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					                SABANCI UNIVERSITY
                2008 ANNUAL REPORT

                             SABANCI UNIVERSITY
                             2008 ANNUAL REPORT

S A B A N C I Ü N İ V E R S İ T E S İ 2 0 0 8 FA A L İ Y E T R A P O R U   1
         Foreword                                                       5

         About Sabancı University                                       6
               The History of Sabancı University                        6
               Philosophy                                              10
               2007-2011 Strategic Objectives                          12
               Academic Integrity Principles                           14
               Statement of Academic Freedom                           15
               Sabancı University Administration                       16

         Learning at Sabancı University                                18
               A Unique Structure: Freedom to Choose Degree Programs   19
               Foundations Development Program                         20
               Undergraduate Degree Programs                           21
               Graduate Degree Programs                                21
               Degree Programs Opened in 2008                          22
               Student Distribution                                    23
               Accreditation of Faculty of Management Programs         24
               Writing Learning Outcomes                               24

         Academic Support Services at Sabancı University               26
               Center for Individual and Academic Development (CIAD)   26
               Career Development                                      31
               Internship                                              34
               Information Center                                      36

         Student Activities at Sabancı University                      38
               Sports                                                  39
               Student Council                                         39
               Student Clubs                                           40
               Extracurricular Activities Awards                       42

         Alumni at Sabancı University                                  44

2                                              SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
            Research at Sabancı University                                       48
                   The Research Process                                          49
                   Scientific Publications                                       53
                   Research Projects Performance                                 54
                   Intellectual Property Management                              58
                   Highlights from Projects and Awards in 2008                   60
                   Chairs                                                        62

            Integration with Society at Sabancı University                       64
            Civil Society                                                        65
                    Istanbul Policy Center (IPC)                                 65
                    Civic Involvement Projects                                   67
                    Purple Certificate Program                                   70
                    Corporate Governance Forum (CGFT)                            71
            Culture and Arts                                                     72
                    Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM)                72
                    Sabancı University Performing Arts Center (SGM)              74
                    Kasa Gallery                                                 75
                    FASS Gallery                                                 75
            Lifelong Learning                                                    76
                    Executive Development Unit (EDU)                             76
                    Entrepreneur Development Program                             77
                    Information Technologies Training Center                     77
            Innovation                                                           78
                    Competition Forum (REF)                                      78
            Important Activities Regarding Integration with Society in 2008      79

            International Relations at Sabancı University                        80
                   Sakıp Sabancı International Research Award                    80
                   International Cooperations                                    81
                   International Faculty                                         82
                   Sabancı University-Harvard Summer School                      83
                   International Student Activities                              84
                   School of Languages                                           85
                   International Exhibitions of the SSM Calligraphy Collection   85
                   Magna Charta Declaration                                      85

            Administrative and Financial Structure at Sabancı University 86

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                 3

                 stablished by the Sabancı Foundation, our university began education
                 in the 1999-2000 academic year, and is working towards its mission
                 to develop competent and confident individuals, enriched with the
          ability to reflect critically and independently, combined with a strong sense
          of social responsibility; and, to contribute to the development of science and
          technology, as well as disseminating the knowledge created to the benefit of the
          community., while it strives to achieve its objective of becoming a national
          and international reference.
          Since its foundation, Sabancı University has been responding to the ever-
          increasing needs of the society with its efforts in education, teaching and
          research, and has been in direct involvement with the society to understand
          its current and future needs. The Civic Involvement Projects of students, the
          active involvement of faculty members in educational, administrative and
          public policymaking, and its multifaceted contributions to culture and arts
          comprise a part of the value our university creates.
          Moving forth from the notion of accountability, our annual report is aimed
          at sharing the activities of our university in the past year with our valued
          shareholders. We plan to publish an annual report by March of every year
          to offer the objectives and accomplishments of our university to your
          consideration, and kindly ask you to empower us through your opinions
          and suggestions on this path we have chosen.
          As I present you with the Sabancı University 2008 Annual Report, I would like
          to thank you in advance on behalf of our university for any contributions
          you make to the development of our institution.

          With regards,

          Professor Tosun Terzioğlu

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                        5
    About Sabancı University

    The History of Sabancı University

    Foundation Decision
    Turkish higher education reached a               With the decision of Administrative Council
    turning point when private foundations           in July 1994, the Sabancı Group decided
    obtained the right to establish and develop      to establish a university and assigned this
    universities. With this decision, universities   task to Sabancı Foundation. However,
    began to engage in the processes                 the intention was to set up a university
    of achieving this goal through both              that would represent a model in higher
    collaboration to improve post-secondary          education in the world, that is, to create a
    school education and constructive                “world university”.
    competition in line with the same goals.

6                                                         SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Foundation Law, Laying the Foundation, and Campus Architectural Design

The foundation of Sabancı University           user needs, a group of academicians and
became legal on June 5, 1996 once the Law      administrators started work with experts
4142 passed through Parliament. On July 31,    from Cannon, the architectural firm
1997 the establishment of the campus and       responsible for the project.
creation of the Board of Trustees and the
                                               The ground breaking of the Campus
President were announced to the public.
                                               construction took place at the end of July
Around the same time, the architectural        1997 together with the announcement of
design of the university began. In order       the Board of Trustees and the President.
to have a better understanding of the

A Road to Difference: Search Conference
The goal to create a “world university” set    university” free of prejudices, without
the agenda to answer the question “how”        a set menu of ready made standards or
i.e, how can one fulfil such a challenging     educational practices which do not reflect
aim? How can we reach “excellence” in          the demands of the modern world. Nor
education?                                     were the conference participants eager to
                                               construct imitative models of the research,
The Search Conference, organized in
                                               development, and administrative systems
Istanbul on August 18-20, 1995 was an
                                               of other successful world universities.
important milestone in the founding of the
university. The theme of the conference        More than fifty scholars, researchers,
was “What is the ideal university of the       intellectuals, students, and businessmen
21st Century? What should be its key           participated in the conference. At the end
philosophical premises of education?”          of the conference, based on the knowledge
                                               and experience of the participants, the
Topics were discussed in free association,
                                               key philosophy was set: “creating and
with no restrictions superimposed. The
                                               developing together.”
aim was to create a definition of the “ideal

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                        7
        Why Different?

        During the process of searching for          of universities overseas and in Turkey
        excellence, neither international nor        were examined, discussed, and studied in
        national universities were taken as a        order to create finally a synthesis, a world
        model. The different features of a number    university.

        Design Committees and Expectation Survey
        After the search conference, preparations    To offer a direction to these committees, a
        for the university intensified.              study entitled “Student Expectation Survey”
                                                     was conducted in April 1996 to find out
        A response to the question “How would
                                                     what type of university was desired by the
        Sabancı University’s philosophy be
                                                     students and their families, as well as the
        reflected in the implementation of its
                                                     instructor at the center for university exam
        faculties and programs?” was posed to a
                                                     preparation. A second research serving the
        core committee of 30 members composed
                                                     same goal was carried out three years later,
        of businessmen and academicians.
                                                     when the university opened. As a result of
        In this second stage of the design period,   this, the tendencies of the target audience
        thirteen committees from various fields      were updated and confirmed.
        working on programs and courses within
                                                     The academic program design activities
        an interdisciplinary framework were
                                                     continued until mid 1999s.
        formed. “Faculty Design Committees”,
        “Course Study Committees” and “Course
        Design Committees” are a few examples.

 8                                                        SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Fred Emery Conference

Another major conference commemorating         This conference enabled a chance to share
Prof. Dr Fred Emery who had created the        the ideas on the design of the university
Search Conference, was organized to            with the participants and get their
provide a perspective during the design        feedback.
period. The goal of this conference to which
                                               All the activities were published in
more than 40 scholars from 14 countries
                                               Educational Futures (Sabancı University
participated was to discuss the educational
                                               Publications, August 2000).
problems in the context of globalization
and developments in the field of education.

University Administration Project and Quality Management
To design and plan the stages of university    At the first stage, the vision, the mission
administration, assistance from world wide     and the design of the university were
known professional institutions in higher      completed, and the foundation of
education was requested in July 1997. After    administrative infrastructure and selection
close examination of all offers, in October    of technology systems were materialized.
1997, the University Administration
                                               The second stage, which began in
Project started with the consultancy firm of
                                               September 1998, consisted of putting the
Deloitte & Touche.
                                               design into practice.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                        9
        European Foundation for                           First

        Quality Management (EFQM)                         Academic Year
        In October 1998, once its overall structure       Following the design of the academic
        was set, Sabancı University applied for           programs, course design and syllabi, and
        membership in European Foundation                 administration system, Sabancı University
        Quality in October 1998. Our university is        moved to the campus in September 1999
        the first university in Turkey that applied for   to start its first academic year with an
        and was accepted for membership.                  opening ceremony on October 20, 1999

        Philosophy: “Creating and Developing Together”
        The University and its structure will be          The University will direct its research
        participative, self managing, financially         efforts primarily towards applied and
        self-sustaining and flexible at all levels        strategic research with the objectives of
        and functions (research, education and            advancing knowledge, supporting teaching
        administration). Within these guidelines,         and contributing to the progress of the
        the University will be appropriately              community.
        responsible and responsive to all
                                                          The University will cultivate its existing local
        stakeholders including; students, their
                                                          and regional comparative advantages to
        families, faculty, staff, administrators and
                                                          generate, articulate, uncover and develop
                                                          leading-edge knowledge in order to
        Research, education and training will be          create competitive competencies within
        based on learning to learn, interdisciplinary,    an international and global context. The
        teamwork, fundamentals, creativity and            University will take active initiative to form
        ideal seeking. The University, through            and to select international and global
        its curriculum and activities, will focus         educational and research networks.
        on identifying and formulating all
        relevant problems (challenges) as well as
        responding to current and future socio-
        technical needs.

 10                                                            SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Key Words of Our Philosophy

Student Focused


Responsible and Responsive

Practice Relevance

Developing science and technology,
disseminating knowledge


Self-Managing / Self- Sustaining


Local / Regional / Global

Learning to Learn

We will be an innovative institution responsive to the needs of all our constituents
through a participatory, team-based culture. We will have an interdisciplinary educational
infrastructure that will create and disseminate knowledge. Sabancı University aspires to
become a global reference point for educational innovation.

Our mission is to develop competent and confident individuals, enriched with the ability to
reflect critically and independently, combined with a strong sense of social responsibility;
and, to contribute to the development of science and technology, as well as disseminating
the knowledge created to the benefit of the community.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                          11
        2007-2011 Strategic Objectives

        • Maintain our interdisciplinary approach
        • Be innovative
        • Promote long term thinking
        • Be student-focused
        • Be participatory, transparent, decision-oriented, sensitive, quick and effective
        • Be self-managing and responsible
        • Ensure compliance with the strategic objectives and implementations of our core philosophy
        • Align each strategic target with our goal for internationalization

 12                                                        SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Main Strategy

To be a pioneering model educational           institutional processes and tutorial
base in a local and international context,     systems to support continuous individual
in continuous interaction with the society,    development.
nourished by research and critical inquiry
                                                INTERACTION WITH SOCIETY
RESEARCH                                      • Strenghten our interaction with the
• Strengthen the process by which research      society and increase our contributions.
  outcomes are transformed into social and    • Be responsive to the needs of the society
  economic values.                              and contribute, both in local and regional
• Create pioneering research fields with an     levels.
  interdisciplinary approach.                 • Lead national and international
• Improve integration of research and           collaboration projects that will serve
  education.                                    social transformation and unite different
• Lead international research fields            sectors of the society.
  effectively, using our local and regional
  advantages.                                   BECOMING A GLOBAL UNIVERSITY
                                              • Increase administrative efficiency
  EDUCATION AND LEARNING                        and effectiveness; implement and
• Continuous appraisal and improvement          continuously improve Quality Assurance
  of our academic programs and their            and Measurement Systems.
  content in cooperation with the             • Institutionalize unique practices we
  stakeholders.                                 follow and ensure they are transferable
• Maintain the high quality of education      • Inrease endowment.
  and educational methodology and             • Diversify and develop our financial
  provide the necessary support for             resources.
  developing them.                            • Develop international strategic alliances.
• Ensure that learning is not limited to
  the classroom, and, to this end, develop

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                        13
        Academic Integrity Principles

        As an institution, the University is one         - aim to help students acquire the same
        of the foremost contributors to societal         ethical approach they themselves have
        development, both at a local as well as a        strictly adhered to during their own
        global level. This contribution accomplished     academic research and productivity, and
        through the fields of education, arts            one way of doing so is by means of a fair
        sciences and technology, manifests itself at     assessment system implemented at all
        two interconnected levels. The first, more       phases of the learning process. At the
        visible role of the University is seen through   evaluation and assessment stage - one of
        the works of art and products of science         the most sensitive areas in terms of the
        and technology created by its stakeholders       integrity of the education process - the
        - both faculty and students. The University’s    student is expected to base his/her exams,
        second role involves equipping students          homework, reports, presentations, thesis
        with the abilities they will need when           and so forth on his/her own labor and
        generating original research and scholarly       ideas. Thus, the student recognizes the
        work; in other words equipping them with         fact that during the process of academic
        the means of exploring new intellectual          labor, it is a sine qua non rule of academic
        paths that will shape our world. This            ethics to accurately and clearly refer to
        second contribution, creative thought,           each source of inspiration and information,
        which emerges from the accumulation of           wherever and whenever applicable.
        centuries of human progress, paves the way
                                                         We, as Sabancı University stakeholders,
        for the first.
                                                         believe that the principle of academic
        After developing analytical-critical             integrity constitutes the most important
        thinking and creativity in research as well      component of any research, creative
        as internalizing established knowledge,          work and/or of the learning process.
        a university student adds his own unique         Academic integrity is the foremost of
        perspective and learns to create new             our responsibilities toward the world of
        theories, scholarly output and works.            knowledge, to the society in which we
        Within this process, the young productive        live, to each other, and to ourselves. Within
        individual gains experience, skills and self     this framework, therefore, we as Sabanci
        confidence, in addition to the responsibility    University faculty members, students, and
        of bridging the past and the future as he        administrators, declare that we will neither
        uses previous knowledge as a foundation.         violate the principle of academic integrity
                                                         nor allow others to do so.
        Faculty members - primarily responsible
        for the effective operation of this process

 14                                                           SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Statement of Academic Freedom

The University is, by tradition and definition,   • All members of the University community
an autonomous center of learning and                involved in the practice of dissemination
research devoted to examining, producing,           of knowledge are entitled to freedom
disseminating and transmitting knowledge            in the conduct of their teaching in
for the public good. The University’s               the classroom, of their research on or
obligation to society and to the world              off campus, and in the publication,
community is to ensure scientific integrity         discussion and interpretation of research
and scholarly quality of education. To              results.
fulfill this obligation, its research and
                                                  • The faculty and administration of Sabancı
teaching must be “morally and intellectually
                                                    University are responsible for protecting
independent of all political authority and
                                                    the right of each member of Sabancı
economic power,” as was expressly set forth
                                                    University to artistic expression or to
in the “Magna Charta Universitatum” signed
                                                    freely expressing his or her personal
by the Rectors of 29 European Universities in
                                                    scholarly opinion.
Bologna in 1988.
                                                  • The University does not attempt to
With these universal principles in mind,
                                                    influence or control the personal opinion
the Board of Trustees, faculty and
                                                    or public expression of that opinion of
administration of Sabancı University jointly
                                                    any member of the University community.
take responsibility for assuring fullest
protection of freedom of inquiry, thought,        • The University respects the expression
and expression. Sabancı University’s                of opinion and choice of association of
commitment to academic freedom finds                members of the University community in
expression as follows:                              their private, civic capacity.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                           15
        Sabancı University Administration

        Board of Trustees
        Güler Sabancı (Chairperson) - Sabancı Holding
        Prof. M. Ahmet Aykaç (Deputy Chairman) - GoldenHorn Ventures
        Prof. Tosun Terzioğlu (President)
        Prof. Banu Onaral - Drexel University
        Prof. Gülru Necipoğlu Kafadar - Harvard University
        Dr. Can Paker - BOY Management Services
        Dr. Cem Kozlu – International Airline Trading Fund
        Halis Komili - Komili Group Company
        Sevil Sabancı - Sabancı Holding
        Tuncay Özilhan - Anadolu Group

        International Board of Overseers
        Lady Barbara Thomas Judge - UK Atomic Energy Authority, Chairperson
        Baron Paul Buysse - Bekaert, Chairman of the Board
        Candace Johnson - Johnson Paradigm Ventures, President
        Charles O. Holliday - Dupont, Chairman of the Board and CEO
        Lord Chris Patten - Oxford University, Chancellor
        Prof. David Pines - Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter, Co-Director
        John Faraci - International Paper Company, Chairman and CEO
        Dr. Katsuhiko Yamashita, Toshiba Corporation, Chief Fellow
        Senator Phil Gramm - UBS Invesment Bank, Vice Chairman
        Richard Christou - Fujitsu Services, Executive Chairman
        Dr. Rolf E. Breuer - Deutsche Bank, Former Chairman of the Supervisory Board
        Dr. Shuhei Toyoda - Toyoda Boshuku Corporation, President


 16                                                         SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
President                                           Director of Information Technology

Prof. Tosun Terzioğlu                               İrfan Sağdınç
Vice President                                      Director of Student Resources
Prof. Nihat Berker                                  Dr. Rana Saka
Secretary General                                   Director of Institutional Development
Haluk Bal                                           Salih Arıman
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences   Director of University Operations
Prof. Albert Erkip                                  Şükrü Dökücü
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences           Coordinator of International Office
Prof. Mehmet Baç                                    Dr. Burak Arıkan
Dean, Faculty of Management                         Coordinator of Summer School
Prof. Nakiye Boyacıgiller                           Asst. Prof. Halil Berktay
Head of Center for Individual and                   Consultant Of Performing Arts Center
Academic Development Executive Committee            Asst. Prof. Yekta Kara
Prof. Alev Topuzoğlu                                Manager of Communications and
Director of Foundations Development                 Public Relations
Prof. Ali Alpar                                     Elif Gülez
Director of Research and Graduate Policies          Manager of Project Management
Asst. Prof. Cemil Arıkan                            Zeynep Birsel
Director of Executive Development Unit
Dr. Cüneyt Evirgen
Director of School of Languages
Dr. Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken
Director of Sabancı University
Sakıp Sabancı Museum
Dr. Nazan Ölçer
Director of Istanbul Policy Center
Prof. Dr. Üstün Ergüder
Director of Finance and Accounting
Ahmet Gülder
Director of Human Resources
Fatma Onat
Director of Information Center
Hilmi Çelik

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                       17
     Learning at Sabancı University

     Learning at Sabancı University is different    purpose is beyond conferring existing
     from other universities. Non-departmental      knowledge on students: We seek to
     structure in Education and Learning            equip them with the ability to produce
     and an interdisciplinary approach to           knowledge by utilizing their creative
     the production of knowledge have               intelligence, and to “teach them how
     strengthened the foundations of academic       to learn”. Therefore, it is of paramount
     programs and institutional organization.       importance that all students take part
     This has led to an organization structure      in research projects where they can use
     that is based on the mutual interactivity of   their creativity, and keep their creative
     all faculties instead of spending motivation   perspective as wide as possible.
     and energy in different directions. Our

18                                                       SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
A Unique Structure: Freedom to Choose Degree Programs
The rapidly changing world has many
expectations from university alumni: They
must not only be professionally qualified,
but should also be endowed with a wide
and critical perspective, be involved in civil
society, follow up on scientific developments,
come up with solutions, and have a grasp
on political and economic developments
within the country and across the world.
Sabancı University alumni are expected to
have professional skills as well as a cultural
background that will enable them to track
developments in various fields. We want
students to have a second look at the world,
their country, their society and themselves
with a discerning eye, and we want them
to gain the skill of independent and critical
thinking beyond simply loading them with

Teenagers that obtain their secondary school
diplomas and will continue higher education
are generally unsure of what profession to
choose; they are either led by their parents
and friends to a department, or must choose
between the programs that their score of
university entrance exam entitles them to.
Sabancı University seeks to inform students
with the main concepts of various disciplines
and professions, and enable them to make an
informed choice about their future vocation.

It is due to this unique opportunity that
approximately 50% of our students so far have
ultimately chosen a degree program that was
different from their initial choice entrance.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                   19
           Foundations Development Program

           As a result of this approach, all students      The foundational courses within the
           are required to attend a “Foundational          program include science and mathematics
           Development Program” that includes              knowledge that will serve as a basis for
           courses from both natural and social            the future courses of engineering and
           sciences. High school alumni achieving          natural sciences students, and knowledge
           the adequate scores at the university           in social sciences and history that will
           entrance exam (ÖSS) can choose between          constitute the foundation of management
           “Engineering and Natural Sciences”, “Arts       or social and political sciences students.
           and Social Sciences” and “Economics and         In short, students are faced with a rather
           Management” program groups during               challenging process. The system is tougher
           registration to Sabancı University.             than the “core curricula” applied at some
                                                           American universities, because engineering
           During registration, students make their
                                                           and natural sciences students cannot take
           first choice of degree program with the so-
                                                           “lighter” social sciences courses and vice-
           called initial major declaration. Regardless
           of their choice, all first-year undergraduate
           students attend the same courses and            The Foundational Development Program
           take the same exams. This process allows        has another required course called “Civic
           students to gain an understanding of            Involvement Projects”. All first-year
           different disciplines, acquire the core         undergraduate students are expected to
           concepts and skills of these disciplines,       take part in a project coordinated with
           and reach comparable levels of academic         NGOs. Details of these projects have been
           achievement at the end of the year.             provided in the “Civic Involvement” section.

  20                                                            SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Undergraduate Degree Programs

  Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences       Leaders for Industry
      Biological Sciences and Bioengineering        (in cooperation with FMAN) [MSc]
      Computer Science and Engineering              Materials Science and Engineering
      Electronics Engineering                                              [MSc and PhD]
      Manufacturing Systems Engineering             Mathematics [MSc and PhD]
      Materials Science and Engineering             Mechatronics [MSc and PhD]
      Mechatronics                              Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences               Conflict Analysis and Resolution [MA]
      Cultural Studies                              Cultural Studies [MA]
      Economics                                     Economics [MA and PhD]
      Social and Political Sciences                 European Studies [MA]
      Visual Arts and Visual Communication          History [MA and PhD]
  Design                                            Political Science [MA and PhD]
  Faculty of Management                             Visual Arts and Visual Communication
      Management                                Design [MA]
                                                Faculty of Management
                                                    Masters in Finance [MSc]
Graduate Degree Programs
                                                    Executive MBA
  Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
      Computer Sciences and Engineering
                                                    Management [PhD]
                            [MSc and PhD]
                                                    Information Technologies in
      Biological Sciences and Bioengineering
                                                Management [MSc]
                            [MSc and PhD]
      Electronic Engineering [MSc and PhD]
      Physics [PhD]
      Information Technology [MSc]
      Industrial Engineering [MSc and PhD]

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                       21
           Degree Programs Opened in 2008

           Physics [PhD]                                   Masters in Finance [MSc]
           The PhD in Physics program encompasses          The Master’s in Finance program aims to
           experimental and theoretical studies in         equip the future financial executives with
           condensed matter physics (semiconductors,       skills required in the world of finance,
           nanosystems) and high-energy astrophysics       and to train them under the supervision
           (neutron stars, black holes).                   of finance professionals. As a first step,
                                                           Turkey’s first finance laboratory “CAFE”
                                                           (Center for Applied Finance Education) was
           Turkish Studies [MA]
                                                           inaugurated to remedy the most vital gap
           The Turkish Studies master’s program is
                                                           in finance education, namely the lack of
           the first of its kind in Turkey to have an
                                                           applied training.
           interdisciplinary approach and English as the
           language of instruction. The program aims
           to meet the increasing international demand
           for knowledge about the culture, language,
           history, politics and economy of Turkey.

  22                                                            SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Student Distribution

Sabancı University was founded with a               in ÖSS across Turkey. It is a source of pride
plan of an optimum number of students               for our university that our students are
as 3500, and has reached this figure in its         among the top achievers in Turkey, and
10th year. While planning the student               the majority of them state our university
distribution, parallel to the importance            as their first choice.
given to research at the university, the
                                                    A very significant indicator employed by
ratio of graduate students to the total
                                                    the university to measure the effectiveness
number of students, as well as the ratio
                                                    of all services rendered in terms of
of PhD students to the total number of
                                                    education, research and civic involvement
graduate students was paid attention to.
                                                    is the ratio of faculty members to students.
Another important consideration was the
                                                    The number of students per faculty
balance between professional graduate
                                                    member is closely monitored to ensure
programs that serve the needs of the
                                                    the quality of education established in
society, and academic graduate programs.
                                                    line with our strategy is maintained. In
University admission is a tough process.            2008, the number of full-time faculty
In addition to applications to graduate             members reached 221, while the number
programs, undergraduate education                   of students per faculty member stayed at
possesses significant challenges to                 15.9. This number is remarkable among
candidates due to the “Student Selection            other universities in the world.
Examination” (ÖSS) and the Central
Student Placement System. Since its
establishment, approximately 10% of
Sabancı’s undergraduate students have
consistently ranked among the top 1000

       Number of Students
                   3203                      3500                        3639
          2725                  2932                        2964
                 364                   440                         492
                       114                    136                         183
            2006-2007             2007-2008                   2008-2009

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                  23
            %      Ratio of Graduate Students                         Number of Students per Faculty

           45,0                                                       Member and Teaching Assistant
                           42,2%                     39,2%
           40,0                                              17,0
                                             37,0%           16,0
                                                             15,0    15,9          15,9
           30,0                                                                                   15,6
                                                     27,1%   14,0
                         23,8%           23,6%               13,0
           15,0                                              11,0
                         14,0%        16,4%
           10,0                                              10,0                                  10,7
            5,0                                                       10,2
                                                              9,0                    9,7
            0,0                                               8,0
                  2006-2007      2007-2008      2008-2009           2006-2007   2007-2008     2008-2009
                  Ratio of graduate students
                  Ratio of PhD students in academic                   Number of students per faculty member
                  graduate programs                                   Number of students per full-time equivalent
                  Ratio of PhD students to total graduate             teaching assistant

           Accreditation of Faculty of Management Programs
           The Faculty of Management (FMAN) applied            assessment report to be available in early
           to the international “AACSB” (Association           2009. Although accreditation is a lengthy
           to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)          process, the feedback and consultancy
           accreditation with all its programs. The            obtained during the process will play
           application process was completed by                an important role in maintaining and
           the end of 2008, and we expect the first            developing the quality of education.

           Writing Learning Outcomes
           Pursuant to the Bologna criteria that must          equivalence ratings throughout Europe. As
           be realized in line with the European Union         Sabancı University, we aim to take one step
           harmonization procedures, efforts towards           further and develop our quality systems
           writing learning outcomes for all courses           and academic processes based on the
           and degree programs were initiated                  results of this work.
           in 2008. Expected to be completed
           across the nation by 2010, this work will
           facilitate higher education exchanges and

  24                                                                 SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Student Distribution for the 2008-2009 Fall Semester

                                                  Under     Masters   PhD   Total
  Engineering and Natural Sciences Program         1065        -       -    1065
  Biological Sciences and Bioengineering            36        22      28     86
  Computer Science and Engineering                 137        32      10    179
  Electronics Engineering                           65        21      24    110
  Electronics Engineering and Computer Science      -          1      17     18
  Industrial Engineering                            -         22       7     29
  Information Technology                            -         39       -     39
  Leaders for Industry Program                      -         14       -     14
  Manufacturing Systems Engineering                273         -       -    273
  Materials Science and Engineering                 39        15      12     66
  Mathematics                                       -          7       9     16
  Mechatronics                                     145        31      15    191
  Microelectronics                                  6          -       -     6
  Physics                                           -          -      10     10
  Telecommunications                                2          -       -     2
  FENS                                            1768       204      132   2104
  Arts and Social Sciences Program                 261         -       -    261
  Conflict analysis and Resolution                  -         16       -     16
  Cultural Studies                                  21        26       -     47
  European Studies                                  -         13       -     13
  Economics                                        107        21       2    130
  History                                           -         14       7     21
  Political Science                                 -         18      31     49
  Social and Political Sciences                     70         -       -     70
  Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design      71        25       -     96
  FASS                                             530       133      40    703
  Economics and Management Program                 507         -       -    507
  Executive MBA                                     -         74       -     74
  Masters in Finance (MIF)                          -         13       -     13
  Information Technologies in Management (ITM)      -         14       -     14
  Management                                       159        54      11    224
  FMAN                                             666       155      11    832
  TOTAL                                           2964       492      183   3639

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                               25
     Academic Support Services
     at Sabancı University

     Center for Individual and Academic Development (CIAD)
     The Individual and Academic Development        In 2008, the Course Evaluation program
     Center (CIAD) aims to ensure that students     was redesigned in line with the university’s
     adapt easily, safely and actively to           philosophy of “creating together”, and
     university life. CIAD is comprised of sub-     introduced as a unique opportunity.
     units that strengthen and develop the          Pursuant to our goal of maximizing the
     individual and academic skills of Sabancı      quality of education and its methods,
     University stakeholders (students, faculty     several seminars were held for our faculty:
     and administrative staff ). Gathered
                                                    • Dr. Tony Humphreys, Clinical Psychologist
     under one roof, these sub-units are the
                                                    and Author; “Achievement as Metaphor”
     Tutorial system, the Academic Support
                                                    (June 4th, 2008)
     Program, the Writing Center, the Individual
     Counseling Center, and the Support Unit        • Prof. Tamer Demiralp, Istanbul University
     for Students with Disabilities.                School of Medicine, Department of
                                                    Physiology; “Neural Basis of Learning and
     All CIAD sub-units assist Sabancı University
                                                    Memory” (November 10th, 2008)
     students to adjust to the participatory and
     interdisciplinary nature of our university,    • Visiting Professor Linda Bergman, Director,
     at the same time encouraging them in           Purdue University Writing Skills Laboratory;
     their acquisition of national and global       “Writing Across The Curriculum: To WAC or
     perspectives in preparation for their          not to WAC?” (November 27th, 2008)
     post-university life. To this purpose,
     CIAD encourages activities to promote
     interaction among faculties and units, and
     supports initiatives by all stakeholders
     to help their individual and academic

26                                                       SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                              Academic Support Services
Academic Support Program
The Academic Support Program is                  “Peer Study and Discussion Sessions”,
developed in line with Sabancı University’s      events such as “Active Learning Sessions”,
academic goals and educational approach.         “One-on-One Studies”, “Expert-Moderated
The program differs from conventional            Sessions” and workshops were held.
support programs considerably in terms           Additionally, 252 undergraduate students
of structure, aims and modes of function,        attended Informative Peer Seminars on
is based on active learning methods and          Undergraduate Programs, and 28 students
the effectiveness of peer instruction, and       attended the preparatory session for the
is student-focused. The structure and            “Nature and Science” course.
functioning of the Program is framed by the
principle of “learning to learn”. Students are
basically encouraged to benefit fully from
the university environment and facilities, as
well as to acquire the required knowledge
from reliable sources.

568 undergraduate students participated
in the Academic Support Program
initiatives in 2008. Within the scope of

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                         27
Academic Support Services
                            Individual Counseling Center
                            The Individual Counseling Center              The principle of the center is to observe the
                            provides a safe atmosphere to students        mission and vision of Sabancı University
                            for gaining the skills to determine and       as well as the professional and ethical
                            resolve problems, developing in personal      guidelines of clinical psychology to offer
                            and academic matters, and achieving           supporting, reliable and private counseling
                            competence in expressing their thoughts       services to students.
                            and feelings.
                                                                          Counseling services are confidential.
                            There may be times when students are          Application is completely voluntary and
                            challenged to understand the personal,        the information given by the applicant
                            social, academic and family issues they are   is not shared with any persons, units or
                            faced with, to come up with solutions to      institutions outside the center. The center
                            their problems, and to implement these        has held 297 hours of events such as
                            solutions. They can apply to the center for   seminars, panel discussions, workshops,
                            individual counseling when they want to       and protective and preventive training
                            develop themselves in these matters or        sessions in 2008 and reached 652
                            seek an unbiased opinion on the matter.       participants with.

       28                                                                      SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                              Academic Support Services
Writing Center
The Writing Center provides an opportunity     The center gathers workgroups to help
for students to maximize their written         students who aim for academic careers
skills in English and Turkish, with the        prepare for international language
ultimate objective of improving the written    proficiency tests such as TOEFL, GRE and
academic English skills of students to the     GMAT. Additional sessions are held on
level of a native speaker.                     writing cover and application letters,
                                               sample work, and lecture papers. In 2008,
The assistance required by students
                                               4432 graduate and undergraduate students
is rendered through graduate and
                                               participated in 3135 activities held by the
undergraduate workshops and working
                                               Writing Center.
sessions, as well as individual support.
Additional events are held to ensure           Professor Linda Bergman, the director of
success for graduate and undergraduate         the Purdue University Writing Skills Center,
students in reaching their career goals both   contributed to the activities of the Sabancı
in business and academic environments.         University Writing Center as visiting
                                               professor for three months in 2008.
The Career and Academic Counseling
Program is focused on writing résumés,
applications, and acceptance, refusal and
acknowledgement letters, and developing
effective interview and presentation
techniques. Career development
workshops and writing sessions are held on
these subjects.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                         29
Academic Support Services

                            Individual Counseling Center
                            The Individual Counseling Center               The principle of the center is to observe the
                            provides a safe atmosphere to students         mission and vision of Sabancı University
                            for gaining the skills to determine and        as well as the professional and ethical
                            resolve problems, developing in personal       guidelines of clinical psychology to offer
                            and academic matters, and achieving            supporting, reliable and private counseling
                            competence in expressing their thoughts        services to students.
                            and feelings.
                                                                           Counseling services are confidential.
                            There may be times when students are           Application is completely voluntary and
                            challenged to understand the personal,         the information given by the applicant
                            social, academic and family issues they are    is not shared with any persons, units or
                            faced with, to come up with solutions to       institutions outside the center. The center
                            their problems, and to implement these         has held 297 hours of events such as
                            solutions. They can apply to the center for    seminars, panel discussions, workshops,
                            individual counseling when they want to        and protective and preventive training
                            develop themselves in these matters or         sessions in 2008 and reached 652
                            seek an unbiased opinion on the matter.        participants with.

                            Support Unit for Students with Disabilities
                            The university aims to ensure that students    and technical aspects of the physical
                            with special needs can benefit from all        environment at the university are being
                            services and facilities of the university at   improved every year. Nine students have
                            the levels that other students can.            benefited from the support program in
                            In this context, accessibility conditions      2008.

       30                                                                       SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                         Academic Support Services
Career Development
The Institutional Development unit           the knowledge base that they will need to
of Sabancı University maintains a            use when applying for jobs. The program
Career Development program to help           consists of the following aspects: Basic
students gain academic and professional      Knowledge and Personal Development
information and skills as they prepare       Workshops, Sector and Company Meetings
for life, introduce them to industries and   and Workshops.
employment opportunities appropriate
to their degree programs, and develop

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                    31
Academic Support Services

                            Basic Knowledge and Personal                 Sector and
                            Development Workshops                        Company Meetings
                            In cooperation with CIAD’s Writing Center,   In this context, the executives of leading
                            16 workshops were held in the spring         companies and institutions in their
                            semester of the 2007-2008 academic year.     respective fields visit our university to
                            The outlines of these events are below:      introduce their companies and industries,
                                                                         and share valuable information in
                            • University and scholarship applications    recruitment and internship processes.
                            (information on education abroad)

                            • Job and internship applications (writing
                            résumés, statements of purpose and
                            reference letters)

                            • Career counseling – Fulbright seminars

                            • TOEFL-GRE workgroups

                            • Effective Interview Skills seminars

       32                                                                     SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                               Academic Support Services
“Career Express”
The “Career Express” fair is held during the
first two weeks of March every year to bring
companies and students together and
create a successful example of cooperation
between the university and the business
world. Students enjoy an opportunity to
gain information about various industries
as they learn about the processes and
business volumes of the non-financial
industries. In 2008, 31 companies attended
the event and met with our students
through their stands and presentations.

Case Study Days begin immediately
after the fair, providing an opportunity
to students for confronting the actual
problems of companies and applying
their theoretical education to practice for
creative solutions. Ten companies from
various industries have participated in
Workshops with diverse issues such as
product launches, sales and planning,
business plans and mergers, and were able
to gain a close understanding of
our students as they worked on
solving the case.

Career events are not limited to the
above two. In addition to these events,
executives and mid-level managers from
twenty companies met with our students
for alternative career days. With respect
to workshops, eight Case Study Days and
three site visits were conducted in 2008.

Academic Support Services
                            Internship at Sabancı University is a         At the end of internship, students are asked
                            “project-oriented” course. During             to prepare project posters to present to
                            internship, students take part in projects    their faculty members and fellow students,
                            conducted at their internship institution,    and share their experiences. We believe
                            or prepare projects aimed at resolving        that the internships of students help
                            problems that await solutions, based on the   them gain career planning abilities, work
                            needs of the institution.                     experience, new skills and professional
                            Internship is monitored electronically via
                            proprietary software developed by Sabancı     In the 2007-2008 academic year, 359
                            University. This software enables tracking    students registered to the PROJ 302
                            the description of the student’s internship   Undergraduate Summer Internship course.
                            project, the approval of the project by       60 students completed their required
                            the related academic advisor, and the         internship abroad in research institutes,
                            assessment of the project.                    universities and companies.

       34                                                                      SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                           Academic Support Services
Erasmus Internship Program
Among foundation universities, Sabancı        experience. Students are entitled to
University has been entitled to the highest   monthly scholarships of up to 900 Euros by
amount of grant from European Union in        the EU.
terms of total number of students in the
                                              In the 2007–2008 academic year, 25
2007-2008 academic year.
                                              Sabancı students have been sent on
Two years ago, Sabancı University             internships to companies and research
was entitled to the Extended Erasmus          institutes in Europe for 3 months. In
University Charter, an agreement that         addition, project-oriented internship
includes internship in addition to exchange   agreements with the leading corporations
programs. Students of universities that       of the world have provided financing for
have this charter have the opportunity        6 students to be sent abroad (Bekaert,
to work for 3 to 12 months in a company       Belgium and Toshiba and Marubeni, Japan).
or organization in Europe, receiving
professional training and/or work

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                      35
Academic Support Services
                            Information Center
                            The Information Center aims to support           user and the access. The services provided
                            the education, training and research             by the Information Center are meeting
                            programs of Sabancı University, to meet          requests for information resources,
                            the document and information needs               reference and guidance, circulation
                            of students and faculty, and to support          and borrowing, producing curriculum
                            the accumulation, use and transfer of            supporting materials, interlibrary loan,
                            knowledge on national and international          reserve and e-reserve services, web-based
                            level. Additionally, its collections, services   services and off-campus access.
                            and facilities help increase the research
                                                                             The Information Center has an indoors area
                            capabilities of the university.
                                                                             of 9165 square meters and accommodates
                            The center is founded on a principle of          300,000 volumes. The center has a seating
                            direct access to information rather than         capacity of 600, and has a total of 480
                            owning all information resources, and            internet access terminals including 56
                            thus aims to provide most facilities and         electronically-equipped study cubicles and
                            services electronically, becoming a pioneer      13 multifunctional study rooms. Wireless
                            in Turkey in terms of rapidly and efficiently    internet access is available throughout the
                            bringing together the information, the           center.

       36                                                                         SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                                     Academic Support Services
The Development of Information Center Collections

  Collection                                  2006*              2007*         2008*       Toplam

  Books                                         6.255            7.707         7.898       92.216

  E-Books                                     10.448             4.537         22.840      59.218

  Theses                                         0                 0            84          355

  E- Lit                                        250              1.053          402         1.805

  E- Student                                     0                 6             0           10

  E- Staff                                       7                 2             0           15

  Publications by SU Members**                   257              1061          402          1830

  Multimedia                                    4.471            1.519         3.984       34.192

  Periodicals                                   2.171            -4190         3.324       20.439

  Databases                                      0                 -1            7           63

  Total                                       23.602             10.633        38.539      208.313

  * Additions in this year only.

  ** Publications by SU faculty, students and administrative personnel

Use of Collections by Readers in 2008

                                                        Type of Collection
 Type of User                         Reserve              E-Reserve Multimedia
                             Book               Multimedia                                   Total
                                     Collection            Collection  Tools

 Faculty                    12.158      137             7.391             0          158    19.844

 Graduate Students          26.174      1.243           7.819             0          179    35.415

 Undergrad Students         39.434      4.760           18.963          1539      2.704     67.400

 Administrative Staff        4.874       0              3.676             0          26      8.576

 Graduates                     92         0                0              0            9      101

 External Users               73         0                3               0           0       76

 Total                      82.805      6.140           37.852          1539     3.076     131.412

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                37
     Student Activities
     at Sabancı University
     The extracurricular activities at Sabancı       become a world university, and improve
     University are divided into three categories:   education. Parallel to the stabilization of
     Sports, Student Council and Student             the number of students, the number of
     Clubs. All these activities are designed        extracurricular activities seems to have
     and organized by students only. They are        reached a plateau: There were 278 activities
     supported by the university in line with its    in 2006, 241 in 2007, and 334 in 2008.
     objectives to develop social involvement,

38                                                        SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                               Student Activities
Sabancı University aims to provide               including soccer, basketball, volleyball,
premium sports amenities to its students         handball, table tennis, tennis, skiing and
and staff, enabling all to make use of such      snowboarding, swimming, and football;
amenities under equal conditions and to          these teams practice regularly and take
the extent of their interest and abilities.      part in competitions. 2008 was a successful
To this end, there are indoor and outdoor        year for all teams, and the teams and
sports facilities on campus, open for all        athletes who achieved high rankings were
Sabancı University members to use.               given Extracurricular Activity awards.

We currently have active men’s and
women’s teams in 9 sports branches,

Student Council
Sabancı University Student Council aims to       Information Center Board of Advisors,
involve all students in the management of        Course Planning Committee, Student
the university, consider all opinions within a   Activities Committee, Undergraduate
system, and ensure the reflection of diverse     Programs Promotion Committee, Web
opinions on campus life.                         Committee, Commencement Ceremony
                                                 Committee, Extracurricular Activity Awards
Workgroups within the Student Council
                                                 Committee, Discipline Pool, and Sports
take part in the decision making process
                                                 Board of Advisors.
for important issues regarding the
university and campus life. Workgroups
are constituted when necessary for issues
such as transportation, food, housing and
traffic. Additionally, the Student Council is
represented within certain committees and
councils that have an important role in the
management of the university.

Among these key committees and councils
are Center for Invididual and Academic
Development Executive Committee,

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                          39
Student Activities
                     Student Clubs
                     There has been 48 active student clubs at      clubs also diversified their activities in line
                     the university in 2008. Activities organized   with the needs of the society. The most
                     by these clubs range from concerts to          active clubs in this respect are the Saving
                     competitions, marketing conversation           the World Club, Theatre Club and Music
                     and performing arts. Organized by the          Club. Elderly people the residents of
                     cooperation of student clubs and on its        nearby care homes and students of primary
                     way to becoming traditional, the “SUFest”      schools are invited to attend the events
                     attracts many participants within and          organized by these clubs. Our students
                     outside the university every May. In 2008,     have many international events as well.

     40                                                                  SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                            Student Activities
Student Clubs
Aerospace Club                          Leylek Travel Club
Amateur Astronomy Society               Linux Users Group
Atatürk Club                            Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Bridge Club                             Society (MSES)
Ceramics Club                           Mathematics Club
Chess Club                              MBA Club
Cinema Club                             Model United Nations Club
Computer Club                           Motor Sports Club
CoRe (Conflict Resolution Club)         Music Club
Culture and Literature Club             Ocean Publication Club
Dance Club                              Outdoor Sports Club
Debate Club                             PıraSA Humor Club
Drama Club                              Politics Club
Economics Management Club               Radio Club
EU Club                                 Robotic Club
Folklore Club                           Sailing Club
Fantasy Role Playing Club (FRP)         Saving The World Club
Game Club                               Social Sciences Club
Gender Club                             Underwater Sports Club
Global Interaction Club                 Young Entrepreneurs Club
Horseback Riding Club
Ice Skating Club
IEEE Student Branch
International Students Club
Istanbul Club

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                       41
Student Activities
                     Extracurricular Activities Awards
                     Extracurricular Student Activities Awards
                     are given annually to recognize and reward
                     the extracurricular achievements of Sabancı
                     University students.

                     Awards in 2008

                     Rewarded Students
                     Abdullah Yavuz Altun: Culture and Literature Club activities and editorship for the Kuyu

                     Ali Rıza Naibi: Most valuable player, men’s tennis team

                     Anıl Üşümezbaş, Egemen Çalıkoğlu, Özgür İnaç, Selim Önal: Contribution to the peer tutorial

                     Burak Yetişkin: Photography exhibition at the Singapore State Library

                     Can Ürgün: Most successful assistant of the Writing Center

                     Emre Ertan: İTÜ Management Club “Business Plan and Innovation Contest” success

                     İsmail Kandiş: Contribution to the campus culture through work for “SUFest”

                     Levent Ülker: Contribution to campus life through active participation in the Underwater Sports

                     Memetcan Dalay, Özge İzci: Contribution to the “Undergraduate Programs” promotion activities

                     Ömer Sami: Mount Erciyes peak climb

                     Seyran Doğan: Contribution to the campus culture through active participation in the Economics
                     Management Club and the Manufacturing Systems Engineering Society

                     Disabled Student Support Group activities

     42                                                                   SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                            Student Activities
Rewarded clubs
Atelier: Contribution to the Galata Perform visibility project

Economics Management Club: “Business Etiquette ’08” seminars

Economics Management Club: “SUChallenge” marketing contest

Folklore Club: Contribution to multicultural profile

“Müzikus” Hard Rock Project: “Rollover” concert

“Müzikus” Music Club: Contribution to the campus culture

“Müzikus” Turkish Music Choir: “40 Years of Ahmet Özhan” concert

Pink Floyd Tribute: “Is There Anybody Out There?” performance

Chamber Theatre

Okyanus Magazine: 12th Issue

Sahara Dust: “A Tribute To Epica” performance

“SU-Sail” Sailing Club: Most Active Club

“SUDANCE”: “SUDANCE Night ’07”

“SUDANCE” Modern Dance Group: 10th International Modern Dance Festival performance

“SÜFOK”: Seka “The Remainder” exhibition

Rewarded Sports Teams
Women’s Basketball Team: Advancing to Universities B Category

Women’s Tennis Team: Advancing to Universities B Category

Women’s Volleyball Team: Advancing to Universities B Category

Men’s Handball Team: Third place, Universities C Category

Men’s Tennis Team: First place, Universities B Category and third place in Turkey overall

Men’s Volleyball Team: Advancing to Universities B Category

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                       43
     Alumni at Sabancı University

     Sabancı University has 2626 graduates        Some of our alumni were accepted to
     since 2000, 1012 of whom graduated from      important institutions including Harvard,
     graduate programs. As we follow the          Stanford, Brown, Massachusetts Institute
     achievements of our alumni with pride,       of Technology, Yale, Northwestern, Cornell,
     93% of them were placed according to their   Berkeley, Cambridge, London School of
     choice of professional or academic careers   Economics, and the Max Planck Institute for
     within one year. 56% of graduates began      graduate education.
     working while another 30% preferred to
                                                  Most of our alumni who preferred
     pursue graduate degrees. Some of our
                                                  professional careers are employed at
     entrepreneur graduates started their own
                                                  important positions in leading national and
     businesses in Turkey and abroad, mostly
                                                  international corporations.
     in fields like Information Technologies,
     Software, Project Management, Advanced
     Materials and Consultancy.

44                                                     SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Cumulative Number of Diplomas Granted by the End of 2007-2008*

                                                  Under     Masters   PhD     Total
  Biological Sciences and Bioengineering           67         43       2       112
  Computer Science and Engineering                 205        9                214
  Electronics Engineering                          27          -       1        28
  Electronics Engineering and Computer Science      -        107       5       112
  Industrial Engineering                            -         52       9        61
  Information Technology                            -         73       -        73
  Leaders for Industry Program                      -         56       -        56
  Manufacturing Systems Engineering                417         -       -       417
  Materials Science and Engineering                51         32       9        92
  Mathematics                                       -         16       2        18
  Mechatronics                                     216        6                222
  Microelectronics                                 73          -       -        73
  Physics                                           -          -                0
  Telecommunications                               54          -       -        54
  FENS                                            1110       394      28      1532
  Conflict Analysis and Resolution                  -         31       -        31
  Cultural Studies                                 56                  -        56
  Economics                                        216        53               269
  European Studies                                  -         33       -        33
  History                                           -         37       4        41
  Political Science                                 -         32       2        34
  Social and Political Sciences                    138         -       -       138
  Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design     87         40       -       127
  FASS                                             497       226       6       729
  Executive MBA                                     -        165       -       165
  Masters in Finance (MIF)                          -                  -        0
  Information Technologies in Management (ITM)      -         19       -        19
  Management                                       128       159       4       291
  FMAN                                             128       343       4       475
  TOTAL                                           1735       963      38      2736

* Since there are students who obtain both undergraduate and graduate degrees from our
university, the number of diplomas granted is 2736 while the number of alumni is 2626.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                    45
         Percentage of Alumni Starting Work or Education within the First Year

                                                            92%                      93%
           82                    83%
                          2005                          2006                      2007
                                                   Graduation Year

         What Are Our Alumni Doing Today?
                       Unemployed;            10%

                Graduate Education;                                                   Professional Life;
                       30%                                                                  56%

 46                                                            SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
The Harvard Gathering

55 alumni working in the United States         pace in 2009, the fifth commencement
or pursuing graduate degrees in various        anniversary of our undergraduate students.
universities came together at Harvard          In addition to our alumni, some academic
University on May 9th, 2008. Also attended     from Harvard and Sabancı Universities and
by the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees,   some members of Turkish and foreign press
Güler Sabancı, this gathering was first in     attended the event.
the series of reunions which will pick up

Alumni Office
The Alumni Office was established in 2008      with alumni gatherings. The office maintains
to coordinate the communication traffic        the institutional relationship between the
and growing number of announcements            Sabancı University Alumni Association
and events as the number of our alumni         (SÜMED) and the university, and cooperates
continues to increase. The Alumni Office       with the association in many projects. One
keeps up-to-date contact information about     of the ongoing examples to this cooperation
graduates, maintaining an operational          is the university’s support that registers the
communication network, keeps alumni            graduates of every academic year to SÜMED
informed of developments at the university,    automatically. This ensures the integrity of
notifies them of various job opportunities,    the alumni network, and grows the number
and coordinates many events, beginning         of SÜMED members year by year.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                           47
     Research at Sabancı University

     Sabancı University is an innovative and       Sciences, and Faculty of Management),
     research-focused institution. The basis       centers, forums and science and
     of research at the university is learning     art initiatives are conducted on an
     to learn, interdisciplinary approach,         interdisciplinary basis.
     teamwork, creativity, and a quest for the
                                                   The university is located in the district
     ideal. Applied and strategic research is
                                                   of Tuzla, in close proximity of small and
     ongoing with the objective of advancing
                                                   medium businesses, local administrations,
     knowledge, supporting education and
                                                   industrial organizations and technology
     contributing to the development of society.
                                                   facilities. This location provides various
     Research efforts aim to enrich curricula      opportunities in industry-university
     and contribute to social and economic         collaboration, technology development,
     development in academic and applied           and commercialization of new
     fields. All research efforts in faculties     technologies.
     (Faculty of Engineering and Natural
     Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social

48                                                      SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
The Research Process

Research at Sabancı University is conducted              Contrary to the established norm, the results
by scientific methods and in applied fields.             of research at Sabancı University are not
These activities contribute to social and                limited to scientific publications, but become
economic development, while enriching                    externally-financed research projects, start-up
the curriculum. Research efforts are led                 companies established by faculty members
by drivers such as expanding scientific                  and/or students, and patents. Therefore,
results, transforming knowledge into public              the research process is considered a chain of
service, creating economic value, initiating             values, and handled with this approach.
interdisciplinary studies and establishing
academic and professional partnerships.

             R&D Activities          Sponsored                 Innovation &
                                      Projects               Entrepreneurship

                                            Products &      New
                      Scientific             Services     ventures                IP
                      Research                                                Managament
                                       Publication        Tech transfer
               Internal Research Grant      URC & UEC                        Commercialization
Supporting      Support for Acad. Actv.                      (GOSB)
 Processes     Scientific Publ. Incentive                 Enterpreneurship
                       IRF (KAF)            RGP & PMO       Development         INOVENT

                     EU Research        Internal:          External:          Graduate
                      Programs       Intellectual & Scientific& profes. col- Programs
                                    Infrastructural laboration & Funding
                           Industry                                      Faculties
                        NGOs and Gov
                              Other Grant                            Students
                                     Int. Programs           resources
                    Resources                       IPM &

                                   Sabancı University, Research Value Chain

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                      49

           Research at Sabancı University is an                  finding grants. The Project Management
           inseparable part of education. Cooperation            Office renders support to prevent researchers
           with the industry and business circles is             from being weighed down by bureaucracy
           regarded very highly, and all research efforts        and other formalities once the project is
           are based on these three pillars. The university      finalized and financing is obtained. Inovent,
           possesses the unique and professional                 a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sabancı
           structure required for the management of              University, manages the process for the
           research-related activities. The Research             commercialization of technologies and
           and Graduate Policies Directorate monitors            business ideas developed in universities, R&D
           research opportunities in Turkey and Europe,          institutions and the industry.
           informs researchers of suitable opportunities,
           and assists them in project preparation and

                                         Research and
                   Scientific            Graduate
                                                                   Management           Inovent
                   Research              Policies

            • Scientific Research                                                   • Marketing Intel-
                                    • Development of          • Research Project
            • Research Projects                                                       lectual Property
                                      Research Projects         Management
            • Entrepreneurship                                                      • Commercialization

           Research Management Process at Sabancı

  50                                                                SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Project Development: Research and Graduate Policies Directorate (RGP)

The main objective of the Research and             In addition to grant projects developed in
Graduate Policies Directorate (RGP) is to assist   cooperation with national and international
with the transformation of scientific and          financing sources, Sabancı University faculty
technological research to social and economic      members are also included in multilateral
benefit, and to facilitate research efforts and    national commercial agreements. Commercial
innovative initiatives. Sabancı University         agreements are used actively to strengthen
faculty members are encouraged to apply to         the cooperation between the university
various national and international grant funds,    and the industry, and to provide additional
and their application processes are supported.     resources for advanced academic and/or
Applications are prepared in line with the         applied research. The university conducts joint
objectives and responsibilities below:             research projects in collaboration with the
    • Assisting all faculty members of the         industry, and these projects help the creation
        university with their application          of a collaborative environment that benefits
        processes.                                 all parties involved by providing financing for
    • Providing current information on             research, enabling technology transfer, and
        implementation instructions and            converting research results to economic value.
        internal and external financing
    • Developing business relations with
        project partners and establishing
        consortiums when necessary.
    • Developing and maintaining standards
        on budgeting and agreement needs.
    • Assisting with the agreement draft and
        the preparation of the budget.
    • Providing legal counseling for the
        preparation of agreements and
        contracts and the resolution of any
        conflicts; reviewing all contracts on
        behalf of the university.
    • Providing all forms and information
        that accepted proposals will require at
        the time of signing a contract.
    • Providing coordination during
        negotiations if necessary.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                51
           Project Management: The Project Management Office (PMO)

           Research management at Sabancı University       Commercial contracts are projects conducted
           is generally a centralized effort and begins    with the cooperation of the university and
           with project development. Once the              the industry, are generally designed to apply
           agreement is signed, the Project Management     research and R&D efforts, and are commercial
           Office undertakes administration and fund       in essence.
           management processes.
                                                           Sabancı University has reached a considerable
           Projects are managed according to               level of experience in the management
           agreements classified as “Grants” or            of large-scale projects both as a project
           “Commercial Projects”. Grants are distributed   leader in a consortium, and as a contractor
           by public bodies, NGOs and other nonprofit      by itself. These projects give rise to the
           or commercial organizations to eligible         professionalization of both scientific and
           researchers pursuant to a grant plan.           administrative management organizations.

  52                                                         SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Scientific Publications

As a research-focused institution, Sabancı    by Sabancı University faculty members and
University closely follows scientific         students was 116 in 2006, 112 in 2007, and
publications accepted in reputable national   135 in 2008. Approximately 25% of these
and international periodicals (moderated      publications are made jointly with students,
periodicals included in ISI Citation Index    and the number of publications per faculty
databases). The number of publications made   member is maintained around 0.8.

  University                    2006                2007                  2008

  Number of Publications         116                112                   135

Number of Publications (2006-2008)

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                        53

           Research Projects Performance
           Many research projects have been initiated in             26.3 million Euros, and 90% of this amount
           cooperation with national and international               comprises active contracts. As of the end of
           institutions since the establishment of Sabancı           2008, there are 165 active contracts.
           University. The current amount of research
           grants and contracts totals approximately

                € (Euro)
                                                                                 26.3 million €
                                                                                  (207 proje)

             25.000.000                                         21.2 million €
                                                                 (163 proje)

             20.000.000                           15.0 million €
                                                   (131 proje)
             15.000.000              9.0 million €
                                      (86 proje)
                           3.3 million €
                            (11 proje)

                              2004         2005          2006          2007          2008

           Cumulative Development of Sabancı University Research Funds (2004-2008)

  54                                                                    SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
EU Framework Programs Performance
EU Framework Programs are the primary            Framework Program, which began on January
schemes with which the European Union            1st, 2007, and will continue until 2013, Sabancı
supports multinational research and              University has achieved a research fund of
technology development projects. The             2.2 million Euros with 15 projects. According
research funds available per faculty member      to the 7th Framework Program statistics
within the scope of the EU 6th Framework         published by the Scientific and Technological
Program is 27,000 Euros at Sabancı University.   Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), Sabancı
In this respect, Sabancı University is the       University ranks second among universities in
leading institution in Turkey. As for the 7th    Turkey.

   € (Euro)
                                                     2.2 M €


                        847 K €


                          2007                       2008

Sabancı University EU 7th Framework Performance (2007-2008)

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                               55
           TÜBİTAK Projects Performance

           The primary source of grants for Sabancı         In terms of funds available per researcher
           University is the national research              in the top 10 universities supported by
           institution TÜBİTAK. According to 2008           TÜBİTAK in 2008, Sabancı University has
           statistics published by TÜBİTAK, Sabancı         ranked first.
           University ranks sixth in terms of funds
           received, and the grant amount has
           increased to 25 times the amount in 2003.

           2008 Research Projects Performance
           Research project performance of Sabancı            projects (7th Framework and Jean Monnet
           University in 2008 is consistent with previous     programs) with 29%. Commercial contracts
           years. The distribution of projects in 2008        have a share of 14%. Projects supported by
           according to sponsors shows that TÜBİTAK is        the Ministry of Industry and Trade comprise
           the largest sponsor with 36%, followed by EU       7% while other grant projects comprise 14%.

                                Other Grants

           European Union

                                                                                  Ministry of Industry and Trade
                                                Commercial Contracts

           Distribution of Sabancı University Research Funds According to Sponsors (2008)

  56                                                             SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                               Computer Science and         Arts and Social

                                  Engineering                  Sciences
                   Biology and        1%                          14%

    Electronic                                                                         23%

            Engineering                                                       Physics
                4%                                                              7%
                          Materials Science and       Manufacturing
                              Engineering          Systems Engineering
                                  10%                      5%

Distribution of Sabancı University Research Funds According to Discipline (2008)

A look into the distribution of Sabancı           Studies and Political Science) with 14%.
University research funds in 2008 according       Others are Electronic Engineering with
to disciplines shows that “Biology and            13%, Materials Science and Engineering
Bioengineering” and “Management”                  with 10%, Physics with 7%, Manufacturing
projects (Organization, Accounting and            Systems Engineering with 5%, Mechatronic
Finance, and Operations Management                Engineering with 4% and Computer Science
and Informatics) share first place with 23%       and Engineering with 1%.
each. This is followed by Arts and Social
Sciences (Economics, History, Cultural

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                            57

           Intellectual Property Management
           An important part of Sabancı University’s          organization is to focus on developing new
           mission is to cultivate a research environment     technologies and applications in pioneering
           that will produce results that benefit public      research fields, reaching competitive results.
           and private bodies. Efforts for technology         This will enable Inovent, a fully-independent
           transfer have picked up pace with the              and professional business, to commercialize
           establishment of Inovent Inc., a wholly-owned      the technological assets of Sabancı University
           subsidiary of the university that helps with the   in the most valuable and appropriate way
           conversion of research results to commercial       possible.
           products. The role of the university in this

           As a company for technology                        Established in 2006, Inovent has so far
           commercialization, Inovent develops,               evaluated over 1200 business ideas and
           commercializes and manages the intellectual        technologies submitted by small and
           property produced by universities, research        medium businesses, academia, the industry
           institutions, technology companies and             and individuals. Joint initiatives were
           entrepreneurs in Turkey. By bringing together      started with approximately 60 business
           technology transfer, start-up businesses,          ideas and technologies at various stages of
           incubation services, locating investment sources   commercialization. Investors were actively
           and business development, Inovent increases        sought for 7 companies and inventions. Nine
           the commercialization and business growth          start-up companies were partnered with.
           speeds of ideas. Its purpose is to develop         Inovent also cooperated with Hacettepe
           companies or provide licenses to the industry to   University for technology transfer.
           create an environment where innovative ideas
           are presented to the market.

  58                                                            SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Intellectual Property Portfolio

Sabancı University has been systematically      science are relatively more conducive to
monitoring technology transfers and             direct commercial application.
invention declarations since 2003. 17
                                                In addition to inventions declared in
inventions have been declared so far, and
                                                the name of Sabancı University, faculty
patent applications have been made for
                                                members have more than 160 patents
nine of these. Assessments of invention
                                                in their own names. In accordance
declarations are conducted by a committee
                                                with Sabancı University’s policies and
composed of representatives from the
                                                procedures regarding intellectual property
Project Management Office, Inovent,
                                                and research for which funding is received,
and the Research and Graduate Policies
                                                the university transfers these technologies
Directorate. Sabancı University has an
                                                to joint commercial ventures pursuant to
international registered patent in the field
                                                the legal and research-based relationships
of chemical absorbent technologies.
                                                with the stakeholders of the technology in
Most inventions are declared in electronics     question.
and physics, and this is closely followed
by materials science. Although fewer in
numbers, new technologies in materials




Intellectual Property Portfolio of Sabancı University According to Disciplines.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                         59
           Highlights from Projects and Awards in 2008

           “European Research Council                         study to be supported from Turkey. Professor
                                                              Soner is the only scientist from Turkey to
           Advanced Researcher Grant ”
                                                              appear on the Thompson ISI Highly Cited
           [Professor, Mete Soner]                            Researcher list, one of the most prestigious
                                                              rankings in the academic world.
           The European Research Council awarded
           an Advanced Researcher Grant to Sabancı
           University faculty member Prof. Mete Soner.
           As one of the select few scientists in the field   “Marie Curie Excellence Award ”
           of mathematical finance, Soner was awarded
                                                              [Associate Professor, Batu Erman]
           this grant with his Mathematical Methods for
           Financial Risk Management project. Receiving       Sabancı University faculty member Associate
           a grant of 880,000 Euros, this project concerns    Professor Batu Erman was awarded the Marie
           the measurement and management of risks in         Curie Excellence Award. Batu Erman is the
           various scenarios.                                 first person from Turkey and the second non-
                                                              EU citizen to receive this award. Batu Erman
           The European Research Council is the first
                                                              was additionally granted a research award of
           research support institution established by
                                                              270,000 dollars by the US National Institute
           the European Union to support pioneering
                                                              of Health in 2008, and was one of the two
           studies. The first “Advanced Researcher Grant”
                                                              scientists given awards by the Feyzi Akkaya
           call of the European Research Council was
                                                              Fund for Supporting Scientific Activities.
           made in 2008, and researchers who have
           achieved great success in the natural sciences
           and engineering category in the last decade
           had applied with a total of 997 projects.
           Professor Mete Soner’s project was the only

  60                                                            SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
“2008 TÜBİTAK Science Award ”                    Other Awards
[Professor, Mehmet Baç]                          Assistant Professor Selim Balcısoy, Elif Ayiter
                                                 and Murat Germen won the IBM Faculty
Professor Mehmet Baç, Dean of the Faculty
                                                 Award with the “Visual Analysis Systems for
of Arts and Social Sciences, has been granted
                                                 Service Sciences” project.
the TÜBİTAK Science Award, given in the field
of social sciences for the first time in 2008.   Professor İsmail Çakmak won the “Derek Tribe
Mehmet Baç was granted the award due to his      Award” given by the Australian Technical
outstanding international achievement in “the    Sciences and Engineering Academy in the
design of an inspection, reward and penalty      field of agricultural research. This is currently
system to prevent authority abuse cases such     the greatest award in Australia.
as corruption and bribery in institutions in
                                                 Assistant Professor Devrim Gözüaçık was given
                                                 a reward of 250,000 Euros by the European
                                                 Molecular Biology Organization’s “Settlement
                                                 Research Fund”.

                                                 Associate Professor Ersin Göğüş was granted
                                                 the TÜBİTAK Incentive Award.

                                                 Associate Professor İlker Birbil was granted the
                                                 TÜBİTAK Incentive Award.

                                                 Among other Sabancı University faculty
                                                 members, 19 won the TÜBİTAK “Career Award”,
                                                 13 won the Turkish Academy of Sciences’
                                                 “Successful Young Scientist Award” and 9 won
                                                 the TÜBİTAK “Incentive Award”.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                61

           Işık İnselbağ Chair in Finance
           The Işık İnselbağ Finance Chair was              obtaining his undergraduate degree from
           inaugurated in the 2007-2008 academic            Boğaziçi University, Soner completed his
           year within the Faculty of Management. The       postgraduate degree at Brown University, and
           chair is named after the late Professor Işık     began working at Carnegie Mellon University
           İnselbağ, member of the Sabancı University       in 1986 as assistant professor. He became a
           Board of Trustees, who passed away in 2004.      full professor within six years, and in 1998,
           The Işık İnselbağ Finance Chair is part of       he was selected to the Paul M. Whythes `55
           Sabancı University’s efforts to take its place   Professor of Finance and Engineering Chair
           on the leading edge of finance research and      at Princeton University. After returning to
           education.                                       Turkey in 2000, Soner worked as the Dean of
                                                            the Faculty of Economic and Administrative
           Named after a distinguished scholar who had
                                                            Sciences at Koç University, and joined Sabancı
           been of invaluable support to the university
                                                            in September 2007.
           since its inception, the chair is currently
           headed by Professor Mete Soner. After

  62                                                          SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Erdal İnönü Chair
In January 2008, it was decided to establish        İnanç Adagideli was born in 1973, and
a chair in honor of the late Professor Erdal        completed a double major in Physics and
İnönü, former faculty member of Sabancı             Mathematics at the Middle East Technical
University, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey         University in 1993. After obtaining a master’s
and President to the Middle East Technical          degree in Physics from the same university,
University, who passed away on October 31st,        Adagideli received a postgraduate degree
2007. The person to be appointed to the             from the University of Illinois at Urbana-
Erdal İnönü chair was envisaged as a young          Champaign in 2001. Adagideli worked as
and successful scholar of natural sciences          professor and postgraduate researcher at the
and/or science history, and it was decided to       University of Leiden, the Delft University of
support this scholar’s studies for five years. In   Technology, the University of British Columbia
September 2008, İnanç Adagideli, Ph.D. was          and the University of Regensburg until joining
appointed to the Erdal İnönü chair.                 Sabancı University in February 2009.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                63
     Integration with Society
     at Sabancı University

     During our tenth academic year, we          contribute to the society directly, expand
     are beginning to see positive results       the benefits offered and close the gap
     of our philosophy to serve the society.     between various segments of the society
     We proudly watch the successes of our       can be divided into categories of Civil
     graduates and faculty members. As such,     Society, Culture and Arts, Lifelong Learning,
     the issue of civic involvement became one   and Innovation.
     of the strategic points of the 2007-2011
     period. The events that are held to

64                                                    SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                                Integration with Society
Civil Society
As part of its corporate and social responsibilities, Sabancı University has undertaken many
civil society projects in 2008 to cultivate an environment where its stakeholders can fulfill
their social responsibilities and students gain an awareness of social responsibility.

Istanbul Policy Center (IPC)
IPC was founded in 2001 to create a             Observatory 2008”, “Management of
network of distinguished scholars and           Regional Development”, “Best Practices
institutions of sociology, administration       in Participatory Regional Development”
and public policy, and to create national       and the “5th Best Practices in Education”
and regional momentum in applied social         conferences were held. Two symposia
sciences. Its scope covers fields such as EU    were held on “Turkey and Overcoming
and Turkey, Governance, Education Policies,     the Obstacles in Turkey-US Relations” and
and Conflict Analysis and Resolution.           “The US and EU: Cooperating across the
                                                Greater Middle East”. Projects titled “Youths
Many projects in these fields were
                                                That Ask and Question”, “Education and
undertaken in 2008. In this respect, two
                                                Empowering” and “Fact-Based Advocacy for
books titled Turkey-EU Civil Society Dialog
                                                Developing Equality in Education in Turkey”
and Regional Development Agencies
                                                are continuing.
were published. “Turkey-EU Relations

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                           65
Integration with Society

                           Education Reform Initiative (ERI)                 Best Practices in Education Conference
                           ERI is a project initiated within the IPC to      The “Best Practices in Education Conference
                           contribute to the education policies and          2008” organized by the ERI was held on the
                           decision-making processes in Turkey through       5th and 6th of April, 2008, at the Sabancı
                           research, advocacy and watching. The              University campus. The 5th Best Practices in
                           ERI works towards bringing together the           Education Conference had main application
                           bureaucracy, universities, schools and NGOs       areas of Learning and Teaching Activities,
                           to contribute to education reform policies,       Measurement and Assessment, Special
                           and strives to found participatory and creative   Education, Psychological Counseling and
                           ideas. Projects carried out by the ERI are as     Guidance and Use of Technology in Education,
                           follows:                                          as well as special application areas of Peace
                           * Curriculum Reform                               Education and Struggle against Gender
                           * Demographic Research                            Discrimination in Education. Attended by
                           * Best Practices in Education Conferences         approximately 1500 participants, the Best
                           * World Bank Education Sector Study Turkey        Practices in Education 2008 conference hosted
                           * Gender Equality in Education                    62 papers and 69 poster presentations chosen
                           * Religion and Education                          by a jury among 558 submissions.

      66                                                                       SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                          Integration with Society
Civic Involvement Projects
All first-year students of Sabancı University      Environmental Projects
work on “Civic Involvement Projects” as teams.
                                                   Children’s Projects
These projects are aimed towards ensuring
that students develop to be self-confident and     Projects for Supporting the Disabled
competent individuals aware of their social
                                                   Human Rights Projects
responsibilities. The thought that one can make
a difference as an individual and as part of a     Senior Citizens Projects
team is supported.
                                                   Peace Education Projects
Projects developed for this purpose are
                                                   “Make a Wish” Project
implemented in cooperation with various NGOs,
elementary schools close to the campus, and        Sexual Responsibility Projects
kindergartens operated by Social Services.         Animal Rights Projects
While over 800 students participated in projects
in 2008, 110 students have supported these         Young Refugees Projects
projects as supervisors after completing their     Organ and Blood Donation Projects
own projects.
                                                   Gender Projects
The various projects carried out every year can
be divided into the following categories:

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                     67
Integration with Society

                           The Maltepe Children’s Penitentiary Project
                           The first civic involvement project at       and reaping benefits from them, and
                           the Maltepe Children’s Penitentiary was      on activities that enhance expressive
                           conducted in 2008 with convicts between      skills and boost self-confidence. Prior to
                           12 and 18 years of age. Among the            implementation, volunteers were given
                           objectives of the project are establishing   training on their conduct towards convicts.
                           relationships with children based on
                                                                        The project also includes many
                           empathy, and the strengthening of respect
                                                                        entertaining and educational activities
                           and trust in the relationships among
                                                                        conducted with the support of the
                                                                        penitentiary administration. These range
                           Volunteers taking part in the project are    from educative drama to music, literature,
                           first focused on creating awareness; in      computer training and films, and also
                           other words, acknowledging differences       include informative seminars.

      68                                                                     SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                             Integration with Society
The Çöp(M)adam Project
Initiated in 2008, the “Garbage(wo)man”      on how to craft bags out of recyclable
Project is developed as an opportunity for   materials. Women can then craft bags in
women who have never had the chance          these workshops or at home, and receive
to make money in their lives. It creates     income for every bag they produce.
an environment for women who have
                                             The key part of the project is that all
never had a regular income to engage in
                                             bag materials except thread and zippers
production without need for any capital
                                             are used items. Almost all materials are
or costs, and convert their handicraft to
                                             discarded articles with little or no recovery
                                             value. It must be noted that all materials
As part of the Garbage(wo)man project,       used and bags crafted undergo stringent
women attending workshops at various         cleaning and purification processes.
locations across Turkey are instructed

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                        69
Integration with Society
                           Purple Certificate Program
                           Carried out within the scope of the Joint         • To empower and support high school
                           Program on the Protection and Development         teachers with respect to developing education
                           of Human Rights of Women and Girls, the           strategies with gender awareness.
                           Purple Certificate Program dwells on many
                                                                             • To develop the women’s rights awareness
                           issues from the representations of men and
                                                                             of high school teachers and through them,
                           women in textbooks and the press to the
                           women’s movement, psychological issues
                           at adolescence and violence and sexual            •To create a common gender language among
                           harassment.                                       participants.

                           Conducted with the cooperation of Sabancı         • To focus on the principle of learning to learn.
                           University, the Sabancı Foundation, United
                                                                             Sabancı University faculty members have
                           Nations institutions in Turkey and the Ministry
                                                                             so far reached approximately 850 high
                           of Internal Affairs, the Joint Program on the
                                                                             school teachers in 6 cities covered by the
                           Protection and Development of Human Rights
                                                                             project, and delivered introduction to gender
                           of Women and Girls is a social development
                                                                             seminars. 33 high school teachers were
                           and humane improvement project. The
                                                                             awarded purple certificates at the end of the
                           purpose and scope of the Purple Certificate
                                                                             1st Purple Certificate Training Program in
                           Program can be summarized as follows:
                                                                             Istanbul, increasing the total number of purple
                           • To ensure that gender studies are included in   certificate holding teachers to 50.
                           high school curricula, and the sensitivities on
                           this matter are reflected on school activities.

      70                                                                       SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                           Integration with Society
Corporate Governance Forum (CGFT)
CGFT was established with the                  CGFT has been conducting the
cooperation of the Turkish Industrialists      “Transparency and Public Information
and Businessmen Association (TÜSİAD)           in Turkish Companies” research with the
and Sabancı University, and has largely        international credit ratings institution
achieved its mission of “to create             Standard & Poor’s for four years. The
awareness”. Acknowledging that the best        results of the research were announced on
way to add value to corporate governance       September 18th, 2008, and 50 companies
is to focus on knowledge creation through      were ranked in terms of transparency,
scientific research, an approach adopted       governance processes and shareholders’
by Sabancı University in early 2005, CGFT      rights. Additionally, CGFT has organized
has focused on creating knowledge. CGFT        the 9th European Governance Symposium
continues its work as an interdisciplinary     on the 7th and 8th of November, 2008.
academic initiative hosted by the Faculty of
Management at Sabancı University.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                      71
Integration with Society
                           Culture and Arts
                           Sabancı University aims to contribute to culture and arts in Turkey with the facilities it
                           possesses. Among its objectives are to design and implement projects that will enable
                           young artists to make themselves known, and the surroundings of the university to
                           experience art.

                           Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM)
                           Historically and architecturally significant     and 20th century Turkish paintings and
                           in its own right, the structure and gardens      Far Eastern and European china dated to
                           of the Sakıp Sabancı Museum have been            various periods, the main collection is on
                           allotted to Sabancı University, and the          display inside the mansion, and is loaned to
                           collection in the house has been donated         international exhibitions. By hosting very
                           to the University by Sakıp Sabancı for           important exhibitions, the Sakıp Sabancı
                           the purpose of sharing this invaluable           Museum introduces the cultural and artistic
                           accumulation with students, teachers and         riches of various countries to the Turkish
                           the public.                                      society. Exhibitions such as “Picasso in
                                                                            Istanbul”, “The Great Sculptor Rodin in
                           Comprised of select samples of Ottoman
                                                                            Istanbul”, “Genghis Khan and Heritage: The
                           calligraphy, prominent works of 19th
                                                                            Mongolian Empire” and “Surprise Meeting”

      72                                                                         SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                              Integration with Society
met with great interest. Significant events   between 20.9.2008 and 01.02.2009.
in 2008 are listed below:                     Exhibited were Dali’s oil paintings, drawings
                                              and graphics as well as manuscripts,
The “Abidin Dino: A World” exhibition was
                                              photographs and various documents.
held between 24.11.2007 and 27.01.2008.
The exhibition included select works from     Organized with the cooperation of the
the painter’s career, photographs and         Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, this event
various documents.                            was the largest temporary exhibition
                                              to be held outside of the foundation
“The Three Capitals of Islamic Art through
                                              with 385 articles in the foundation’s
Masterpieces from the Louvre Collection:
                                              collection exhibited. Other events such
Istanbul, Isfahan, Delhi” exhibition was
                                              as conferences, gallery conversations,
held between 19.02.2008 and 01.06.2008.
                                              film screenings and children’s education
Exhibited were 220 works in the “Islamic
                                              programs were conducted to provide
Arts Section” of the Louvre Museum.
                                              complete and multifaceted information
The most popular event at the Sabancı         about Dalí. The exhibition was visited by
University Sakıp Sabancı Museum during        253,000 people in four months.
this period was the “Salvador Dali: A
Surrealist in Istanbul” exhibition held

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                         73
Integration with Society
                           Sabancı University Performing Arts Center (SGM)
                           Being the largest conference and arts          on campus. Mozart’s unfinished opera
                           center on the Anatolian side of Istanbul,      Zaide premiered in Turkey on April 1st,
                           the SGM offers performances by various         2008, at the Sabancı University Performing
                           artists and ensembles throughout the           Arts Center. Performed by artists of the
                           year. With a seating capacity of 912, the      German Baden State Opera, Zaide is a love
                           center caters to the needs of not only the     story between the daughter of an Ottoman
                           students and faculty of Sabancı University,    sultan and a slave.
                           but also of viewers living near the campus.
                                                                          Having received a nickname of “Milva la
                           Since its opening in 2005, SGM has hosted
                                                                          Rossa” (Red Milva) due to her long, red hair,
                           176 professional events and 49 student
                                                                          the world-famous Italian singer Milva gave
                           activities ranging from concerts to theatre,
                                                                          a concert at the SGM on October 23rd,
                           ballet and musicals, and has received more
                                                                          2008. At this single event, Milva performed
                           than 125,000 viewers.
                                                                          a repertoire comprised of tangos
                           SGM also hosts foreign artists and             composed for her. Accompanying the artist
                           ensembles especially invited to perform        was her private orchestra of 6 musicians.

      74                                                                       SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                                 Integration with Society
Kasa Gallery                                     FASS Gallery
The contact office of Sabancı University in      Located at the Faculty of Arts and Social
Karaköy is the historical Minerva Han. The       Sciences (FASS) on campus, the FASS
Kasa Gallery is an art gallery, located in the   Gallery serves undergraduate and graduate
former vault room of the structure, has a        students of the university. It supports
priority of creating opportunities for young     education by helping students create,
artists. The “Boş Laf - Kalam Faregh - Empty     consolidate and exhibit their work. An
Speech” exhibition held at Kasa Galeri           example is the “Digital Media Exhibition”
between November 26th, 2008 and January          held in March 2008 by curators Alex Wong
10th, 2009 showcased works by Ayman              and Selçuk Artut, faculty members of
Baalbaki, Tagreed Darghouth and Omar             FASS. The exhibition was comprised of
Fakhoury, who pursue their artistic careers      graduate student projects in the fields of
in Lebanon. In addition to the “Empty            Digital Modelling, Introduction to Video,
Speech” exhibition, the “Erasmustudio”,          Sound, Image and Interactive. Additionally,
“Like There Is No Tomorrow”, “The Drawing        works of Turkish and foreign artists are also
Board: Different Perspectives on Drawing”        exhibited here.
and “A View of the Future II” exhibitions
were held in 2008.

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                            75
Integration with Society
                           Lifelong Learning
                           Sabancı University has adopted lifelong learning as its mission, and, in addition to
                           undergraduate and graduate education, undertakes various training efforts to serve the
                           needs of its employees, students and alumni on the one hand, and a wide segment of the
                           society on the other.

                           Executive Development Unit (EDU)
                           The Executive Development Unit (EDU) was       “Principles of International Marketing”,
                           established in July 2002 to bridge the gap     “Market Research Methods and
                           between practical and theoretic knowledge      Approaches”, and “Strategy Development
                           in executive training and the application of   and Value Creation”.
                           this knowledge in the light of local values
                                                                          Trainings are conducted by Sabancı
                           and globalization policies. The programs
                                                                          University faculty members as well as
                           of the EDU may be divided into “Executive
                                                                          international experts in the respective
                           Development” and “Retail Business”
                                                                          fields. Attendance to public training events
                                                                          is limited to 20 persons to ensure proper
                           Executive Development programs consist         participation in the training.
                           of 2-3 day trainings, 2 to 12-week modular
                                                                          The Retail Business Program is based on
                           programs on various themes, and special
                                                                          a strategic partnership with Friedman
                           events and conferences. If the training is
                                                                          International, the leading business
                           company-specific, customized content,
                                                                          administration consultants of the world,
                           trainers and schedules may be provided,
                                                                          and offers training and consultancy to
                           and the examples or case studies used in
                                                                          companies that seek to achieve sales
                           training are selected among actual cases
                                                                          performance and standards in their
                           in the company, or similar cases in that
                                                                          respective industries. In order to customize
                           specific industry.
                                                                          the training to be delivered, a detailed
                           Regular and public training programs are       retail performance analysis is conducted
                           held under titles such as “Game Theory         prior to the project. Based on the results
                           in Strategy”, “Revenue Management”,            of the analysis, solutions are customized to
                           “Leading Change and Creating Vision”,          employees and executives at every level in
                           “Strategic Brand Management”, “Integrated      line with the needs of the company.
                           Marketing”, “Supply Chain Management”,

      76                                                                       SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                                Integration with Society
Solutions cover various services such as       EMBA and MBA students were delivered at
preparing the building blocks to develop       E.M. Lyon, University of Cranfield, University
the retail professionalism of the company,     of South Carolina, Rotterdam School of
creating company-specific performance          Management, and University of Illinois at
assessment systems, planning, preparing        Urbana-Champaign. 360 people attended
and implementing the trainings necessary       the “TURQUALITY Executive Development
for employee development, monitoring           Program” carried out since 2006 with
the company to ensure the continuity of        the cooperation of Koç University, Koç
implementation, conducting inspections         University Migros Retail Training Center,
to support the adoption of the system as       and the Istanbul Textile and Apparel
part of the corporate culture, and providing   Exporters’ Association. Furthermore,
ongoing consultancy throughout the             the EDU also manages the executive
project.                                       development programs of INSEAD, one
                                               of the world’s most successful business
EDU trainings reached 7000 person-days in
                                               schools, and the international MyGlobe
2008. Additionally, programs designed to
                                               development program.
introduce the business world in Turkey to

Entrepreneur                                   Information Technologies
Development Program                            Training Center
The purpose of the Entrepreneur                Information Technologies Training Center
Development Program held occasionally          was established to share the knowledge
at the university is to expand the             generated by the Information Technologies
entrepreneurship culture, train new            Masters Program with the industry in
entrepreneurs on designing, implementing       general. The center has been providing
and managing their businesses, and to          training on Java, C#, .NET Applications,
support them by leading the way. The           Cisco Router and Network Setup with the
program is attended by people who want         cooperation of Trivera Technologies since
to establish their own businesses based        2008.
on their innovative ideas and projects,
enterprising small and medium business
owners, and enterprising researchers.The

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                           77
Integration with Society
                           Sabancı University aims to meet the innovation needs of the society with the services
                           it provides. Expressed as “contributing to scientific and technological developments
                           and the communication of created knowledge to the public,” our innovation mission
                           prioritizes a role to bring together various segments of the society. Details on Inovent,
                           our innovation enterprise, can be found in the “Research” section of the report.

                           Competition Forum (REF)
                           The REF is established by the cooperation        •The Future of Biotechnology Seminar
                           of the Turkish Industrialists and               (May 23rd, 2008)
                           Businessmen Association and Sabancı
                                                                           • Intellectual Property: Instrumental or
                           University. The purpose of REF is to
                                                                           Detrimental for Competition?
                           undertake competitive advantage,
                                                                           (October 16th, 2008)
                           innovation and technology management
                           and comparison studies to ensure that the       • The 4th Competition Congress
                           private sector of Turkey gains permanent        (November 6th, 2008)
                           foothold in international markets with
                                                                           • Nanotechnology Report Introduction
                           respect to globalization in general and the
                                                                           Meeting (November 11th, 2008)
                           EU accession process in particular. The
                           National Innovation Initiative undertaken       • South Korea Conference
                           by the REF has been going on since 2005.        (December 5th, 2008)
                           Within the scope of this project, a strategy
                                                                           • Conference on Translational Research and
                           document comprised of sections titled
                                                                           Commercialization of Nanotechnologies
                           “Turkey 2023 and Innovation”, “Financing
                                                                           co-organized by National Innovation
                           Innovation”, “Human Resources and
                                                                           Initiative (UIG) and Turkish American
                           Talents for Innovation”, “Environment and
                                                                           Scientists and Scholars Association (TASSA)
                           Infrastructure” and “Public Innovation” has
                                                                           (December 22nd and 23rd, 2008)
                           been prepared.

                           The 2008 activities of the Competition
                           Forum included the following events:

      78                                                                         SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                             Integration with Society
Important Activities regarding
Integration with Society in 2008
Sabancı University hosted 36 scientific      • 14-week In-Service Teacher Training
meetings in the 2007-2008 academic           and Development Program for English
year, 16 of which were national, and 20      Language Teachers at Darüşşafaka High
international. Additionally, our faculty     Schools.
members attended 246 scientific meetings.
                                             • New Approaches to Turkish Language
The “ Company Action Projects” held by the   Courses at Universities Symposium.
Faculty of Management were found worthy
                                             • The Fourth School of Languages Trainer
of further study by the European Union’s
                                             Education Program
Practice Based Learning Project. This has
enabled our university to take part in the   • 12 lecturers took part as trainers in the
practice based learning project Euronet      training seminars organized by the Ministry
along with six other universities.           of Education for English language teachers
                                             in Istanbul, Kırşehir, Çorum, Tokat, Rize and
The School of Languages has conducted
the following events to make knowledge
and experience available to the public:      • 1-year Japanese language course for Aisin
                                             Automotive Spare Parts Inc.
• EU and Turkey Journalists Conference,
March 2008.

• International Agricultural Biotechnology
and Biosafety Symposium, September

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                        79
     International Relations
     at Sabancı University

     Sakıp Sabancı International Research Awards
     Honoring the will of the late Mr. Sakıp           Amy Singer from the University of Tel Aviv,
     Sabancı, the Honorary President of Sabancı        second prize to Maureen Jackson from the
     University, the Sakıp Sabancı International       University of Washington, and third prize
     Research Awards have been instituted in           to Associate Professor Olivier Bouquet from
     2006. The award is given to encourage             the Nice Sophia-Antipolis University.
     research on the cultural, social and political
                                                       Organized with the cooperation of the
     life of Turkey, to invoke intellectual interest
                                                       US-based prominent think-tank Brookings
     in the role of Turkey in the contemporary
                                                       Institute and Sabancı University, this year’s
     world, and to support groundbreaking
                                                       Sakıp Sabancı International Conference
     studies in these fields, and covers areas
                                                       Series featured Ambassador R. Nicholas
     like Turkish and Islamic art, and the history,
                                                       Burns, former US Secretary of State
     economy and sociology of Turkey.
                                                       of Political Affairs as guest of honor.
     This year’s competition’s topic was “The          Ambassador Burns gave a conference on
     Ottoman Legacy for Contemporary Turkish           “A New Itinerary: Thoughts on US-Turkey
     Culture, Institutions and Values”. 41 essays      Relationships” in Washington, D.C. on
     were submitted to the competition.                May 8th, 2008.
     Among these, 17 participants were from
     the United States, 21 from Turkey, 2 from
     Europe and 1 from the Middle East. The
     first prize was given to Associate Professor

80                                                          SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                                 International Relations
International Cooperations
In parallel with the increasing international   Our success in the Erasmus student
acknowledgement of Sabancı University,          exchange program is increasing every
our initiatives in international cooperation    year. While 102 students went to
grow in number every year. By the end of        European universities in 2008, 48 students
2008, international relationships have been     from European universities completed
initiated with 25 countries including the       a semester at Sabancı University.
United States, Germany, Austria, Belgium,       Additionally, 55 undergraduate and 57
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland,     graduate students from around the world
France, Holland, the UK, Spain, Sweden,         preferred Sabancı University to pursue their
Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, Lithuania, FYRO    degrees.
Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
                                                International internship has been a part of
Singapore, Slovenia and Greece.
                                                the Erasmus exchange program since 2007.
Agreements have been made with 142              Sabancı University was the institution
higher education institutions in these          to receive the highest funds per student
countries. Among these, 130 are multilateral    in 2008. In addition to this internship
agreements in the scope of the Erasmus          program supported by the European
program, and 12 are bilateral agreements.       Union, the university has institutional
The university is also a member of the          internship agreements with various
Erasmus Mundus program, covering                international companies.
17 universities in Middle East countries
including Israel, Palestine and Egypt.

       International Students
120                                                                                       3,50

100                                                                                       3,00
                60                         73                        112                  1,50
 20                                                                                       0,50
 0                                                                                        0,00
            2006-2007                  2007-2008                  2008-2009

           Number of International Students        Percentage of International Students

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                            81
International Relations

                          International Faculty
                          The percentage of international faculty       In line with our internationalization strategy,
                          members giving courses or taking part in      two important administrative infrastructure
                          projects in the university has increased      initiatives have been taken in 2008. The
                          year by year and reached 20% in 2008.         International Relations Office has been
                          We continue to be a university that           established to coordinate the increasing
                          causes reverse intellectual migration by      number of international events, while the
                          encouraging Turkish scholars working          Summer School Office has been established
                          abroad to return to Turkey. The percentage    to ensure more efficient management of the
                          of faculty members who joined Sabancı         multitude of summer schools.
                          University from a position abroad rose to
                          53% in 2008. 88% of all faculty members
                          have obtained their doctorate degree

                            %                             International Faculty Members
                            50                                                                          53%
                                               55%                        44%
                            20                19%                         17%
                                           2006                        2007                         2008

                                      Percentage of Faculty Members Whose Last        Percentage of International
                                      Job Was Abroad                                  Faculty Members

      82                                                                         SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                            International Relations
Sabancı University-Harvard Summer School
The Sabancı University Summer School            in Emirgân, and all Harvard University
reached figures of approximately 30 regular     students as well as interested Sabancı
courses with 765 students and 1300 course       University students will be accommodated
registrations in the seven-week summer          at the Darüşşafaka High School.
semester of 2008. Based on this, various
                                                The scope of the first year’s program was
improvements were made to encourage
                                                determined in the autumn of 2008, and it
more students and professors outside the
                                                was agreed that three of the planned six
university to take part in the summer school.
                                                courses would be delivered by Harvard
An important example of innovative              University faculty members, while the
approaches to summer tuition is the             remaining three will be given by Sabancı
Sabancı-Harvard Summer School founded           faculty.
in 2008. This scheme involves the
International Summer Program of Harvard
University being available in Istanbul
among other places, and is an important
step in establishing the relations between
the two universities on an academic
partnership that is equal on all levels.

The Sabancı-Harvard Summer School will
be inaugurated in 2009. Limited capacity
means an application and admission process
will replace automatic registration. Courses
will be given at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                       83
International Relations
                          International Student Activities
                          The Istanbul Club is attending many               “SU-Sail” (Sailing Club) successfully
                          cultural and artistic activities in partnership   represented Sabancı University and Turkey
                          with various institutions within the scope        at the international friendship competition
                          of the 2010 European Capital of Culture           Rhodes Channel Regatta this year with a
                          and the Istanbul Pleasure Week programs.          sailing team comprised of members trained
                          The Photography Club, Theatre Club, Music         by the club itself.
                          Club and Istanbul Club support these
                                                                            The EU Club hosted an international project
                                                                            titled “Leaving Places; Shaping Places”
                          The International Student Club plays              between the 26th and 30th of March, 2008.
                          an important role in the orientation of
                                                                            The Model United Nations Club successfully
                          foreign students. The ASME and IEEE clubs
                                                                            represented Sabancı University at the
                          are members of international student
                                                                            “HarvardMUN” held in the United States
                          associations. Additionally, the MUN Club,
                                                                            and the “WorldMUN” held in Mexico.
                          Sailing Club, Economics and Management
                          Club, EU Club, Turkey-Japan Interaction
                          Club and CORE Club have continued to
                          represent our university on international

      84                                                                         SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                                 International Relations
School of Languages
The objective of the Sabancı University         The School of Languages provides
School of Languages is to ensure that all       education of eight foreign languages
students have a solid foundation in English     as of 2008, and 90% of the lecturers are
to have better international qualifications.    native speakers. In addition to English, the
Additionally, the school adds new               school offers courses in German, French,
languages to its offerings every year to help   Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic
students follow important developments          and Persian. Furthermore, international
in the world in the native language of the      faculty members and students have the
country concerned.                              opportunity to receive lessons in Turkish.

International Exhibitions of the SSM Calligraphy Collection
In addition to hosting various exhibitions,     first time in 2008, and was exhibited in
the Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı            Spain. The collection was first exhibited
Museum (SSM) loaned works from its              at the prominent Madrid museum Real
collection to international exhibitions,        Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando
finding an opportunity to promote its           between the December 11th, 2007 and
collection on international level.              March 2nd, 2008, and then was moved to
                                                the Real Alcázar Palace Museum in Seville
Since the Museum’s establishment in
                                                for exhibition between April 4th and June
2002, the SSM Calligraphy Collection
                                                15th, 2008.
was loaned abroad on large scale for the

Magna Charta Declaration
Another important event in 2008 was the         academic freedoms. Prof. Üstün Ergüder,
signing of the Magna Charta Declaration by      the director of the Istanbul Policy Center, is
Sabancı University. Signed by more than         also a member of the Council, the executive
600 universities across the world so far,       administrative body of the Magna Charta
the Declaration is a reference document         Observatory.
on the autonomy of universities and

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                            85
       Administrative and
       Financial Structure
       at Sabancı University

       As of year-end 2008, there were 301               issues or bureaucracy. In this respect, an
       faculty members, 303 research assistants,         important indicator of sustainability is the
       296 administrative personnel and 366              ratio of faculty members to administrative
       third-party supplier employees at Sabancı         personnel. In order to maintain all
       University.                                       operations of the university effectively,
                                                         balance has been sought in this ratio, and
       We ensure that the number and
                                                         the ratio in 2008 was 1:1.
       competencies of our administrative
       personnel are at an optimum level so that         As indicated in the “Education Levels of
       our faculty and students may devote most          Administrative Personnel” below, the
       of their time to education and research,          academic level of administrative personnel is
       and can work efficiently without having           markedly high.
       to worry about administrative or financial

       Education Levels of Administrative Personnel

                               2%         Other
            Graduate                                  Secondary
              15%                                       School          Faculty / Administrative Staff Ratio


                                                                         2006-2007     2007-2008     2008-2009
     Undergraduate                                Associate Degree
         42%                                             8%

86                                                            SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                                         Administrative and Financial Structure
Key Financial Indicators

                                                                2006               2007           2008

        Total Expenses (million TL)                              76,0              80,5           90,6

        Total Revenues (million TL)                              53,0              62,1           76,7

        Budget Deficit (million TL)                              23,0              18,4           13,9

                                Spending per Student (thousand TL)
                      24,9                              24,1                               24,8





                    2006                                2007                              2008

  %                          Ratio of Tuition Fees Covering Administrative Costs
                                                        67%                                  69%



                     2006                               2007                              2008

The budget runs at a deficit of                       Sabancı Foundation, the Sabancı family,
approximately 15% every year. As a                    and the Sabancı Group companies since
nonprofit university that provides major              the establishment of the university.
scholarship opportunities, this is normal for
                                                      The university has remained within budget
Sabancı University. The budget deficit is
                                                      in 2008, and managed to achieve its
being covered by funds transferred by the

SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                    87
Administrative and Financial Structure
                                         targets. General costs in 2008 were TRY 91       The mission of Sabancı University in this
                                         million while average spending per student       respect is to preserve its strong financial
                                         was TRY 24,800.                                  structure, and ensure that the expectations
                                                                                          of all stakeholders, especially our students
                                         As in previous years, approximately two-
                                                                                          and their families, are met without making
                                         thirds of the general costs were covered by
                                                                                          any compromises in the achieved level of
                                         tuition fees, while the remaining was paid for
                                         with donations by the Sabancı Foundation
                                         and group companies, the revenues from
                                         the Sabancı Endowment Fund, various
                                         projects, and donations by benefactors.

          88                                                                                   SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
        A B A N inova İ V E R S Iİ T E S2 020080 8 N U A R E R A P
GraphicSDesign: C I U N| N A L İLY E T P O R TO R U
                    Ü                Y İ         A FA                       89
 Sabancı Üniversitesi
 Orhanlı - Tuzla 34956
 İstanbul / Turkey
 Tel: +90 216 483 93 53
 Fax: +90 216 483 90 45

90                        SABANCI UNIVERSITY 2008 ANNUAL REPORT