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									Publishers’ Block Grants Scheme 2010 – Application Guidelines
The Publishers‟ Block Grants Scheme is for established professional book publishers who make
a significant contribution to the development of New Zealand literature. Publishers‟ Block Grants
were re-introduced in July 2007 following significant consultation with the publishing industry. As
a result of a consultation process undertaken with publishers in late 2009, the subsidies have
been restructured to take into account changes in the economic climate and developments within
the industry.

This document outlines the scheme and sets out how to apply for a block grant, what to do if your
application for a block grant is successful, and the alternative types of grants publishers may
make to Creative New Zealand for support to publish New Zealand literature.

Outline of the Publishers’ Block Grants Scheme 2010

Type of Creative New Zealand grant or investment: Sector Investment
Creative New Zealand funding body: Arts Board
Deadline for 2010: 4 June
Decisions advised: 27 August

The Publishers‟ Block Grants Scheme features:
       a streamlined application process with a single application
             o for up to ten books per year. Please note Creative New Zealand does not fund
                retrospectively, so the publication date of any books published as part of a block
                grant should post-date notification of the decision on the block grant application.
       a set rate per book based on the current maximum subsidies, which are:
            o books up to 100 pages: $2500
            o books between 100 and 200 pages: $3000
            o books between 201 and 300 pages: $3500
            o books between 301 and 400 pages $4000
            o large, heavily illustrated books $10,000
            o Children’s picture books up to 16 pages $2500
            o Children’s picture books over 16 pages $3500

Creative New Zealand acknowledges that the level of these subsidies may not provide sufficient
support in some, exceptional cases. To apply for funding outside of the normal subsidy range the
genuinely exceptional nature of the book must be demonstrated in the application (see below)
and the following additional information should be included:
             o a full statement outlining the unique nature of the book
             o evidence of the literary quality of the book including author biography and
                chapter samples or a sample of the author’s previous work
             o a detailed budget, including breakdown of costings for images, design etc.

Creative New Zealand’s literature genre priorities

Creative New Zealand‟s literature genre priorities are:
    fiction
    poetry
    children‟s fiction
    biography
    autobiography
    essays
       histories
       literary criticism
       analytical prose of a high literary standard
       creative non-fiction
       translations of New Zealand literature into other languages
       illustration of children‟s books

Non-fiction projects are assessed on their literary merit and their contribution to the development
of New Zealand literature. Books in genres other than those listed above will not be a priority for
Creative New Zealand‟s literature funding and may be better suited for funding through a different
art form (see „Art form publications‟ on p 31 of Creative New Zealand‟s 2009 Contestable Funding
Guide Ngā Pūtea) or from another organisation.


Applicants for block grants must submit five copies of their application, which must include the
      application form
      project proposal
      support material

Application form
The application form is accessible as an interactive pdf via the following link:

Type of Creative New Zealand grant or investment: Sector Investment
Creative New Zealand funding body: Arts Board
Applicants are advised to target #3.1, which is listed on page 27 of the funding guide and has a
focus on New Zealanders having access to high-quality arts experiences.

Project proposal
The project proposal template is accessible via this link,

The project proposal will cover the following format:

        1. The idea/kaupapa/concept – what/he aha
           A list of the books intended to be published with the block grant, including for each
           book the following information:
            genre
            title and author
            brief paragraph describing the book (100-250 words)
            brief biographical details (for new authors only)

            Please note, consistent with previous years, a confirmed publishing list will be
            required from successful applicants before the block grant can be uplifted. In
            recognition of the need for flexibility, allowance may be made at that stage for the
            substitution of up to three of the titles listed in the application.
        2. The process, planning & timeline – how/pehea te whakatutuki
           For example, a publication schedule including expected launch dates and any
           specific marketing activities.

        3. The people – who/ko wai nga tangata
           Information about the publisher, including:
            evidence of the quality of the publishing programme and the writing, selection of
               authors, editorial choices and editing. This could include highlights of the current
               and forthcoming lists and recent awards, critical response to the books and
               contribution to the development of New Zealand literature.
            evidence of professional excellence, including details of
                     o the production quality; and
                     o the promotion and distribution channels

        4. The budget/te putea
           A full budget for each book using the block publishing budget template provided
           and itemising all projected income and expenditure associated with the project.
           Please note this budget template differs from the generic budget template set out in
           the proposal template.
        Where applicable, the proposal should also address:

        5. Cultural diversity
        6. Innovation
        7. Community arts participation

        If criteria 5, 6 and 7 are not applicable to your proposal, please note “not applicable”.

Support material
Support material for block publishing applications should include:
    a copy of the publishing house‟s most recent printed catalogue (or equivalent).
    please note the additional material required (outlined above) for applications made
       outside of the normal subsidy range

Note: Applications will be ineligible if block grant applicants have outstanding reports
and/or copies of titles for which previous grants have been awarded.

Decisions on applications will be advised on or around 27 August.

If the application is successful:

       The applicant will be sent a funding agreement and template for reporting on the grant
       Before the block grant can be uplifted, the applicant must sign and return the funding
        agreement to Creative New Zealand together with a confirmed publishing list.
       On the publication of each title under the block grant, send one copy of the book to the
        Programme Adviser with responsibility for Literature (Catriona Ferguson) in Creative New
        Zealand‟s Auckland office (PO Box 1425, Auckland 1140)
       At the end of the publishing year and by the reporting due date set out on the funding
        agreement, send the project completion report, completed as per the template, to the
       Grants and Process Team in Creative New Zealand‟s Wellington office (PO Box 3806,
       Wellington 6140).

Other publishing grant applications
    New or small publishing houses with a limited track record of publishing in New Zealand
       can apply for individual publishing subsidies through Arts Grants or Quick Response
       Grants. (Closing dates for these are set out at the back of the 2010 Contestable Funding
       Guide and on Creative New Zealand‟s website). Full manuscripts must be supplied for
       these applications. Subsidies as listed for block grant funding apply.
    Publishers applying for a block grant through Creative New Zealand‟s literature funding
       can also apply for individual publishing grants:
           o from across the art form programmes, [including Literature] and the other art
               forms (eg Visual Arts etc see „Art form Publications‟ on page 31 of the 2010
               Contestable Funding Guide), and
           o to Te Waka Toi (see page 2 of the Te Waka Toi Publishing Policy Guidelines for
               eligibility of non-Maori publishing houses), and
               UBLISHING%20POLICY%20GUIDELINES.doc, and
           o to the Pacific Arts Committee (see the 2010 Funding Guide page 22 for eligibility
               and page 78 ff for the Pacific Arts section).

Publishers of translations or translators of New Zealand works can apply for Creative New
Zealand‟s contestable funding, for either a Quick Response Grant or an Arts Grant.

Publishers may also apply for Creative New Zealand contestable funding grants and investments
to support commissioning projects. See „Commissions‟ on page 32 of the 2010 Contestable
Funding Guide.

For further information, please contact:
Catriona Ferguson Programme Adviser 09 373 3077

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