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list of amie approved projects by faheemjafar4


									LIST OF APPROVED R & D PROJECTS: 2009-2010

 Sr No.                           Title

   1      Decision Support System for Detection of Breast

   2      Optimization of Transportation Routes for School
          Buses Using GIS Techniques

   3      Electric Powered Scooter

   4      Editable Book Reader for Tamil-Translitterator Word
          to Word Translation, Sentence to Sentence

   5      Development of Low-Cost Biosorption Technology
          to Treat Heavy-Metal from AMD

   6      Rapid Prototype Manufacturing System

          Visual Symptoms Based Mobile Expert System for
          Plant leaf Disease Diagnosis

   8      Studies of Turning Productivity Using Vegetable Oil-
          based Cutting Fluid : A Multidimensional Approach

   9      Wireless System for Passport Verification using
          RFID and Zigbee

  10      Bio-diesel Production from Nagchampa using
          Cavitations techniques (sonochemical and

  11      Application of Engineering in the Futuristic
          Development of Orthopedics using
          FEA/CT/CAD/CAM/RPT/Lab View

  12      Centralized Mechanical Control Unit for Automobiles
13   Zigbee Enabled Autonomous Robot for Bomb
     Detection and Gas Leakage

14   AURA - Advanced Utility Robotic Arm

15   Stock Broking for Beginners

16   Study on Seismic Retrofitting of Reinforced
     Concrete Beams with External Reinforcement

17   Low Power and High Speed VLSI Design in Deep-
     Sub-micron Technology

18   Detection of Cracks in X-Ray Images

19   Analysis of MRI Brain Image

20   Development of Textile Composite Structure Using
     Shear Thickening Fluid for Ballistic Applications

21   Path Planning in a 3D Terrain Using Potential Field
     Planner By Utilizing Simulated Annealing

22   Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Explosive Diffusion

23   Cell Phone Operated Search Vehicle with Wireless
     Video Camera

24   Multi Carrier Link Prediction System for Wimax

25   Development of A1-Mg-Silica Composite by Using
     Reactive Silica From Rice Husk

26   Microstructure and Texture Dependence of
     Mechanical Properties in ZM21 and AZ91 Magnesium

27   Low cost synthesis of silicon nanocrystals for
     efficiency enhancement of photovoltaic solar cell

28   E-First aid for Road Accidents using Mobile and Web
29   Noninvasive method to determine arterial stiffness

30   Studies on the Bond Strength of Ribbed Bars in Self
     Compacting Concrete

31   Energy Auditing and Scope for Its Conservation In
     Textile Industry : A Case Study

32   Wireless Energy Meter Reading Transmitting System
     Using Multiple Reception and Transmission

33   Fabrication of CNT Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Nano

34   Recovery of Acids (Sulfuric/Nitric Acid) from
     Industrial Waste Water

35   Bipedal Walking Aid

36   Neural Network Modeling for Stability Analysis of
     Fiber Reinforced Composite Laminate Plates

37   Gluck Mascott EN Fisicas

38   Wear Behaviour and Coupled Field Analysis of Al /
     SICp Aluminium Metal Matrix

39   Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

40   Process Design for Drying of Areca Nuts by

41   Treatment of Bio-degradable Hospital Waste Using
     Chemical Disinfection and Microbial Fermentation to
     Ultimately Produce Bio-gas and Animal Manure

42   Cold Start Emission Control in SI Engine-Phase
     Change Material (PCM) Based Preheated Catalytic

43   Digital Image Analysis of Tree Rings for C=-climate

44   Developing Neutraceuticals from Rice Bran
45   Development of Automation System for Prototype
     Power Distribution system

46   Solar Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ( SPUAV )
     for Disaster Management

47   Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) for Deployment of
     Wireless Sensors

48   Development of Robust Multimedia Fingerprinting

49   Induction Water Heater

50   Preparation of Chitosan Fibre & Film

51   Bio-diesel Laboratory Consisting of Oil Extraction
     and Bio-Diesel Manufacturing Plant

52   Bio-gas Extraction Plant Using a Variety of Organic

53   Gesture Recognizer and Interactive Mouse

54   Development of an Instrument for Measurement of
     Soil Loss Through Runoff

55   LUmASS : Localised Unmanned Aerial Surveillance

56   Design of Rapid Prototype for Arm Based Embedded

57   M E D M System

58   Application of Geometric Algebra in Computer

59   A Critical Study to Enhance the Competitiveness of
     Engineering Educational Institutions (EEIs)

60   Decision Support system for Measuring the
     Performance of Various TQM Strategies in

      61   Air Bourne Wind Turbine

      62   Characterization Study of Aluminum 2024 Hybrid
           Reinforced with E-Glass Fibre and Fly Ash

      63   Development and Characterization of Plasma
           Sprayed Inconel 718 Al6061 Substrate

      64   Paper Production from Elephant Dung

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