Duro-Med Deluxe Plastic 5 Toilet Seat Riser by lSupplies


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									                                                     Duro-Med Deluxe Plastic 5 Toilet Seat Riser

  The deluxe white plastic toilet seat riser is the ideal solution for lowering or raising the toilet. The unique
  design fits most toilet bowls and is made of attractive molded, unbreakable polyethylene. Completely
  portable and easy to clean and no installation is necessary. The riser features four non-slip rubber discs
  and allows for increased comfort and stability with built in hand holds. The seat measures 5" high by 14
  and 1/2" wide by 15" deep.


      l   MABIS Deluxe Plastic Toilet Seat Riser
      l   Raises toilet seat height by 5.
      l   Color-
      l   1 Each

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