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					                                        APPEAL TO THE CLAY COUNTY
                                          BOARD OF EQUALIZATION
             In order to facilitate your appeal, please fill in complete information that is pertinent to your property.

                      The filing deadline for all Board of Equalization Appeals is the 3rd Monday in June.

              Return completed form to the Board of Equalization Clerk, 1 Courthouse Square, Liberty, MO 64068

                                                    PROPERTY OWNER
Name:                                                                                           Tax Year:

Mailing Address:                                                                                              Correct Address
                                                                                                              For All Notifications
City, State Zip:                                                                                              Appraisal Attached

Phones: Work:                                       Home:                                     Cell:

                                                     Appealed Property
Check the following box that apply to the taxpayers classification of property.                               Residential Appeal
                                                                                                              Commercial Appeal
Parcel ID:               ─                 ─             ─            ─                  ●                    Agricultural Appeal

Property Address:                                                                                             Correct Address
                                                                                                              For All Notifications
City, State Zip:

Year Acquired Property:                                Purchase Price:     $
Amount of insurance coverage excluding personal property:             $
Value of permanent improvements made since purchase:                  $                               Year:

What do you consider as fair market value of this property on January 1,                                  $

                                               Agent Authorization Release
                         To act as our agent for purposes of inspecting the property record documents

Owner Representative:

Representative Address:

Representative City, State Zip:

Representative Phone:                                          Alternate Phone:

Signature of Owner:                                                            Date Signed:

  Board of Equalization Form 1                                                                                   Revised 02/06/08

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