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					                                     Tope Elementary School

                                                                                          (970) 254-7070
                                                                                         (970) 241-0687 FAX
           Principal – Dr. Jeannie Dunn                                                  Polly Bloom and Valerie Kiel
      Assistant Principal - Rosa Culver                                                         Secretaries
 Our mission is: To lead all students to reach their individual potential by rigorously pursuing and evaluating achievement of high
                              academic and ethical standards in a disciplined, nurturing environment.
                Si usted desea una explicacion en Espanol de este particulo, por favor, llame a la oficina: ELP/ESL en
                                                254-5339. Estamos para servirles.
                                                              Our Vision
  We at Tope Elementary believe that all children can learn in our safe and nurturing environment. Through parental support and
teacher guidance, each child will be encouraged to attain her or his full potential in all areas. We as teachers, aided by parents and
      community, model respect and love of learning in order to influence and support each child’s growth and development.

                                                              May 2009
Dates to Remember
Monday, May 4 and Tuesday, May 5                                       Book Fair Preview in Library
Wednesday, May 6, 4:00 – 8:00 p.m.                                     Parent-Teacher Conferences/Book Fair
Thursday, May 7, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.                                 Parent/Teacher Conf./Book Fair/NO SCHOOL
Friday, May 8                                                          NO SCHOOL/OFFICE CLOSED
Monday, May 11 – Wednesday, May 13                                     5th Grade at Camp Red Cloud
Thursday, May 14                                                       3rd Grade/Wehner Field Trip Hike, CO Monument
Friday, May 15                                                         3rd Grade/Roque-McCary Hike, CO Monument
Monday, May 18, 6:30 p.m.                                              1st Grade Poetry Night
Tuesday, May 19                                                        3rd Grade/White Field Trip Hike, CO Monument
Wednesday, May 20, 9:45 – 11:45 a.m.                                   Swim Day at Lincoln Park Pool (1st – 5th Grades)
Thursday, May 21, 10:00 a.m.                                           All School Awards Assembly/Last school day
Thursday, May 21                                                       Last Student Day of 2008-2009 School Year
Friday, May 22                                                         Last Teacher Day of 2008-2009 School Year
Friday, June 5 / Wednesday, July 29                                    School office closes/ School office re-opens
Wednesday, August 19                                                   First student day 2009-2010 School Year
From the Principal
              I wish all of our students and their families a safe and fun summer. Our students benefit every day from the
              helpful participation of our many parent and community volunteers. A special thanks to
              our School Advisory Council and the members of our P.T.A. Executive Board who worked diligently to
              support and improve our school. Our P.T.A. assists our school in many ways, including Crossing Guards, our
Artist-in-Residence, the computer lab instructor, and Family Fun Night.
         We are so proud of our hard working students! Our teachers are excited to share information about student
growth with parents during our Parent/Teacher Conferences in May. Our goal is 100% attendance. Parents, please help
us accomplish this goal by scheduling a conference with your child’s teacher.
         I encourage our students to continue reading over the summer break. Reading is the key to academic success!
The Mesa County Library’s Summer Reading Program provides a fun and inexpensive way for families to enjoy reading.
Students who spend time reading during the summer return to school continue to grow in their skills and knowledge.
Enjoy your summer break! Dr. Jeannie Dunn
                   Enjoy a safe and happy summer!

Report Cards: The final report card of the              COME JOIN US …
school year will be mailed to your home. If                   ALL FORMER STAFF MEMBERS,
you have moved recently and have not                        STUDENTS, AND THEIR FAMILIES!!!
notified the school office of your new                  Please join our retirement celebration for Judy
                                                        Alexander, Colleen Fjeseth, Diane Lindauer,
address, please call immediately with the
                                                        and Rob Washington. You are invited to join
new information – 254-7070. Also, our first             us on Friday, May 1st, at 4:30-6:30 pm as we
parent newsletter of the 2009-2010 school               honor our teachers. These teachers have
year will be mailed to students’ home                   touched so many lives in a million wonderful
addresses. If your child will not be                    ways and we want you to join us in showing
                                                        our appreciation.
returning to Tope Elementary next fall,
please call the school office.                          Thank Yous!!
                                                        Pepsi has generously donated money for teacher
 Library Books – Please do a                            appreciation, staff recognition, Peace Builders awards,
 quick sweep of your child’s                            student recognition, and school projects. We thank
 backpack, bedroom, etc. to look for                    them for their support!
 library or classroom books that may have               Office Depot supports our school by donating 5% of
 been overlooked and not returned to                    your purchases to our school if you provide them with
 school. Families will be charged for                   our school number -70017917. What an easy way to
 unreturned books. Students with lost                   support Tope!
 books or unpaid fines will not be                      Target will also give us money when you use a Target
 allowed to go to Swim Day.                             credit card.
                                                        Recycled print cartridges are also collected and
Student Medications: If your child takes a              we receive money for them.
prescribed medication at school, please stop            Saving Boxtops and Campbell soup labels will also
by our office to pick it up by Thursday, May 21.        help our school.
As a precaution, medications will not be sent           Using Albertson’s or City Market cards will give
home with the child. Any medications left at            cash back to our school.
school are routinely destroyed after school
closes for the summer.
                                                         Parent/Teacher Conferences               will be
WEBSITE                                                  held on Wednesday, May 6th, from 4:00 – 8:00
                                                         p.m. and on Thursday, May 7th, from 8:00 a.m. –
Please take a look at
                                                         8:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 6th is a regular early
the TOPE School
                                                         release school day with students being dismissed
Website online. We
                                                         at 1:50 p.m. There will be NO SCHOOL for
have added links to the
                                                         students on May 7th and NO SCHOOL for
breakfast and lunch menus, a
                                                         students and teachers May 8th. Office will not
link to the Box Tops website, and a link to print off
your own copy of the Field Trip Permission Form in       be open May 8th.
case you misplace your copy.
The Library/Computer pages have also been
                                                        TOPE FOOD SERVICES
updated with new links to educational websites.
                                                                      The Food/Nutrition Services
There is a link on our own Technology Web Page
                                                              Department thanks you for your patronage
with typing games the students can use at home!
                                                              this year! Watch your mailbox this summer
Check out our Tope Technology webpage:
                                                              for our newsletter and applications for
Username: Computerclass Password: topetech
                                                             free/reduced school meals.
Counselor’s Corner                                                 Most of the students could name all 3 school
     As you may have heard by now, I will be                       rules. They also knew what behaviors result in
retiring at the end of this school year. It has been a             getting reward tickets and other incentives.
tremendous opportunity for me to work at Tope                      Great JOB Tope!!
Elementary for the last three years of my career.
Tope has always been a very special place for my                   Outstanding Educator Recognition:
family. I attended Tope Elementary as a student in                 Amy Bolton and Tracy Baron were honored at
the 1960’s, my daughter attended Tope in the                       the School District #51 Outstanding Educators
1990’s, and my wife, Gail taught here for more than                Reception on April 21st. Mrs. Bolton and Ms.
twenty-five years until she retired last year.                     Baron are both teaching 4th grade students at
Furthermore, our family lives less than one block                  our school. Mrs. Bolton has served as a teacher
from the school which has allowed me to walk to                    for 27 years in our school district and has
school on my days at Tope.
                                                                   taught at our school for 18 years. Ms. Baron
    My only regret is that I will be leaving Tope
                                                                   has taught for 28 years and has been a teacher
before I accomplished all that I wanted to. I am
certain, however, that Dr. Dunn will soon be                       at our school for 18 years. Congratulations for
choosing an enthusiastic new counselor for Tope                    this well-deserved recognition!
who will most likely be continuing some of the                     Teachers as
programs already started here as well as
implementing many new ideas.                                       Learners
    It has been my profound pleasure getting to                    During our early release
know the children, families, and staff of Tope                     time      on    Wednesday
Elementary. I would especially like to thank Dr.                   afternoons, teachers meet
Dunn and all the staff at Tope for their support and               to discuss the school district’s Reading Framework
assistance to me over the last three years.                        and researched-based instructional practices for
Rob Washington, Tope Elementary Counselor                          reading. We have completed studies of two books:
*Our apologies for the wrong number being published in Mr.         Reading Essentials, by Reggie Routman and
Washington’s April article. The Catholic Outreach number was not   Comprehension thru Conversation, The Power of
correct and that program would rather people come down to their    Purposeful Talk in the Reading Workshop, by Maria
facility at 245 1st street instead of calling.
                                                                   Nichols. We reviewed ways to measure students’
                                                                   growth in reading skills using reading assessments,
                                                                   running records, and a reading continuum. Thanks to
                     Peace Builders                                our Wednesday afternoon time, teachers can meet in
                                                                   cross-grade level teams for staff development and to
                       Awards                                      plan instruction to meet the academic needs of our
“Peace Builders” gift certificates have been                       learners.

                                                                   Girls on the Run
given to 4 more students since our April
Tope Times: Gabriel Watson, Shelbey Kerrigan,                                                    Congratulations to
Derrick Peterson, and Kolby Petty-Ostler. For the                  the girls who have participated in
“Good Behavior “tickets, 26 students had lunch with                Girls on the Run. This is a program
the principal, and 10 students picked a prize from                 to encourage girls to develop self-
the office Prize Basket.
                                                                   respect and healthy lifestyles
BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE                             through running. Thank you to our coaches:
PBS NEWS: Did you know?                                            Alice McCary, Ruth Ness, Stacey Keever, Briana
Tope just completed our district PBS evaluation.                   and Tamara Corsi, Kelsey Slausson, Julia Wojcik.
School    district   representatives   randomly
selected students and teachers to ask questions                    (S.A.C.)Tope School Advisory Council
about school rules and expectations.                               Our last meeting of this school year is
RESULTS? Our rules are visually posted and                         scheduled for May 11 at 4:15 in the school
                                                                   library. Agenda items include reviewing the
clear around the building. 100% of the teachers                    results of the student and parent surveys
interviewed said they teach the rules often.                       completed earlier this year.
News from Charlotte:                                                 spent the past two years putting in extra hours and effort to
Tope Health Assistant                                                motivate our Tope community. Thank you, Missy, Stacey,
BEES: Reduce the Risk of Being Stung                                 and Ann-Marie. We are incredibly grateful for all that you
    1.    Wear light-colored, smooth-finished clothing.              have done to make Tope the school it is today!
    2.    Avoid perfumed soaps, shampoos, and deodorants.
          Don't wear cologne or perfume. Avoid bananas and                              Family Fun Night was awesome! We owe
          banana-scented toiletries.                                               the night’s success to our committee
     3. Wear clean clothing and bathe daily. Sweat angers                          chairwoman, Jennifer Grove and her fabulous
                                                                                   team of volunteers! A lot of hours and cakes and
     4. Cover the body as much as possible with clothing.
     5. Avoid flowering plants.                                                    energy and delicious food made for a dynamite
     6. Check for new nests during the warmer hours of the                         night. Thank you so much, Jennifer and all the
          day during July, August and September. Bees are                          members of the Family Fun Night Committee!
          very active then.                                             In addition to voting in a new board, we took a moment to
     7. Keep areas clean. Social wasps thrive in places              recognize the many volunteers who make our school the best
          where humans discard food, so clean up picnic              elementary school in Grand Junction! Thank you, Tope
          tables, grills and other outdoor eating areas.             Volunteers! The Tope Community wouldn’t be the same
     8. If a single stinging insect is flying around, remain still   without our volunteers and we are so grateful for the
          or lie face down on the ground. The face is the most
                                                                     remarkable families that make up our school.
          likely place for a bee or wasp to sting. Swinging or
          swatting at an insect may cause it to sting.                                   Special thanks go to
     9. If you are attacked by several stinging insects at the                       Lori Jacobsen, Shauna Nagy,
          same time, run to get away from them. Bees release                  Amy Agapito, Jennifer Grove, Kathi Rose,
          a chemical when they sting. This alerts other bees to
                                                                                   Sarah Luker, and Melissa Laase.
          the intruder. More bees often follow. If possible, get
          indoors when there are a few, if any, bees around                   These are women who are irreplaceable and
          you. Outdoors, a shaded area is better than an open                           downright phenomenal.
          area to get away from the insects.                             To close our final PTA meeting of the year, we invited
     10. If a bee comes inside your vehicle, stop the car
                                                                     national champion Scottish Highland Games athletes Ed Estes
          slowly, and open all the windows.
What to Do if a Person is Stung                                      and Dave Stone to our Tope field to demonstrate several of the
     1. Have someone stay with the victim to be sure that            games. We watched them as they:
          they do not have an allergic reaction.                               -- tossed and flipped an enormous log (called a
     2. Wash the site with soap and water.                                     Caber) for accuracy,
     3. The stinger can be removed using a 4x4-inch gauze                      -- threw a weighted hammer for distance,
          wiped over the area or by scraping a fingernail over                 -- tossed a 16-pound hay bale (or sheaf) over the
          the area. Never squeeze the stinger or use tweezers.                 baseball backstop fence for height,
          It will cause more venom to go into the skin and injure              -- threw a weighted long hammer for distance, and
          the muscle.
                                                                               -- threw other heavy weights and stones.
     4. Apply ice to reduce the swelling.
                                                                     But you must witness these games first-hand in order to do
     5. Do not scratch the sting. This will cause the site to
          swell and itch more, and increase the chance of            them any justice!! Tope’s strong community represented itself
          infection.                                                 with Ms. Crawford, Ms. Agapito, and Ms. Grove successfully
Allergic Reactions to Bee Stings                                     attempting many of the games and our own 5th grade teacher,
    Allergic reactions to bee stings can be deadly. People with      Mr. Allerton, displayed quite a talent for the sheaf toss!
known allergies to insects stings should always carry an insect      Students were safe, respectful, and responsible as they listened
sting allergy kit and wear a medical ID bracelet or necklace         to Ed and Dave, and then many of our students impressed us
stating their allergy. See a physician about getting either of       all with their strength! Tremendous job, Tope Eagles! Your
these.                                                               stellar behavior represents Tope PRIDE and ensures special
    There are several signs of an allergic reaction to bee stings.   guests like Ed and Dave come back again.
Look for swelling that moves to other parts of the body,
                                                                         Thank you again, Ed and Dave!
especially the face or neck. Check for difficulty in breathing,
wheezing, dizziness or a drop in blood pressure. Get the             Have a safe and wonderful summer, friends! See you in
person immediate medical care if any of these signs are              August!
present. It is normal for the area that has been stung to hurt,      Lorri Knaus
have a hard swollen lump, get red and itch. There are kits           589-4197 or
available to reduce the pain of an insect sting. They are a
valuable addition to a first aid kit.
                                                                                 Our NEW Tope PTA Board Members
PTA Monthly News/MAY                                                                            2009-2010
So much to say, so little space   ...                                                      Amy Agapito: President
                                                                                      Jennifer Grove: Vice President
                                                                                        Christina Estes: Treasurer
                  As our year comes to a close, it is fitting that
             I take this opportunity to thank our outgoing                               JoEllen Foutz: Secretary
             Board members, who made gigantic strides to                                  Lorri Knaus: Publicity
get our new playground equipment ordered and installed.                          If you happen to see any of these ladies,
                                                                        please thank them for their commitment to Tope PTA.
Missy Carris, Stacey Keever, and Ann-Marie Neilson have

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