Phone Bill on Credit Report

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					                     5550 Merrick Road
                     Massapequa, NY 11758
                     (516) 799-9600

                                    Client Checklist
 1.         Signed PCS Subscriber Agreement                                  

 2.        COMPLETE Membership Application                                   

 3.        Copy of current lease.                                            

 4.        Copy of principal’s driver’s license                              

 5.        Credit report on principal                                        
           - (PCS will obtain report at no charge; score’s below 620 are subject to deposit)

 6.        Copy of business license or valid substitutions:                  
                   - Articles of Incorporation
                   - Articles of Partnership
                   - Federal Tax ID Certificate
                   - State Tax ID

 7.        Copy of Mortgage Broker/Banker License                            

 8.        Access Security Document                                          

 9.        Signed Exhibit A – FCRA Document                                  

10.        Signed Exhibit B – Fee Schedule                                   

11.        Signed Exhibit C – FCRA User Obligations                          

12.        Service Agreement Addendum                                        

13.        Letter of Intent - On Company Letterhead                          

14.        Company Name as Listed with Directory Assistance                  
           -If not a copy of phone bill is required
           -companies in business less than one year copy of
           phone or utility bill in business name required

15.        Website if applicable must be reviewed                            
           - Copy of Home Page required

 New accounts will not be set up until checklist is complete and information verified.

 Revised 1/8/2007

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