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					                                     MBAI 692
                                Integrative Project
                                     Fall 2009

Dr. Rachelle Katz
Hilton 233

PROPOSAL DUE DATE: August 1, 2009

MBAI 692 is a capstone course that provides the student with an opportunity to
integrate his/her graduate studies by performing an original research study.

Upon completion of MBAI 692 you will be able to:
       prepare acceptable research proposal explaining the integration of functional
        areas as well as the structure and deliverables of the project
       conduct secondary research on literature relevant to the topic of study
       integrate into the study relevant academic concepts and theories
       perform statistical analysis using primary data in order to draw sound and
        valid conclusions
       prepare a final written document in proper academic form.

The integrative project option provides you with a unique opportunity to draw together
your MBA learning experiences into a single creative expression. The study must
integrate your knowledge across at least three functional areas. You may pursue an
independent business research project, develop an advanced business plan or assist a
faculty member in a joint research project. In all cases, however, your work must be
unique, useful, original and substantial.

You must set up an appointment to review sample Integrative Projects before
submitting a proposal. You must submit an Integrative Project Proposal to Dr. Katz
for approval no later than August 1, 2009. Only after the proposal is approved will
the MBA Coordinator clear you to register for MBAI 692. In some cases, you may
decide to work with another full-time LMU faculty member on a research project, with
the approval of Dr. Katz. It is not the role of the faculty member to provide technical
assistance in designing research, creating independent projects, analyzing data. These
are areas in which you should have developed sufficient competency as a result of prior
MBA course work.
The first draft of the proposal is due to Dr. Katz no later than August 1, 2009. The
proposal is a detailed description of your deliverables. The proposal must include all of
the following. You may add additional sections specific to your project. Please note
that the last page of this syllabus is a guideline for projects that are business plans. If
you project is a business plan, you must address those topics in your proposal.

       Introduction: Introduce your topic. What is interesting and unique about it?
        How does it relate to prior course work? How does it relate to the your current or
        future career? What are the goals of the study? Who is the target audience?
        What will they gain from this project?

       Literature Search: What has been written about the topic in general? Who or
        what are the major sources of information on this topic? What are the plans to
        expand the bibliography (included at the end of your proposal)?

       Methodology: How will data be collected? A draft of any questionnaire must be
        included. If interviews are planned, a set of potential questions should be
        included. The methods for selecting interview or survey participants must be
        included as well as any limitations that they as an imperfect sample may imply to
        the project. All integrative projects, including business plans, are expected to
        include statistical analysis of primary data. For a business plan, this will usually
        involve survey-based market research.           Some projects may incorporate
        significant analysis of published data instead of primary data.

       Analysis: For a research topic, this will involve presentation and development of
        models, hypothesis testing, etc. For a business plan, you must specify how each
        of the functional areas of the company will be analyzed including: use of
        established models, analysis of data, assessment of resources, etc.

       Conclusions: What are the expectations for this project as well as its limitations?

       Schedule: List the key milestones of your project and when you expect to meet
        them. Use a Gantt chart or any similar milestone charting technique.

       Bibliography:     List a preliminary set of relevant references in standard
        bibliographic format.

When the project is complete, a draft should be submitted to Dr. Katz

   A grade is only assigned to the Integrative Project when Dr. Katz (or a pre-approved
    faculty member) determines that the project is completed in an acceptable manner.

   Inputs from other LMU faculty or staff who were involved in the project may be used
    at the discretion of Dr. Katz in determining the final grade. After Dr. Katz determines
    the project is complete, you will need to submit two bound copies to the MBA Office.

   If the project is not completed during the semester of enrollment, a grade of “I” will
    be assigned. If this “I” is not removed within one calendar year from the end of the
    semester of enrollment you will have to re-enroll and pay for the course again.
                         BUSINESS PLAN GUIDELINES

   Vision Statement
   Mission Statement
   Literature Review
   Resource Audit
        a. Legal
        b. Environmental Assessment
   Analysis
        a. Survey and Statistical Analysis
        b. Industry Analysis
        c. Competitive Analysis
   Operating Plan
        a. Marketing
        b. Finance
        c. Management
        d. HR
        e. Operations
        f. Information Systems
   Implementation and Growth
   Conclusion
   Bibliography
   Appendices

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