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Nextiva Fax Review
Nextiva, an Arizona-based VoIP provider, provides a solid set of features in its fax service offering. If you
have an internet connection, you can send and receive faxes using either your own fax machine or your
computer.Nextiva offers three levels of service. Each plan is based on a fixed number of pages
varying from 500 to 3000 per month. Savings are offered to those who choose to pay for an
annual subscription, but monthly contracts are available.

Nextiva reviews. In business since 2005, Nextiva touts redundant, secure datacenters and US
based technical support. They pride themselves in giving small business the tools that were once
only affordable to large enterprises.

Number Portability – If you already have a fax number, but want to take advantage of features
available through an IP based fax system, Nextiva will check to see if your current fax number is
portable to their system. If not, or if you do not currently have a fax number, you can choose
from a list of available numbers in any area-code in the nation.

There are many useful features available to Nextiva fax customers. You have the ability to
receive faxes in several formats including PDF and TIF. Faxes can come to you as email
attachments or you can retrieve them using your web browser. You can send and receive faxes
from your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm based devices. You control
how your fax system is set up by use of the web-based management interface.

Nextiva’s faxing application integrates with Microsoft Office. Instead of printing to a fax printer
driver, you simply select the FAX option. A printer driver is still available which allows you to
fax from any application that will print. Nextiva reviews.

Nextiva reviews.Up to five email addresses can be associated with an account to receive
notifications of received faxes. You can receive notification on your cell phone via SMS text
messages as well. Only one assigned email address per account is eligible for outbound faxing.

You can fax from your Nextivafax email address directly by creating a plain-text message with
your recipent’s complete fax number as the username followed by
“”. Attached files are faxed, and any text you enter in the body of the email is
also faxed. There is no limit to the number of attachments you can send. You may fax to as
many as 5 destinations at once, and send faxes from anywhere you have internet access.

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