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									Access to Employee Exposure and Medical
            Records Training
           Standard 29 CFR Part 1910.1020
               Today’s agenda

•   Medical and exposure records - what are they?

•   Medical records and your privacy

•   Communication of exposure record information

•   Records location and person responsible

•   Obtaining copies
    What are medical records?
Medical records are a record concerning the health status of
an employee, which is made by or maintained by a health
care professional and includes:
                          •   Medical and employment
                              questionnaires or histories
                          •   Results of medical examinations
                          •   Medical opinions, diagnoses,
                              progress notes, etc.
                          •   First-aid records
                          •   Descriptions of treatments and
                          •   Employee medical complaints
       What are exposure records?
Exposure records are a record containing any of the
following information:
  •   Biological monitoring, which assess the absorption of a toxic substance or
      harmful physical agent into the body but not including results which assess the
      biological effect of the substance or agent or which assess the employee’s
      use of alcohol or drugs.
  •   Environmental monitoring or measuring of toxic substances or harmful
      physical agents, including personal, area, grab, wipe, or other forms of
      sampling, as well as related collection and analytical methodologies,
      calculations, and other background data relevant to interpretation of the
      results obtained.
  •   Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  •   In the absence of an MSDS, a chemical inventory or other record that reveals
      the identity, where and when used, for toxic substances or harmful physical
         Medical records privacy
•   Medical records are
    personal and confidential
•   Medical records can only
    be released to:
    1.   You or a another party with
         your written authorization
    2.   A designated representative
         with your written
    3.   OSHA
    Exposure record information
•   Our facility policy is to share the results of exposure
    monitoring with employees who participated in the studies to
    develop the data

•   Often, the exposure monitoring data will also be shared with
    other personnel who work in the same area but were not
    involved directly in the sampling. The exposure is generally
    the same for several people, and it is not practical to monitor

•   When we share exposure monitoring data, it will always be
    free of any personal medical or health data and will contain
    the results of the monitoring only
Exposure and medical record location and responsibility

 Exposure and medical records are kept in a secure
 location within our facility.

 The individual who is responsible for record
 maintenance and storage is:
Obtaining exposure and medical records

•   If you ever desire to obtain exposure or medical
    records, you should contact:

•   Our facility will provide you with requested copies
    within a reasonable time frame

•   You will be asked to submit your request in writing
    and to sign a receipt for copies of records so that our
    facility can maintain an accurate record of releasing
    your records
Our facility maintains exposure and medical
records as part of our ongoing employee
safety and health process. You have access
to these records, and we support this
availability and will fulfill requests in a timely
        For more information
  For more information regarding access to Exposure and
  Medical Records or other safety issues, please contact:

Gregory & Appel Insurance
Mike Salazar, Vice President
Direct: 317-686-6407

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