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                  27 Steve Nash clubs

Club business
                  32 Life Fitness redux
                  45 LifeStarts at 30

InternatIonal     53 Fitness Accessories
                  60 big core business            ®

                      Keynoter PatricK Lencioni
                      defines fit comPanies
                      at iHrsa 2011
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                          © 2010, CYBEX International. All rights reserved.
        | Editor’s Welcome |
                                                                                             The mission of IHRSA is to grow, protect,
                                                                                             and promote the industry, and to provide its
                                                                                             members with benefits that will help them
              Each year, at about this time, Hollywood releases                              be more successful.

              its holiday blockbusters. This year’s lineup                                   Publishing
                                                                                             Editor-In-Chief: Craig R. Waters
              includes The Tempest, with Helen Mirren,                                       Publisher: Jay M. Ablondi
                                                                                             Managing Editor: Rebecca K. Maverick
              another installment of The Chronicles of Narnia,                               Editor: Jennifer H. McInerney
                                                                                             Associate Editor: Patricia Glynn
              and The Tourist, a thriller featuring Johnny Depp                              Associate Editor: Mia Coen
                                                                                             Contributing Editors:
              and Angelina Jolie. But this holiday production                                Dawn Allcot, Patricia Amend, Phoebe Anderson,
                                                                                             Jon Feld, Julie M. King, Catherine Larner,
              of CBI boasts a few stars of its own.                                          Lesley Mahoney, Jean Suffin, Stephen Wallenfels,
                                                                                             Kristen A. Walsh
                    They may not live in Bel Air, or pick up million-dollar paychecks,       Vice President of Advertising & Membership Sales:
                                                                                             Michele Eynon
                    or trade late-night quips with David Letterman, but, within the
                                                                                             Senior Account Manager:
                    fitness industry, these are the some of the people who are deliver-      Jessica Gutstein
                    ing impressive performances, engaging their respective audiences,        Advertising Sales Executive:
                    and, most importantly, making a positive difference.                     Donna Garrity
                                                                                             Business Development Publications:
                       Take, for instance, Patrick Lencioni, the charismatic character       Will Finn
                    on the cover of this issue of CBI. A management consultant and           Publications & Associate Coordinator:
                    best-selling author, Lencioni is one of the keynote speakers who will    Meghan Burnham
                    command the spotlight during IHRSA’s 30th Anniversary Interna-           Art Direction, Design, Production:
                                                                                             Holland-Mark, Boston, MA
                    tional Convention and Trade Show, March 16-19, in San Francisco.
                       Lencioni’s core message is simple, bold, iconoclastic, but, at the    internAtiOnAl heAlth, rACQuet
                                                                                             & sPOrtsClub AssOCiAtiOn
                                     same time, quite intuitive. Traditional management
    Kerry brett

                                                                                             President & CEO: Joe Moore
                                     principles, he says, simply don’t do the job well       Chief Operating Officer: Anita Lawlor
                                     enough and, in many cases, actually sabotage            Executive Vice President of Public Policy:
                                     efficiency. As proof, he points to high, and rising,    Helen Durkin
                                     levels of employee dissatisfaction. “Organizations      Executive Vice President of Global Products:
                                                                                             Jay Ablondi
                                     generally don’t operate in a way that makes it
                                                                                             Club business internAtiOnAl
                                     possible for people to like their jobs,” he reports.    editOriAl & Advertising OffiCes:
                                        That, in turn, has a negative impact on every-       c/o ihrsA
                                     thing from employee attendance, to productivity,        seaport Center
                                                                                             70 fargo street, boston, MA 02210 usA
                                     to profitability.                                       800-228-4772 usA & Canada
                                        Lencioni will describe, in detail, how businesses    617-951-0055 | 617-951-0056 fAX
                                     can remedy such managerial failures in his conven-      e-mail:
                                     tion presentation, “The Four Disciplines of a Healthy
                                     Organization,” which is sponsored by Precor.            to order reprints of articles,
                                                                                             call 800-228-4772 ext. 192 or
                       Then we have Steve Nash, the talented point guard of the NBA’s        visit
                    Phoenix Suns and the subject of this month’s “First Person” inter-
                    view. Nash is also a filmmaker, philanthropist, and soccer promoter
                    and team owner, who, since 2003—with a little help from Canadian
                    club owner Leonard Schlemm and venture capitalist Mark
                    Mastrov—has launched 16 Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports                                                   ®

                    Clubs in the Vancouver, British Columbia, area.
                       Industry veteran Chris Clawson also plays a prominent role in         Club business international (issn 1043-9692,
                                                                                             usPs 766-570) is published monthly ©2010
                    our December issue. Having served in executive-level capacities          by the international health, racquet & sportsclub
                    with several major fitness-equipment companies, including                Association, seaport Center 70 fargo street,
                                                                                             boston, MA 02210. All rights reserved. Periodicals
                    Stamina Products and Johnson Health Tech/North America, and,             postage paid at boston, Massachusetts, and
                    recently, as the president of Life Fitness, he brings a rich and         additional mailing offices. Canadian sales
                    perceptive intelligence to bear on the sector’s current situation.       Agreement #40767601.
                                                                                             subscription rate for members is $48 per year,
                       Though manufacturers have been particularly hard hit by the           which is included in the dues. Additional subscrip-
                    recent recession, Clawson provides some clear-headed objectivity         tions $24.95 per year (usA) and $75 (international).
                    and welcome balance in our feature Q&A, endorsing a sensible, if         POstMAster: Please send change of address
                                                                                             to Club business international, c/o ihrsA,
                    sober, optimism.                                                         seaport Center 70 fargo street, boston,
                       … and we haven’t even begun to mention our talented cast of           Massachusetts 02210
                    supporting players. —|                                                   Volume 30, Issue 12

4   Club Business International      |   DECEMBER 2010    |
              self service
                       is the new
              full service

          C L U B M A N AG E M E N T S O F T WA R E

     with myClub Integrated Online Member Portal

                                                       e Ditka
                                                  d Mik
                             o tball ow at
                ith Fonference. See
     a hantic Business C
Wan @ Athle

             Software • Billing • Business Intelligence
              800 • 829 • 4321 •
     CLuB BuSInESS
     InTERnATIOnAL                                             COnTEnTS | DecembeR 2010

      Patrick Lencioni
      offers business insights                                                                                Chris Clawson has ‘come
      at IHRSA 2011                                                                                           home’ to manage Life Fitness

                                                                            40                                   32
         40 Quantum Insights                                                            32 Life Fitness Redux
                                                                                        Chris Clawson ‘comes home’ to Life Fitness
         Patrick Lencioni, a featured speaker at IHRSA’s
         30th Anniversary International Convention and                                  45 LifeStarts at 30
                                                                                        One of IHRSA’s first is still going strong
         Trade Show in San Francisco next March, has an
         eye-opening message: many employees don’t like                                 48 Exercise is Medicine
         their jobs, and, as a result, many companies aren’t                            U.S. Surgeon General endorses initiative
         as productive or profitable as they should be. A
                                                                                        53 Attractive Accessories
         best-selling author and management consultant,                                 Trainers leverage old and new favorites
         Lencioni will explain what needs to change in
         “The Four Disciplines of a Healthy Organization.”                              60 Core Business Boom
                                                                                        Exciting new programs keeping clubs busy
         Above (right): steve Mchugh, Mchugh ltd.

6   Club Business International                |    DECEMBER 2010   |
It’s like adding cardio to your health club. Fiserv offers the most comprehensive club management software and
services in the health and fitness industry. We’re helping clubs of all sizes grow and retain membership with the only
single-source solution that maximizes revenue while minimizing day-to-day costs. For a total approach to growth, Fiserv
also offers easily integrated EFT and POS payment processing as well as outsourced billing. With Fiserv, you have the
unrivaled power to perform. The power within.

Pay men t s          ■
                           Proces sing Ser v ices   ■
                                                        R isk & C ompliance   ■
                                                                                  Cus t omer & C hannel Managemen t   ■
                                                                                                                          Insigh t s & Op t imiza t ion
© 2010 Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates.
     CLuB BuSInESS
     InTERnATIOnAL                                   COnTEnTS | DecembeR 2010
                                                                                                                                        Tim Wilkes


World Class pool                                     A clever Indo Board                                     The sun shines brightly
for Russian club
                                29                   Balancing act
                                                                                     70                      on TCA Holdings

             News & Know How                                       IHRSA Report
          15 news                                               89 First Set
             Disco Health Club; governor ‘Hoists’                  Don’t be a Scrooge when it comes to
             Medvedev; 24 Hour gym app; 883 Star Trac              support of IHRSA’s public-policy efforts,
             miles; Anytime redesigns clubs; Expresso              suggests Chairperson Art Curtis
             riders network; Believe It or not; IHRSA/
             Fitness Brasil breaks record; CBI’s Eye            90 In Brief
             on the Economy                                        The new Medicare law opens the door to
                                                                   expanded services for seniors, but clubs
          27 First Person                                          need to extend an appealing invitation
             nBA star Steve nash is now scoring
             on behalf of a 16-club Canadian chain              93 Club Advisor
                                                                   Former club members are the best                         Reps
          29 On the Move                                           prospects, and, if you want to win them
             Girl Scouts get ‘Fun and Fit;’ new World              back, here’s what you need to know                     4 Editor’s
             Class facility; ACAC adds to portfolio;                                                                        Welcome
             Fitworks an exercise Mentor; Anytime               94 Success by Association
             arrives in Mexico and Poland                          The father-and-son team of Alan and                  10
                                                                   Steven Schwartz has bolstered TCA
                                                                   Holdings, LLC, as well as IHRSA                      12 Letters
             Innovations                                        96 Ask the Entrepreneurs                              105 Marketplace
                                                                   Special fitness challenges and Breakfasts
          69 What’s new                                            with Santa keep members engaged over               107 Ad Index
             neat new things from ACE, Life Fitness,               the holidays
             Perform Better, Fitness Anywhere,                                                                        108 Last Rep
             Indo Board Balance Trainer, and others             98 Member news                                              The IHRSA 2010
                                                                   nFPT’s unique ‘Value Proposition;’ plus                  Health Club
          73 F.I.T. Extra                                          news from Precor, Life Fitness, Octane                   Consumer Report
             The new generation of elliptical trainers             Fitness, Johnson Health Tech, and more                   is “must reading”
             produces impressive qualitative and                                                                            says Joe Moore,
             quantitative results                             104 Calendar                                                  IHRSA’s president
                                                                                                                            and CEO

8   Club Business International   |   DECEMBER 2010      |
                                                                                    CARDIO EQUIPPED FOR                                                                      EVERYDAY


SPECIAL TRADE-IN OFFER — CALL TODAY                                                                                                          866.590.7498 /
©2010 Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. Life Fitness is a registered trademark of Brunswick Corporation. Integrity is a trademark of Brunswick Corporation. iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod
touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. “Made for iPod” means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod respectively, and has been certified by the
developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod may a ect
wireless performance. Compatible with iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod touch. (USC-055-10)                                     A PREVIEW OF WHAT’S nEW THIS MOnTH On WWW.IHRSA.ORG

                                                                                2011 Passport materials
                                                                                Are coming Soon…
                                                                                Health clubs that participate in the IHRSA Passport Program
                                                                                provide their members with worldwide guest privileges
                                                                                when they travel—at a savings of at least 50% off guest fees.
                                                                                Materials for the 2011 program will soon be available
                                                                                online. This information will include not only an updated
                                                                                look, but also some new ways to help participating clubs
                                                                                promote this tremendous benefit of membership at their
                                                                                club. Check to be sure that
                                                                                your club is enrolled in the IHRSA Passport Program. —|
                                                                                For more information or to enroll (it’s free!),
                                                                                visit today.

        Be the Cleanest Club in Town—Hands Down!
                                                   December 5-11 is national
                                                   Handwashing Awareness Week.
                                                   Reminding members and guests—
                                                   and of course, employees—to
                                                   wash or sanitize their hands
                                                   frequently while using your facility
                                                   is just one of the many ways to
                                                   ensure their health and keep them
                                                   coming back time and time again.                        Flaunt Your
                                                   A few years ago, IHRSA launched                         IHRSA Membership
                                                   a research program to explore
                                                   the ways in which perceptions
                                                   of health club cleanliness have                         >
                                                   become an important factor in                           The 2011 IHRSA membership decals
                                                   retaining members. Specifically,                        are expected to arrive in clubs this
                                                   the association wanted to under-                        month. In addition, IHRSA membership
                                                   stand how club cleanliness affects                      certificates will, once again, be available
        member usage, retention, and in-center spending. This research project,                            as a PDF for clubs to download and
        which included an online survey of health club members and health club                             print. The association appreciates
        staff, along with a series of interviews from club operators, found that                           the support of its member clubs and
        members are indeed more likely to renew, recommend, and increase the                               encourages them to demonstrate and
        use of fee-based services and programs when they perceive the club to                              publicize their commitment to growing,
        be clean. The complete results of this research program are compiled in                            protecting, and promoting the industry
        IHRSA’s Guide to Health Club Cleanliness, which is sponsored by GOJO. —|                           by proudly displaying both the decal
        Log on to to purchase this important publication.                              and the certificate. —|
                                                                                                           Look for details in the decal mailing,
                                                                                                           or visit

10   Club Business International    |   DECEMBER 2010     |
                                   Replacing old dumbbells and
with the iron grip
                                   weight plates is one of the
Buyback Program                    most significant and cost
there’s never been a better time   effective renovations you can
to upgrade your weight room.       make to your fitness facility.

                                   With the Iron Grip Buyback

                                   Program, upgrading your free

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                                   can exchange your used Iron

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                                   plates for a credit towards

                                   the purchase of brand new

                                   Iron Grip equipment. We'll

                                   even help you schedule

                                   convenient removal of your

                                   old equipment at no cost to

                                   you. Some restrictions may

                                   apply, so call 800-664-4766

                                   or visit for

                                   more details.
     | Letters |

                                                                    Letter from a Legend
                                                                    I just read today’s blog post on CBI Unbound.
                                                                    Grrrrrrreat article! Thanks so much! Keep on
                                                                    keeping on. —|
                                                                    Jack and elaine LaLanne | BeFit Enterprises | Morro Bay, CA

                                                                    Editor’s Note: The LaLannes are referring to the CBI Unbound post that appeared
                                                                    on Monday, September 27, the day after Jack’s 96th birthday. To read this post and others,
                                                                    please log on to

     Rx for Physicians                                                              Congressional Success
     > The role of physicians in promoting healthy lifestyles—both
     as role models and as caregivers—is incredibly important,
     and, unfortunately, all too often ignored. (See “U.S. Surgeon
     General Promotes ‘Exercise is Medicine,’” pg. 44.)
        When it comes to doctors, I frequently go crazy about the out-
     of-shape staff I see in hospitals, and the fact that the national
     Health Service (nHS) here in England doesn’t look after them.
     On one occasion, I refused to talk to a doctor in a hospital, and
     asked to speak to someone else. Why? The guy was seriously
     obese, so either he hadn’t paid attention in med school or simply
     wasn’t too bright. How can such people expect to be taken seri-
     ously, prescribing care for us when they’re incapable of taking
     care of themselves?
        not only does it set a bad example, but it’s estimated that the
     cost of hospital staff being absent from work—part of which can
     be attributed to unhealthy lifestyles—could finance three new
     hospitals a year!
        Many doctors, who are used to treating the ill and out-of-
     shape, also find it hard to work with patients who, while they
     have a medical problem, are otherwise very fit. Once, when I was               > This year, I couldn’t find a single critical thing to say about
     in a hospital following a brain hemorrhage, it quickly became                  the IHRSA European Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The speak-
     apparent that no one had any idea how to deal with someone                     ers were absolutely super. I’ve attended the Congress for the
     who was fit. I couldn’t get anyone—doctors, nurses, or physical                past five years, and this year’s was the best one ever. —|
     therapists—to talk to me about rehab protocols. When I finally                 Franck Gueguen | President, General Director | Club Med Gym |
     nailed down a therapist, he simply said, “We don’t have rehab                  Paris, France
     for people like you. We’ve never had anyone who wants to do the
     sort of things you do. In fact, we think you’d have a better idea              For the Cause
     about how to design your rehab program.”
        … Which I did, but I found the situation a little bit unnerving,            > I just wanted to let IHRSA know that we will be raising our
     psychologically. —|                                                            pledge to the Industry Defense Fund for 2011. We’re very
                                                                                    thankful and satisfied with the work that’s being done. Most
     Neil Rhodes | Personal Trainer | Yeovil, Somerset, England                     of these problems haven’t occurred here in Alaska, but I know
                                                                                    that, if states and other entities are successful somewhere
     Editor’s note: Neil Rhodes is also an ultra-athlete who has set numerous       else, the local hazard-makers will be emboldened. —|
     world records. He competed most recently in the TransAlpine Run, a
     195-mile contest that involves a 54,000-foot ascent.                           Robert brewster | President | The Alaska Club | Anchorage, AK

12   Club Business International       |   DECEMBER 2010      |

Sure your members are fit, your instructors are in great shape but how’s
the business looking?
Is it ripped? Is it toned? Or is it a little looser than you’d like?
If you’re looking for an effective way to take your club to the next level,
Les Mills’ group fitness solutions are being hailed as the best there is.
“I have built my entire club business around the Les Mills System. As a result,
 my members are extremely loyal and we enjoy excellent retention. By making
 Group Fitness a priority, we can command premium pricing in a competitive
 local market.” Anthony Cali, Fitness Concepts Health Club, Inc, MA.
Think of it as an extreme makeover for every aspect of your club’s operation.
From the club floor with programs like BODYPUMP™ – which packs out classes
around the world, to ongoing support from a world-class team whose only
focus is watching you succeed.
Get in touch with us, and watch your club reach an all-time personal best.

Your members will love our new Pro4700 with Electronically
Adjustable Stride length. This best-in-class feature offers
exercisers of any level the
ultimate in customization,
making their workouts                 Electronically Adjustable Stride
even more comfortable
and effective.

Add to that our innovative xRide
seated elliptical, and members
have the choice to sit or stand
for the best-feeling elliptical
experience ever!

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved by Octane Fitness.
News & Know How                                                       news 15 | First Person 27 | On the Move 29

 The Disco Health club, launched in London early this year, each week
 transforms an East End nightclub into a ’70s-era aerobics experience,
 attracting hundreds of enthusiastic participants in retro-style outfits.
 Instructor Lindsay Jay leads her spirited students in a series of disco-
 inspired aerobics moves and dance combinations. —|

                                                     |   DECEMBER 2010   |   Club Business International   15
                                                                                                 | News & Know How | news

                                                                                                       New Gym App
                                                                                                       for Phones and
                                                                                                       24 Hour Fitness offering
                                                                                                       keeps members connected
                                                                                                       to fitness 24/7
                                                                                                       > 24 Hour Fitness International, Inc.,
                                                                                                       the largest privately owned U.S. club
                                                                                                       chain, based in San Ramon, California,
                                                                                                       has introduced My24, a free applica-
                                                                                                       tion designed for Androids, iPhones,
                                                                                                       and other mobile operating systems.
                                                                                                       This innovative new app allows users
                                                                                                       to locate clubs, review club amenities,
                                                                                                       look up class
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