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									                 MENU OF INVESTMENT OPTIONS AS OF JANUARY 2, 2008

             New Investment Options With
                                                            Ticker Symbol       Type of Fund
                 Allegiant PlanWorks
 AIM Dynamics Fund/Inv                                          FIDYX          Mid Cap Growth
 Allegiant Large Cap Value Fund/I                                AEIIX         Large Cap Value
 Allegiant S&P 500 Index Fund/I                                 AQDIX          Large Cap Blend
 Columbia Small Cap Value I/A LW                               CSMIX.lw        Small Cap Value
 Dreyfus Mid Cap Index Fund                                     PESPX           Mid Cap Blend
 Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Fund                             DISSX          Small Cap Blend
 Janus Adviser Balanced Fund/S                                  JABRX           U.S. Balanced
 Janus Adviser Mid Cap Value Fund/A LW                         JDPAX.lw            Balanced
                                                                                Mid Cap Value
 Julius Baer International Equity Fund/A                         BJBIX           International
 PIMCO Real Return Bond Fund/Adm                                PARRX               Equity
                                                                               Long-Term Bond
 PRIMCO Stable Value Fund                                         N/A            Stable Value
 Selected American Shares                                       SLASX          Large Cap Blend
 T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Fund/Adv                            TRSAX         Large Cap Growth
 T. Rowe Price Retirement Income Adv.                           PARIX             Life Cycle
 T. Rowe Price Retirement 2010 Adv.                             PARAX             Life Cycle
 T. Rowe Price Retirement 2020 Adv.                             PARBX             Life Cycle
 T. Rowe Price Retirement 2030 Adv.                             PARCX             Life Cycle
 T. Rowe Price Retirement 2040 Adv.                             PARDX             Life Cycle
 Value Line Emerging Opportunities Fund                         VLEOX         Small Cap Growth

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