeting Meeting   4
Committee Meeting
 I would like to schedule a Committee
      Conference call for May 6th at 2:00 pm EDT.
            An announcement was sent out yesterday,
             April 14th.
 The topics will include:
            Filling the three OEM positions on the SIR
            Discussion about whether we should change
             the Matrix structure to better reflect current
April 15, 2007              NASTF General Meeting Meeting     5
Indexing Project
 A process to capture documents needed by tool and
      equipment companies to design and build tools and
      equipment that emulate those found in dealerships.
      Index those documents and provide a search
                An SQL based database to house indexing information
                Controlled Abstraction Process
                Security - A Web Based Administrator for granting and
                 controlling system and user access
                A Web Based Retrieval Application to include Key
                 word, fixed field and Free-Form Searching of Abstracts
                 and documents
                A Collaborative “wiki” Abstract Editing Tool.
April 15, 2007                   NASTF General Meeting Meeting        6
ETI OEM Tool & Equipment
Index Flow Chart
                 Indexing Software
                                                    Index Database
             Includes checking for newer
             versions, duplicates and will
                                                  Includes keys on 21 fields
                   scan image-only
                                                    abstracts and wiki files
               documents and provide
                    searchable text

                                                                               Index available to anyone including
                                                                               All tool and Equipment companies,
                 Web Applications                    Document Bin               Government agencies, OEMs and
                                                                                         the general public
                 Multiple level security         14,000 Documents of every
                                                  type including PDF, Word,
                         Input                     Excel, Database and text

               Document uplaod, index
             editing, abstract writing, and
              abstract wiki commenting
                      and editing

                                                Documents only available to
             Search capabilities include        authorized tool & Equipment
             search by field, by keyword      companies. Each OEM will have
                and freeform search              access to their documents.

April 15, 2007                                NASTF General Meeting Meeting                                          7
 Provide a place for potential ETI members to determine if the
      information they seek is available.
     Provide a place for potential OEM licensees to determine if the
      information they seek is available.
     Ability to manage changes (update/change files) directly by
      each OEM.
     More secure than CD or DVD distribution
     It could eliminate the need for the NASTF Scan Tool Matrix
     Search entire library in a variety of ways – before there was no
      search utility except for what exists on a PC.
     As a Public user - Ability to see that a specific file exists without
      actually revealing the proprietary contents.

April 15, 2007                NASTF General Meeting Meeting                   8

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