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									            Mat Su Career and Technical Education
                  District-Wide CTE Classes

    Information Technology Career
Do you like?
     •   Exciting work?
     •   Working with other people?
     •   Researching via the Internet
     •   Troubleshooting technical problems
     •   Math
     •   Working with computers (hardware and software)?
     •   The technology field?
     •   Programming or operating computers?
     •   Working in a career of fast growth?

If you like doing some of these things, you have interests in common with
people who work in Information Technology.

2009 – 2010 District-Wide CTE classes:

  • Cisco Networking 1 & 2
  • A+
  • N+
                 Information Technology Pathways
High School Plus On-the-job    Specialized Training After   Requires At Least 4-year College
Training:                      High School:                 Degree:
Copy Machine Operator          Computer Operator            Computer Engineer
Computer Operator              Internet Technician          Computer/Information Systems Manager
Typist and Word Processor      Web Page Designer            Computer Programmer
Computer hardware tech         Network Technician           Computer Security Specialist
                                                            Computer Support Specialist
                                                            Computer Systems Analyst
                                                            Data Communications Analyst
                                                            Database Administrator
                                                            Software Developer

                              OTHER MSBSD PATHWAYS
                          Agriculture & Natural Resources
                          Culinary Arts/Hospitality/Tourism
                                   Health Services
                                   Human Services
                         Therapeutic Services/Sports Fitness
                               Information Technology
                           Transportation & Manufacturing

For an application and more information about MSBSD Career & Technical
Education District-Wide classes visit:
  Departments => Career & Technical Education => District Wide Classes

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