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									                                  ARKANSAS TECH UNIVERSITY
                                 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS
                                       CLASS SYLLABUS
                                          FALL 2010

Course: MATH 1113 (College Algebra)

Instructor: Susan Jordan
       Office: Corley 225
       Office phone: 968-0295
       e-mail: sjordan@atu.edu
       Office hours: MWF: 9 – 10 a.m.; 11 a.m. – noon
                       Tues: 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
                       Thurs: 11 a.m. – noon
                       Other times by appointment

Text: College Algebra in Context (Third Edition), by Harshbarger and Yocco. Published by Pearson
Education, 2010.

Purpose: Math 1113 is a course that will satisfy the general education mathematics requirement if a
grade of “C” or better is earned. The purpose of the course is to develop critical thinking ability and to
prepare the student for further study in mathematics.

Materials Needed: Graphing calculator (TI-83 or TI-84 recommended), notebook paper, pencils with
erasers, and PRS Interwrite clicker (recommended but not required).

Attendance Policy: Students are expected to attend class regularly, and should be aware that it will be
extremely difficult to pass this course without regular attendance. After 3 absences, your name will be
reported to the advising center's Early Warning staff. After six absences, you will be dropped from the
course with an F* if your grade is below 60%. Please contact the instructor or a classmate if you are
absent, to find out what you missed. You can be very sure that you will have missed something by not being
in class! The only absences which are considered “excused” absences according to Tech’s Faculty
Handbook are “absences that result from participation in officially sanctioned University activities.”

Assessment Methods: Attendance and Participation: 5%
                    Homework/Quizzes: 15%
                    Four 100-point exams: 60%
                    Comprehensive final exam: 20%

Attendance and Participation: As you know, students are much more likely to be successful in a class if
they are present, both physically and mentally! We will be using PRS clickers in class, both to help you
register your participation and to help me keep track of it. I believe you will find that these clickers will
make it easier for you to stay focused and attentive to the lessons.

Homework: As an essential part of a course of study in mathematics, homework will be assigned and
discussed daily. Most of your homework will be done using MathXL, web-based software which goes
along with the textbook. Once you are registered, you will be able to access your homework at
www.mathxl.com. More information for getting registered on MathXL will be given in class. You will
also have worksheets and other written work from time to time.
Quizzes: Most of the quizzes given in this class will be take-home quizzes, which will be due the
following class period. If you miss getting a quiz due to an absence, please e-mail me at sjordan@atu.edu
to get a copy. Quizzes, worksheets, or other written homework must be turned in on time. No student
may turn in more than two late assignments throughout the semester. However, your three lowest quiz or
homework grades will be dropped at the end of the semester.

100-point exams will be announced at least two class periods in advance and an in-class review will be
held. Make-up exams will be given only if you have a very good reason for missing. If you must miss an
exam, please notify me on or before the day of the exam, and plan to make up the exam within a week.
Only under extremely unusual circumstances will a student be allowed to take more than one make-up
test. Make-up exams are given on Friday afternoons from 2 – 4:30 in Corley 101 unless other
arrangements are made.

Final Exam: The final exam will be comprehensive over all of the material that we cover this semester,
and its date and time will be announced prior to final exam week.

Grading Scale:    90-100 %: A
                  80-89 %: B
                  70-79 %: C
                  60-69 %: D
                  59 % and below: F

Resources for help:

1. Your instructor: You are always encouraged to get help from me, both in class and outside of class. I
   will answer as many questions as time permits each day in class, as well as on an individual basis
   during office hours or before or after class. You are welcome to call me or e-mail me for assistance if
   it is not possible for you to meet with me personally. You may also schedule an appointment outside
   of my regular office hours if your schedule requires it.

2. Math Lab: Located in Doc Bryan 247, this lab offers free tutoring to Tech students. It is staffed
   with math majors and upper-level students. It is open Monday – Thursday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and
   Friday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. No appointment is necessary, and there should be some computers
   available on which you may do your homework. This is the same location as the Doc Bryan Tutoring
   Center, which is open Monday – Thursday from 6 – 9 p.m.

3. MathXL: The software which you will be using to do your homework has many built-in features
   which can assist you in understanding the assigned topics.

4. Classmates or friends: Get to know the other members of your class and form a study group. Two
   heads are better than one! If you have a friend or relative who has taken this or a similar course
   before, they may also be able to help you.

Calculator Policy: A graphing calculator, such as the TI-83 or TI-84, is required for this course.
However, there may be some exams or portions of exams to be completed without the aid of a
calculator. Calculators with a built-in computer algebra system (such as TI-89 and TI-Nspire CAS) are
prohibited. Calculator programs and applications (especially if using computer algebra systems such as
ZoomMath and App4Math) are prohibited whether pre-installed, purchased, or created. The use of cell
phones as calculators is prohibited.
Cell Phone Policy: All cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off, or turned to silent or
vibrate, and put away during the entire class. The first time I detect the use of a cell phone during class,
the class will receive a warning. The second time, the person using the cell phone will be asked to leave
class for the remainder of the class period. The use of cell phones as calculators or for any other reason is
prohibited. If you must take a call during class, you will need to go into the hall to do so.

Cheating/Plagiarism: An offense of cheating or plagiarizing someone else's work may result in
anything from a zero on the assignment or test to expulsion from the course. Please note that while I
strongly encourage working together on assignments, copying someone else’s work is cheating, and
will not be tolerated.


1. Please have your book, notebook, pencil, calculator, and clicker in class every day.
2. Please ask questions if you have them, and answer questions if you are able.
3. Please be courteous and considerate of everyone in the class. This includes having your cell phone
   and any other electronic devices turned off or silenced during class.
4. Please make every effort to get to class on time and plan to stay in class for the entire period unless
   you make prior arrangements with me.

I hope that you will be very successful in this and all of your courses, but should you find yourself
needing to withdraw from a class, the deadline for doing so is Monday, November 29.

Material Covered: The topics covered in this class include Equations and Inequalities, Graphs and
Functions, Polynomial and Rational Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, and Systems of

                           I hope that together we will have a great semester!!

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