Document Sample
					(1)                          EXTREME MAKE-OVER: GIFTED EDITION

Schaumburg High School

(2)                           REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE...REBUILD

JILLIAN JOHNSON                                                  Mrs. Julie Zinger, Science Department
William Fremd High School                                                    William Fremd High School

Centered around the idea that everything can be environmentally friendly, I created a ―green‖ line of
the classic Lego toy, beginning with a brick made out of recycled materials like water bottles and old
Lego bricks. This idea evolved into a recycling program project for Lego as a way to get old bricks
that could be melted into new pieces. After designing the bricks I created several Lego sets and an ad
campaign centered around the environment, which I am planning on sending to Lego executives.

(3)                                MAKING AN ELECTRIC GUITAR

JOSHUA PHUA                                          Mr. Eric LeBlanc, Applied Technology Department
James B. Conant High School                                             James B. Conant High School

The electric guitar has been the main focus of the music industry for the last fifty years. This
independent study takes a glimpse at the elements needed to build an electric guitar, as well as the
process of the actual build. This project produced a quality guitar at a fraction of the cost of custom
guitars, but also with the attention to detail that is often associated with custom ‗boutique‘ makers.

(4)                                       QUIRKY QUILTING

ANIQUE ABURAAD                                               Mrs. Marijana Aburaad, Program Assistant
Palatine High School                                                         Grove Elementary School
                                                               Ms. Rawnee Hacke, Quilting Enthusiast

Quilting has developed over the decades from functional four patch quilts to artistically designed
decorations. Quilting can be creatively enhanced in many ways such as through the use of applique,
brightly colored fabrics, or unique designs. Using these creative touches is a novel way to add both
interest and flair to quilts.

(5)                                      CHICAGO EXPOSED

VALERI PREDENKO                                                    Mrs. Linda Goergen, Art Department
James B. Conant High School                                              James B. Conant High School

Photography is the art or process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces. This
project focuses on capturing downtown Chicago through different perspectives and textures. The
pictures are in black and white and were shot with a Kodak EasyShare V1253. They were taken over
a period of two months and incorporate natural elements in contrast with the industrial buildings.
(6)                                     PICTURE YOURSELF...

MEGAN KENNEDY                                                        Mr. Chuck Senties, Caricature Artist
William Fremd High School
                                                                       Mr. Lew Hubbard, Art Department
                                                                             William Fremd High School

Throughout our history, art has proven itself to be an indubitably effective means of expression -
expression of fear, respect, sadness, happiness, and everything in between. Above all, though, art is
an expression of one's self. So, picture yourself: a shockingly good-looking, stunning specimen of
humanity that the world could scarcely do without. Now picture yourself through somebody else's
eyes. More likely than not, that potato you call a nose is just a little more prominent than you thought.
And so, the caricature is born. The art of caricature is defined as the capture and exaggeration of a
person's likeness. This project explores various aspects and applications of art - from the comical art
of caricature, to the intriguing art of forensic sketching, to the compassionate yet pragmatic creation
of "Hearts for Art," a benefit art sale and exhibition to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

(7)                                      DINER EN FRANCAIS

EMILY KUHN                                           Ms. Suzanne Wolf, Family and Consumer Science Depart
Hoffman Estates High School                                             Hoffman Estates High School

Microwave dinners and 20 minutes of eat-and-run, be gone! In France, dinner is a multi-faceted
affair, ranging from 3-7 courses, often involving both family and friends. Yet this would be nothing
without the food! French cuisine is diverse and appealing - from thick, rich soups to mouthwatering,
light pastries - nothing is the same. This is a study of French cuisine, specifically dinner and dessert.

(8)                                 ART THROUGH A SPRAY CAN

JESUS LEON                                                          Mr. Louis Botello, Business Manager
Palatine High School                                                                        White Castle
                                                                    Mr. Simon Castrejon, Art Department
                                                                                    Palatine High School

Art develops through many different media. From the stylus to the pencil and from paint to the spray
can, the tools of art create different styles. Graffiti is the most popular style of spray can art known to
modern man. Using paint, paper, drywall, pencils, chalk, a gas mask, boards of wood and gloves – a
new ―tagger‖ emerges tonight.


NIKHIL BYANNA                                                                   Dr. Anju Usman, Director
James B. Conant High School                                                   True Health Medical Center

Autism has become so prevalent in America that it affects 1 out of every 150 children. Although there
is no known cure for autism, researchers have found multiple treatment options that can help improve
an autistic child‘s behavior and development. One treatment option that has become increasingly
effective is placing the child on a gluten and casein-free diet, which involves eliminating wheat and
dairy products from the child‘s diet. The project focuses on this approach by creating a multicultural
cookbook that can aid parents in their attempt to implement the diet.
(10)                             GOING GREEN TO SAVE GREEN

PETER DRAZNIK                                       Mr. Jack Lewnard, Vice President Chieft Technology Offic
William Fremd High School                                                  Gas Technologies Institute

Cars are one of the leading contributors to emissions linked to global warming. While there are
cleaner alternatives available, car manufacturers and oil companies fear that the switch to greener
fuel will cause them to lose money. While this may or may not be true, what is more important are the
costs to consumers, and how greener fuel will better our earth and preserve the future. My project
compares different alternative fuel options by emissions along with vehicle costs over its lifespan.


HALEY SHOAF                                                        Mrs. Meg Gogin, Physical Therapist
William Fremd High School                                                           Spinal Dynamics

Scoliosis, although not an extremely uncommon disease, is one that is often misunderstood as well
as heavily debated, especially when it comes to treatment methods. The information available to
patients regarding their options after diagnosis is often confusing, incomplete, and depending on the
source, very biased. This fact is not helped by the lack of accurate information presented about
scoliosis on the internet, which one study deemed to be ―of limited quality and poor informational
value." For my project, I have engaged in an in-depth study of scoliosis and the methods used to treat
it, in order to determine the true effectiveness of these methods. My research will culminate in the
launching of a website, which will present in a straightforward and consistent manner the cold hard
facts which are so often denied to patients.

(12)                                   MARKETING PLAN 101

KELLY LOMAS                                         Mrs. Angela Drenth, Family and Consumer Science Depar
James B. Conant High School                                              James B. Conant High School
                                                    Mrs. Patricia Ertl, Business Education Department
                                                                         James B. Conant High School

Marketing and advertising is a big part of society today; it‘s everywhere. Marketing is often mistaken
as only the promotional aspect of advertising, however it is much more. Through in depth research,
this study focuses on the creation of a marketing plan for social events, which centers on thorough
background information and analysis.

(13)                                    "WATCHDOG MEDIA"

TAHA ZAFFAR                                                    Mrs. Tracy Serafini, English Department
Schaumburg High School                                                      Schaumburg High School
                                                                 Mr. Antwan Lewis, Media Department
                                                                                            WGN News
The world is ever-changing and everything can change in a matter of minutes, so who do you count
on to keep you up to date, the media? Well, the media is not all that it‘s cracked up to be. It‘s
sensationalized, biased, and is always at risk of becoming subjugated by corporations. My project‘s
goals are to address these flaws, explore them, remedy them, and ultimately make my own news
broadcast that returns to the roots of media. To accomplish my goal I have researched, contacted a
professional in the business, and have put together a sample broadcast. If you think you‘re ready for
real media, step by my booth and prepare to see the unbiased truth.

(14)                         AN ANGLE ON ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE

JACOB ALBERTI                                                                Mrs. Ericka Smith, Architect
Palatine High School                                                                      Gel Architects

Architecture has been around for thousands of years and its oldest creations can still be seen in
modern works. Each culture‘s architecture displays characteristics that set it apart from all others.
―An Angle on Ancient Architecture‖ explores the world of architecture and modeling, displaying
several different cultural styles of architecture in separate models, as well as combining select
features into one original structure


JOE DAUMEN                                                           Mr. Raymond Reeves, Veterinarian
Palatine High School                                                          Lansing Animal Hospital

Stained glass is a work of art that requires patience, creativity, and bandages. It is an ancient art that
dates back to the time of Egyptian pyramids. Glass is easily breakable but ironically, it is used to
protect us from the elements. This fragile durability allows stained and colored glass to be
manipulated into an endless variety of art forms.


AARON TUCEK                                                                     Mr. Tim Little, Principal
Schaumburg High School                                                       Schaumburg High School
                                                     Mrs. Debby Kray, Director of Instructional Improvement
                                                                    Township High School District 211

Education: it is one the single most important factors in determining the success or failure of our
country. My project focuses on improving Education in America from the ground up, by building and
maintaining strong ties between schools, students, their parents, and the community at large.
Through numerous programs and partnerships, my project enables schools to reach their full
potential as social institutions, allowing communities and their schools to impact each other for the
better, and ultimately best fulfilling the needs of the children who so desperately depend on them.
Under the example of the hugely successful Harlem Children‘s Zone and the guidance of the Search
Institute‘s 40 Developmental Assets, I have striven to change the role of school in society and to
drastically improve the experiences of the children who go through that crucial system. It is time that
we turn Education in this country around; it is time that students get what they deserved from their
home, their school, and their community; and, as the African Proverb goes, ―It takes a village to raise
a child.‖

(17)                                       ENVIRONMURAL
ROSAKO WAGNER                                              Mrs. Cindy Beauvais, Professional Muralist
William Fremd High School                                                             Cindy's Murals

Waste, pollution, and litter are destroying earth's environment. What if we stopped polluting? What if
we left places cleaner than how we found them? Humanity needs to change, and the best way to
accomplish this is to advertise. What better way is there to advertise than creating a giant painting
promoting environmental change on a public wall? After all, murals are capable of sending messages
to thousands of people at once. Though painting a mural is a complex and strenuous process that
requires lots of planning and patience, once the painting is complete, the finished product is
astounding. This project encompasses that entire process, from the first sketches, to the finished 4
foot by 6 foot masterpiece.

(18)                                  SCRAPBOOKING LIVES

NISHA MOORKOTH                                     Mr. Wendy Amato, Scrapbook and Jewelry Designer
Palatine High School                                               Wendy Amato's Custom Design

For all who have beloved photos just lying around the house gathering dust (or thrown into boxes), a
solution exists for your problem. Let "Scrapbooking Lives" create beautiful scrapbooks/photo albums
for you! Select custom templates, original color backgrounds, and even personalize headings and
captions -- but let someone else do the work for you.

(19)                     COMPOSING: THE MAGIC BEHIND THE MUSIC

DAN QUINN                                                 Mr. Andrew Rozsa, Trombonist / Composer
William Fremd High School                                            Dubuque Symphony Orchestra

Music is everywhere. We can find it in the movies, on our iPod, on our computer, and in our favorite
department stores. Because music is such a common aspect of everyday life, most people never stop
and think about the effort that has gone into making it. Since the days of Mozart and Beethoven, great
composers have been providing people with operas, symphonies, ballets, and other forms of musical
entertainment. This project focuses on the effort and process that goes into composing for a full
orchestra. Along with extensive research in music theory, orchestration techniques, and finding the
meaning behind the music, this project gives people a hands-on look at what it really takes to write
music for the modern orchestra.

(20)                      CLEAN ENERGY: GATEWAY TO THE FUTURE.

MIHIR AWATI                                               Dr. Karen Strauss, Environmental Engineer
William Fremd High School                                                             Westinghouse
                                                            Mr. Ajay Goyal, Environmental Engineer
                                                                                  Sargent and Lundy
The world is in an energy crisis. Rising carbon dioxide emissions, increasing energy costs, and a
depletion in fossil fuel resources has caused the US to develop and utilize alternative forms of
energy. There are a variety of options available, but the question is, which low polluting sources are
viable for long-term use? This project delves into two of the possible sources, nuclear power and
solar energy, and attempts to solve the problems associated with each. The work culminates with a
recommendation to the US Department of Energy about making nuclear power safer to use, and the
production of a home-made solar heat collector.

(21)                                       GREEN IS GOLD

RESHMA SHAH                                          Mr. Eric LeBlanc, Applied Technology Department
James B. Conant High School                                             James B. Conant High School

One of the many critical issues in the world today is global warming. This study focuses on
sustainable living and housing, just one of the ways to improve the health of the Earth. See an eco-
friendly model house made from actual green products such as insulation made from recycled jeans
and roof shingles made from recycled rubber tires.


VICKI SHAH                                                            Mr. Juan Medina, Art Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                               Hoffman Estates High School

Impressionism Art has to do with capturing the image as one would see it in a quick glimpse. There
is a greater need for focus on form versus detail in this type of art. In contrast, Popular Culture Art
has a need to bring out bold colors and simplicity. This particular study focuses on rendering an
Impressionistic painting with ideas from great Impressionist painters and recreating Popular Culture
Art to bring back the 1960's and '70's groove in art!

(23)                                      FAME OR GLORY

SEBASTIAN TYRKA                                     Mrs. Pati Akerman, Academic Director Fashion Design
William Fremd High School                                       The Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg

Today‘s basketball athlete is faced with an unfortunate dilemma: shoes either cost too much or have
no style, comfort, and safety. The consumer has to choose whether he wants to save some money or
get the biggest bang for some serious buck. There have been some recent attempts to create a shoe
that works out both of these problems, but these companies have failed. This is where F.O.G.
basketball shoes come into play. F.O.G. basketball shoes are made for everyone, from the
competitive player to the person looking for casual and comfortable shoes. Made for the average
income, these shoes don‘t take any style, comfort, and safety from the game. This project unveils a
marketing plan for the first F.O.G. model and a 3D replica of these newly designed shoes.


BEA LEV                                                                              Mrs. Anne Lewis,
William Fremd High School                                                       Hanson Peters Nye Law
Envision a teenage girl listening to her favorite music, shopping with friends, and going to high school.
Ideally, such a woman would attend college once she graduates and, soon after, apply for a job in
order to live independently. However, this is not the case for a developmentally disabled teenage girl.
Though Illinois law allows her to stay in a high school setting until she reaches the age of 21, what
happens after that? While many are stepping out into the world and breathing the first breath of
freedom at age 21, this young woman will likely live at home or apply to a group home where,
hopefully, she will be accepted. Her parents wonder if she will ever be hired for a job or have some
purpose guiding her life. For Illinois residents, the situation is worse because Illinois ranks 50th out of
the fifty states for funding for disabled adults. In this study, research regarding opportunities available
to developmentally disabled adults was conducted in order to write a bill to benefit developmentally
delayed adults in the state of Illinois.

(25)                             WALKING WITH DOWN SYNDROME

HAILEY ANDRESS                                             Ms. Shari Andress, Developmental Therapist
James B. Conant High School

The early developmental stage of a child with Down Syndrome is the most important stage of their
life. While a typical child learns to walk at around 12 months, a child with Down Syndrome walks
around 24 months; one whole year later. While most kids with Down Syndrome are involved in
physical therapy at a young age, many parents do not know how to properly aid their kids at home.
Not only do they need help with knowing how to help, they also need ―fun‖ activities to motivate the
child to want to participate. This book will make walking much easier for the child, and will show
stress reduction in the life of the parent.

(26)                                     THE BOOK OF BASIL

KATHRYN POTRATZ                                                 Ms. Christine Gaza, English Department
James B. Conant High School                                               James B. Conant High School
                                                                    Ms. Alexandria Purgatorio, student
                                                                          James B. Conant High School

Many children struggle with learning to read because it‘s little or no fun until you have learned the
basics. This is a collection of children‘s stories, easy readers, to help children learn that reading can
be fun, and to extend their vocabulary, and help them develop logic and reasoning skills to help them
in school. There are two stories in this series so far and a companion book to accompany it. This
companion book is titled ―The Basil Companion‖, and includes not only a list of the vocabulary words
with their meanings, but simple activities to help them learn the words and retain the knowledge. The
activities in the companion book include such things as crosswords, word searches, and word

(27)                                       SCENT-SATIONAL

LAURA PETTERSEN                                            Ms. Susan Atchison, Certified Aromatherapist
Palatine High School                                                                     Self-Employed

The sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses, but normally, the least utilized. To fully utilize
the sense of smell, aromatherapy can be used to invigorate the body, relieve pain, alleviate tension,
and care for the skin. Using essential oils, the sense of smell can be stimulated to its full advantage.
Aroma is a therapeutic device.
(28)                            RADICAL FURNITURE RENOVATION

JENNA HERR                                                             Mrs. Grace Herr, Business Owner
Palatine High School                                                                Grace Publications

Furniture -- For centuries, man has been creating beautiful and ornate living pieces. But over the
years, the magic of furniture ornamentation has been all but lost. Many people simply go to the store
to purchase mass produced furniture, and don't transform their home furnishings into unique pieces of
their own. Paint, stain, stamps, and brushes can make a world of difference to any piece of furniture.

(29)                                     BUT FIRST, WE FALL

DOMINIK USAKIEWICZ                                                    Ms. Irena Dubiel, certified therapist
William Fremd High School

Heroism and courage, leadership and bravery: these are traits all people strive for in themselves,
their friends, and their idols. However, there is the misguided belief that these traits are inherited, not
earned. When we delve deeper into the heart of the issue, we find heroes are courageous only after
overcoming great challenges and stress. In a world engrossed in finding quick fixes to all problems,
there is no doubt that during times of great trauma people search for a magic pill to pull them out of
their distress. However, one fact often overlooked is that these challenges actually help us mature.
This project focuses on the belief that in order for humanity to grow, we must first fail; that all people
fail; and, through analyzing our life experiences, we can use that knowledge to help others
encountering similar challenges. Through research, interviews, surveys, and the creation of an
interactive website, this project illustrates that in the midst of every challenge lies opportunity.


PATRICK KAZMIERCZAK                                      Ms. Kathy O'Dell, Student Services Department
James B. Conant High School

In today‘s economy, expensive medical procedures are often not a viable option when confronting
clinical depression. In an attempt to stem the growing costs and side effects, many people are turning
to homeopathic treatments. This study aims to create a treatment and education plan concerning
homeopathy and depression, as well as a homeopathy study in modern medical format.

(31)                                  HOW WOULD YOU REACT?

JACKIE GALLO                                                       Ms. Cindy Schwarz, Training Manager
William Fremd High School                                                          Power Construction

Humans are awkward, fake, crazy, and...predictable. Predicting their actions is helpful to advertisers,
educators, salespeople, and just about anyone else who has to deal with people. In this study,
multiple human behavior experiments were conducted and analyzed to help predict how people are
likely to react to different situations. A wide range of experiments were conducted highlighting
stereotypes, Myers-Briggs personality types, and perceived behavior vs. actual behavior. The results
are documented in a short film.
(32)                         AN INTRODUCTION TO VEGETARIANISM

KRISTEN PRIETO                                     Ms. Kassie Sykes, Family and Consumer Science Departm
James B. Conant High School                                           James B. Conant High School

Vegetarianism is a growing diet in today‘s world, but some people who are interested in the diet don‘t
know where to start. The fact that the diet can become heavily reliant on vegetables is a turn-off for
those who are particularly picky eaters. This project tackles both problems by creating a recipe book.
The book contains recipes that are easily accessible to anyone interested in vegetarianism. It
includes both non-vegetable recipes and vegetable recipes that are friendly to selective eaters.

(33)                                 A PREVENTABLE DEATH

KATE LEWIS                                             Dr. Melissa Crescenzo, Post Doctoral Resident
William Fremd High School                                             Advanced Behavioral Solutions

Every forty seconds someone dies from suicide, the third leading cause of death amongst teenagers.
Also, suicide rates have doubled in the past two decades. Obviously, something needs to be done to
stop the rising popularity of this horrible choice. This project focuses on ways to educate students
about suicide prevention and signs of depression, as well as raising suicide awareness. The
approaches to solving this problem include brochures to give students a reference of information
about suicide, and inviting and paying for a suicide prevention speaker. Payment for the speaker was
all done through fundraising.


WILLIAM ANDREW RUTHE                               Mr. Wayne Oras, Jr., Applied Technology Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                             Hoffman Estates High School

Lasers are science's Swiss Army knife. They do everything from drill holes to correct sight and guide
missiles. These optical devices are given little credit. This project provides research and
demonstration on the usefulness and effectiveness of lasers in the 20th century.

(35)                                 THE BASS SATISFACTION

ARJUN ARYA                                                 Mr. Al Payson, Retired Percussive Director
William Fremd High School                                              Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Every individual is born with a natural rhythm in his soul. This beat controls the heart and guides the
rhythm of one‘s life, but without this rhythm one would not be able to function. Through research into
music theory and music analysis, this project works to entrance listeners‘ rhythm and make it
stronger, faster and better. Jump into the bass experience, where the pounding of dance music will
force one‘s body to synchronize itself with the beat, bringing upon an experience of euphoria one may
have never experienced before.

(36)                                  WHAT DO YOU THINK?
PRIYA K. PATEL                                           Ms. Nicole Batsch, Director, Early Stage Services
Hoffman Estates High School                                                       Alzheimer's Association

The sixth leading cause of death in the United States today is Alzheimer's disease. The Alzheimer's
Association statistics approximate that 4.5 million Americans are currently living with the disease. By
2050, only 41 years from now, it is estimated that 11.3 to 16 million individuals will have Alzheimer's.
This study revolves around understanding the disease - its causes, affects, treatment, and means of
prevention. By becoming familiar with how the disease effects the brain at a cellular level, the ability
to enhance the brain's powers to last longer can be more effective. Research provides the possibility
to prevent this disease through awareness and advocating brain exercises to create a more brain-
healthy society.

(37)                                  COOKING WITH MARYBETH

MARYBETH PILTAVER                                      Mrs. Kathy Risolvo, Technology Specialist/ Teacher
James B. Conant High School                                                            School District 81

Have you ever turned on the food network and wondered to yourself, ―Why are all these shows about
how to make complicated foods and they are all for adults?‖ That question is what this project focuses
on; a children‘s cookbook and cooking show that step-by-step teaches the child how to cook
nutritious, delicious foods that are fun to make. Recipes such as strawberry smoothies, pretzels, and
banana bread were put into shows, teaching the children how to make the food item. A cookbook was
made to accompany the show with nutritional value of the food.

(38)                               CHILDREN OF THE DEPRESSION

STEPHANIE RESIS                                                   Mr. Michael Bachrodt, Media Department
William Fremd High School                                                      William Fremd High School

We have all experienced the Recession of 2009, but have you ever wondered what life was like for
people during the Great Depression? In my project, I captured the stories and memories of those
who lived through the Great Depression. I interviewed and filmed people who lived through it to make
a documentary. I am studying film-making and editing, and will be presenting my finished
documentary at the Expo.

(39)                                       MIRACLE OF FLIGHT

VISHAL PATEL                                                         Mr. Chris Bruce, Science Department
James B. Conant High School                                                 James B. Conant High School
                                                        Mr. Eric LeBlanc, Applied Technology Department
                                                                            James B. Conant High School

One of the major phenomena of this world is flight. The study of aerodynamics has allowed massive
machines to travel through the air. The once seemingly impossible task of flight is now a common
sight seen every day. However, many unseen forces are behind lifting a plane into the air and
keeping it there. Using the forces of lift, drag, thrust, and gravity correctly this project‘s final product is
a small scale glider that should be able to fly in normal conditions.

(40)                           CREATION OF A CHINESE CURRICULUM
KEVIN JUN                                           Mrs. Samantha Dolen, Student Services Department
James B. Conant High School                                       Township High School District 211

Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world today; however none of the schools in
District 211 offer this program. This independent study looks at how the school system works, and
how a curriculum can be rendered and changed to fit a certain region. This project is meant to create
both a proposal for a curriculum and a finished product that has been made specifically for the District
211 area

(41)                          DEATH BY DRUNK DRIVING:

ELLIE GRAY                                          Mrs. Suzy Koshy, Freelance Film and Video Editor
William Fremd High School                                                    TimeCode Productions

Auto collisions are the number one cause of death in young people today, and 25% of those crashes
are caused by alcohol. Every year, thousands of people get behind the wheel after having ―just a few
drinks,‖ thinking that they are fit to drive. And every year, thousands of people die or are crippled
from this stupid decision. But what most people do not understand is the impact this choice has not
only on your own life, but also on the lives of everyone around you. Watch a documentary of the
compelling story of Josh Niggemann, a survivor of a drunk driving car crash, who, along with his
family and friends, has to live with the dire consequences of his choice every single day.

(42)                                 KEEPING KIDS CURRENT

ELLIE FINNERAN                                                      Mrs. Barbara Hagenberg, Teacher
Schaumburg High School                                                                       District 54
                                                               Ms. Jacquelin Settipani, Art Department
                                                                             Schaumburg High School

Parents, are you tired of your kids watching the same senseless television shows day in and day out?
My project is the idea of providing a fun, cartoon show for kids to watch. What makes this idea better
than the cartoons of today? My project's show is a series about the current events happening in
today's world. So kids, it's time to take a break. Say goodbye to Spongebob Squarepants; Barack
Obama and the War on Terror are coming to town!

(43)                                ABSTRACT CHESS PIECES

STEVEN SKORA                                         Mr. Alex Larson, Applied Technology Department
Palatine High School                                                            Palatine High School

Chess, the game of kings, has elicited countless different designs of chess pieces throughout its
storied history. Over the last two centuries, however, chess pieces have become standardized and
fewer unique sets are being created. Using the CAD program, chess pieces can be redesigned and
then molded in plastic to revive this fast-fading art.

(44)                                   HAPPINESS IN A HOME
JOANN BODUCH                                                   Mrs. Deb Burdsall, Infection Preventionist
William Fremd High School                                                 Lutheran Home and Services

Many times, families choose to put their elderly relatives in retirement homes as a way to allow for the
continuing of a normal life as they age, along with some additional help. What‘s unfortunate is that
sometimes, these relatives are neglected, or they do not get visited very often, which could lead to an
ill-tempered resident at the home. This project focuses on the theory that by creating human
interaction and meaningful conversations with the neglected elderly, an ill-tempered person can be
permanently changed to a happier person.

(45)                                       THE GIFTED BOX

PRIYANKA PATEL                                              Mrs. Venus Gintowt, Retired Gifted Teacher
Palatine High School                                         Winston Campus and Sanborn Elementary
                                                                       Mr. Navraaz Basati, Film Maker
                                                                       Navraaz Kaur Productions, Inc.

From feelings of isolation to exclusion, the emotional pangs a gifted child can feel remain a constant
reminder that he/she is different. High IQ may be of little comfort to these children who need
emotional nurturing. How are gifted learners best served in the public school environment? Through
personal narratives of gifted children and interviews with teachers, "The Gifted Box" is a film that
delves into those topics most dear to the hearts of gifted children.

(46)                             DARFUR: THE SILENT GENOCIDE

AMRUTA BHATT                                            Mr. Sean Armstrong, Social Studies Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                              Hoffman Estates High School

Genocide is a growing concern in the world today, especially in the Darfur region of Sudan. Millions
of innocent lives are being taken or displaced by hired assassins called the Janjaweed. Various
actions have been taken by STAND (Students Against Genocide Coalition), a national organization,
as well as the STAND Club at Hoffman Estates High School. This study focuses not only on the
fundraising aspect of genocide, but also on spreading awareness in the community, creating events,
and showing action taken of the STAND Club at HEHS.


AKHIL NAMBIAR                                                            Mr. Jim Schwantz, Mayor-Elect
William Fremd High School                                                                       Palatine
                                                        Mr. Terry Durkin, Lawyer and Political Strategist

Politics: many think it‘s a game. However, it is actually the effort behind establishing a secure society.
Yet, this security comes at a price. In a democratic country like ours, where people get to choose their
leaders, millions of dollars and thousands of hours are invested in state and national elections. This
project explores many different aspects of our political system—from learning about the diverse
population of Palatine‘s 36 square miles, to campaigning for Palatine Mayor-Elect Jim Schwantz. In
order to explore the creative and satirical side of politics, this project also has a music video parody of
Barack Obama.

STEVEN LOGAN                                                         Mr. Steve Sivak, Music Department
Palatine High School                                                               Palatine High School

In the original musical "Can of Worms", a high school student struggles to find acceptance as his life
spirals out of control. Written in response to recent events such as the tragedies at Columbine High
School and Virginia Tech, this show hopes to change some perspectives and show people that this is
our time for more understanding.

(49)                     FILM EDITING: THE HEART & SOUL OF CINEMA

JAKE BART                                                      Mrs. Karla Modelski, English Department
James B. Conant High School                                               James B. Conant High School

Noted film director Stanley Kubrick famously said that film editing was the only facet of movie making
that made cinema an art. Editing a film is the process through which footage becomes a coherent
story, and is ultimately a process of manipulation. Editing manipulates time, space, information, and
ultimately emotion. This project focuses on investigating those manipulations with a specific focus on
the montage theories of noted director and film theorist Sergei Eisenstein and his 1925 propaganda
film Battleship Potemkin.

(50)                          WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE: KEDAMONO

LIZZY TUCKER                                                     Ms. Svetlana Chmakova, Manga Artist
Palatine High School
                                                                    Mr. Addie Afable, Graphic Designer
                                                                                Artistic Dragon Studios

No better combination exists in this world than that of artwork and the written word. With the new
wave blend of United States and Japanese art techniques in nearly all recently published comics, the
stories are expressed more fully using the best of both worlds. A blend of art and the written word, a
mixture of the American graphic novel and the Japanese manga, a land where species clash and the
fate of the world is left to a group of teenagers, all builds into one product. Kedamono, a tale in which
nothing is what it seems.

(51)                              FIVE DEGREES OF SEPARATION

CLAIRE CINQUEGRANI                                                Mrs. Laura Peppers, Freelance Editor
Palatine High School                                                                    Self-Employed

Imagine a world where pirates roam the sea, dragons fly in the sky, and fairies dance in the forest.
For as long as there has been language, there has been the art of storytelling. Follow the lives of five
distinct characters through a collection of five illustrated flash fiction stories and become immersed in
their world.

(52)                          COMICS: MORE THAN SUPERHEROES

VICTOR LUGO                                                         Mrs. Cynthia Surtz, Art Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                               Hoffman Estates High School

How are iconic superheroes created? Comics are sequential drawings and graphics placed within a
layout to express a story within the passage of time and space. Having derived from literature and
art, comics have captivated readers since their first publication in the 20th century. This independent
study explores the world of comics: its orgin, major influences, and future.

(53)                             THE MUSICIAN'S HALL OF ROCK

JACOB BELICA                                                              Mr. John Giovanonni, Owner
Palatine High School                                                                 The Music Room
                                                                           Mr. Stan Dolecki, Engineer

The guitar is an instrument played over the ages, attracting many fans and eventually becoming the
most popular instrument in the world. From AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi and Metallica,
guitarists have flooded the history of rock music. My personal goal as a budding amateur is to shred
my guitar on stage.

(54)                        ANIMATIONS: PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE

KYLE DRESSLER                                                         Mr. Kevin Beers, Art Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                              Hoffman Estates High School

Animating has become less and less complicated throughout the years. The overall process has
drastically shortened due to advancements in technology. Which is then actually better? At what
point should one tear the process down to a bare minimum in order to crank out more projects?
When it comes down to it, which should it be - quality or quantity?

(55)                                       VIVA LA PIANO

JAMES YANG                                          Mrs. Saori Higuchi-Tomuia D.M., Doctor of Art in Music
William Fremd High School                                             Sakura Enterprises Incorporated

Music communicates a specific idea, feeling, or passion. Different instruments generate different
sounds and effects. Because of this, many songs were never meant to be played on a piano. Doing
so changes the entire meaning of the song. I have embarked on a journey to write piano covers,
which accurately articulate the intended emotions of the piece, out of these songs. Ear training,
learning music theory, and working with tough rhythms are a few of the challenges I faced. Through
aching eyes, sleep deprivation, loss of hearing, and sore fingers, I have constructed piano covers for
popular music today. I will be performing Apologize by One Republic, Forever by Chris Brown, and
Troublemaker by Akon. Hear the tale of my struggle and the fruits of my hard work. What are you
waiting for? Come have a good time. Sheet music and refreshments are available.

(56)                                    DANCING ON PAPER

JENNIFER MARGONO                                    Mrs. Sheila Marion, Director of Dance Notation Bureau
Palatine High School                                                              Ohio State University
                                                                     Ms. Laura Gates, Ballet Mistress
                                                                               Thodos Dance Chicago
For over 500 years, people have tried to notate and write down their dances, including the ancient
Egyptians who recorded dances in hieroglyphics. Labanotation uses symbols to analyze and write
down human movement and dance on paper. This rare art form‘s intricate connection between
symbols and dance marries beautifully with original dance choreography. An original dance solo has
been choreographed and notated using Labanotation.

(57)                               THE NEW CONANT FILM CLUB

CORY MAHLER                                                            Mr. Justin Bickus, Art Department
James B. Conant High School                                               James B. Conant High School

In today‘s world of technology and instant communication it has become possible for anyone to make
a movie. Unfortunately this means that most of the amateur films that are made have become more
and more like Americas funniest home videos and less like real films. Conant Film Club tries to solve
this problem by supplying members of the club with more than just windows movie maker and a
handi-cam. The creation of the Film Club allows the students involved to have access to multi track
film editing programs, cameras, tripods and various other bits of effective D.I.Y equipment and props
to make their visions come to life.

(58)                       POSESS YOUR POTENTIAL:

MATT RAJEWSKI                                        Mrs. Kathryn O'Dell, Student Services Department
James B. Conant High School                                              James B. Conant High School

Being a teenager today is not easy. Teens constantly struggle with test taking, concentrating, staying
alert, and focusing, and critical thinking. The cause of all these struggles relates to the teenage brain.
This guide is aimed to help teens by giving them information and advice about how they can improve
mental performance. The topics analyzed in the guide are the effects of stress, music, media, diet,
drugs, sleep, and exercise on the teenage mentality.

(59)                                      ALL STITCHED UP

EMILY SMITH                                                      Ms. Suzanne Lantz, Knitting Enthusiast
Palatine High School

From the fair isle of Scotland to the colorful cotton of Egypt to the twisted stitches of the Shakers,
diverse forms of knitting have been around for centuries. Research, hard work, and a lot of advice
have led to the creation of a sweater that fuses many of these types of knitting styles into a wearable

(60)                                         RESISTANCE

KIRSTEN BERGSTROM                                                          Mr. Henry Gee, Senior Editor
Schaumburg High School                                                                Nature Magazine
                                                              Mr. Jason Campbell, Science Department
                                                                            Schaumburg High School

Pamphlets don't influence people. Cold, hard fact doesn't appeal to the public. In order to really get
the public's attention, one must tug gently on the heartstrings. In this project, the danger of antibiotic
resistant bacteria is incorporated into a short story with a teeming cast of characters designed to meet
you, greet you, and break your heart for a more appealing look into science.

(61)                                      FOREIGN STUDIES

CHRISTINE GAO                                                                       Ms. Li Lu, Teacher
William Fremd High School                                                           Ogden Elementary
                                                                     Dr. Steven Resis, Psychiatrist, MD
                                                                   Perakis Resis Woods and Associates

School is something that we can all relate to; whether it‘s stories of spending time with your friends,
late night cramming before finals, or letting your eyes glaze over as you listen to your teacher lecture
on stoichiometry of reactions and titration methods. No matter how we look at it, education plays a
vital role in a student‘s growth and development. However, is it possible for school to be detrimental
to the mental health of its students? A look into the different schooling systems of five countries,
including the U.S., compares and contrasts the various ways students learn the information expected
of them and whether or not the work load and stress levels effect their mental health and morale.

(62)                               ALGAE: FUELING THE FUTURE

KATIE CHEN                                                  Dr. Maureen Bricker, Senior R&D Associate
William Fremd High School                                                                       UOP

Out of fear for global warming, people all over the world are searching for a viable fuel alternative to
cut down on carbon emissions. One most ingenious source of fuel comes from algae, a promising
organism with high oil content and fast growth rates. This project will explore current methods to
make algae fuel and will culminate in a student-produced sample of oil.


ROHAN RAO                                               Mr. Gregory Gillette, Social Studies Department
James B. Conant High School                                               James B. Conant High School

The economy has become a big issue in our time, with the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage
industry, and the recession, investing has been made more difficult. The strategies used by hedge
funds to obtain their returns have been rendered useless, and because of this, the need for a new
strategy is growing. A large portion of hedge funds have been unable to cope with this change in the
markets. This project involves the creation of an investment strategy whose focus will be on
investments made in newer markets such as: ―green‖ markets and newer, emerging markets.

(64)                                         WRITE RIGHT

ELLEN HANES                                                                Mrs. Deborah Ripoli, Teacher
James B. Conant High School                                                          St. Hubert School
Left-handers make up only 10% of the entire population of the world. Those who are left handed need
special attention when learning to write, otherwise there can be unwanted side effects later in life.
Many students are not taught the correct way to: sit, hold a pencil, or position their hand, mainly
because most of their teachers were right handed when they were taught in elementary school. The
goal of the pamphlet is to help parents and teachers instruct left handed children the way to write
comfortably and correctly throughout their lives.


KEVIN D'SOUZA                                                       Mr. Jim Worland, Instrument Builder
William Fremd High School                                                              Worland Guitars

Guitar building is an art that requires a great amount of practice and patience. For my gifted project, I
decided to delve into this art and build an acoustic guitar from scratch. To do this, I had to buy the
supplies from a guitar building company, cut the wood, and finally, with the expertise of my mentor,
build the guitar. Also included in this project is research on sound and different types of wood used in
guitar building.

(66)                                  REDEFINING SYMMETRY

ALWINA LIU                                                                   Dr. Ezra Getzler, Professor
William Fremd High School                                                       Northwestern University

Symmetry is an idea that we all know about; if you fold something in half and the two parts are the
same, we understand that it is symmetrical. I have been exploring and will explain a new definition of
symmetry, focusing on the symmetry of three-dimensional shapes.

(67)                                        LIFE HAPPENS

JESSICA PABLO                                                       Mr. Michael Bellito, English Teacher
Hoffman Estates High School                                                               Harper College

A single thought can grow and grow into an idea. The idea creates a plot, which in turn becomes a
story. Onto the paper, words are written and form a novel. Through hard work and hours upon hours
of writing and rewriting, the novel finally is completed. A simple scene grew into the story of Aeriel
Reyes, a girl waking up from a coma of ten years. Heartbroken and distraught, Aeriel has to restart
her high school life in the novel, LIFE HAPPENS.

(68)                                   VIEWSCREEN TABLET

COURTNEY WINTERS                                     Mr. Eric LeBlanc, Applied Technology Department
James B. Conant High School                                             James B. Conant High School
One of the problems in the world of art is the differences between computer generated and hand
drawn art. The invention of the tablet, a device we can plug into the USB drives of our computers and
use to draw digital art is nice but it brought up unnecessary problems. The screen on the tablet was
black or another dark color and what appeared on your computer screen didn‘t appear on your tablet.
My project is an attempt to rectify those issues by making the tablets larger, adding a touch screen to
these devices, and attempting to make them solar powered; all while having an eye catching design.

(69)                             RACE FOR SINCERE HEARTS 5K

VICTORIA MORONEY                                                             Mr. Tim Larson, Manager
William Fremd High School                                                           Running Unlimited

Fundraising is a multi-million dollar business, and charity races have become central to fundraising
money for causes that help out those less fortunate. The Race for Sincere Hearts is one of these
charity races, benefiting the Baan Jing Jai Children‘s Home in Pattaya, Thailand. This project
focused on the organization, advertising, and extensive planning it takes to make a race come
together, and encompasses areas such as getting race sponsors, applying for permits and insurance,
and getting people involved in the event. The Race for Sincere Hearts was run May 16th in Deer
Grove East Forest Preserve.

(70)                                 PICTURESQUE POTTERY

ELIZABETH BOMBAL                                                       Mr. John Blackwood, Instructor
Palatine High School                                                       Positive Strokes Art Studio
                                                                     Ms. Karen Lange, Art Department
                                                                                 Palatine High School

Pottery is a unique art that dates back to about 6000 to 4000 BCE when the first known potter's wheel
was invented. Since then, artists have been fascinated with different techniques for throwing and
decorating their pieces. Some of the techniques demonstrated include sgraffito, carving, and even
adding clay onto vessels.

(71)                                    HOME SWEET HOME

RAVI BAROT                                         Mr. Allan Hausfeld, Applied Technology Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                             Hoffman Estates High School

There are over 160 million houses across the United States. Each house creates a personal zone for
families, but the fact is that every single house is unique and different. This study focuses on
designing a house and going through the steps to create it. The project includes designing, creating,
and financing a home. The study also incorporates how to create an environmentally friendly home.

(72)                                  GOLF COURSE DESIGN

BRIAN GEBHARDT                                                                Mr. Cary Cavitt, Golf Pro
James B. Conant High School                                                    Twin Lakes Golf Course
One of America‘s most cherished past times is spending a relaxing day on the golf course wearing
attractive plaid shorts. An extreme amount of concentration goes into making the perfect shot, yet no
attention is paid to the planning and detail that has gone into the design and construction of the
course. Many different aspects of the course such as distance, grass type, green location, and
hazards have been the main focus of this research. The result is an 18-hole golf course that utilizes
these design elements in order to be on par with the top golf courses in Illinois.

(73)                            HELPING HANDS AT KIMBALL HILL

ASHA BAZIL                                                                Mrs. Carol Skoog, Teacher
William Fremd High School                                        Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

Being a kid is tough. Especially if you‘re having trouble in school. I wanted to use my project to help
struggling children in our community, so I started a peer-tutoring program in which Fremd students
tutored children at Kimball Hill Elementary School. I organized volunteers from Fremd, and the
teachers at Kimball Hill found students that needed some extra help. Come check out how much fun
we had helping the kids at Kimball Hill, and see why we can‘t wait to continue next year.

(74)                             CREATING CREATIVE MUSICIANS

JEREMY DETZNER                                        Mr. Mathew Wiley, Student Services Department
James B. Conant High School                                            James B. Conant High School

Music is an important part of life, but in order to have music there needs to be musicians. But what
use are these musicians when all they can do is play something that someone else made up? The
cause of this problem are the methods people are taught through, which are designed to create
musicians that get everything right, but leave them no room for creativity. The focus of this project
was to create a method designed to make creative instrumentalists, and then to test it out on a guitar


LISA TOMLINSON                                                  Mr. Alex Rothacker, Police Dog Trainer
Palatine High School                                                        TOPS Kennel in Grayslake

The loyalty of the dog appealed to man long before the invention of verbal communication. These
two vastly different species have lived in symbiosis since the age of fire, stone and sticks. Now, an
in-depth look at the innate connection between man and canine and the other-worldly strength it

(76)                                     MIDNIGHT BLOOM

KRUPA PATEL                                                            Mr. Kevin Beers, Art Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                               Hoffman Estates High School
Digital art, although not well known by name, is seen virtually everywhere - bulletin boards, magazine
and book covers, business cards, and even commercials. This underappreciated art form is gradually
becoming more and more evident in everyday life. Many people recognize digital art as solely
through a program called Adobe Photoshop, but professionals combine a variety of programs to
create their art. This project entails creating digital art, starting a business, and transforming that art
into merchandise.

(77)                            CAN YOU TASTE THE DIFFERENCE?

TAYLOR HARDING                                       Mrs. Erika Varela, Family and Consumer Science Departm
Palatine High School                                                              Palatine High School

Brownies are delicious, but what about all those unhealthy ingredients that go into making them?
High fat, cups of sugar, and countless calories decrease the nutritional value of our favorite treats.
There are ways, however, to mimic the outstanding taste of desserts while increasing their health
value. Taste healthy versions of popular treats and ask yourself, "Can you taste the difference?"

(78)                                 HOPE FOR THE HOMELESS

EIFTU HAILE                                                        Mr. Ron Freeman, Board of Directors
Hoffman Estates High School                                                             HOPE Center

A major problem that causes extreme anxiety and unease for Americans in this day and age is the
fear of losing their home. Now, while most people don't have to worry about it, in a country where
almost 60% of the people are one paycheck away from being homeless, the worry is still inevitably
there. This study focuses on the current homeless and how an organization like Journeys from PADS
to HOPE continues to try and relieve the anxiety of Americans, slowly but surely.

(79)                                  SMALL AREA, BIG IMPACT

ANILA VARUGHESE                                       Mr. Eric Leblanc, Applied Technology Department
James B. Conant High School                                              James B. Conant High School

There are millions of people around the world with no roof over their heads. This study focuses on
creating an affordable, sturdy house that maximizes the use of square footage and materials. This
house includes different aspects such as removable walls, and fold out beds. See a miniature model
of the house and various sketches used in the design process.

(80)                                   FASHION FOR FANDOM

LINDSEY DOUGHERTY                                           Mrs. Christina Ordonez, English Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                                Hoffman Estates High School

A revolution has started amongst society's underground anime and sci-fi fans. They've stopped
hiding in their parent's basements and have started dressing as their favorite anime and game
characters. This new art form/sub-culture is called cosplay. This study is not only about cosplay but
the people who are in this sub-culture.
(81)                                     HOOPS FOR HOPE

JERMAINE MCDONALD                                    Mr. Bill Wandro, Business Education Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                             Hoffman Estates High School

Sickle Cell Anemia affects many people in the world. Sickle Cell Anemia is a life-long blood disorder
characterized by red blood cells that assume an abnormal, rigid, C shape. The sickling occurs
because of a mutation in the hemogloblin gene. Life expectancy is shortened, people with the
disease usually live up to age 48 on average. This study focuses on the advantages and
disadvantages of having sickle cell anemia, while at the same time helping the Sickle Cell Anemia
Association raise money to find a cure - using the game of basketball.


MATTHEW WEHMEIER                                    Ms. Elizabeth Howard, Social Studies Department
Schaumburg High School                                                     Schaumburg High School

Japan during the 1970's and 80's was widely regarded as one of the most successful economies in
Southeast Asia, if not the world. Romania is a relatively backwards nation struggling with a high
unemployment rate and an incredible amount of corruption. My project focuses on creating an
economic plan based on what worked in Postwar Japan and combining it with other sources and my
own innovations. This plan sets out to revitalize the troubled economy that is Romania, and ensure
that it can stay afloat in the tough times ahead.

(83)                                     3, 2, 1...TAKE OFF!

KAVYA KARTIK                                                            Mr. Gene Zerega, President
Palatine High School                                                       Blue Max R/C Flying Club
                                                    Mr. Mark Hibner, Applied Technology Department
                                                                                Palatine High School

The earliest known examples of radio-controlled (R/C) aircrafts were hydrogen-filled model airships of
the late 19th century. The main purpose of the aeromodeling hobby is to build and fly scale aircraft
models for competition and personal enjoyment. I built a model aircraft using styrofoam. Combining
radio techniques and reverse engineering I have a lightweight and easy to fly model aptly called the

(84)                                    LESSONS FOR LIFE

JOSEPH LYNN                                                                    Mr. Juan Oshiro, Sensei
Hoffman Estates High School                                              Illinois Shotokan Karate Club

Every sixty seconds, a violent crime is committed in America. By learning self-defense, victims can
defend themselves and prevent injury or even death. This study focuses on teaching a self-defense
class. It analyzes effective methods of reaching students along with the most realistic form of self-
defense for high school students.

(85)                                 THE BUILDING OF BOWS
Palatine High School

For thousands of years, humans have used wooden bows for hunting, fighting, and recreation. Now,
they are being increasingly replaced by bows and arrows made from fiberglass and aluminum. Take
a step back in time and find out what it takes to make a working bow from scratch.

(86)                          BUILDING AN ACCURATE TREBUCHET

KEVIN MCCALL                                         Mr. Alex Larson, Applied Technology Department
Palatine High School                                                             Palatine High School
                                                    Mr. Chris Gunsteen, Applied Technology Department
                                                                                 Palatine High School

The trebuchet is a very misunderstood weapon. These weapons are powerful, more so than
generally assumed. And even better than power, they are accurate. It's target practice time for my
personally designed and built trebuchet.

(87)                                     WHAT DO YOU SEE?

NILAM PATEL                                                                 Dr. Hrynewycz, Optometrist
Hoffman Estates High School                                                             Global Optical

"The eyes are the windows of one's soul." They enable us to see the world around us. Without taking
care of them, one can end up with many eye problems. Not maintaining one's vision can cause
everything from macular degeneration to dry eye to potential blindness. People think that eating
carrots is the only way to improve their vision, but there are many diverse ways. This project involves
using diet and exercise to help improve eyesight and the different part os the eye.

(88)                               INSIDE THE MIND OF A KILLER

LAUREN WELLER                                                            Dr. Wayne Johnson, Professor
William Fremd High School                                                             Harper College

Everything we say and everything we do leaves little clues about who we are as a person. Based on
this school of thought and using a technique called profiling, I have compiled a rough sketch of what I
believe a killer‘s characteristics and personality are based on how they carry out their crimes.
Focusing largely on the differences between organized and disorganized killers, I have created
profiles of various killers that fall under each category. Come and see what it‘s like on the inside of a
killer‘s mind.

(89)                                     FORGING A SWORD

JARED DENNISON                                                 Mr. Robert Rossdeutscher, Journeysmith
Palatine High School                                                                      RNR Knives
Forging is the process of strengthening and shaping a piece of metal into a blade. Forging is the
traditional method of creating a blade. This method includes heating the metal in a furnace to 1800
degrees Fahrenheit and then using hammers to shape, strengthen and stretch the blade. Filing the
blade is the final step before the handle and the crossguard are added.

(90)                                 FROM FUR TO FEATHERS

PRIYA I. PATEL                                                                   Ms. Anna Friedman,
Hoffman Estates High School                                                   Anderson Animal Shelter

Dogs are the most commonly trained domestic animals in America today. The methods to training
them are foolproof and can be used for almost any other animcal as well. All types of birds, from
parakeets to cockatiel, have been trained with said techniques. They have become capable of
successful human interaction and can do almost any trick they are taught. This project focuses on
the methods connected with training dogs and just how successful they can be with parakeets.

(91)                                 TRANSLATED EDUCATION

MOEKO KOMODA                                        Mrs. Megumi Shibano, Adjunct Professor of Japanese-Eng
William Fremd High School                           MIIS Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation

In our global society, most everything must be translated into multiple languages. Yet, when people
think of translation, they think of businesses or books. However, children can also learn to translate.
Studies show that kids learn best visually, through TV shows, movies, etc. This project created an
educational puppet show in Japanese and subtitled it in English to assist preschool students at
Futabakai Japanese School learn to speak another language and translate text.

(92)                             CAN YOU PREDICT THE FUTURE?

VISHWA SHAH                                                  Mr. Bill Helzer, Social Studies Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                               Hoffman Estates High School

Several ancient civilizations have predicted deadly events that have somehow, incredibly come true.
Many of these prophecies have already happened, many are in the process right now, and many
have not happened yet. The use of some unknown, primitive technology to foresee the future and
predict major global catastrophes that have actually come true shake the minds of historians all
around the world. No one has any idea how, when, and why these events are predicted. This study
focuses on the prophecies of a few Latin American and European civilizations, and it specifically
answers the questions that dumbfound people today.

(93)                                   WHAT'S YOUR STORY?

MADELEINE THOMAS                                                    Mr. Allen Paul, English Department
Palatine High School                                                              Palatine High School
What does it take to create and then publish an original story idea from the moment of its conception
to the final print? It takes up every minute of spare time -- for researching, writing, re-writing, editing,
revising, consulting and proofing. Repeat. Follow the progress of an aspiring young author
experiencing the ups and downs of writing and self-publishing a book.

(94)                                 MY KINGDOM FOR A HORSE

CLAIRE KAPLAN                                                                 Ms. Dale Kaplan-Stein, DVM
Hoffman Estates High School

In 2005, the story was told of horse slaughter, 'America's Dirty Little Secret' as named by critics. In
2007, America's slaughterhouses were shut down. The story that you don't know is that of horse
slaughter today. The nation now deals with the onslaught of thousands of 'unwanted' horses, as well
as an underground horse slaughter market. This project exposes the little known truth about horse
slaughter today.


MARK DABLER                                               Mr. Dan Detzner, Student Services Department
James B. Conant High School                                               James B. Conant High School
                                                                           Dr. Dean Patelko, Counselor
                                                                             Ministry/Private Counseling

Much has been done in the area of depression over the past ten years. Advances in medicine have
made treating depression much more effective, but it seems to be aimed more at clinical depression
rather than situational depression. My goal is to give people the tools to overcome situational
depression and get back on track to a normal life without using prescription drugs. To do this I have
developed a method of treatment that will give the person full control of there thoughts and use
natural remedies to balance any slight chemical imbalances. !

(96)                                      PHYSICAL MEDICINE

SEAN MCGARRY                                                              Mrs. Yvonne Gagliano, D.P.T.
Hoffman Estates High School                                      Advanced Physical Medicine and Rehab.

The current world record for the 1600 meter run is 3:43:13, set in 1999 in Rome. Runners as a whole
are pushing themselves harder and harder, resulting in faster times and, unfortunately, more injuries.
There has never been a greater need for individuals qualified to diagnose and heal physical injuries.
This study focues on the complexity of the human body, how it works as a whole, and what happens
when it doesn't work - as well as the healing and prevention of further injuries through stretches and

(97)                                CREATIVE CLAY COLLECTION

ALISON REED                                                              Ms. Karen Lange, Art Department
Palatine High School                                                                 Palatine High School
Creating art from clay is one of our oldest art forms. Clay can be used in a multitude of ways to
fashion anything from cooking vessels to vases to sculptured objects of art. Working with clay is a
great way to relieve stress and provides a creative outlet for individual expression.

(98)                            CREATE, CONVERSE, CONVALESCE

CHANDNI PATEL                                          Mrs. Valerie Milholland, Instructor of Art Therapy
Schaumburg High School                                                           University of Evansville
                                                        Mrs. Cindy Dvorak, Social Studies Department
                                                                              Schaumburg High School

Art therapy is used to treat patients ailing from many different illnesses, ranging from cancer to
trauma. It is a fun and creative activity, art, combined with therapy, a healing constructive process.
Create, converse, convalesce is about the creation of two new art interventions for teens and kids
and the explanation of how art therapy benefits the brain.

(99)                            WHERE DID ALL THE ANIMALS GO?

CHRISTINA BALWIERZ                                        Mrs. Lindsay Nustra Karnats, Art Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                             Hoffman Estates High School

Each day more and more names of animals are being added to the endangered species list. Human
action, whether it be polluting the environment or purchasing fur clothing, has much to do with the
dwindling animal population. Every action we take regarding the environment and nature affects
these animals. Learn what we can do to help make the world a more animal-friendly place, and
petition the government to step in and do the same.

(100)                             DRIVING THE BUSINESS CLASS

DAVID VORICK                                                                      Mr. Ian Andrews, CEO
William Fremd High School                                                                Original Games

The primary item driving businesses today is marketing. To attract customers, businesses need to let
people know their products/services exist. One of these ways is through web advertising. This project
attempts to create a website that serves as a middle man between the advertiser and the website that
will be hosting the ads. While visual appeal is important for attracting customers, more important is
security and functionality. This project focuses more on learning the security measures and the
functionality than on the website itself. To build this site, the scripting languages used include
XHTML, Apache, Php, and Ajax.

(101)                                       CSI: CHICAGO

KENDALL COX                                                               Mr. Bill Heche, CSI Technician
Palatine High School                                                         Palatine Police Department

What exactly happens when someone witnesses a crime? The police are called, but then what do
they do? They send out a group of CSI technicians and detectives to survey the crime scene. Crime
scene investigation is an incredibly complicated, but fascinating process to learn and observe.
(102)                                     BOWL FOR OCD

KAILEY SCHLOSSER                                                                     Ms. Ellen Sawyer,
Hoffman Estates High School                                                              OCD Chicago

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a threat to every human being, regardless of gender or age.
People often suffer in silence, not letting anyone know how much anxiety they have. Through
fundraising and awareness, people can get the word out and possibly find a cure. An affiliate of the
Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation is OCD Chicago, which aids the foundation in awareness and
fundraising. A bowl-a-thon is a great way to create this awareness and raise money for a great

(103)                                   WALKING THE LINE

SCOTT DURAND                                         Mr. Bruce Hildabrand, Social Studies Department
James B. Conant High School                                            James B. Conant High School

Music has helped shape civilization since the beginning, but just how much of an impact does modern
music have on our society? This study aims to answer that question by comparing a timeline of
cultural movers and shakers with the popular music of the day. The ―chicken or the egg‖ question of
what comes first, a change in music, or a change in society, has been left unanswered for years.
This study will change that.

(104)                               SHOOTING FOR THE STARS

ISHA PARIKH                                              Mrs. Rose Marie Mincey, Fifth Grade Teacher
Hoffman Estates High School                                        Albert Einstein Elementary School

"I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done." -Marie Curie

Fame, power, greed, selfishness--these have taken over individuals. Instead of achieving goals and
living a selfless life, people seem to merely care for materialistic possessions. This project is about
the journey taken during the past semester to realize it is time for people to act on their dreams and
change the world. It is a combination of documented interviews with various people about their lives,
dreams, and accomplishments as well as conquering internal conflicts to see if the world could once
again be restored to glory. As Mikhail Gorbachev once said, "If not now, when? If not me, who?"

(105)                                RELAYS OF PERFECTION

TAYLOR GRAHAM                                               Mr. Bob Borczak, Head Girl's Track Coach
James B. Conant High School                                            James B. Conant High School

Come and learn about the sport that made way for all other sports; the sport that started long, long
ago in ancient Greece and Rome: Track! This project compares and contrasts the different
techniques for running sprints and relays. You will see people running drills to help any relay runner
become better. The finished product is a brand new relay with all the individualized starting, running,
and hand-off techniques run by none other than the track girls from Conant High School!
(106)                                THE BOOGIE MAN IS REAL!

PARTH SONI                                               Mr. Matthew Dowd, Social Studies Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                             Hoffman Estates High School

It is a belief of many young children that the Boogie Man is actually hiding under their beds. Kids do
not think rationally and are afraid of scary monsters we adults consider absurd. What we fail to
remember is that we were children once, too, and that we were also afraid of those same monsters.
Using modern psychology, this study focuses on why children have irrational fears and what adults
can do to help reduce the anxiety of their children.


JOHN RIZNER                                                                       Mr. Frank Ahern, Artist
William Fremd High School

Since the birth of the printing press, political cartoons have critiqued societal issues. Through the use
of editorial cartoons, the artist is able to educate his audience on his particular social views.
In fact, political cartoons have acted as catalysts for historical events, such as the French Revolution
of 1789, the American Revolution of 1776, and the European Turmoil of 1830 and 1848.
Contemporary affairs, such as the Presidential election of Barack Obama, the incidents at the most
recent summer olympics, and the scandals of Rod Blagojevich have been criticized and made
accessible for the public via political cartoons. In this project, the entire process of editorial cartoon
creation has been researched and analyzed, concluding in a series of editorial cartoons commenting
on social, political, and economic events of 2008 and 2009.

(108)                            MULTIPURPOSE STADIUM DESIGN

BRANDON CHIC                                         Mr. Eric LeBlanc, Applied Technology Department
James B. Conant High School                                             James B. Conant High School

Any professional sports event is dependent upon the architectural style and management of the
stadium in which it takes place. To be able to hold any type of spectator event, a stadium must first
be designed and built, and a plan must also be created in order to keep the operations of the building
running smoothly. This study focuses on the architectural design of a Chicago-based multipurpose
stadium as well as the elements necessary in order to successfully manage the stadium‘s operations.

(109)                                THE CARS OF TOMORROW

TEJAS PARMAR                                                        Mr. John Collins, Media Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                                Hoffman Estates High School

One of the biggest problems we face today is pollution. Cars are one of the factors that cause
pollution. Each and every day engineers try to come up with different ways to make a better car that
doesn't leave a carbon footprint on this planet. This project focuses on the evolution of cars and how
they are getting better and greener.

(110)                              SWITCHING TO SWITCHGRASS
CHRISTIANA KIM                                               Dr. David Bransby, Professor of Agronomy
Schaumburg High School                                                                Auburn University
                                                                Mrs. Kristen Favia, Science Department
                                                                              Schaumburg High School

This project is about alternative fuel sources to power our society. I am focusing primarily on
biodiesel, such as switchgrass, in modern automobiles. Switchgrass grows fast, uses the entire plant,
and would prove to be a better investment than corn ethanol. It would aid our world if transportation
relied more on biodiesel, and less on foreign oil, because it is both more efficient and it emits less
carbon into the atmosphere. Environmental and economical, biodiesal has the potential to fuel

(111)                          THE LITTLE GREEN DRESS PROJECT

NEHA KUMAR                                           Ms. Jessica Ecker, Family and Consumer Science Depar
Hoffman Estates High School                                              Hoffman Estates High School

Every year, each American throws away approximately 68 pounds of clothing! Much of this clothing
is deposited in landfills where it will sit forever. Contrary to popular belief, synthetic materials like
nylon and polyester are actually not biodegradable and can be reused over and over again. The
focus of this project is to make new clothes,from old and inexpensive materials,and then sell them at
a discount.

(112)                                SOCCER WITHOUT SOUND

SEAN KNIPPEN                                                        Mrs. Marie Turcsany, Web Designer
William Fremd High School                                                                  Free Lance

Deaf. Hard-of-Hearing. People hear these terms and have complete ignorance about the topic.
Hearing people often view deaf people as inferior. I have two deaf aunts and two deaf uncles. I know
by firsthand experience that they are completely capable of living without hearing. Occasionally it
even becomes an advantage. For my project I worked with some of my deaf relatives to create a
deaf adult soccer team that will compete in tournaments all around the U.S.

(113)                    WHAT TO DO WITH A WORLD FULL OF PEOPLE?

Schaumburg High School


MATT WARDA                                                       Ms. Nicole Poull, Snowboard Instructor
Hoffman Estates High School
Snowboarding is the fastest growing sport in the United States today. Snowboarding is simply using
a board to ride down a slope. Many people do not know what goes into making such a product. A
snowboard may seem very simple to build, but it is quite complicated. This study focuses on the
specifications, design, and actual construction of a snowboard.

(115)                                  CONANT ART CRITIQUE

KAILEE PASBRIG                                            Mr. Paul Kim, Applied Technology Department
James B. Conant High School                                              James B. Conant High School

Looking at several photographers from the area such as Art Shay among others, they all had an
official area, website, or space to display their work. At Conant, students with an interest to pursue
art lacked this. So for this project, the focus was to create a computer medium for those students
wanting to display their work. The goal of this website is not only for students in the art program, but
for any student interested in sharing art. Hopefully from this website, aspiring artists will get
recognized in the community.

(116)                                     THE TOXIN DIOXIN

KAHAEL LANGE                                                  Mr. Michael Denison, Science Department
Schaumburg High School

Space for landfills are running out quickly. The main problem of burning trash is a deadly toxin called
dioxin that's released through combustion. My project proposes that we solidify the dioxins that are
formed (in a contained environment), and expose the danger of civilians burning trash at the same

(117)                              AFTER SCHOOL ACCEPTANCE

KATIE SCOVIC                                                    Ms. Erin Lindstrom, English Department
Palatine High School                                                              Palatine High School

From art and music to clothing and hairstyles, high school students are constantly seeking ways to
express themselves. For those seeking a means of self-expression, writing poetry has so much to
offer. By applying knowledge of the various types of poetry into a compilation of poems written about
high school, a beneficial method of self-expression results, with hope that it will inspire others to seek
poetry as a positive means of expression.

(118)                               A JOURNEY THROUGH SONG

CATHERINE SWAN                                                Mr. Michael Benshish, Music Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                              Hoffman Estates High School

The largest entertainment industry in America is that of Music. Grammys, #1 hits, and chart-topping
records mark achievement in this area. This project discovers the process behind creating a song
and making it ready to appear on a CD.

(119)                       GIARDINO ITALIANO: FAMILGIA MANGIARE
PARTH PATEL                                         Ms. Kellie Barnes, Business Education Department
James B. Conant High School                                             James B. Conant High School

The age of family dining comes to an end as children become teens. Dining out is a great solution
that many overlook. Recent studies have shown that teens love eating out, and it is their favorite
thing to do with their family. Giardino Italiano: Familgia Mangiare is the new restaurant in town that is
all about family. It offers great food at inexpensive prices, as well as a ―home‖ atmosphere that
welcomes all. My final product includes a business plan that includes a market strategy, and
financials. Also being displayed at the expo will be a sample menu, along with floor plans of the

(120)                         LANDMINES: A DEADLY INHERITANCE

JUSTIN CHEN                                         Mr. Raymundo Galarza, Student Services Department
Schaumburg High School                                                    Schaumburg High School
                                                                                 Mr. Michael Celvi,

Landmines kill and maim thousands of people in Africa a year, while starvation and malnutrition kill
millions more. One hundred and ten landmines stil lay buried in the ground, especially in Africa.
Landmine detection has been slow to develop; current landmine detection and destruction processes
are slow and ineffective. This project seeks to build an eco-friendly robot that can detect and destroy
landmines in Africa while planting wheat seeds at the same time.

(121)                       HIGH-SPEED RAIL IN THE UNITED STATES

BRIAN STONE                                           Mr. Kevin Mogge, Special Education Department
James B. Conant High School                                            James B. Conant High School

The United States is lagging behind in high-speed rail technology and infrastructure, as compared to
major European countries, where high-speed rail is highly successful. By focusing on specific areas
of the US where high-speed rail can be successful and competitive, transportation in that region can
be substantially upgraded. This project compares the different regions to determine which would be
the best suited to high-speed rail, and develops a plan to implement high-speed rail in that region.


UMER REHMAN                                           Mr. Andres Acosta, Student Services Department
Hoffman Estates High School                                              Hoffman Estates High School

Peer Associated Student Solutions, or P.A.S.S., is a counseling service dedicated to bringing
understanding and assistance to teenagers through teenagers. P.A.S.S. will be a 'teen support
group' led by teens but assisted (and overviewed) by the certified counselors at Hoffman Estates High
School. It is designed specifically for teens to advise teens with common (and eventually, specific)
problems facing today's youth. Such problems might include: relationships, homework,
drug/substance abuse, family issues, etc. Currently the program is in developing stages and will be
initiated in the 2009-2010 school year at HEHS.

(123)                                  REWIND AND REMAKE
EDDIE CHONG                                                        Ms. Kimberly Shade, Art Department
Schaumburg High School                                                       Schaumburg High School
                                                                        Ms. Izumi Kasai, Photographer

Major and classical pieces of art are slowly dying away from the lack of interest shown in the younger
generation. One of the few mediums that is growing today is photography. What I plan to do is
recreate major pieces of art and modernize them with my own personal touch. I hope that this will
spark a interest back into the arts and hopefully raise awareness of the arts.

(124)                                 ALL AMERICAN, OR NOT

MATT TURNER                                                           Mr. John Ulrich, Basketball Coach
William Fremd High School                                                    Immanuel Lutheran School

Since the game of basketball‘s origins, there has been a misconception about how players of all
levels have been rated in skill. Basketball players that are renowned scorers, rebounders, or
assisters almost always are considered to be the best players on the court. Contrary to common
belief, this is not true, there are other factors that can make a player ―good.‖ My project was to create
a basketball player rating system that accurately displays how ―good‖ a player is at basketball that
does not only include the usual points, rebounds, and assists standards. Using this system, player‘s
importance to a team can be measured and the best players can be easily identified.

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