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                             west high school ptsa

                  20401 Victor Street, Torrance, CA 90503  (310) 533-4299 

February/March 2007                                                                         Volume 45, Issue 3

                                               President’s Message
                                               I want to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year and
                                           :   welcome you to the second semester at West High. I can
President’s Message                    1       hardly believe that it is already February; June will be
                                               here before we know it.
Principal’s Message                    2   :
Pegasus Teacher Grants                 2       I would like to congratulate four very special
                                           :   people…Susan Asato, Cheri Childers, Agnes Diffoot and
Honorary Service Awards                3       Patty Yoo, for their outstanding service to the youth at
College Fair 2007                      4       West High. These four wonderful people will be honored
College Planning Class                 5
                                           :   at the West High Honorary Service Awards on February
                                               7. Thank you for all you do here at West.
Relay for Life, May 5 & 6              5   :
SAT Preparation Class                  5       Thank you to all the students that participated in the
                                               PTSA Reflections Program and to Terri Barr for chairing
Senior Class News                      6   :   this very rewarding program. Congratulations to the
Senior Yearbook Ads                    6       students that went on to Torrance Council as our first
                                           :   place winners.
Freshman Physical Fitness Test         7
School Choice Enrollment                       Thank you to all the parents that helped pass out
Application                            7   :   schedules and textbooks at the start of the new semester.
                                               I continue to be overwhelmed by all the support I see here
Street Smarts 101                      8   :   at West, so thank you everyone for helping.
Counselor’s Corner                     9
Junior Class News                   10         Until next time, GO WEST!
ELMAC Meeting                       11         Cheryl Pivovaroff
ICE in Your Mobile Phone            11
                                           :   PTSA President
West High PTSA and School
Calendar                            12     :
         West High School                  :
                                                                    Please Join Us!
                                           :                    PTSA Association Meeting
                                           :                    Honorary Service Awards
  20401 Victor St., Torrance, CA 90503                           Reflections Presentation
       Torrance Council of PTAs                                   Student Recognition
        Thirty-third District PTA
         California State PTA
                                           :                         February 7, 2007
   PTSA President: Cheryl Pivovaroff       :                             7:00 pm
                                                                     West High Library
        Principal: Tim Stowe
         Editor: Susan Asato
February/March 2007

                           Principal’s Message
                    It always amazes me how                  Griffith, our WASC Self-Study Coordinator,
                    fast the school year goes                has facilitated a tremendous process where
                    by.     We are into the                  students, parents, and school staff have been
                    second semester, middle                  engaged in analyzing student academic
                    school articulation has                  performance, student support programs and
                    begun, CST and AP                        school culture in an effort to set goals for the
                    testing     is     rapidly               next six years. Our Action Plan consists of a
approaching and end of the year activities are               variety of activities that will be implemented
being planned. As the new semester begins,                   across the school during this time, allowing us
it is important that students reflect on their               to continue to provide the very best education
first semester progress and set goals for the                for our students. As always, I welcome your
spring. As parents, you can help your                        input to this process.
students in this process by continuing
discussions about what they are learning in                  In the meantime, powerful teaching and
class, how academic progress relates to                      learning continues. Students demonstrate
future success, and keeping them focused on                  their talents on the stage, on the field and in
both short and long term goals. Research is                  the classroom. We all have reason to be
very clear that parental expectations play a                 proud of what students do on a daily basis,
significant role in student achievement and                  and these demonstrations are inspirational.
lifelong success.
We are actively preparing for our WASC
Accreditation Visit on March 4-7. Katie                      Dr. Tim Stowe, Principal

                                      Pegasus Teacher Grants

    CONGRATULATIONS to the following teachers for receiving grants from ExxonMobil

                        Name                                   Description                           Amount
                      Ann Cortina              Classroom Application for Digital Microscopy          1500.00
                 Katherine Griffith       Exploration and Investigation of the Skeletal System for
                   Julie Janicki                       Anatomy/Physiology Students
                  Betty Burkhard                    Investigating Environmental Crimes               1500.00
                  Sarah Lorenz
                                                        Learning the Art of Writing                  1269.00
                  Tracy Sprague
                 Katherine Griffith
                                                           Muscle Group Yoga!                        750.00
                   Julie Janicki

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                                                                                       February/March 2007

                                            Honorary Service Awards
               Each year West High PTSA presents a few individuals with the Honorary Service
               Award. This award is given to those who demonstrate exemplary volunteer service
               to the youth in the community. The PTSA is pleased to present this award to the
               following recipients:

                Susan Asato – Continuing               Elementary and the Continuing           Service
Service Award                                          Award from Victor Elementary.
Susan has served as West High PTSA
Auditor and Newsletter Editor, in addition to          Agnes Diffoot - Honorary Service Award
being a major contributor to the Snack Bar             Agnes has been very involved with the West
staff. She is on the Nominating Committee,             High Entertainment Unit. For the past 5 years,
the Budget Review Committee, the Snack Bar             she has served as Uniform Coordinator and
Committee, and helped put together the                 Historian. As Uniform Coordinator, Agnes has
PTSA Directory. She is an active band parent           been responsible for fitting, ordering,
as co-creator of the El Camino Field Show              cleaning, maintaining and altering the
Program and Spirit Day Program for the past            uniforms for over 150 students each year.
3 years, and is on the WHEUPA Hospitality              She has been known to spend an hour with a
Committee. In addition, Susan serves as                student getting just the right uniform fit. In
Treasurer for Torrance Council of PTAs, has            addition, she mans the uniform room before
served at Bert Lynn as Newsletter Editor,              and after every game and competition, in
Treasurer, and Auditor, and served in                  addition to attending the events. Thanks to
numerous capacities at Victor Elementary               Agnes, the award-winning West High
where she received an Honorary Service                 Entertainment Unit always looks sharp when
Award in 2002. At the tree lot, uniform fittings,      performing a field show or marching in a
registration, textbooks, Grad Night check-in,          parade. She and her husband Roberto ran
preparing flyers, gifts, flowers – whenever            the Entertainment Unit Tree Lot Fundraiser
there is a need for help, Susan is there.              for four years. Agnes has also helped at
                                                       Cross Country and Track meets for the past 5
Cheri Childers - Continuing Service Award              years.
Cheri has been an active volunteer in the
Torrance community for many years. At West             Patty Yoo - Honorary Service Award
High she has been Grad Night Treasurer, and            Patty is visible at almost every event at West.
has been Grad Night Chairperson for over 2             As Activities Director, she is deeply involved
years. This is a huge job involving finding a          in helping the school run smoothly and is
location,     scheduling,     arranging    for         always looking for new and innovative ways
fundraising, chaperones, and prizes. Cheri             to ensure that our students get involved and
has been West PTSA’s Victor School Liaison             contribute to the school community. As ASB
for a few years, and serves as Victor PTA’s            Advisor, she helps students develop their
West Liaison. She has supervised West’s                leadership skills. She coordinates WHS
after school Tutoring Club, has sewn                   student involvement in such events as the
costumes for school plays, and helped with             Middle School Leadership Conference, the
various activities for Drama. She has been a           YMCA Youth and Government program,
frequent helper in the West Snack Bar over             Salvation Army Gift Angels, American Honda
the years. She has been involved with AYSO             Thanksgiving in a Box program, and many
for years, including the Christmas Classic             others. Each year, she plays a significant role
Tournament. Cheri previously received the              in making sure Achievement Awards and
Honorary Service Award from Towers                     Graduation are successful events. Everyone
                                                       who comes in contact with her knows that she
                                                       is dedicated to the WHS community and will

                                               drumbeats                                                3
February/March 2007

do whatever it takes to get the job done. She         is a great ambassador for our school.

College Fair 2007

4                                               drumbeats
                                                                                                                                        February/March 2007

 College Planning Class
 Orientation      to    College     Educational
 Planning and Guidance is an eight-week
 course taught by an El Camino college
 professor after school at West High on
 Wednesdays from 3-5pm. Class will begin on
 February 14th and end on April 4th. The class
 is available to juniors and seniors and would
 be useful to any student who plans on
 attending any two or four year public or
 private university. The goal of the class is to                                     Relay for Life, May 5 & 6
 help students be prepared for college. The
 class covers a variety of topics including:                                         Save the dates and join our team: West High
                                                                                     Warriors will once again join other Torrance
     The value of higher education                                                  teams in the 5th Annual Torrance Relay for
     Student rights and responsibilities                                            Life. Relay for Life is a fun-filled overnight
     Matriculation                                                                  event designed to celebrate survivorship and
     Understanding the college environment                                          raise money for research and programs of the
     Personal     power      and    self-esteem,                                    American Cancer Society. During the event,
      exploration of strength and weaknesses                                         teams of people take turns walking or running
     Decision making and goal planning                                              laps. Each team tries to keep at least one
     Balancing study, work and leisure                                              team member on the track at all times. Last
     Developing an educational plan                                                 year the Torrance Relay raised over
     Cultural diversity                                                             $200,000 for the American Cancer Society.
     Learning and instructional styles.                                             This year, Relay for Life will be held May 5
                                                                                     and 6 at South High School. If you can't be a
 If you are interested, please call your                                             team member, please consider donating food
 student’s counselor or have your student sign                                       or funds to support the West High team. To
 up in front of the counseling office or contact                                     learn more about Relay for Life, check out the
 Ms. Purchase at (310) 533-4299 x7610.                                               ACS website at or call Pam
 Students will receive high school credit for                                        Metz at West High x 7692.
 taking this course.

                                                  SAT Preparation Class
 The SAT Preparation Class will be held on the following Saturdays: 2/17, 2/24 and 3/3, 2007. If
 we have enough students enrolled, we will offer TWO morning classes (8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.) The
 cost is $60.00 for all three classes. Please make checks payable to: West High PTSA.
         Please return the bottom portion with full payment to the secretary in the Principal’s
 office as soon as possible. Space is limited. First come, first served.

                                            SAT PREPARATION CLASS
                         8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., February 17, February 24 and March 3, 2007

Student’s Legal Name (Please Print)                                                                                                         Grade

                                                                                                                                             Check          5
Student I.D. #                             Telephone Number
February/March 2007

                          Senior Class News
                          If you have any questions or concerns regarding this year’s Grad Night,
                          please     contact     Jacqueline    Ayres at      310-540-2383     or

No Show Tea                                             Swap Meet
The Grad Night Committee invites you to our             The Swap Meet will be sponsored by the
No Show Tea that will be held on the day of             Grad Night Committee on March 24, April 28,
your choice. We invite you to have a relaxing           and May 26. The Swap Meet is held in the
cup of tea in the comfort of your home. You             student parking lot from 7am – 1pm and the
can also take this opportunity to support the           cost of a seller’s spot is only $10. Come
2007 Grad Night fundraising event and send              by and    check       out  the    bargains.
us a donation. Please see the enclosed flyer            Refreshments are available for sale.
for more information and an envelope for your           Questions can be directed to Teri Blomgren
convenience. You can either send it to the              at 310-901-4827.
school or your student can drop it off at the
principal's office. We thank you for your
                                                        Chaperones/Committee Members
generosity in advance. Thank you to
the generous parents who donated the tea                Any 9th, 10th, or 11th grade parents
bags and envelopes for the Grad Night                   interested in joining the Grad Night
Committee functions.                                    Committee are encouraged to come and
                                                        chaperone this year’s event. If you are
                                                        interested in working on this exciting event for
Candy Sales                                             your     student’s    year     or    being     a
Since October, many students have taken the             chaperone, please contact Jackie Ayres at
opportunity to sell Helen Grace Candy to                310-540-2383.
deduct money from the cost of their Grad
Night ticket. Each box sold can credit $20
toward the senior's ticket. If a presale ticket
was purchased, selling 6 boxes will refund              The Grad Night Committee is collecting local
your $120. The cost of the ticket in May will           corporate donations of money and gift
be $135. Selling 7 boxes will guarantee the             cards/certificates. If you have a local
student     a   free      ticket.   Interested          business and would like to make a donation
students should come and see Barbara                    to the school of a gift certificate for goods or
Slowey and Jackie Ayres at the candy table              services, it would be greatly appreciated.
on Tuesdays during the lunch period. Seniors            Donations can be sent to the school –
are encouraged to turn in all outstanding               attention to the Grad Night Committee.

                      Senior Yearbook Ads
    Recognize that special Senior by purchasing a Yearbook Ad!
    Customize a full page, ½ page, ¼ page, 1/8 page, or 1/16
    page size ad that will help preserve these memories forever!
    See flyer in the front office, activities office or on the West
    High website ( for pricing details. Any
    questions, please call Ms. White (310) 533-4299 x7758.

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                                                                                   February/March 2007

                      Freshman Physical Fitness Test

                School Choice Enrollment Application


During two weeks in March, Torrance Unified School District will again offer residents of the
City of Torrance the opportunity to choose where they would like their children to attend
school within the District for the 2007-2008 school year, as space is available. Applications
will be available in the Principal’s office at every school site in the Torrance Unified School
District beginning in February. Completed applications must be personally delivered to the
Torrance Unified School District Child Welfare and Attendance Office, located on the second
floor at 2335 Plaza del Amo on:

                   Monday – Friday, March 5 – 9            8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
                   Monday – Friday, March 12 – 16          8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
                   Saturday, March 17                      9 a.m. to 12 noon

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February/March 2007

                                    West High School PTSA
                                    Parent Education Program

    Street Smarts 101
                               Wednesday, April 18, 2007
                                    7:00 – 8:30 pm
                               West High School Pavilion
Court Fees ------------------------------- Hundreds of $$$$$$$$$$
Attorney Fees --------------------------- Thousands of $$$$$$$$$
Drug Rehab Fees ----------------------- Thousands of $$$$$$$$$
Street Smarts 101 Knowledge ------------------------ PRICELESS

                        Parents and students are encouraged to
                        join this distinguished panel of experts:
                                 Juvenile Defense Attorney
                                     Juvenile Court Judge
                           Director of a Drug Rehabilitation Center
                                Member of Law Enforcement
                       The panel will address issues related to alcohol, drugs, sex,
                       and other issues facing our young adults. There will be an
                      opportunity to present anonymous questions. Please join us.

                      If you have any questions, please call Jacqueline Ayres at 310-540-2383

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                                                                                       February/March 2007

Counselor’s Corner
On Wednesday, February 21st at 6:00 p.m. in           paper applications are available in the
the Pavilion, the counselors will be hosting          Counseling Office, but the easiest way to
10th Grade Parent Night. Counselors will              complete an application is online at
provide    an     overview    of    graduation FAFSA on the Web has
requirements, college entrance requirements,          built-in prompts, online help for each
vocational training, and available resources.         question, and a feature that lets you
Please plan on attending this informative             exchange live messages with a customer
presentation if you are the parent/guardian of        service representative. Because there is free
a sophomore.                                          help available, you don’t have to pay to get
                                                      assistance filling out the FAFSA. The “Need
This is a good time for Juniors                       Help with this Page?” button at the bottom of
planning to attend a four-year                        every page will lead you to information to help
college or university to register                     you complete the page. In addition, you can
for college admission testing (SAT or ACT) in         speak to a customer service representative
the Spring.       Registration materials are          by calling 1-800-4-FED-AID. To sign the
available in the Counseling Office.        To         FAFSA electronically, student and parent
register online go to            need a PIN. If you don’t have one, apply now
for the SAT, for the ACT go to           at Your FAFSA will be
                                                      processed faster if you sign using a PIN.
Enrollment is now open for students
interested in taking courses at El Camino             The Cash for College Financial Aid
College or SCROC second semester.                     Workshop is being held at Los Angeles
                                                      Harbor College on February 10, 2007 from
On January 31, February 1, and 5,                     9:00 to 2:00 (workshops will be held every
counselors will meet with Seniors individually        hour). A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded.
to ensure students are on track to meet High          For more information contact Robert Barker
School graduation requirements.                       at 310.233.4327 or This
                                                      event is open to anyone regardless of where
Towards the end of February, all Seniors will         they are planning on attending college.
receive a form requesting that they write out
their name as they would like it to appear on         Looking for Scholarships? Visit
their High School Diploma. Please ensure              the West High School website
that your student fills out the form accurately       under Counselor’s Corner for an
using their full legal name, including middle         updated list of scholarships or
name. The forms will be distributed through           stop by the Counseling Office to
Social Studies classes or can be picked up in         review the Scholarship binder.
the Counseling Office.
                                                      The Career Center is open during lunch on
FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION - All seniors               Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
who are planning to further their education           Please encourage your student to come and
after high school should file a FAFSA (Free           review the wonderful resources available.
Application for Federal Student Aid). This
application is the basis colleges and trade           Summer Opportunities – Many colleges and
schools use for establishing how much                 universities offer programs for high school
financial aid students are eligible for, and how      students during the summer. A box with
it will be distributed. To apply for financial        informational flyers and catalogs is available
aid, the 2007-2008 FAFSA should be                    in the Counseling Office. In addition, a Job
submitted between January 1 and March                 Board posting employment opportunities for
2, 2007. The GPA Verification Form should             students is located in front of the Career
also be submitted during the same period and          Center.
is available in the Counseling Office. FAFSA
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February/March 2007

Junior Class News
Grad Night 2008 will be here before you know it! Grad Night is a fun, safe, all-night party for our
graduating seniors. There is plenty of food, drinks and snacks and lots of activities for the kids to
do. The approximate cost per student is $150 but we never charge the students full price. We
need chair people to help with various activities to raise money to help defray the students’ cost for
this memorable event. Please contact Shelly Karsh at 310-543-0463 or Cheri Childers at 310-542-
4794, if you can volunteer to coordinate or help with any of the following, or if you have any other
ideas for fundraising.

Senior Sweatshirts                                      Restaurant Nights
We send out order forms in the senior                   We contact local restaurants (Bonello's, Pat &
registration packet. We order sweatshirts in            Oscar's, Souplantation, etc.), book a night,
September and November and distribute                   print and distribute flyers, and collect a check.
them in October and December.                           We try to do 3 or 4 restaurant nights.

Swap Meet                                               Additional Fundraisers in place of Candy
Six times a year, on the 4th Saturday of the            Sales
month we host the Swap Meet in the West                 In the past seniors were able to sell Helen
High parking lot. Set up starts about 6:30AM            Grace chocolate bars to pay for or defray the
and we usually close by 1:30 PM. We set up              cost of their own ticket. However, due to the
a food booth with coffee, donuts, hot dogs,             state’s new Wellness Policy we may no
etc., for sale. We also collect $10 from each           longer sell candy bars on campus. Some
vendor for their spot. We ask for parent                possible options are:
volunteers to help at the food booth and to
donate the food.                                         Frozen Pizza/Cookie Dough
                                                        We usually send the order form home in the
No Show Tea Party                                       senior registration packet and ask for it back
                                                        by the end of September. The products are
We send out an invitation to all West High              delivered a few weeks later.
families inviting them to a tea party that they
DO NOT attend. However, we ask them to                   Car Wash Coupons
send a donation to help Grad Night. This                Seniors could sell car wash coupons and the
invitation goes home in the February PTSA               profit on each coupon would be credited to
newsletter and can be done at home.                     their Grad Night ticket.

Donation Letter/Raffle Prizes                            Daily Breeze
                                                        It is possible that seniors will be able to sell
In January we send letters to local                     subscriptions and receive credit towards their
businesses asking for donations of goods,               Grad Night ticket. Currently the Daily Breeze
services, or money for raffle prizes at Grad            is in the process of being sold so we are not
Night. Once the donations are received, we              sure if the subscription fundraiser will be
send a thank you letter. We put out                     available.
containers at Grad Night so the seniors can
deposit their raffle tickets.

 JUNIOR                                                                         CLASS

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                                                                                                   February/March 2007

ELMAC Meeting                                                               Torrance Unified School District
                                                                                   Board Meetings
English Language Learner Parents!!!
                                                                                  Board Room, 7:30 PM
The English Learner Multicultural Advisory
Committee (ELMAC) meeting will be                                                  2336 Plaza Del Amo
February 22, 2007 at 7:00 P.M. in the Career
Center. Student releveling will be discussed.                              February 5, 2007
                                                                      February 20, 2007 (Tuesday)
Nadeane Peterson                                                            March 5, 2007
ELD Teacher/Coordinator                                                     March 19, 2007
                                                                             April 16, 2007
                                                                             May 7, 2007
                                                                             May 21, 2007
                                                                             June 4, 2007
                                                                            June 18, 2007

                                                ICE in Your Mobile Phone
                                 The         original          Should your preferred contact be deaf, then
concept, conceived by Cambridge paramedic Bob                   type ICETEXT, then the name of your contact
Brotchie, involved putting the acronym ICE in                   before saving the number.
front of your designated emergency contact. The
idea is that you store the word "ICE" in your
mobile phone address book, and against it enter            Contrary to several chain e-mail warnings, ICE is
the number of the person you would want to be              not something that Paramedics will rush to look
contacted "In Case of Emergency". In an                    for the instant they arrive at an emergency, and is
emergency situation, ambulance and hospital                certainly not required in order for Torrance
staff will then be able to quickly find out who your       Fire Department Paramedics to provide quick,
next of kin are and be able to contact them. It's as       focused and compassionate emergency care.
simple as that, and for more than one contact
name you can use ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 etc. Follow              The best advice: Add ICE to your cell phone only
these hints to get the best out of ICE:                    after you've affixed similar information to (or near)
                                                           the official photo identification you routinely carry
   Make sure the person whose name and                    in your wallet.
    number you are giving has agreed to be your
    ICE partner                                            Why? With so many types and brands of wireless
   Make sure your ICE partner has a list of               phones, it can take precious minutes to learn how
    people they should contact on your behalf -            to access a phone's directory. Many wireless
    including your place of work                           devices are also found to be locked, damaged or
   Make sure your ICE person's number is one              have discharged batteries following an incident,
    that's easy to contact, for example a home             rendering ICE unusable.
    number could be useless in an emergency if
    the person works full time                             Please do encourage your interested friends and
   Make sure your ICE partner knows about any             colleagues to make an ICE entry in their cell
    medical conditions that could affect your              phone, especially if it will give them peace of mind
    emergency treatment - for example allergies            - but not at the expense of written emergency
    or current medication                                  contact and medical information.
   Make sure if you are under 18, your ICE
    partner is a parent or guardian authorized to          From the Torrance Fire Department website,
    make decisions on your behalf - for example if
    you need a life or death operation
                                                    drumbeats                                                     11
February/March 2007
                                                                                              Nonprofit Org.
drumbeats                                                                                     U. S. Postage
West High School PTSA                                                                             PAID
20401 Victor Street                                                                            Torrance, CA
Torrance, CA 90503                                                                            Permit No. 174

West High School

                       West High PTSA and School Calendar
                         FEBRUARY                                                   MARCH
          2           Student Free Day                                4–7      WASC Visitation
          3           ACADEC                                            9      Talent Show, 7:00
         6–7          CAHSEE Testing                                   20      CAHSEE Testing
                      PTSA Association Meeting /                       21      8 Grade Parent Night
                      Honorary Service / Reflections /                         Pops Concert, 7:30,
           7                                                           23
                      Student Recognition, 7:00,                               Armstrong Theatre
                      Library                                          24      Sadie Hawkins Dance
           12         HOLIDAY – Lincoln’s Birthday                             Spring Play, 7:00,
                                                                     29 – 31
           13         1:21 Dismissal                                           Scarlata Theatre
           19         HOLIDAY – President’s Day
                      TUSD Dance Concert, 7:00,                                      APRIL
        21 – 22
                      Armstrong Theatre
                         th                                                    Spring Play, 7:00,
                      10 Grade Parent Night,                          3–5
           21                                                                  Scarlata Theatre
                       6 p.m., Pavilion
                                                                         6     Third Quarter Ends
           22         1:21 Dismissal
                                                                      9 – 13   Spring Break
           24         College Fair at North High
                                                                        17      1:21 Dismissal
                                                                     20 – 21   Track is Back
                                                                        27     Aristocracy Concert, 7:30, Library

12                                                       drumbeats
                                                      February/March 2007

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