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									                            CITY OF BAINBRIDGE ISLAND
                     2011 LODGING/TOURISM FUND APPLICATION
                              PROPOSAL COVER SHEET
Project Name: 2011 Bainbridge Island Wine Festival

Name of Organization: Bainbridge Island Downtown Association

Organization’s IRS Designation and Tax ID Number: 501 (c) (3) Tax ID: 91-1390519

Primary Contact: Andrea Mackin, Executive Director

Mailing Address: 120 Madrone Lane N., Suite 203, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Day phone: #206-842-2982 Cell phone: #206-605-0710

Email: office@bainbridgedowntown.org

      Under the definition of “tourism promotion”, which of the following does your proposal
      include? Please mark all that would apply and how much is requested in each

     √    Funding Category                                                           Dollar Amount
          Advertising, publicizing or otherwise distributing information for the
     X                                                                               $3,000
          purpose of attracting and welcoming tourists

     X    Developing strategies to expand tourism

          Operating tourism promotion agencies

     X    Marketing and operations of special festivals or events                    $5,000

          Acquisition, operation or improvement of a tourism-related facility

    If the proposal requests funds for acquisition, operation or improvement of a tourism-
    related facility, please indicate the legal owner of that facility:    N/A

    Is the applicant partnering with other organizations in this proposal?
         No      X Yes – please identify the partner(s) and briefly describe their involvement:

    Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island promotes and represents the marketing interests of
    the Island’s seven local wineries including Rolling Bay Winery, Eagle Harbor Wine
    Company, Eleven Winery, Victor Alexander Winery, Perennial Vintners, and Liberty Bay.
    We will work in partnership with WABI to ensure that the event reflects the best interests of
    the local wineries.

      Application for 2010 Funding – Tourism Promotion and Facilities                             1
                                                                                   Application Page
Has the applicant received funding from the Civic Improvement Fund within the last five
years?     No X Yes       If yes, note the year and project name:


2010 BIDA Concierge Tour
Request: $6,650      Funded: $4,260

2010 Blooming Baskets Brigade
Request: $3,000      Funded: $2,720

2009 BIDA Concierge Tour
Request: $6,775      Funded: $4,400

2009 Blooming Baskets Brigade
Request: $2,600      Funded: $2,600

2008 BIDA Concierge Tour
Request: $6,775      Funded: $6,775

2007 BIDA Concierge Tour
Request: $7,000      Funded: $3,500

2006 BIDA Concierge Tour
Request: $7,000      Funded: $3,250

2005 BIDA Travel Writer’s Tour
Request: $7,000        Funded: $3,500

                              LODGING /TOURISM FUND
                              APPLICATION CHECKLIST

  Please provide the following information in the order listed. Incomplete applications
  may not be reviewed for funding.

  X Completed Cover Sheet

                                    Applicant Information

  Application for 2010 Funding – Tourism Promotion and Facilities                         2
                                                                           Application Page
Please respond to each of these questions in the space and format provided. If the
proposal includes multiple partners please include the requested information for each.

   1. Describe the applicant organization’s mission, history and areas of expertise.
      Describe the applicant’s experience in tourism promotion on Bainbridge Island
      and its demonstrated ability to complete the proposed project.

The Bainbridge Island Downtown Association (BIDA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
organization dedicated to our mission of building community through a vibrant
downtown. By partnering with the City and engaging with our local community to
promote downtown Winslow neighborhood and business district, we promote downtown
as the heart of our Island and a unique place to live, work, shop, invest, and play.

Since 1998, Bainbridge Island Downtown Association has been recognized as an
accredited Main Street™ Program by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the
Washington State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development.
Bainbridge Island Downtown Association is one of only 11 Main Street™ communities in
Washington State and one of over 1,800 in the country.

The Washington State Main Street Coalition which include the Bainbridge Island
program, was one of two Main Street organizations recently honored by the National
Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Center with a 2010 Leadership Award at the
National Main Street Conference in Oklahoma City, for their work during the 2010
Washington Legislative Session in Olympia to save the Washington State Main Street

       BIDA works throughout the year to provide the following elements essential for
       attracting and engaging tourism:
          A bustling and vibrant downtown that encourages a wide variety of locally
          owned and operated commercial retail operations.
          A year-round calendar of high-quality promotions and events that create
          excitement downtown and encourage consumer traffic.
          A clean and attractive downtown district that maintains a small-town feel and
          represents a quality place to shop, work, walk, invest in, and live.
          A popular pedestrian-friendly tourist destination and strong source of tourism
          A diverse range of businesses in the downtown district that create an
          indispensable shopping, dining and service center.
          A downtown that represents an effective and prosperous public-private

Application for 2010 Funding – Tourism Promotion and Facilities                          3
                                                                          Application Page
Islanders and visitors of all ages participate in Girls’ Night Out, the July 3 rd Street Dance
& BBQ, Movies in the Park, the ever-popular Great Zucchini Race, and Trick or Treat
Downtown. BIDA also decorates Winslow Way for the holidays and presents the
Downtown Holiday Open House, the Community Tree Lighting, and Santa Photos. These
events help BIDA carry on important Island traditions, which help attract visitors to our
community’s unique local character.

For the past 13 years, BIDA has also published and distributed the Bainbridge Island
Downtown Walkabout Guide. Since 2004, 80,000 Walkabout Guides have been
distributed annually statewide, with an emphasis on Seattle hotels, Washington State
Visitor Centers, cruise and ferry terminals, and local businesses.

In 2010, BIDA joined Kim Hendricksen in the promotion of her Bainbridge Uncorked
Spring Wine Tasting event and October Bainbridge Island Wine Weekend. BIDA hosted
18 members of the local and regional food and wine writers community for a Patron
and Press Preview Party on Friday, October 1st featuring 5 local winemakers, and Island
chef Dan Miller of Local Harvest. The event placed a spotlight on the local wine and
food community as a vital destination for local tourism.

   2. If any projects previously funded through the Civic Improvement Fund were not
       completed and/or if reports were not submitted to the City as requested, please
       explain. N/A

                                    Project Information
Provide a description of the proposed project, addressing each of the stated criteria in
the order below:

   3. Identify the project’s main objectives and how they will be achieved. Be as
      specific as possible about proposed services, quantities, tourism market,
      distribution method and costs – or about the facility capital and operating costs
      to be funded.


We hope to scale back the event to a focused two-day event including tours of the
local wineries during their Saturday Open Days, winemakers dinners partnering local
restaurants with Island winemakers, and a Sunday grand tasting. This event will attempt
to drive tourist traffic to downtown Winslow and the Island during a time when
destination events will be critical to the survival of downtown businesses and restaurants
subject to the effects of the Winslow Way Reconstruction project. We feel the Wine
Festival can be part of an overall strategy to help encourage continued destination
tourism during 2011 in an effort to support the merchants and business owners
throughout the Winslow Way Reconstruction project.

Application for 2010 Funding – Tourism Promotion and Facilities                             4
                                                                             Application Page
Business is booming for the wine industry in Washington State. Over the last decade, the
number of wineries grew from 160 to over 600, and winery revenues jumped by over
50%. 145,000 tons of grapes were harvested in 2008—a record high—and the state is
now the second largest producer of wine in the nation. Many factors are driving this
boom, but chief among them is the popularity of wine tourism. Ten years ago, wine
tourists spent about $19 million in-state on wine related trips. Three years ago, they
spent over $237 million. In 1999, Washington hosted 350,000 wine tourists. In 2006, the
number jumped to 1.7 million -- a 385 percent increase. The effect of this tourism on
many Washington cities is striking. Walla Walla, Prosser, and Woodinville have been
transformed, this decade, by interest in what their winemakers are doing.

Bainbridge Island is ideally suited to be a wine destination. The local wine industry is
experiencing growth that parallels larger trends: since 2003, six wineries have opened
on the Island, bringing the total number to seven. There are three tasting rooms
downtown and seven wineries and/or working vineyards welcoming visitors for tasting
and tours within 15 miles of the ferry. The setting here is physically beautiful—a natural
advantage--and the trip is fast and appealing from Seattle . Out of state tourists who
dock in Seattle—many of them wine enthusiasts – seek opportunities to do destination
wine tasting. The island hosts an interesting mix of wine making styles—everything from
mom and pop operations in converted garages to viticulturists tending acres of
vineyards. Wine from at least seventeen varietals is produced here so visitors have a
diversity of wines to taste once they are here. The city’s public farmlands include
vineyards off Day Road, and these fields have great historical interest: these are some
of the oldest continually worked farms in the region. In addition to these attractions are
the twenty-plus hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts that operate on the Island. Wine
tourists have a wealth of charming, convenient, and increasingly wine-friendly places
to stay.

Bainbridge Island has attracted wine tourists for decades, but their numbers are (far)
below potential. The city slowly becoming better known for its wine culture, and is ripe
for reoccurring events that showcase Island winemaking, which present opportunities
for winemakers to collaborate with restaurants, hotels, caterers, and other local
businesses. The success of the 2009 and 2010 Bainbridge Island Wine Weekend and
the Spring 2010 Bainbridge Uncorked event here validate that assumption and open the
door for additional possibilities.

BIDA has been asked by the Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island (WABI) and Kim
Hendricksen, Bainbridge Island Wine Weekend’s creator, to take over the promotion
and management of the 2011 Bainbridge Island Wine Weekend and it’s events. This
would involve continuing to manage the event website with updates that will inform
potential tourists about Bainbridge Island wineries and wine-related events, (b)
organize, market, and operate an evening event in April 2011 that will showcase Island
wine makers and their new releases and include a series of self-guided winery tours
and small winemakers dinners that will highlight the connection between locally-made
and grown wine and locally-grown food through formal tastings, and dinners.

An additional goal is to respond to the growing request for walkable wine tours in
proximity to downtown Seattle. Concierge tell us that there is increasing demand for

Application for 2010 Funding – Tourism Promotion and Facilities                          5
                                                                          Application Page
wine tasting within walking distance for visitors, and the ability to refer them to the
Washington State Ferries and three tasting rooms directly located on Winslow Way in
downtown Winslow answers that demand. Additionally, by providing an opportunity for
guests to visit destination wineries located on the island like Wine Alliance members
Rolling Bay Winery and Perennial Vintners, and Bainbridge Island Winery, we expand
their knowledge of wineries which can be visited during an extended stay.

   4. Based on the stated selection criteria describe specific measurable outcomes
      anticipated from this project:

         A. Expected impact in increased tourism -- including actual or estimated
            number of tourists at your event/facility last year and estimates for 2010

Based on the track record of wine tourism in other cities and the excitement generated
by the 2009 and 2010 Bainbridge Island Wine Weekend, that the marketing materials
and wine events described in this proposal will significantly increase Island tourism. Our
optimism is furthered by the 2009 Strategic Plan commissioned by the Bainbridge Island
Tourism Alliance. According to this report, current growth areas for tourism are trips
close to home, enviro-trips, and trips that convey a sense of place and authenticity. Our
wine events are perfectly suited to capitalize on these trends. The Washington State
Hotel and Lodging Association calls culinary tourism ―the fastest-growing segment of
the leisure travel industry‖ in their October e-newsletter.) The turnout for our April event
was much larger than anticipated with a sold out event and standing room only. (200+
guests). The Fall weekend events attract between 200-300 participants, with a growing
number of guest from off-island due to extensive media coverage, and advertisements
placed in travel publications and in the wine press.

         B. Expected impact in increased overnight stays -- including actual or
            estimated numbers of tourists who will stay overnight in Bainbridge lodging
            establishments in 2010 as a result of proposed activities. (Indicate basis for

Washington wine country has seen a 29% increase in overnight visits in 3 the past years.
This increase is a direct result of wine tourism. Once Bainbridge Island is more widely
known as a wine destination, we have no doubt that hotel business will grow. Our
marketing materials will reference the accommodations available on the Island, and
inns and hotels can capitalize on spring, summer, and fall events by informing their
client lists about them.

Application for 2010 Funding – Tourism Promotion and Facilities                           6
                                                                           Application Page
         C. Expected impact on enhancing tourist facilities or infrastructure’

         D. Projected economic impact on Bainbridge Island businesses, facilities,
            events and amenities. (Helpful data may be found on the Washington
            State Department of Commerce website at www.commerce.wa.gov.)

According to the current president of the Washington Wine Commission, ―wine tourists
typically stay longer (3.4 days) than average and spend more money in an area.‖
Visitors to Washington wineries have higher than average household incomes ($98,714
in 2006) and thus higher than average funds to spend when they travel. We have no
doubt that increased wine tourism will boost sales at Island wineries, along with sales at
local shops, galleries, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

We are hopeful that the tourism described in this proposal will be a boon to Island
caterers and restaurants, as well as our agricultural sector. By highlighting local food
and farmers at wine weekend events, we will provide new opportunities for local
farmers to sell their food and encourage stronger relationships between vintners,
caterers, farms, and restaurants. It is worth noting, here, that as a result of the 2009 wine
weekend, The Town & Country wine shop increased its local offerings by at least one
producer. The Harbor Pub and Doc’s Marina Grill both featured a locally made wine on
their menu that had not been previously offered.

         E. Partnerships with other groups or businesses in the proposed project –
            including efforts to minimize duplication of services where appropriate and
            encourage cooperative marketing

 This year, BIDA struck a powerful partnership with Trans4media and the Washington
State Ferries to provide digital advertising for special events island-wide. Both the Spring
Bainbridge Uncorked and October Bainbridge Island Wine Weekend received broad
publicity via the ferry’s digital advertising

In addition, the Festival will continue to partner with The Bainbridge Island Chamber of
Commerce, B I Lodging Association, Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island, and local
restaurants and facilities to broaden the exposure for all partners through our events, as
well as reduce duplication of marketing efforts.

         F. Plan to measure the project’s impact on increasing tourism, increasing
            overnight stays, and/or enhancing tourist facilities and/or infrastructure

Some of the impacts of the events and marketing described in this grant will be difficult
to measure: increased awareness of Bainbridge-made and Bainbridge-grown wines,
increased awareness of the links between viticulture and agriculture, increased interest
in Bainbridge Island as an educational, art, and culinary destination. We can, however,
measure more tangible effects. We will monitor and report newspaper coverage of
Bainbridge wineries and wine events, visits to our website, and participants at each
wine weekend event. We will work with the Lodging Association and transportation

Application for 2010 Funding – Tourism Promotion and Facilities                             7
                                                                             Application Page
companies to ascertain how many of their guests during wine weekends are
participants in our programs. We will ask the businesses involved in our events—the
wineries, caterers, restaurants—to track sales that our events generate.

         G. Project’s potential to draw visitors to the Island and increase overnight stays
            during the off-season

We will work with the Lodging Association and transportation companies to ascertain
how many of their guests during wine weekends are participants in our programs. By
monitoring sales of event specific packages and tracking lodging numbers by date we
should be able to see a correlation between our mid-April event and an increase in
shoulder season / off-season tourism.

         H. Will Hotel/Motel Tax funds be matched with other funding sources or non-
            monetary resources such as volunteer hours? If so, please specify.

Yes. As we did in 2009 and 2010, we will seek sponsorship from local area businesses. In
2011, we will expand the media sponsorship and support by creating a partnership with
regional publications like SEATTLE Metropolitan magazine and Fisher Broadcasting to
diversify and strengthen our financial base for the event.

                               Project Timeline and Budget
   5. Provide a project timeline that identifies major milestones.

January - March 2011: initial marketing and solicitation of sponsors, and participants for
2011 Bainbridge Uncorked Wine Festival                               $3k

Spring is a terrific time for wine drinkers. After spending the fall and winter in barrels and
casks, wines from the previous harvest are prepared for release. Our spring wine event
will celebrate new wines with a tasting party in a local facility (possibilities include the
BPA, Pegasus and Islandwood). All wineries on the Island will be represented and we
will showcase locally grown food as the season permits. Funds to market and operate
these events are requested in the amount of $3,000, and the remainder of costs will be
covered by individual ticket sales.

March – April 2011: detailed planning and publicity for April Spring ―new release‖ wine
event, an evening celebration of Island made wine:                   $5k

Application for 2010 Funding – Tourism Promotion and Facilities                              8
                                                                              Application Page
Bainbridge Uncorked Spring Wine Festival Weekend, a two- day celebration of Island
made wine and food: $5,000

This is the preferred way that our local winemakers love to showcase their wines!
Saturday (Day #1) will be for Open Tours as the day will be one of WABI’s designated
Open Weekends. Self-guided tours throughout the day will allow wine enthusiasts to
selectively tour local vintners and explore the island’s variety of winery experiences.

The evening will provide an opportunity for local restaurants to pair up with selected
winemakers for special ―Winemakers’ Dinners‖ featuring local flavors and island-made
wine. This is the best way to include all levels of tastings and pocketbooks. Some may
choose to do a ―Tastings and Tapas‖ limited small plates menu, others may select to do
a full 5-course meal with selected pairings. Each dinner will be by prior reservation and
be a ticketed event.

Sunday (Day #2) will be for the annual Grand Tasting to be held at a large, mutual
location and open to larger attendance. The grand tasting will showcase the diversity
of Island wine making. Funds to market and operate the full weekend are requested in
the amount of $5,000, and the remainder of costs will be covered by individual ticket
sales and sponsorships.

    6. Include a detailed budget itemizing project expenses and income. Include the
amount requested from the Lodging Tax Fund and all other sources of funding
anticipated or obtained, including in-kind contributions.

We estimate the 2011 Walkabout Guide costs to be similar to the 2010 costs.

2010 Estimated Bainbridge Uncorked Wine Festival Expenses*:

Marketing & Promotion                      $3,000
Spring wine event breakdown
    - Staffing & coordination              $1,000
    - Printing                             $1,000
    - Advertising (off island)             $3,000

Food, wine, and rental space and
equipment (port-a-potties, police time,
barricades, etc.) to be covered by additional
event sponsorship and ticket sales      ($10,000)
Total Costs:                            $18,000
Received from LTAC :                    $ 8,000
Sponsorship:                            $10,000

NET Cost:                                  $   0.0

* Based on 2010 event production costs

Application for 2010 Funding – Tourism Promotion and Facilities                          9
                                                                          Application Page
   7. Provide a copy of your organization’s annual budget showing overall revenues
       and expenses.

Please see attached 2011 Proposed Operating Budget.

                                 Supporting Documents

   Letters of Partnership – Include letters from any partnering organizations committing
   to joint sponsorship of the application and specifying their intended activities.

Please refer to the attached supporting documents:

   -   Letter of support Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island
   -   Letter of support Eagle Harbor Inn
   -   Letter of support Kim Hendricksen
   -   Promotional materials, 2010 Bainbridge Uncorked and Fall Wine Weekend

Application for 2010 Funding – Tourism Promotion and Facilities                        10
                                                                         Application Page
                                         Proposed 2011 Budget
                                Bainbridge Island Downtown Association
                                         Main Street™ Program

                          Ordinary Income/Expense
                                COBI - Main Street and BIDA Programs                     29,500.00
                                LTAC – 2011 Downtown Walkabout Guide                     15,000.00
                                Corporate Sponsors                                       14,500.00
                                Event Participation Fees                                  5,000.00
                                Membership Dues                                          23,400.00
                                Walkabout Guide participation fee                             0.00
                                Advertising (kiosk, banner, MITP ads)                     2,500.00
                                Donations                                                   300.00
                                Tax Incentive Program Income                             67,000.00
                                Event Income                                              3,500.00
                                Buy Local Income                                          1,500.00
                                Other Income                                                 50.00
                                Banner Income                                             1,100.00
                             Total Income                                               163,350.00

                             Cost of Goods Sold
                                Plant Maintenance - CGS                                   2,200.00
                                Website/IT - CGS                                          1,625.00
                                Fees, Regist. - CGS                                       2,500.00
                                Graphic Design - CGS                                      9,500.00
                                Event Staff - CGS                                         1,350.00
                                Travel/Lodging/Meals - CGS                                2,500.00
                                Supplies - CGS                                            7,200.00
                                Promotions & Advertising - CGS                            7,500.00
                                Printing - CGS                                            8,800.00
                                Office Expenses - CGS                                      600.00
                                Hospitality - CGS                                         2,250.00
                                Contractors - CGS                                         3,500.00
                                Postage/Distribution - CGS                                4,500.00
                                Subtotal COGS                                            54,025.00

                                Wages - CGS
                                   Bookkeeper                                             6,400.00
                                   Executive Director                                    50,000.00
                                   Assistant                                             29,952.00
                                Total Wages                                              86,352.00

Bainbridge Island Downtown Association – A Main Street Organization Under the National Trust for Historic Preservation
                            Total COGS                                                         .00

                                   Net Profit/Loss for Projects                          20,973.00

                               Bank Charges                                                400.00
                               Computer                                                    700.00
                               Filing Fees                                                  50.00
                               Finance Fees                                                250.00
                               Furniture & Equipment                                       500.00
                               Independent Contractors                                     500.00
                               Insurance - Employee Health Insurance                          0.00
                               Insurance - Liability                                      3,500.00
                               Office Supplies                                            1,000.00
                               Payroll Taxes                                              8,000.00
                               Printing                                                    700.00
                               Professional Services - CPA                                    0.00
                               Rent                                                       4,739.00
                               Telephone                                                  1,200.00
                               Utilities                                                    75.00

                            Total Expenses                                               21,614.00

                          Net Income                                                      1,359.00

Bainbridge Island Downtown Association – A Main Street Organization Under the National Trust for Historic Preservation
             Members of the 2011 Lodging Tax Advisory Committee
             Re: 2011 Funding for Bainbridge Island Wine Weekend

       On behalf of the seven member wineries of the Winery Alliance of Bainbridge

Island (WABI) I would like to take this opportunity to add our enthusiastic support of

Bainbridge Island Downtown Association‟s proposal before this committee to continue

the “Wine Weekend” concept in 2011.

       In presenting such an opportunity, the City of Bainbridge Island and BIDA create

a wonderful excuse for wine enthusiasts from all over the Northwest to travel to our

beautiful island, spend the weekend, and discover what many of us lucky enough to live

here have already discovered; great wine, great food, and great people!

       The famous winemaker Robert Mondavi once wrote, “Wine to me is passion. It‟s

family and friends. It‟s warmth of heart and generosity of spirit. Wine is culture. It‟s the

essence of civilization and the art of living.” Our Bainbridge Island wineries are

producing more than just bottles of wine…they are contributing to our very quality of life

and pursuit of happiness.

       In continuing to build upon the success of this year‟s Wine Weekend that Kim

Hendricksen has worked so very hard in developing, let this become a new tradition, a

tradition that offers to both island resident and island guest the „essence‟ of the

Bainbridge Island lifestyle.

    Thank you for this consideration.

       Russ Martin (on behalf of)
Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island (WABI)
        September 26, 2010

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