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									  Alex Little Jumpers Trampoline

Jump for fun and exercise!
REVIEW: Bounce around with the Alex Little Jumpers Trampoline. For active toddlers and youngsters
less than 80 pounds, this colorful trampoline with soft foam handle offers a great way to exercise
indoors and expend some energy. The padded frame and non-slip rubber feet offer safer bouncing,
and the fold-up legs and easy-to-remove handle make storage a snap.           Little Jumpers
At a Glance
 Ages: 3 years and up
 Weight: Under 80 pounds
 Requires: Adult assembly
  What We Think
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 Ease of assembly:
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The Good: The handle bar and padded cover add safety and kid-friendly features.

The Challenging: 80-pound weight limit and some tricky assembly steps.

 In a Nutshell: A fun and colorful trampoline gets young children bouncing.
Jump for fun and exercise! View larger.
Colorful Padded Cover and Foam Handle for Safety. View larger. Big, Bouncy Fun
 Hang onto the foam handle bars, give the trampoline a bounce, and catch some air! Kids will be eager
to have a go at this trampoline, which is made specifically for smaller children. Ideal for rainy days
indoors, this trampoline will get kids moving. Out of the box, you'll find parts for the metal frame with
attached spring legs and rubber feet, a sturdy bungee cord, trampoline mesh, padded cover, and
handle bar. When fully assembled, the trampoline is approximately 34.5 inches square and 29.5 inches
high. Colorful Padded Cover and Foam Handle for Safe Play
 The trampoline has a foam-wrapped handlebar that kids can hold onto when they're jumping around
on the trampoline. This keeps young jumpers safer as they bounce around. The removable padded
cover overlays the frame, guarding kids from getting their feet or legs caught between the bungee cord
and frame. Kids should remove their shoes and socks and hold onto the handlebar while they jump.
This toy should be used under the supervision of adults or responsible older kids. Everything You
Need for Assembly and Easy Storage
 The Little Jumpers Trampoline will take approximately 30 minutes to an hour to assemble. The metal
frame comes together and secures easily with the included bolts and Allen wrench. The spring legs
pop out and into place--a nice touch that simplifies set up. The mesh cover attaches to the frame with
the bungee cord. This step is a little trickier, only because you'll have to make sure the mesh stays
centered as you thread the cord into the loops and around the frame. A metal cord lock, which stays
under the trampoline, keeps the bungee cord in place. The final steps are to assemble the handle,
fasten the padded cover to the trampoline, and then lock the handle into the handle slots on the frame.
Before play, rotate the legs so the rubber feet rest flush against the floor. Getting the trampoline ready
for storage is effortless because the spring legs fold and a push button allows the handle to slide out of
its slot. Keep the trampoline under a bed, in the closet, in the garage, or propped in the corner of the
kids' room until the next bouncing session. Video Instructions Available on
 The illustrated instruction guide is more than adequate for assembly. But if you have Internet access
and would like visual instruction on how to put the trampoline together, visit the Alex toys website to
watch the assembly video. What's in the Box
 Four-part metal frame with spring legs, bungee cord, cord lock, trampoline mesh, padded cover, six
screws, Allen wrench, and instructions.
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