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Project name     ACES (Archaeology and Construction Engineering Skills) project
EH ref
IFA ref          P65

Date             22 October 2008
Circulated to    Kenneth Aitchison, ACES project group
Period           1 April 2008 – 31 July 2008
Author           Kate Geary

Schedule         Problem foreseen
                 Because the project start-up was delayed, a revised timetable was agreed
                 at the Reading meeting. WP2, which should have run from December 07
                 to March 08 did not start until March and ran until the end of July. This
                 revision to the timetable should allow the project to complete on schedule.

Budget           On budget

Resources        No additional resource implications

Products and tasks completed during this period (WP2)
2/i            Identification of interdependent skills
2/ii           Identification of current best inter-sectoral practice
2/iii          Identification of relevant occupational standards

Products and tasks to be completed in the next period (WP3)
3/i            Preparation of draft guidance material for both sectors in each
3/ii           Production of guidance material handbooks for both sectors in each

Project risks    See risk log in project application

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