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					                       PLANNED GIVING REPORT

        During the past year, I have received requests from three institutions of higher
learning, one high school, both state and national political party committees, Lancaster
Seminary, and at least one political action committee asking for the same thing—
essentially donations to endowment funds. The purpose of these funds is obvious, to
keep these organizations financially sound after I have departed this earth.

        In addition, I have been asked to contribute to: the Heart Fund, Cancer Fund,
Leukemia Fund, Make a Wish, March of Dimes, Samaritan’s Purse, the local fire
company, Ambulance Fund, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and some I am sure I have
forgotten. By the way all of these have resulted in donations from my wife and me—
sometimes only a few dollars, but we do manage to recognize the legitimate needs of
these groups. Somehow I don’t think my wife and I are different from most people.

        Did you notice that of that rather impressive list of organizations, only one is a
representative of institutional religion. And that one has had me on their mailing list
since I first made a contribution during a Conference wide drive for capital funds years
ago. For some reason, we don’t think it is appropriate for churches to ask for money.
Maybe one “Stewardship Sermon” a year is OK, but don’t overdo “preaching for

         Perhaps this attitude from the pews is why the Planned Giving Task Forces is so
under utilized. During the last twelve months, we have not received a request for us to do
“our thing”. It’s hard to believe that the churches and organizations of Penn West
Conference are so well funded that additional income is not needed. (I can be very
sarcastic at times!!!) The big difference between the organizations I listed and the ones
who didn’t contact me is just that—they didn’t contact me. Planned Giving can help
institutional religion to survive and prosper if you will give us the chance. Won’t you do

Earl J. Mostoller for the Planned Giving Team

Kerry Anthony
James Fox
Earl J. Mostoller