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					President’s Message
Johnny Dawkins - President, NCAHU
                                                                                             and give us your opinion. Your opinion is
                                                                                             important as we chart the future for Health
                                                                                             Underwriters. Members are the lifeblood
                                                                                             of this organization, and your leaders need
                                              listening to your concerns.                    your input as we attempt to bring meaning
                                                 Why do we allocate so much of our           and value to your membership in NCAHU.
                                              annual budget of NCAHU to Capitol                 The NCAHU Symposium is just around
                                              Conference? We have to speak-up for you        the corner. On April 7, 8, and 9, over 600
                                              and ourselves and the private financing        of us will converge on Winston-Salem
                                              of healthcare in America. If we don’t take     and “Get Smart”. David Smith, your
                                              time out of our busy schedules to explain      Symposium Chair and NCAHU President-
                                              the value Health Underwriters bring to the     Elect, has done a great job lining up the
                                              healthcare equation, you can rest assured      speakers and their educational topics,
                                              that your career and our industry will be      which will help you sell and service your
                                              replaced by a government bureaucrat.           clients much better than a non-NCAHU
                                                 Those who favor single-payer legislation    member You can register TODAY at
                                              and numerous “Connector” plans do not Our Symposium
                                              realize or appreciate the value of an agent,   hotels are the Marriott in the Twin City
                                              broker, account manager, customer serv-        Quarter and the Embassy Suites in the
                                              ice rep or benefits consultant…and would       Twin City Quarter. Hotel registration info
  The volunteer leaders of NCAHU just         just rather we go and find another career.     is also available at the
returned from four days on Capitol Hill at    As Hillary Clinton said a few years ago and website.
the NAHU Capitol Conference in                I paraphrase, “You look smart; surely you         Thank you for the service you provide
Washington, DC. From the reports gener-       can go and find something else to do.”         to your clients, your family, and your
ated from the thirteen congressional visits      You have a chance to complete a survey      community. Listen, Learn, Lead…NCAHU
and the two senate visits, it appears your    concerning the value of NCAHU. (See            shows the Way!•
representatives and their staffs are          link below.) Please take a couple minutes

  President’s Message                 1
  Past President’s Message            2
  Awards                              4
  State L &L                          5
  Membership                          6
  Charlotte                           8
  Coastal                             8       Some of the volunteer leaders of NCAHU that just returned from four days on
                                              Capitol Hill at the NAHU Capitol Conference in Washington, DC.
  Triad                               9
                                               Please take a couple minutes and complete a survey concerning the value of NCAHU.
  Triangle                            11       Your opinion is important as we chart the future for Health Underwriters. Members
                                               are the lifeblood of this organization, and your leaders need your input as we attempt
  Western                             12       to bring meaning and value to your membership in NCAHU. You can access the survey
  Western Piedmont                    14       at:

NCAHU The Health Underwriter                                           1                                                 February 2008
Message From Past President
Tim Walsh - Immediate Past President
                       As noted in last month’s NCAHU               statement for an office which shall include acknowledgement of
                     Newsletter, provisions for electing officers   their interest in serving in the office, as well as an endorsement
                     to NCAHU have been added to the                from the Board of the local chapter in which the candidate
                     chapter bylaws. In accordance with these       currently is a member, no less than 30 days prior to the first day
                     provisions I would like to notify all          of the annual NCAHU Symposium. It is the responsibility of
                     members of the deadlines outlined in           the Elections Chair to notify all members of the deadlines and
                     section 3 of the election bylaws:              requirements for candidates each year no less than 60 days
                       “Individuals who are interested in           prior to the first day of the annual NCAHU Symposium.”
                     serving in any of the offices which are           NCAHU’s 19th Annual Symposium will be held this year at
                     elected shall submit to the Immediate Past     the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC on April 8
                     President, as Elections Chair, a nomination    and 9, 2008. •

                                                                                                  19th Annual
                                                                                             Symposium & Exhibition
                                                                                               Benton Convention
                                                                                                April 8 - 9, 2008
NCAHU The Health Underwriter                                        2                                                    February 2008
                                    Are you a leader? Are            OK, that doesn’t sound too hard, and it’s not. What
                                  you one of the “Best of the      do I get out of this besides an award? LPRT members
Teri Gutierrez - Awards Chair Best? I bet you are; and             receive a 5% discount on all NAHU services and meetings,
                                  LPRT is your way to show         including Capital Conference and the National Convention.
                       the world you are one of the BEST.          You get a 10% discount if you are an Eagle or Golden Eagle
                       Producers, managers, carrier reps and       qualifier. LPRT sponsors several Web seminars each year.
                       GA’s can all qualify for any of the 4       The Web seminars will deal with advanced topics that are of
                       levels of LPRT, Leading Producer            interest to the top producers in the industry. The seminars
                       Qualifier,                                                                                  will be open

                                              ARE YOU READY FOR
                       President’s                                                                                 to the general
                       Council,                                                                                    public, but
                       Eagle and                                                                                   LPRT quali-

                                               YOUR AWARDS?
                       Golden                                                                                      fiers will be
Eagle. We had 42 leaders in NC                                                                                     able to attend
last year.                                                                                                         these Web
  OK, you know you are one                                                                                         seminars free
of the best how do we go about proving it to others?               of charge. There are other special educational events, trips
The answer is simple. You fill out the LPTR form and send it       and recognition at the national convention each year.
to NAHU. Each person applying is required to fill out the            OK, I’m going to do it…I’ll fill out the forms
forms that verify your production from January 1, 2007    and get the form
through December 31, 2007or the people you manage, their           certified by the company and/or my manager,
production over that time frame. It takes a little time to gath-
er the information, but I am sure you track what is going on       add the check for the registration and send it in. Great, just
with production and retention of your business anyway as           make sure you get it all in the mail and postmarked no later
this relates directly to your income. The forms use this very      than March 31, 2008.
same information.                                                                                           (continued next page)

                                                                                          How do you find
                                                                                             the right
                                                                                           health plan?

                                                                                           Follow the right

                                                                                            866-935-7284, Raleigh
                                                                                           800-470-4523, Charlotte

NCAHU The Health Underwriter                                       4                                               February 2008
Awards                               Are You An Emerging Leader With Less Than 5 years In The Industry ?
(continued)        If you fit this category, I need you to be              Triangle association and approved by the National Board
                  thinking about applying for the new “The                 of Trustees at Capitol Conference. The award dates for this
Emerging Leaders Award”. Information has been posted                       is the same as the other awards with documentation due
to NAHU’s websit                                                           to national no later than April 5th. Up to 14 awards can
( )                                 be given on a national level. Please make sure that you
  This is an award that was created for people with less than              discuss this new award with your awards chairs for possible
5 years in the industry and in the association. The award                  candidates. Call me or email me if you have any
was written by our own Liz Gutierrez from the                              questions.•

State L & L
                                    It was absolutely wonderful to         the nation.
                                  see the enthusiasm of our mem-             In our meetings with legislators and their staff members, we
                                  bers and NAHU staff who attend-          were pleased to see an acute awareness of healthcare topics that
Porter Hicks - Co-Chair           ed Cap Conference earlier this           we had not observed before. We were well prepared for our
                      month. Everyone there was energized                  Capitol Hill visits with talking points provided by NAHU and many
                      about the changes that are coming to                 appointments that had been arranged by Ken Sherlin. Kudos to
                      health care. The agenda of both political            Ken for an excellent job of coordinating and scheduling our visits.
                      parties includes major changes to the sys-             From a State L&L perspective, we were warned about
                      tem, as it exists today.                             legislation capping insurance company profits, as well as those of
                         For those of you who were unable                  drug companies, which is being proposed in various states.
                      to join us in Washington, the message                Another concern is regarding connector bills that are springing
                      was clear that now is the time to get                up around the country. Here in NC, HB 1897, NC Health Care for
                      involved with your local elected representa-         All, has appropriations and is in study. We will be watching this
                      tives. It is imperative to start letting these       closely and may be calling on our members to contact their
                      folks know how you feel about the sweep-
ing changes being proposed to healthcare in this state as well as,                                                     (continued next page)

       Vision benefit that
         everyone can


NCAHU The Health Underwriter                                           5                                                      February 2008
                                                                                 State L & L
                                                                                 elected officials to offer our concerns and
                                                                                 ideas. We are in a unique position to help
                                                                                 shape legislation so that it will be in the
                                                                                 best interests of all NC citizens.
                                                                                    At the Conference, NAHU introduced
                                                                                 their new Power Point Presentation for
                                                                                 Healthy Access. As I am sure you know,
                                                                                 Healthy Access is NAHU’s official position
                                                                                 on solving issues that are at the crux of the
                                                                                 problems with our healthcare system. This
                                                                                 is a well-done follow-up to “The
                                                                                 Three Myths of the Single Payer System”,
                                                                                 because it offers good statistics as well as
                                                                                 solutions to the many of the underlying
                                                                                 problems. A copy of this presentation was
                                                                                 given to all conference attendees and is
                                                                                 also available by downloading from the
                                                                                 NAHU website. This needs to be shown at
                                                                                 your local Chapter meetings, as soon as
                                                                                 possible, so all members can feel
                                                                                 comfortable talking about this to everyone
                                                                                 they meet. At this point in time, the most
                                                                                 important part of our job is to educate our
                                                                                 clients as well as the general public about
                                                                                 alternative solutions to our healthcare
                                                                                 crisis. •

Membership                                          Making Membership Easier
Hughes Waren - Chair NCAHU Vice President

                         Learn What NAHU’s eCommerce Can Do For You
                         • New members can join & payments are processed online
                         • Membership renewals & payments are processed online
                         • Retention tool Portal, Direct e-mail chapter members about renewals & lapses and
                           Download excel reports – Chapter Billed Not Paid, Lapsed, Current Roster, etc.
                         • Capture contact information for prospective members
                         • Update contact information, emails, passwords, etc.
                         • Register for Capitol Conference & Convention
                         • Register for a Web Seminar
                         • Purchase products – brochures, educational CD’s, publications, etc.
                         • Live feed to the National database
                         • Register for certification classes
                         • B2B – Broker to Broker – NAHU’s online discussion center
                         • Check out recruiter information
                         • New agent information
                         Go to – click on My NAHU – login to get started.

NCAHU The Health Underwriter                                    6                                             February 2008
NCAHU The Health Underwriter   7   February 2008
Watts Huckabee, Sr. – President
                                                share with our members and guests the
                                                role NAHU is playing in influencing
                                                National Healthcare issues in Washington.
                            Hello members       Also Janet will answer questions about all
                          of NCAHU, on          of our Presidential candidates and report
                          behalf of the Board   on the accomplishments of Capital
                          we all hope your      Conference which was February 4th – 6th
                          2008 is off to a      in Washington DC. In March we are
                          productive start.     trying to gain commitments from one or
                          For us, we have all   more Presidential candidates to speak at
                          been busy carrying    our March meeting which will be later in
                          out our plans for     the month since we will not have a meet-
                          another successful    ing in April because of the NCAHU’s
                          year for CAHU.        Symposium April 7th-9th in Winston
Part of our focus for the next two months       Salem.
will be highly political.                         On behalf of Charlotte, we thank you
  To start, mark your calendars for a           for your membership and for your
meeting date change. Instead of meeting         support of your Local, State and National
the first Wednesday of February we will         Association’s. Together we can make
be meeting Wednesday, February 27th for         a difference in North Carolina and
lunch at the Marriott. NAHU CEO, Janet          cumulatively we can make a difference
Trautwein will be traveling to Charlotte to     nationally. •

                                                McIntyre whose Lumberton home is near
                                                Joyce Britt’s home (and they apparently
Connette Bradley– President                     know many of the same people). We were
                                                given ample time with McIntyre’s aide to
                                                explain our concerns and positions and
                        Conference was
                                                offer talking points and solutions. While
                        certainly eye-open-
                                                all of us were energized by our insights
                        ing for new
                                                from Cap Conference speakers, they too
                        attendees, Joyce
                                                gathered opinions and ideas from us. And
                        Britt and me.
                                                we applaud NAHU on the Healthy Access
                        Coastal members,
                                                proposal. Our candidates need to support
                        Hughes Waren and
                                                NAHUs solutions, not national healthcare.
                        Mark Waugh, also
                                                   Our program for February supports
                        attended and
                                                our platform, “Riding Waves to Better
                        commented on the
                                                Health” with a presentation by NC
lack of understanding many in Congress,
                                                Prevention Partners entitled “Prevention--
and even their aides, have concerning
                                                The Wave of the Future.” As more
health insurance and the role of the
                                                companies implement wellness programs
professional agent. Three of us were able
                                                to lessen health risks and reduce health
to visit briefly with Representative Mike
                                                insurance premiums, agents are being
                                                                          asked for
                                                                          guidance. Our
                                                                          information is
                                                                          invaluable to
                                                                          our clients.
                                                                            Our “Insurance
                                                                          Month” kickoff
                                                                          January 31 at
                                                                          the Greater

                                                                         Hughes Waren,
                                                                         Joyce Britt,
                                                                         Bradley with
                                                                         Mike McIntyre.
NCAHU The Health Underwriter                                         8                       February 2008
Coastal                Chamber of Commerce Mega Business
                       After Hours Mini-Trade Show gave mem-
                                                                               and prospect for new business. Members manning our booth
                                                                               included Tyson Borum, Sam Carr, Amanda Smith, Dennis
(continued)            bers the opportunity to tell NAHUs story                Stokley, Bruce Torgeson and me.•

                                                                                (Above) Dennis Stokley and Sam Carr.

                                                                                (Top Left) Connette Bradley and Tyson Borum at the
                                                                                Health Insurance Awareness event at the Coastline
                                                                                Convention Center.

                                                                                (Left) Amanda Smith, Connette Bradley and
                                                                                Bruce E. Torgeson.

                                 The Triad chapter continues to do             $9,000 that went to three non-profit organizations that support
                              well. We just recently sent 12 mem-              women and children in the Triad. This year our board has select-
                              bers of TAHU to the NAHU Capitol                 ed The Victory Junction Gang Camp as the main recipient of our
Jim Deese – President
                              Conference in Washington DC. I                   proceeds. Victory Junction is a camp started by Kyle and Patty
                        believe our chapter had the largest delega-            Petty after their son Adam was killed in a NASCAR accident. The
                        tion from North Carolina, I could be mis-              camp for children that have special needs and offers these kids a
                        taken. At any rate North Carolina was one              chance to spent time at a world class camp with other kids just
                        of the largest delegations as well.                    like themselves. Please see our advertisement in this addition for
                           The purpose of the Capitol Conference               details. You are all welcome to register and attend our golf
                        is for NAHU members from all over the                  outing•
                        United States to gather in the nation’s capi-
                        tol and hear from numerous speakers
                        regarding our industry and what political
                        influences may take place. Also the main
purpose is for the members to actually go to Capitol Hill and meet
face to face with our representatives and senators. I feel that the
Triad members that were present did a wonderful job of meeting
with the Congress Men and Women that represent our region of
North Carolina. I was honored to be part of this conference
because of the trust and confidence that our members place in
each of us who attend. We must make our position on “health
care” know to our politicians. There is a great deal riding on this
next election and if we do not educate our representatives then
our adversaries sure will. All in all it was a fantastic trip and I hope
and pray that we had some influence in the political process.
  Triad is also doing a great deal locally to help various charitable          Herb Pennington, Rick Powers, Brian Sowers, Carol
organizations in our area. Every one of our biggest fund raisers is            Pennington and Jim Deese in front of Senator Burr’s office
our annual Golf Tournament. Last year we were able to raise over               in Washington, DC during 2008 Capital Conference.
NCAHU The Health Underwriter                                               9                                                       February 2008
Teri Gutierrez – President
                           Triangle membership is slowly creeping
                        up as the 200th membership has been
                        mailed into National. We have been work-
                        ing very hard on membership the last 6
                        months and have increased our retention
                        of members loosing only an average of 2.6
                        members per month. Many thanks to Dan
                        Odorizzi our retention chair for all of his
                        hard work making those calls. Beth
                        Donnor our President Elect and member-
                        ship chair has set up our current member-
ship contest that will run from Jan.1st - April 30th. Once a mem-
ber has referred two new members during this time their name
will go into a drawing for $150 cash. For each additional member
they refer they will receive an additional chance to win the cash.
So far only one member has there name in the hat but we have 6             Triangle AHU President Teri Gutierrez & NC Representative
                                                                           Paul Stam, House Minority Leader, at the February 2008
others that have one member referred so with a little luck they            Triangle AHU luncheon. Paul Stam spoke about political
will get there names in the hat very soon.                                 issues surrounding high-risk pool legislation
  Our February meeting was well attended with 50
members and guests. Our meeting was short so we
could reconvene into a separate Legislative meeting.
Our Speaker at that meeting was the Republican leader
in the House of Representatives for North Carolina,
Paul Stam. Representative Stam talked about what
would be happening in the upcoming short session and
about the support for the High Risk Pool. Members
were then able to ask questions of the representative.
  Our March Meeting will be the wellness meeting
with our host and sponsor Wake Medical Center. We
have a health fair set up for our members so they can
see what can be provided to employers for their
employees. We will be offering two different types of
cholesterol screenings, blood sugar test, body mass

                                                                                                             (Above) Liz Gutierrez,
                                                                                                             Triangle AHU, Illana
                                                                                                             Maze, Senior VP NAHU
                                                                                                             Marketing &
                                                                                                             Development present a
                                                                                                             $3,500 check to Jamil
                                                                                                             Fletcher, Director
                                                                                                             Corporate Relations,
                                                                                                             Whitman-Walker Clinic,
                                                                                                             Washington DC.
                                                                                                             Donations came from
                                                                                                             NAHU Capitol
                                                                                                             Conference attendees
                                                                                                             on behalf of the new
                                                                                                             agent’s taskforce walk.

US Senator Elizabeth Dole meets with NCAHU members (left to right) Andrea and David Block,
Carol and Herb Pennington, Teri Gutierrez, Beth Donner, and Tony Gutierrez.
NCAHU The Health Underwriter                                          11                                                February 2008
(Photo, right) Catherine Liao (center), Legislative
Aid on health care issues for Congressman
David Price meets with TAHU members
(left to right) Christine Anderson, Tony Gutierrez,
Liz Gutierrez, Jack Kenley, Teri Gutierrez,
Leslie McMillan, Chris Shoffner, Renee Luongo,
Bill Hendrickson, and Rufus Langley.

                                                             index and blood pressure screens. Our speaker is also from
                                                             Wake Med, David Gardner, and will be talking to members
                                                             about becoming leaders in the community for wellness.
                                                               Triangle also had the largest group ever attending Cap
                                                             Conference with 11 members in Washington, DC. Our mem-
                                                             bers met with Senator Dole, and the Aides for congressmen
                                                             Price, Ethridge and Miller. I also had the privilege of being
                                                             part of a delegation to the pentagon with our State President
                                                             Johnny Dawkins for a meeting with the Deputy Secretary of
                                                             Defense England, General McDew and Deputy Secretary
NCAHU join other NAHU members at 5:45 in the morning for     Wilkie. Liz Gutierrez who is on the National Committee for
the New Agent’s Taskforce charity walk around the Washington
monument. NCAHU members include Mel Schlesinger, Christine New Agents also spoke briefly at the conference and present-
Anderson, Liz Gutierrez, Leslie McMillan, Renee Luongo, and  ed a check to a local charity from money that was raised from
Tony Gutierrez (taking photo). To see other photos go to:    an early morning walk at the conference. All in all a very busy month for the triangle so far. •

                               On January 29,
                             we had our annual
David Block – President educational seminar at
                             the Homewood Event
                         and Conference Center.
                         Andrea Block, the
                         Chairperson for the
                         event, worked very hard
                         garnering sponsors, ads,
                         and our presenters.
                         Those that attended
                         gained a great deal of
                         information even before
                         most of their colleagues.
This event was co-sponsored with NCAHU.
We were happy to plan this event as part of our
state’s symposium. Though we had some rough
spots with individual members not getting their
personal invitations in time, we trust in the
future that our membership will be pro-active
and ask in advance for invitations. Della was
very diligent in emailing everyone about the
seminar, so it is not for lack of communication.
As members, you have the obligation to help us WNCAHU Members
NCAHU The Health Underwriter                                12                                                 February 2008
do our best to perform at the highest
level possible. This is best accomplished
with positive hands-on behavior. The sem-
inar was still a success with Mayor Terry
Bellamy stopping by in the morning. She
presented us with a proclamation for the
event and it was an honor for me to
receive it on behalf of our association. In
addition, we are certain that next year’s
planning and organizing committee will
be able to build on what we have accom-
   I recently returned from Capitol
Conference and immediately proceeded                                                          (Above) Mayor Bellamy presented
to get sick. This appears to be an annual                                                     the proclamation to David Block.
event for me; I do not know if it is DC, or
being around too many politicians, or just                                                    (Left) Tom Jacobs, the presenter.
too many people packed in a convention                                                        allow Andrea and me an opportunity to
area. In any event, it is nice to be on the                                                   pack a bit more meticulously for our road
recovering side. Cap Conference …what                                                         trip to DC. In any event, I am looking for-
a fabulous event! It is really quite a treat                                                  ward to March’s meeting when the CEO
meeting with one’s legislators. Being a cit-                                                  of Park Ridge Hospital will be visiting.
izen lobbyist is vital to our association,                                                       We emailed and mailed (to those with
ourselves, and to the legislative process.                                                    no known email address) our member-
Without all of us converging on Capitol         to listen to him help us plan, prepare, and   ship survey this month. Please make cer-
Hill, we would not be able to show how          motivate our organization and ourselves.      tain to complete and return it, by the end
vibrant we are as an association. Is it         If you have the opportunity to hear Byrd      of the month, for an opportunity to win
great that we have a place at the policy        again, I strongly urge you to listen; he is   $20.00. Lastly, remember that on the 23rd
making table? Yes! Is it vital that our asso-   well worth the time and money!                of this month we have our major Health
ciation’s voice be heard by the policymak-         Ken Sherlin, our past president and cur-   Insurance Awareness event at the
ers? Yes! But, will it continue to be heard     rent legislative chair directed our local     Biltmore Square Mall. It is from 10AM to
is a major issue! Unless we continue to         and the entire state and reported to          3PM and we need volunteers to staff our
grow our local and state association’s          national. We are very proud of the work       WNCAHU booth. Our booth will have
membership while simultaneously main-           Ken does for our association and I person-    brochures and general information on
taining our involvement, the strength of        ally am proud to have him as an ally. His     insurance solutions. We will not be sell-
our voices will diminish. Even now, AHIA        hard work and dedication to maintaining a     ing anything, just providing information to
has formed a working committee called           free-market based insurance delivery sys-     the consumer about what insurance solu-
the “Connectors Task Force” in order to         tem is a model to which all of us to should   tions are available in the state and locally.
help draft legislation that ensures agents      aspire. I need to add a pitch here for your   This is a community service project, held
are maintained in the mix. Well, if the life    active participation in our local Board of    in conjunction with our state association
side is concerned about this issue, should      Directors. We need your financial support     and national. I am very proud to that we
we not be too? One of the breakout ses-         and if you can afford it, we need your time   have really stepped up to the plate with
sions at Capitol Conference dealt with this     too. Our board meets the first Friday of      this event. Please listen to the radio for
Connector issue and the best practices to       each month immediately after our regular      the event advertising. With the help of a
fight this damaged piece of legislation.        membership meeting. We are normally           donation from Crescent PPO and
David Fear, Our National Past President,        finished by 11:00AM. That extra time plus     Community Eye Care, we are able to get
ran a great session and I was able to           attendance at a few events during the         the word out to many more people that
obtain the power point presentation if any-     course of the year is all that is required.   we initially thought. I am certain this
one is interested.                              You may speak with anyone on our cur-         event will be a great success and look for-
   Sunday at Cap Conference was                 rent (or previous) boards and I believe       ward to reporting on it next month. I want
designed for our president elect as leader-     they will tell you they get more out of the   to thank Myrna Harris and Diane Austin
ship training and I am very happy to say        association then they give.                   for all of their hard work leading up to
that Myrna Harris attended the full-day            Unfortunately, our meeting this month      this event.
session. When I learned that Byrd               was cancelled due to the ice that is             Until then, if you have ideas, or would
Baggett was going to be the moderator           endemic to WNC. Now I say unfortunate-        like to see anything new, different, or
and presenter for the day, I too stayed for     ly, as I was the presenter…for some of        additional, make certain to return your
a majority of the day. It was such a treat      you, it may have been a relief?! It did       surveys.•
NCAHU The Health Underwriter                                        13                                                     February 2008
Western Piedmont
Ed Bateman – President
                            “CATCHIN’ ‘UM FASTER
                            THAN WE CAN SKIN’UM
                            AT WESTERN PIED!”
                               Six ofus just returned from
                            Capitol Conference where the
                            speakers were informative
                            and our visits to the hill were
                            productive. We are fortunate to
                            have two district representatives
                            in Foxx and McHenry that
                            speak our language and vote
                            our way on healthcare and
other issues. We were pitching “influence among
peers” to them among other NAHU- designated topics. (Above) Ed Bateman and Cristy Gupton with WHKY Morning Show
    Thanks to Past President Dwayne (Carol) et al for          Host, Hal Row.
filling in for us (and continuing to pitch LPRT and            (Below) Health Insurance - Board members at the Health
personal certifications) while we were away. New Mom, Insurance Awareness booth at the Mall
Lori Alala, and El Presidente were presented their
Triple Crown Awards at the meeting (yay us!) joining
previous qualifiers Mel and Phyllis, and will “pin” each
other with the special awards at the March meeting.
    The D.C. contingent returned to swelling member-
ship at WPAHU - 15 new members in YODA since April
1 - learning that the two “C-notes” for our second mem-
bership contest have already been won by Sonya Blair
(NM Tiffany Reynolds) and Phyllis Sweezy (NM David
Spivey) and I understand there are a few more in the
wings. Cristy will have a FULL orientation class and
we’ve got more mentoring to do. With Pete and Leigh
Anne teaming up to recruit Glenn Winters, that gives us
100% Board recruitment. WOW - 17 plus new members
and still plenty of year left!!
    Thanks to Dr. Mark Stegelman and Aetna for their
                                       sponsorship and the
                                       February program,
                                       “Medical Cost
                                       Trends - 2008”.
                                          The HUPAC/
                                       NCPAC 50/50 lotteries continue
                                       to be a hit with the membership
                                       and will continue in 2008.
                                          We finished up our Health
                                       Insurance Awareness Week
                                       promotion in style with Cristy
                                       and Yours Truly preaching our
“Party line” on The Morning Show at WHKY on February 12 - just
“opping” and “edding” away!
    Thanks to everyone who participated at the booth in Valley           PP Dwayne presiding and promoting LPRTapplications
Hills Mall on January 29th and to Mary Kate and Angie for the
AWESOME WPAHU ad listing ALL of our members for the                      for May 30 - 31 at Koury Convention Center (The Four Seasons) in
public’s interest. Feedback from all of these                            Greensboro - current and new board members will plan to attend
activities in the Health Insurance Awareness                             and 4) WPAHU monthly meeting March 5 with special awards
campaign has been very good.                                             and new member introductions planned, our “Legislative Affairs
    Another flash - WPAHU was re-certified                               Presentation” by Robert Paschal scheduled and the meeting will
for ‘08 - ‘09 as a Silver Seal Chapter last                              be sponsored by CIGNA. ll members are encouraged to bring a
week. Thanks to Leigh Anne for                                           guest. Thanks to the membership for responding to the Member
spearheading this accomplishment. Upcoming                               Needs Survey and to Angela and Cristy for developing it and get-
dates to remember are 1) finalize the Pacesetter                         ting it on our website.
Book for mailing NLT MARCH 26 - Chairs have been reminded to                Neither flu, nor surgery, nor childbirth, nor trips to Washington,
get their data and documentation IN to Phyllis and Angela, 2)            nor weather, nor schedule conflicts can deter WPAHU from it’s
NCAHU Annual Symposium April 7 - 9 in Winston-Salem - registra- appointed mission - “Serving Americans....Being Champions”.
tion forms were distributed at the February meeting and participa- WPAHU rocks!•
tion encouraged, 3) the State Leadership Conference is scheduled
NCAHU The Health Underwriter                                          14                                                      February 2008

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