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									              Application for Marriage License
The application for marriage license is accomplished and filed by the contracting parties under
oath in the municipality where either one of them habitually resides and administered by the
Municipal Civil Registrar. Marriage license is one of the formal requisites of a valid marriage. The
ten-day (10) day posting will start after completion of the requirements. The marriage license
shall be valid in any part of the Philippines for a period of one hundred twenty days (120) from
the date of issue and shall be deemed cancelled at the expiration of said period if the contracting
parties have not made use of it.

1. Birth or baptismal certificate of the contracting parties.
2. Community tax certificate (CEDULA) of the contracting parties.
3. Signature of parents (father and mother) if the contracting parties are between 18 and 25
  years old.
4. Death certificate of the deceased spouse in case one or both contracting parties are
5. Certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage from embassy in case one or both contracting
  parties is/are foreigners.
6. Pre-marriage counseling (PMC).
7. Certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) from NSO.

Taxes & Fees:
   Php 190.00 for application for Marriage Licanse/PMC
   Php 2.00for Marriage License

     FOLLOW THESE STEPS                   PROCESSING TIME                 PLEASE APPROACH
1. Presentation of Document

The contracting parties present the     1 minute
required support ing documents.                                       Gina A. Vibar
                                                                      Administrative Aide VI
2. Examination of Documents
                                                                      Astrid O. Maquiniana
MCR staff receive and examine the       3 minutes                     Administrative Aide VI
document submitted and ascertain
the age of the contracting parties.                                   Melinda N. Nicerio
3. Preparation and                                                    Shierlyl M. Moral
Processesing                                                          MCR Staff
                                        10 to 15 minutes
MCR staff prepares the forms to be
signed by the contracting parties.
4. Payment of Fees

Pay the required fees at the            5 minutes                     MTO Staff
Municipal Treasurer's Office.

                                   Camalig Citizen’s Charter
                                        Republic of the Philippines
                                      MUNICIPALITY OF CAMALIG
                                            Province of Albay
5. Attendance to Pre-Marriage

The contracting parties are
required to undergo Pre-Marriage
Counseling schedules every 1st
and 3rd Wednesday of the month.
6. Publication
                                       1 minute                      Ernesto A. Espinas
Come back after the 10-day                                           Municipal Civil Registrar
publication period.

7. Signature of the Municipal
Civil Registrar

Employee-in-charge presents the
document to the MCR for
8. Payment of Marriage
                                                                     Gina A. Vibar
The client pay Php 2.00 for the                                      Administrative Aide VI
Marriage License. (the receipt is
the Marriage license itself)                                         Astrid O. Maquiniana
                                       3 minutes                     Administrative Aide VI
The client should review the
Marriage License.                                                    Melinda N. Nicerio
9. Release of License                                                Shierlyl M. Moral
                                                                     MCR Staff
Employee-in-charge releases the
duly approved license

                                    Camalig Citizen’s Charter
                                       Republic of the Philippines
                                     MUNICIPALITY OF CAMALIG
                                           Province of Albay

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