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					                      Fayette County Continuum of Care Committee Meeting

                                         October 15, 2008


   The meeting began at 12:00 at the Fayette Progressive School.

               1. Introductions

                          Christina Blair- CACFC
                          Sue Raypole- Goodwill
                          Stacey Johnson – CACFC Homeless Prevention Pilot
                          Stephanie Payton – Victim/Witness
                          Laney Pavey – Fayette County Department of Job and Family Services
                          Gaye Huffman – CACFC The Brick House
                          Faye Williamson – Fayette County Department of Job and Family
                          Amy Seidle – Fayette Recovery Center
                          Joann Leach – L.I.F.E. Pregnancy Center
                          Sandy McKinney – L.I.F.E. Pregnancy Center
                          Becky Rife – Red Cross
                          Tina Dahmer – CAC Self Help Housing
                          Cheryl Royster – Fayette County Memorial Hospital
                          Karen Lowe – Fayette County Health Department
                          Jessica Tackett – My Sister’s House
                          Sue Turner – Fayette County MRDD
                          Rana Unger – Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health
                          Yvonne Broughton- Fayette County Head Start
                          Diana Febo – Fayette County One- Stop
                          Whitney Gentry – Fayette County United Way
                          Kathy Mickey – CAC Self-Help Housing

2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting
          Sue Raypole moved and Cheryl Royster seconded to approve the minutes of the
          previous meeting the motion was passed unanimously.

3. Homeless Prevention Pilot Site Visit
         The site visit for the Homeless Prevention Pilot has been moved to November 12, 2008
         at the New Holland Fire Department. Anyone interested may call 740.333.7111.
         Community Action will provide transportation reimbursement.

4. Correction to the Emergency Food and Shelter Report
   Bambi made a correction to the Emergency Food and Shelter Report. The Commission on Aging
   is actually on target with their spending. Their purchases had been miscoded and the issue has
   been resolved.

5.    Rural Convening – CoC Committees
     The group discussed what other communities are doing in their Continuum of Care. A discussion
     ensued about committees that would benefit the Fayette County Continuum of Care. These
     included, by order of priority:

        a. Point-in-time count – The CoC decided that it was appropriate to place this as the highest
           priority due to the fact that we need data to support our claims that the following
           programs are needed. Without including the number of chronically homeless men,
           homeless men, and homeless youth we have in our county we cannot state a case for
           funding those programs.

        b. SRO for single men – There are no programs for homeless men in the county.
           Permanent Supportive Housing is the best fit for this population when dealing with
           multiple barriers to employment and self-sufficiency. Since there will be little to no funds
           for this population, the CoC has placed the 2 priority for this population.

        c.   Shelter for homeless men – There are also no shelters for single men experiencing
             homelessness. Pastor Clary, among others, has done a great deal of work toward
             making this a reality. The CoC has placed this as the 3 priority because there are little
             to no resources for homeless men and we have a steady base to build upon, including a

        d. Youth, aging out of foster care, and DYS – While some of this population can be captured
           by current homeless systems, this population differs from the adult homeless population
           in many ways. Funding is available, but the county must come up with a plan for
           handling this population.

        e. Homeless Prevention – Given the large amount of programs with access to funds for
           homeless prevention, we must find ways to better coordinate our funding to reduce
           duplication while at the same time ensuring that funds are preventing homelessness, not
           only undesirable housing conditions.

        f.   Programs for persons with felonies and exiting the prison system – Fayette County has
             few employment opportunities for persons exiting the prison system or with felony
             backgrounds. This lack of opportunity increases recidivism. The group noted Turning
             Point in Hillsboro as one example of a program we may be able to consider. However, it
             was noted that with few employment opportunities and the closing of DHL, this hard to
             serve population has become even harder to serve.

        g. Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness – All of our county’s priorities must be in alignment
           with our Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness.

     The group decided to have the Continuum of Care Coordinator compile a survey to determine
     who would want to belong to what work group. Each work group would focus on their issues by

6. Review of the 10-Year Plan –
   It is time to update our 10-Year Plan. The CoC Coordinator requested returning and additional
   members to serve on this committee. Gaye Huffman, Tina Dahmer, Faye Williamson, Yvonne
   Broughton, Sue Raypole, Rana Unger, and Christina Blair volunteered to serve on the committee.
   Faye Williamson requested that we have a mediator to help the group set priorities. Christina
   stated that she would contact COHHIO to explore the possibility.

7. Nonprofit Voter Engagement- Christina passed out information on engaging with your customers
   around election time.

8. Agency Updates

                  Christina Blair – reported that the Prevention Pilot has 2 openings; the program
                   will utilize their risk assessment to determine what two families will be taken into
                   the program due to the increased demand this week. Christina read a report on
                   the Homeless Assistance Grant from Donna Upthegrove. Donna served 193
                   families and 461 individuals. The assistance ranged from $150 to $1,000. So far
                   $69,161.76 out of $70,000 has been used for years 2008-2009. Donna is not
                   taking any applications at this time until she reconciles her figures with fiscal.
                   Christina read a statement from the state Donna had asked her to read. Due to
                   the unexpected increase in HEAP funding, guidelines for this winter will change
                   from what was presented at the emergency assistance training. Please hold all
                   public service announcements about the coming program until further notice.
                   Donna stated that she will be contacting everyone as soon as I receive
                   something from the state and will announce to all public services.
                  Sue Raypole – modeled her very fashionable Goodwill attire. Sue informed
                   everyone that on the back of Kroger receipts are 25% off for Goodwill. They are
                   struggling to keep their workshops open. Blind customers run cotton rags and T-
                   Shirts. They also have the Good N’ Clean program, but they are struggling to
                   keep their customers working. The stores are in the black. Please keep the
                   donations coming. Out of the 8 counties Fayette County leads in donations. This
                   benefits many Appalachian counties, where they have to sell at lower prices.
                  Stephanie Payton – A self defense course will be offered Oct. 25 at Tric’s
                   Gymnastics from 1 until 5. The flyer states that you must register by the 17 .
                   However, they will accept call ins after that date. Mr. Jacobson from the high
                   school and Sherry West will teach. 44 businesses participated in the ladder
                                                        st                  nd                         rd
                   campaign. Barker Towing won 1 place, Mary King 2 , and the police won 3 .
                  Lana Pavey– deferred to her boss
                  Gaye Huffman – shelter is full and people are trying to get in. She needs to find
                   ways to get people into housing more quickly.
                  Faye Williamson– busy due to the wind storm. JFS offered replacement of food
                   stamps for items lost. JFS processed 673 applications and awarded $105,217
                   dollars in the replacement of food stamps. Lana and Faye did disaster relief for
                   families not receiving food stamps. This replaced food and refrigerators, bought
                   gas for generators, and helped pay for laundry. JFS has taken 314 applications
                   and spent over $29,000. Friday is the last date to accept applications. They
                   slept in Faye’s car one night due to their duties at DHL. Food Stamps are now
                   FAP (Food Assistance Program) federally this is SNAP. If you want to refer
                   someone for holiday assistance, you can put it in the box in the front lobby.
                   There is a small form. Call Julie Stepter to donate. Julie is the clearing house
                   coordinator for holiday help. You can adopt a family; provide money, food
                   baskets, or whatever you wish to help in the upcoming holiday season.
                  Amy Seidle– Fayette Recovery has recently moved to 5 Fayette Center behind
                   5/3 Bank. They are down to 2 counselors with a lot of customers.
                  Joanne Leach - They are applying for grants. They are happy to be where they
                   are, but they are looking at the location on Temple Street. They were calling it
                   “Grandma’s House.” The mission of L.I.F.E. Pregnancy is to prevent abortion
                   through providing options. When you walk into the starting gate you see a lot of
                   children. This prevents them from getting abortion minded customers.
                  Becky Rife – Red Cross was very busy thanks to Hurricane Ike. Red Cross
                   helped folks who were out of power and out of water. Red Cross teamed up with

       Job and Family Services to verify outages for persons applying for the
       replacement food and TANF. Some people did not qualify for assistance. The
       YMCA was open from 5 to 9 for people to take showers. If this is to happen
       again, they have a group of churches and businesses that will bring food to the
       YMCA for people needed a shower. They had the greatest problem serving the
       elderly. The elderly would say they were okay or would not ask for assistance.
       The fire department assisted with water.
      Tina Dahmer– will let Kathy talk about Self-Help Housing. Tina wanted to talk
       about the Benefit Bank. It has new features. It is free. There are several
       counselors: Diana, Lana, Stacey, Tina, Christina, Donna, and Debbie. We can
       help apply for services from JFS and we can also help them do their taxes. The
       tax credits are answered by going through the questions. It is difficult to do
       someone who is self employed. To reach a Benefit Bank Counselor call: Donna
       and Debbie 335-7282, Tina 335-1831, Christina & Stacey 333-7111, Lana and
       Diana 333-5115 ext 5720. Apply for the Buckeye Card, Prescription Assistance,
       School Lunch Program, Voter Registration, etc. Helps take stress off case
       workers, intake staff and the customer. Soon Faye will have a coordinator where
       the benefit bank program will submit and tie into CHRIS-E. Food stamps and
       Medicaid require a face to face meeting.
      Cheryl Royster – Habitat is having difficulties finding families that are interested.
       Please refer people over.
      Karen Lowe – renewal levy on the ballot. It is flu shot time. There will be a clinic
       tomorrow, or you can call on a Friday. Immunization and family clinics are free.
       They also offer WIC and Help Me Grow. Funding from the United Way provides
       eye glasses, medication, etc.
      Whitney Gentry – Is doing a joint fundraiser with Hospice. They will be having a
       happy Halloween Dance on November 1, at the American Legion. Tickets are
       $25.00. Tickets available at Hospice of Fayette County and United Way.
      Diane Febo – Faye said it all.
      Yvonne Broughton – Head Start is still recruiting children ages 3-5. The new
       public preschool option can accept children from families up to 200% of poverty.
      Rana Unger – reported on 2-1-1; a free service community resource guide.
       Please go to to add your program or verify your information. If
       you would like to get your info out, please register. They do have crisis services
       during business hours. They can walk-in and there is no charge. They can talk
       to a counselor. They may have to wait if there is someone at the jail or at the
      Jessica Tackett– Oct. 28 My Sister’s House will hold a Candle Light Vigil at
       Heritage Memorial at 6:00.
      Sue Turner – Welcomed the group to their location and informed the group that
       this room is available for use. Contact Vicky for the room. Staff and customers
       recently took a 3 day trip to Pigeon Forge and went to Dollywood.
      Kathy Mickey – Self Help will assist families on working on their credit. There is
       still a $300 referral fee. They are partnering with folks from Cleveland to make
       their job easier and streamline foreclosure prevention services.
      Derek Myers – was a potential volunteer observing the Continuum of Care.

As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:45 PM. Kathy Mickey
made the motion to adjourn and Tina Dahmer seconded the motion.


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