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					     MBA – of Business Administration
     Master Finance & Accounting Specialisation

  T   he MBA has long been the degree of choice
      for the business professional and senior
  manager in all fields and industries. Our MBA with
                                                            Business in emerging markets, international
                                                            Business, entrepreneurship and leadership.

  a Specialisation Track in Finance & Accounting             EFMD CEL accreditation
  provides deep understanding and practical skills
  in using the latest financial and accounting tools,     ƒ the european Foundation for management
  which are central to the successful growth of             Development (eFmD), an organisation that
  any organisation. Modules include Investment              has proven its commitment to international
  Strategies, Financial Reporting, Business Finance         business with eQuiS accreditation, has now
  and Advanced Managerial Accounting.                       developed an accreditation dedicated to
                                                            raising the standards of technology-enhanced
                                                            learning programmes worldwide.
                                                          ƒ in 2007, eFmD awarded accreditation
  Programme outline
                                                            for teChnology-enhanced learning (Cel
ƒ our mBa programme offers a comprehensive                  accreditation) to the university of liverpool’s
  education and postgraduate qualification                  online mBa programme delivered in
  in all aspects of management, while                       partnership with laureate online education.
  enabling you to customise your study to                 ƒ the university of liverpool online mBa
  meet particular work and career needs.                    programme, with specialisations in Finance &
ƒ the core modules cover corporate strategy, the            accounting, marketing, Business in emerging
  management of people, resources, the environment          markets, international Business, entrepreneurship
  and change. additionally, you can focus on a specific     and leadership, is delivered fully online, and
  area by following a pre-defined Specialisation            has a student body from 175 countries.
  track in Finance & accounting, marketing,
        2                                                MBA – Finance & Accounting Specialisation

                                                              -    marketing research
  Programme StruCture
                                                              -    Services marketing
ƒ the mBa programme comprises two preparatory                 -    Human resource management
  modules, five core modules and three                        -    Consumer Behaviour
  electives, culminating in a dissertation.                   -    Quantitative Business analysis
ƒ You will follow two non-credit bearing modules              -    marketing in a global environment
  (Student readiness orientation and Foundations              -    entrepreneurship
  for academic Success) that will prepare you for your        -    Business leadership
  online learning experience. For more information            -    advanced Concepts of e-Business
  about these required preparatory modules refer
  to the Centre for Student Success document.                     D Dissertation
ƒ the first module will be nine weeks in length
  (two half weeks and seven full weeks). each              ƒ Students refine their dissertation topic in
  subsequent module lasts eight weeks. You                   conjunction with their Personal Dissertation
  take one module at a time in order to study a              advisor, an academic supervisor who will provide
  specific subject in-depth without distractions.            support throughout the writing process.

       Personalised study                                         Programme duration

ƒ Students can customise their degree according            ƒ the programme takes on average 30 months
  to their individual requirements.                          to complete. However, since students
                                                             progress at their own pace, you may choose
       A Core modules                                        to complete your studies in as little as 24
                                                             months or spread them over 60 months.
   -    Corporate Strategy
   -    managing People
   -    managing resources
                                                             Core moDuleS
   -    managing the environment
   -    managing Change
                                                                  Corporate Strategy
       B Specialisation modules
                                                             Aim: To develop strategic thinking skills
ƒ Students are required to take two out                      and an understanding of the principles
  of the modules specified below.                            of strategic management.
   - investment Strategies                                 ƒ You will learn to see beyond functions, such
   - Financial reporting                                     as finance, accounting, information systems or
   - advanced managerial accounting                          marketing, in order to assess the entire business and
   - Business Finance                                        understand the environment in which it operates.
                                                             You will also understand the internal, external,
       C Elective modules                                    controllable and uncontrollable forces that impact
                                                             the business environment. using case studies, you
ƒ Students are encouraged to opt for one of the              will document your decision making and thought
  remaining specialised modules from the list                processes, comparing these to what the real
  above to gain a more thorough understanding                management did and the results they achieved. as
  of their specialisation area. alternatively,               the module progresses, you will refine your skills
  students may also choose from one of the                   in order to be able to deploy sound business and
  remaining general mBa electives.                           management strategy in a variety of circumstances.
  MBA – Finance & Accounting Specialisation                                                            3

   Managing People                                        Managing Change

  Aim: To provide an understanding of the principal      Aim: To provide an understanding of how
  research, practices, and concepts surrounding          organisations change and enable you to
  managing people in complex organisations.              develop appropriate strategies to manage
ƒ this module introduces students to the                 change to the benefit of the business.
  dynamic field of organisational behaviour.           ƒ managing Change touches all elements of an
ƒ Students will gain a sound theoretical                 organisation, including people, finances, materials,
  foundation through textbook research                   marketing, infrastructure and the business processes,
  and learn to apply the various concepts to             while preparing you to develop change management
  managing people in their own workplace.                strategies and processes. a key success factor for
                                                         any business is its ability to make changes that
   Managing Resources                                    are in line with its goals. this module helps you
                                                         develop a holistic philosophy to meet this challenge
  Aim: To provide a sound theoretical                    and create a sustained business advantage.
  and practical foundation in accounting,
  finance, and operations management.
ƒ this module equips students to apply accounting
                                                         SPeCialiSation moDuleS
  and operations management concepts to real-life
  business situations and to understand accounting
  and finance terminology. Students will gain an          Investment Strategies
  appreciation of the nature and value of the
  resources available to an organisation and how         Aim: To gain familiarity with the potential and uses
  best to manage them to increase efficiency,            of contemporary investment theories and techniques
  competitiveness, and return on investment.             and critically evaluate and apply the appropriate
                                                         techniques within the global business environment.
   Managing the Environment                            ƒ this module serves as an introduction to global
                                                         investment strategies, providing you with an
  Aim: To provide managers with the strategic            understanding of security and portfolio analysis
  outlook necessary for organisations to                 as well as the global nature of financial markets.
  succeed in international markets.                      You will develop an understanding of the
ƒ the managing the environment module draws              methodologies used to analyse securities, industries,
  from the closely related disciplines of strategy       and markets, as well as the theories involved in
  and marketing. it provides students with the tools     securities and portfolio performance analysis. You
  necessary to analyse micro and macro business          will also gain insight into the processes involved
  environments and prepare marketing plans adapted       in successful investment selection and portfolio
  to the varying environmental requirements. the         management for the individual and the firm.
  module has been developed to complement
  the related core modules of managing People,            Financial Reporting
  managing resources, and managing Change.
                                                         Aim: To give you an understanding of the
                                                         functions of regulatory financial reporting
                                                         for organisations and of issues in corporate
                                                         governance and capital markets.
                                                       ƒ Provides an understanding of the role of Financial
                                                         reporting from the standpoint of a user rather
                                                         than a technical expert. You will be introduced
     4                                                  MBA – Finance & Accounting Specialisation

  to regulatory reporting requirements, corporate           data. the module also addresses issues such
  governance, and international accounting standards,       as data mining, data privacy and ethics.
  enabling you to understand and use the annual           ƒ You do not need advanced knowledge
  reports from your own and other companies.                of statistics to take this module.

   Advanced Managerial Accounting                            Services Marketing

  Aim: To provide an understanding of the complex           Aim: To provide an understanding of the
  accounting functions that inform strategic                unique factors that influences the marketing
  business decisions within the company.                    of non-tangible products and services.
ƒ You will discover how to use advanced accounting        ƒ You will gain an appreciation of the theoretical
  to inform management decisions. this module               concepts used by a variety of global service providers
  is aimed at the high level executive, not the             and evaluate their practical application across a range
  technical expert, with a focus on international           of businesses. You will develop greater understanding
  best practices in cost management, in                     of many issues that are unique to the marketing
  commercial and not-for-profit organisations.              of services, including how to sustain competitive
                                                            advantage and implement service management.
   Business Finance
                                                             Human Resource Management
  Aim: To provide an overview of business finance in
  the global context, familiarising you with modern         Aim: To provide you with an understanding of the
  finance techniques and equipping you to apply them.       principal themes of Human Resource Management,
ƒ this module introduces students to the terminology        specifically the links which exist between
  of business finance, the financial environment and        organisational structure, culture and strategy.
  the role of the finance manager. You will examine       ƒ this module covers the principal themes and latest
  issues such as raising finance, capital structure,        practices in Human resource management, giving
  dividend policy and the risk return relationship,         you the ability to evaluate the impact of a variety of
  as well as short term financing, working capital          Hr strategies and approaches on the achievement
  management, mergers and acquisition, and                  of organisational goals. You will develop a
  corporate restructuring and governance, giving            thorough understanding of a range of models for
  you an understanding of business decisions                the delivery of Hr services in organisations, and
  from a financial professional’s perspective.              be able to choose and apply them in practice.

                                                             Consumer Behaviour

  eleCtive moDuleS
                                                            Aim: To provide an understanding of
                                                            the many complex factors that influence
   Marketing Research                                       consumer purchasing behaviour.
                                                          ƒ this module explains how to evaluate and analyse the
  Aim: To provide you with techniques for conducting        cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors
  marketing research, then analysing and applying           that affect customer behaviour. You will come to
  the resultant data as a decision-making tool.             understand the importance of cognitive psychology,
ƒ an overview of the methods by which marketing             external influences (such as culture) and consumer
  data is obtained. You will master a range of              research, and discover how to apply such knowledge
  market research techniques, then discover                 to the development of marketing strategies within
  how best to collect, analyse and use the                  the international context and across cultures.
  MBA – Finance & Accounting Specialisation                                                                  5

   Quantitative Business Analysis                            Business Leadership

  Aim: To involve students in the analysis, critique,      Aim: To provide a theoretical and practical
  and application of applied, real-world data.             approach to understanding issues affecting
ƒ this module is a review of quantitative methods as       leadership in the workplace.
  they are applied in the decision-making environments   ƒ You will analyse the theories and techniques
  of business. You will become proficient in the           of leadership and/or follower ship, and their
  statistical techniques used to analyse business          practical application. the module will cover
  problems and also gain an understanding of research      supervision, performance management, stress
  methodologies, sampling techniques, the nature of        management, problem solving, concepts of human
  primary and secondary data and other related issues.     behaviour, discipline, counselling techniques and
  You will be introduced to quantitative computer          the current social issues facing the workforce.
  tools that will help you enhance the operation,
  growth and performance of your business.                   Advanced Concepts of e-Business

   Marketing in a Global Environment                       Aim: To learn how e-Business is conducted and
                                                           managed and what the major opportunities,
  Aim: To build upon the basic marketing knowledge         limitations, issues, and risks associated with it are.
  gained in the core modules by introducing more         ƒ explains the theory and concepts of e-Business and
  advanced issues relating to a global context.            reflects on the new industrial order it is creating,
ƒ this module investigates advanced management             from consumer marketing to business-to-business.
  concepts in the areas of market segmentation,            as you examine the inherent opportunities and
  multiple market channels, competitive intelligence,      risks, you will gain a practical understanding of
  integrated marketing, and e-business.                    the importance of strategy and management in
ƒ in particular, this module introduces students           implementing successful Web-based commerce.
  to marketing concepts used by domestic and
  foreign companies seeking to market products               Dissertation
  globally. this module also provides an in-depth
  experience of the process of developing effective        Aim: To provide an opportunity for you to
  marketing plans, strategies, and tactics in terms        produce a final, original piece of written work
  of theoretical as well as ‘real life’ perspectives.      that demonstrates your conceptual understanding
                                                           of theory and enables you to evaluate the
   Entrepreneurship                                        rigour and validity of published research as well
                                                           as apply theory to an original application. The
  Aim: To provide the knowledge and skills                 culmination of your MBA programme, this written
  needed for a strategic business plan to                  project demonstrates your research rigour and
  launch innovative new business ventures.                 integration of all your previous learning.
ƒ By developing a business plan, you will explore        ƒ the dissertation is the cornerstone of the uK
  myriad means to creating, organising, financing          university system. it is an original, scholarly work
  and nurturing an external entrepreneurial or             that applies your new knowledge and experience
  internal ‘entrepreneurial’ venture in either             and allows you to prove your proficiency in the
  the public or private sector. You will gain an           techniques you have studied. it must have merit
  appreciation of the importance of innovation and         beyond the scope of your particular need. if
  entrepreneurship in corporate competitiveness            you follow a Specialisation track, it must be on
  and the success factors involved.                        a topic appropriate to your specialisation.

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