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Computer Repair Workorder document sample

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                                                                                _____ Repair/reimage and return
                                                                                _____ Reimage/reallocate
                                    Equipment Work Order Form
                                   *** Complete a form for each item ***        _____ Surplus
                                                                                _____ New setup
Customer Name_______________________________________________
(This computer is/will be used by whom? Please specify a person’s name.)        _____ Retrieve data only

Contact Person ________________________________________________
(Full time person – Whom do we contact when the system is fixed? Leave blank if same person as above.)

Signature: ___________________________ Today's Date: _______________________

Department/County: ______________________ Phone: _________________________

Type of equipment: Desktop Laptop Monitor Printer Other: ______________
Brand:___________ (Dell, HP, etc.) Model Number: ___________________ (Optiplex 760, Latitude E6500)
Serial #: ____________________ WVU tag # (6 digit bar coded label): _____________
Service Tag (if Dell): ________________ Is the equipment set up for AD? __________

Description of problem or work to be done:

 Initial   Notice: Customers are responsible for their own data. We take no responsibility for data
 Here:     loss. When possible, we attempt to assist customers who have failed to make proper backups, but
           can make no promises concerning recovery of data. If necessary, we may delete all files (data
           and software programs) in order to re-install the operating system and make the computer
           functional again!

           You should routinely backup your data in case you have equipment problems.

Do you have data on this machine that needs backed up? Yes No
If so, where is your data stored/saved?

Do you have special software that needs installed? (e.g., 4-HPlus!, Second Copy, etc.) Yes No
Please list. ________________________________________________________________________________

Was a power supply included (laptops only)?     Yes No
Other equipment/software checked in with item(s):
Equipment under manufacturer’s warranty: Yes       No    Don’t know
What are the arrangements for pickup/delivery? ________________________________________
  Contact the Office of Technology with any questions -- or 304-293-4221.

Tech’s Notes:

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