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Professional Resume Preparation by icb16525


Professional Resume Preparation document sample

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									Professional Development
Preparation for FAMU and FSU Career Fairs
Programs Chair Velencia Witherspoon

       The Look
       The Preparation
       The Conversation
       The Follow Up
The Look

  Casual
  Business Casual
  Professional
The Preparation

  Resume
  The Top Five
Resume Writing
 1.   Showcase your key projects and programs. include information about your
      notable projects – what the project was, what your responsibilities were, what you
      were studying or investigating, and the results.
 2.   Highlight your technical qualifications. technology tools (e.g., software,
      operating systems, networks, laboratory equipment and instrumentation). It will
      strengthen your overall portfolio of qualifications.
 3.    Demonstrate your problem-solving skills. Demonstrate your worth by
      highlighting the problems you’ve encountered and how you’ve worked to solve
 4.    Academic credentials and professional certifications sell. If you have strong
      academic credentials (e.g., Ph.D. in Biopsychology from Harvard) or
      distinguishing professional credentials (e.g., Certified Quality Assurance
      Technician), don’t bury that information at the end of your resume. Rather, bring
      that information – even just a brief mention of it – to the forefront of your resume.
      These unique credentials will immediately distinguish you from the crowd of other
      well-qualified candidates.
 5.    Integrate the “right” keywords so your resume will get selected during a
      keyword search. Here are just a few general keywords and keyword phrases for
      the sciences that you may want to include (if appropriate to your experience and
Ex. Resumes
The Top Five
  Choose the top five companies you are
   interested in by getting the list of companies
   from your school prior to arrival.
  Research the companies. i.e. pillars, open
   positions, location, products, goals, history,
   current CEO/leaders.
  Cater your resume to each company. i.e.
   research based, mission statement.
  Make sure to visit and spend 10-15 with each
   company booth.
The Conversation (this is why you do research)

     Direct it. Name, major, classification
         I am interested in “…” about your company…
         Emphasize your strengths
         Establish a connection with the recruiter. (alumni,
         Flattery of companies success or past
         Have a resume ready.
         Make sure to get the contact information of the
          person you spoke to directly.
     You only have so much time so make a lasting
The Follow Up

  After 1 week: Send your recruiter a friendly
   email and attach your resume and unofficial
   transcript to remind them of your interest.
  After 3 weeks: If you aren’t given an interview
   or job offer inquire about different opportunities
   with their company.
  After 5 weeks: Whether Rejected or Accepted
   be sure to send them a Thank for your time
   and consideration email.

  Life Experience

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