Sub-group Officer Annual Report by xavieroman


									Sub-Group Officer Annual Report CS 2009 AGM
During this past year as Sub-Group Officer I have had the chance to communicate with many of the Sub-Group Presidents via email and phone calls. This past year seem to be the year of AGMs with nearly all existing Sub-Groups holding one. Sadly two Sub-Groups have dissolved but on a happier note two were born and one is merging with another to stop it from dissolving. To inform and promote the importance of Sub-Groups I sent an email to all Sub-Group Presidents which included the following documents:      Benefits of a Sub-Group Role of a Sub-Group Heads-up on the new CS Group Web site Heads-up on the "Union History" Presentation Final notes from Yves Rochon’s "Running Effective Meetings" training which was provided at the 2008 Sub-Group President’s meeting.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Vancouver CS Sub-Group meeting in which I emphasized the importance of voting and visibility. With the diligent assistance of our lustrous Communications officer Brian Thompson…thanks for all your hard work Brian…Brian and I managed to create a new updated listing of Sub-Group Executive members which we have now passed onto PIPSC. Lastly, and with the help of many people from the CS Group, I managed to organize the 2009 CS Sub-Group Presidents meeting which had record attendance of Sub-Group Presidents. Cheers and in Solidarity, Deborah Wainwright CS Executive Sub-Group Officer

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